“Police are an Oppressive Organization” — Police Captain Quits Job, Joins Ferguson Protesters



“Police are an oppressive organization.” —  Former Police Captain Ray Lewis

FERGUSON — The man being arrested in the photo that you see above is Ray Lewis.

Ray Lewis is a former Philadelphia Police Captian.  He has quit his job because he no longer wants to be part of what he views as an “oppressive organization.”

After quitting his job, he watched as the Occupy Wall Street movement gained momentum.

It was at that point that he could no longer bear to watch his fellow Americans being beaten and clubbed on the streets by cops.

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Sick of the brutality, he decided to don his uniform, leave his house, and speak out against what he saw.

He took to the streets, but was soon arrested after referring to police actions as “obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant, and disgusting.”

Now he’s back again, this time in Ferguson.

Ferguson has been a hotbed of both violent riots and peaceful protests, after Officer Darren Wilson was not charged for fatally shooting Michael Brown, who was unarmed.

After the decision was announced by the jury, citizens became enraged and began clashing with officers in the streets.

ferguson riots

A Ferguson police officer is pictured running after Americans allegedly set a patrol car on fire.

Several police cars were burned and many officers were injured after Americans pelted them with rocks and glass bottles.

At some points, gunshots could be heard ringing out, and an FBI agent was reported to have been shot during the clashes.

Given the animosity toward police in Ferguson, many are shocked that Lewis would show up dressed in his full uniform.

Although he dons the uniform so that his message can be heard, Lewis is not proud of his former role as a police officer, and admits that he was involved in an institution designed to oppress Americans.

He’s not interested in being a “celebrity activist,” but the media can’t seem to stay away from him.

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This is likely because Lewis speaks with insight and conviction, truthfully cutting to the heart of the matter.

When asked why he decided to travel to Ferguson to protest against police, Lewis straightforwardly replied “This system is corrupt.”

“The police really are oppressing,” he continued.

“Not only the black community but also whites. It’s an oppressive organization.”

What do you think of Ray Lewis’s comments? Give us your opinion after the video…

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  • Shawn Carter

    The fbi shooting had nothing to do with the brown decision, the did a no knock search warrant and the home owner thought he was being robbed and shot them.

    • molly

      True! They need to correct this article! I’m glad you brought it up.

    • Scared for his life. Works for cops.

  • Sarita Dilan

    Bravo to this police officer! I am proud of him. Wish there were more like him.

    • Bronxboy47

      It proves you cannot be a police officer who tells the truth about the police and still remain an officer. To speak up is to simultaneously end your career in law enforcement.

    • Lisa Shepherd

      Until ALL the “good cops” step up, speak out and cross that
      “Thin Blue Line”, they’re no better than the alleged “good” Muslims that stand by and do nothing to stop the wackos within their own kind. To do nothing, then you choose to be painted with the same brush. Don’t like it? Speak UP!!! Speak OUT!!!

      • Truth

        & the same goes 4 good christians and patriotic U.S. citizens who do nothing against their leaders who kill & terrorize worldwide including those on the same soil they inhabit

  • He’s right, the cops have gone far into the corrupt zone. Look at evidence of a typical Pennsylvania State Trooper can do to one person: www/angelfire.com/electronic2/packrat50/index.htm

  • Teresa Steen

    NO SOUND!!

  • mimz

    Thank goodness for this courageous ex officer. This is what a real police officer is about. God bless him.

  • Liam F. Macgready

    good for him. i would comment,however, not on the issue, but on the article. when you write carelessly, it calls into question the entirety of your intellectual process,if not the validity of your position.’could no longer bare to watch’? please! ‘…who would fardels bear, to grunt and sweat under a weary life,..’ hamlet, act III, scene i

    a little proofreading never hurt anyone.

  • rlibos


  • t

    a great man in doing this. just when we need great men to stand up – he did. Police have turned into horrible psychopathic maniacs cruising for victims.

  • jehan heraux

    Most Cops are good upright citizens. Just a few bad apples get all the limelight.

    • caz


      • ant

        so why arent the good ones arresting the bad ones??