New Law Will Let Cops Arrest Women for Wearing “Too Short” Shorts


They say everyone has an inner voice, some people hear it louder than others. Then there are those who claim that God speaks to them, answers their prayers if you like.

This certainly seems to be the case with Dadeville City Councilman Frank Goodman.

He says he prayed about people wearing saggy pants and holding them up with a hand in front of them.

“I prayed about this. I know that God would not go around with pants down,” he commented.

So it is little wonder that he is supporting a ban on such profane clothing, as well as rallying for the police in the town to be able to charge people who breach this proposed prohibition.

He expressed his sentiments in a statement that uses the words ‘my’ and ‘I’ quite liberally. Yet, he believes this is in the best interest of everyone who lives in the town.

In a bid to showcase equal treatment city council member Stephanie Kelly says the “Saggy Pants Ordinance”, as it has come to be known, should not leave out women who wear short dresses and booty shorts.

“I think for the girls, with these shorts up so high looking like under garments and dresses so short, I don’t want us to be showing favoritism,” she said in a council meeting.

Councillor Goodman says it’s all about respect.

According to him, a certain style of clothing will never earn high opinion from others, because it shows how little the wearer values themselves.

“If you come to my house you are going to pull them up before you get on my property, much less in my door,” he explained.

City Attorney James Tarpley echoes his colleagues’ sentiments.

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  • Chris Suits

    stop theocratic tyrants as soon as they rear their mindless head.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      With a 2×4 in the face.

  • budhappy

    Is this April 1st?

  • Chloe Belle De Vil

    Is this in Nazifornia??? Backwards state!!! Pacific States need their own little country called Backwards!!!!

    • Tom Carrington

      City of Dadeville Alabama….fuckin moron.

    • androphiles

      No it’s not. Dadeville is in Alabama.

  • Wayne Corke


  • LawrenceNeal

    Why don’t they just mandate burkhas or Mormon dresses? While they’re at it, how about citing cops whose bellies hang over their belts? What’s REALLY needed is mandatory drug and alcohol testing for elected officials, before all votes. Citizens have a right to know their representatives are sober.

    • Kristen Nicol

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      • LawrenceNeal

        These ‘different’ spammers must be the same person. And he’s decided to pester me. As If…

        • Eagle


        • Andres Herrera


    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      I think the cops whose bellies fall over their belts should have to run for five miles at top speed. That should take care of the problem.

      • LawrenceNeal

        They can’t run 50 meters. That’s why they’re always shooting people in the back.

        • lets troll down memory lane

          lol man makes a point though

    • Andres Herrera

      well said ha!

    • Michael Fuson

      oh its gonna come to that

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Fuck the government. All government does is take away rights. They literally do nothing else.

    • nondescript

      sometimes they sell those rights back to you

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        Yea, those are called “permits” or “licenses”.
        Isn’t it GRAND!

  • stamos warrior

    i bathe in female tears

  • nondescript

    “I know that God would not go around with pants down”

    I find it interesting how his god thinks exactly like he does.

    my god is 5’10’, weighs about 115lbs, has big boobs and doesn’t wear clothes. Why don’t we take turns, one day we all do what his god wants and the next we do what my god wants?

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      LOL! THAT’S GREAT!!!

  • Jonathan Davis

    i love how they make is sound like its already in effect when its only a proposition, i don’t feel like it will go through but if it does i’ll be surprised. get your facts straight and tell all the story rather than the points you feel you want to make.

  • Carla Jean Page

    FRANK GOODMAN KISS MY ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO YOUR DRESS CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      Why not wear some RIPPED short shorts and moon him?

  • Charmain LaReau

    How are these I am guessing Southern Baptist or Assembly of God any different from Islam? If the councel lets it pass and non of the citizens call the ACLU then you get what you deserve

    • Wayne Carlson

      Excuse me but do not compare assembly of God church to islam, I grew up going an assemblyof god church, which is pentacostal. We were free to do or wear what we wanted. Iam against Islam and everything about it and would shoot every one of them in the face.although I haven’t been to church in years I still pray to God and ask for forgiveness, I pray for my family and friends to be safe and healthy. I don’t know how you believe that asog is the same. It disgusts me. I also believe that this moron puts these laws in for his own agenda. But nor do I like to see another man’s ass or his underwear out in public, do I like to see a nice lookin girls butt in some daisy dukes, of course but there’s those girls that go too far and makes it disgusting, the same goes for those leggins.I’m sure there are lots of other laws to be put in place to keep that community safe than to worry about ones clothing.

      • Charmain LaReau

        And this is why I do not attend a church or believe in any organized religion. Especially a male dominated one that puts them in a place of authority over the public. Sharia law dictates all actions of the people of Islam and the ones they call infidels. If these people are allowed to pass a law restricting dress then where does it end?. First they fine them and then if they can not pay they can kidnap them at this point and lock them in a cell under threat of violence until the ransom is paid. All this does is create anger and rage making them harder hearted to what ever relogion you are trying to expound on the vurtues of.

        • Daniel Sebold

          Of course, no one here has any problem with males being arrested for shorts that are too short. That just goes without saying. In America only women can wear short shorts to the mall. In America only women can wear bikinis to the beach.

      • Jack Baker

        You say you are christian, yet everything you just wrote contradicts that position. Learn how to be a real Christian before spreading your hate. I thought being Christian is to try to follow the path of Jesus Christ. If anybody reads what you wrote and does not really know any better about Christianity and actually start to think like you in result, you have committed a great injustice to Christianity. Don’t call yourself a Christian if you are not, because you ruin it or the real Christians, just like the people that commit terrible acts and clam to be Muslims are ruining it for real Muslims. They made you believe it, Did they not? Imagine if a Muslim reads your comment and starts believing that Christianity is really as stupid as your comment and he goes and shares ALL your stupidity around to other Muslims that start thinking that ALL Christians think that same stupidity, now it creates a whole bunch of stupid Muslims that start believing what you believe but against Christianity. That’s how hate gets spread. I know it must hurt you a great deal to think before you speak, its pretty obvious because you showed absolutely no evidence of thought process but I assure you its just like working out any muscle, at first it will hurt and feel soar but after using it more often the pain will go away and you will actually feel much better about it. People will even start complimenting you on how you have improved yourself. Try it.

      • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

        WOW! A PSYCHO “Christian”. He’d shoot every one of them in the face. And he wonders why they could possibly hate him? Wayne climb back under your rock.

    • northernTNT

      All religions are equally stupid. If humanity could just get rid of religions, then we could argue with facts and reason, instead of some vapid morality.

  • Ike G. Erwin Myers

    Those two cops in the photo have to be fired for being such overweight slobs in the first place. If those two women did not have the cuffs on them already, they both could have kicked their fat asses quick, fast and in a hurry.

  • Tom Carrington

    well no shit this is in fucking
    City of Dadeville Alabama……….ofc they are bible thumping morons.

  • And yet “naked bike ride day” exists in some cities in the USA, people riding bicycles while totally naked. I guess this proves that cops are GAY.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      I’ve wondered what it would be like riding naked but that hard seat sure would be harder.

      • John L Ledet

        I Love Riding My Bicycle Naked… I Pad It Down With Two Large Towels And Make The Seat Somewhat Soft… So Yes, I Love Riding My Bicycle Naked… It Is Like Taking Back Power From The Law… I Ride At Night When It Is Cool And The Air Is Blowing On My Naked Body… I Love It…!!!

  • mikebatl

    so I guess bathing suits are illegal to wear?

  • Jonathan Wint

    The moment that idiot said God wanted this law he made it unconstitutional. Violates First Amendment.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      No, he thinks he’s God so that makes it ok.

  • Jack Hammer

    I prayed, and God told me that Councilman Frank Goodman is a dumbass.

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      a psycho dumbass.

  • Jeff Stenquist

    Where is this town? Well Bikini’s are legal attire for women to walk around in legally, whats the difference. It’s small minded unopen minded people that want to please their superiors. I feel this is not a bad thing in these times. I agree with Lawrence in all public servants need to undergo drug and alcohol testing, including Judges and Prosecutors.

  • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

    The problem isn’t these psycho morons on the Shitty council. It’s the ENFORCERS that will say “I’m just doing my job”.

  • Mauricio Maik Caicedo

    This is very similar to the case of Kamilah Brock, an African American woman whom police did not believe him to be the owner of a BMW. Is double standard that exists in this world.

  • Eagle

    Are these Councillors living in the 1800’s? Land of the free…Nope!

  • Eagle

    So what’s the law say when a girl walks down the street in a bikini?

  • Thomas Fisher

    So, is there a war on Christianity or a Christian war on society? I believe the latter is true.


    This City Councilman should be shown the door. I’m not a big fan on baggy pants but i can not tolerate any person telling another what to wear or how to think or act. This man and his ideas are a cancer to the constitution. I really hope the people around him see this for what it really is.

  • Andres Herrera

    Aren’t there more important things for the cops to be worried about? Like say, another sad white boy with a gun?

  • tony

    why is there no date line in this article? How can one know who to call and also to challenge city counsel-men. It’s the little BS items like this that make such claims suspicious and dubious. Present fact, dates, location, with those names, please. It part of appearing and being professional.

  • Michael Fuson

    its not the government place to tell people what to wear. this government control will not stop until everything you do is controled by government.

  • eric


  • LessinSF

    City council member? Dadeville? I can look that up, but
    9th grade journalists at least know to reference the state.

  • Sophisticated Redneck

    I think the saggy pants style is absolutely ridiculous. That said, so what? It’s called freedom! This reminds me of women being arrested for wearing pants a hundred years ago. Yet, still expected to perform their duties, domestic or professional, in often bulky dresses. And considering a high school girl was recently reprimanded for “showing collarbone”, this kind of crap can get way out of hand. Are going to go back to banning the showing of ankles?

  • Pam Jones

    are you running a city or a high school? a dress code? you morons must have forgotten about americans being FREE! go get a real job in a donut store or something, you are not qualified to serve the people!

  • We Hobson

    What about that police in the middle with his pants on his thighs?

  • JBK1
  • Dreem All Daye

    I don’t understand why anybody gives a fk what other people think about them except the people closest to them who shouldn’t truly care what they look like as long as they’re alive. Where you seriously born just to satisfy some human who means nothing to you?

  • DNA(splicer)

    Im down with this, im totally against government overstepping its power but for too pong women have used the government to pretty much take the rights of men and create laws that are liberating for women but infringing on men. If a man with a sagging panta who DOESNT show any ass os fined or imprisoned then a woman who wears shprt shorts who DOES show ass jas to alsp be foned and inprisoned. Equality is a bitch and sje comes with good times and bad times as well.

    I thnl we should make and effort to show these liberals that the goverent wants tp take away theor rights and the foaster we help the government piss off a bunch of americans the faster we can clean the government off these looney officials by war or by poliyical revolution, for me it doesnt really matter im just here to observe the world once again make the same mistakes hundreds of prior civilizations made countless times that we read all over the world in histpry books. Humanity seems to make the same mistakes and think they are immune to the rules of humanity and the universe.

    • Me

      Your ‘down with’ the police fining and arresting women for wearing shorts!!?? you are out of your fucking mind. Since when does the government have a right to legislate what people fucking wear? but your ok with the government enforcing a dress code on people because ” Hey it might piss off some liberals” ? You are freedom hating scum. You are sheep.

      • DNA(splicer)

        You do know that there are laws already in place that fine men fir baggy pants and if they get caught more than 2 times they can go to jail? Or did that just go over your little head?

        What I get from your little liberal rage is ita okay if men are policed before wearing baggy pants that show no flesh but its bad for women to be police for wearing shorts that have their ass butt cheeks and sometimes their oabia showing. Okay I see your are probably a feminist as well.

        I bet you would be clapping up and down the hallways if it was a ban on men not being able to wea wife beaters. But u won’t admit to your hhypocrisy will you.

        It’s okay and fine when it’s against men but it’s evil if it’s against women.

        Look up the laws that fine and in prison men for saggy pants then come talk to me about being scum. If men have to go to jail for saggy pants then it’s only fair that women go to jail fir wearing shorts fair is fair in this world. If wthe world is going to hell then best men and women go to hell and suffer equally. We all know no one wants equality I rather just watch the world burn than suffer alone.

  • Marion Chelsey

    “I prayed about this. I know that God would not go around with pants down,”

    What makes this guy think God even wears clothes to begin with? I always figured God just walks around bare-ass naked wherever he goes. I mean, that’s how he created us, so that must be his getup as well. You’d think if this guy truly is a man of God, he’d just ban clothing altogether, seeing as that’s how things were in the Garden of Eden. I’m always baffled that Christians are offended by nudity when their idea of a perfect world is one where everyone is naked. Like, how do they reconcile those two contradictory things?

  • Derrel Walker

    Oh look puritanism still exists in this country.The nanny state continues.

  • James Michael

    You aggravated assault and batter, kidnap and falsely imprison my daughter for a pair of pants that shows nothing and I’ll take everything your felon oath breaking ass has….If not kill your ass….