“Please Don’t Kill Me Officer!” — Man’s Last Words as He Dies in Police Custody After Beating


In the early hours of the morning on May 4, 2013 police officers knocked the door of the Super Eight Motel room where Linwood Lambert had been staying. They were responding to an excessive noise complaint at the accommodation.

When Lambert responded, they found him acting paranoid and rambling somewhat incoherently about corpses buried in the ceiling.

Since he was unarmed and not a suspect, the three cops decided it was best to take him to the emergency room.

Corporal Tiffany Bratton, Officers Clifton Mann and Travis Clay were each driving their own police vehicles.

They piled him into one of the squad cars and told him he was on his way to Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital. The officers decided to handcuff him.

Just over one hour later, the 46-year-old construction professional was dead.
“Why are you trying to kill me, man?”

Up until now, there was no account as such of what had happened on the short ride to the hospital on that fateful day. Now, well over two years after the unfortunate incident, police videos have been released showing what took place inside that squad car.

Minutes before his death, Lambert was tased several times and was bleeding profusely – yet, the department claims there was no police brutality.

Paramedics say that the police told them that he was resisting them; however, the videos tell a different story, it turns out he had been unconscious at that time.

Lambert remained paranoid during the ride to the hospital. The restless man asked about a light in the back seat and about the police car that was following them. He became more agitated as they approached the hospital.

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  • FullAmericanPatriot


  • gangreen boss

    All three of those pigs should be slaughtered! Just like the bleeding hog they described. Oh what I wouldn’t do to get a chance to eat popcorn and watch those cops slowly bleed out while disemboweled I would stare in there eyes and laugh while slowly pouring rubbing alcohol to “help them prevent infection” Lmfao! FTP Only Good Cops are Six feet under or Dust in the wind.

  • Zephiroth

    Yelling at someone to calm down, while they’re clearly under the influence of something that is making them agitated and paranoid, is not going to make them calm down. Also, shooting them with TWO tasers and telling them to calm down is not going to work. How do they get these jobs? They have no common sense and they do nothing but escalate situations to the point where someone gets killed. Blows my fucking mind every single time I see a video like this. I guess my brain just can’t process the sheer stupidity. They really need to up their qualification standards and make extensive changes to their training material and retrain these imbeciles before handing out any more badges.

    • Hugh Culliton

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    All 3 cops should be publicly euthanized without trial.

    • James Michael

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      No trial….. kill the psychopathic feral sworn servants………

  • Gaëtan Bertinchamps

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    Nothing is going to change until the public intervenes and kills some dirty cops who deserve it.

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  • R.Cole

    There have been over 350 recorded deaths of people in custody because of tasers. They should be relieved of tasers as well as guns. I think towns should be looking into private police like one town in east Texas did. Funny thing, crime dropped 60%. Leads me to believe either the cops were committing the crime or they were not doing there jobs, either way good riddance! You would think that after all the other crap going on, that they would be trying to improve their image. Brother and sister cops covering for bad cops, you are just as guilty for keeping a blind eye! There is a special place in “Hell” for you. When I was in Vietnam, where folks were always trying to kill us, we treated our pows with more respect, and if we were ever caught doing what some of these officers are doing, we would have been placed in the stock aide, and charged. There needs to be accountability. They will not let the trucking industry police itself, they don’t let the railroads police themselves, and law enforcement shouldn’t be policing themselves either! I couldn’t finish watching it.

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  • Shemp

    omg, cops have no common sense. I wish they would just realize that they are taking lives and just kill themselves. or get caught stealing money from a youth group and kill themselves making it look like they were murdered, remember GI Joe cop? they should all kill themselves.

  • James Robertson

    One thing black Americans have to look at is most white police officers don’t even look at us as human. Listen to the K.K.K. when they describe us, and what they think of us. If you ignore them because you think America loves you, you have another thought coming. How many white Congressmen or women have spoke up for us in the sight of unjust killings in the murder of black people. They will tell us its always something that the black man have done to cause his death, compliance only means that, I’m going to kill you anyway. From slavery to now its nothing have changed for the black man. Even in death we are always at fault for living, its because although some whites may have sympathy for us, others may kill us in a New York, minute. Never think Blacks have arrived in this country, if you do you are signing your own death warrant. You can have your kneecap torn off your leg, while minding your own business by a white man when you get to Court your case will be dismissed. I had this to happen to me its not hearsay.

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Not a good way to do police work at all. We’re definitely calling for a death penalty on those piggy ass fat fuck officers.