Police Enter Couple’s Private Property Without Permission and Gun Down Their Dog

HOLLY HILL — Police trespassed onto a couple’s private property and opened fire on their pet dog, according to reports.

Richard Stotler was in his home with his girlfriend minding his own business when officers began knocking on his front door.

The officers claimed to be looking for a “prostitute.”

Stotler told them that he had no idea who they were talking about.

But the officers wanted to snoop around in his backyard anyway.

Stotler told them he didn’t see any reason for them to do that.

He ended the discussion with the officers, closed his door and went back to watching TV, expecting the officers to respect his wishes and leave his property.

That’s when he was startled to hear gunshots firing in his backyard.

police shoot dog filming cops (2)

When Stotler ran outside to see what was going on, they suddenly arrested him.

“They started yelling at me to get on the ground, handcuffed me and put me in the back of a car,” says Stotler.

The officers had opened fire on his 4-yr-old pet dog, Lady.

The police claim that they had to shoot Lady because she “lunged” at them.

Stotler’s girlfriend found Lady lying on the floor in a pool of blood and began tending to her wounds.

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Eventually the officers took the handcuffs off of Stotler and commanded him to take the dog to a clinic for treatment.

Fortunately, Lady survived.

According to Stotler, she is deeply traumatized, fearful, and won’t go outside anymore.

She has three wounds from bullets and a bullet fragment is still lodged inside of her neck.

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  • David A. Carlson

    Of course the officers felt threatened. I’d feel threatened too if I burst into someones home without permission and they felt the need to defend themselves and their family.

  • Graham Edward Kahnt

    All these fucking PIGS need to be hunted down and shot in the head just like they shoot our loving pets. All I can say is the fuckers don’t know how lucky they are that they never try that shit with me. Shoot my pet–Lose your life. Plain and Simple.

    • DanSimpson

      You’re goddamn right brother!! I don’t give a fuck about a goddamn cop, OR their fucking families. You fuck with my family and my dog, for no reason, you are going to receive some SERIOUS reaction from me. The pigs have been given way too much leeway, and it’s high time us citizens reigned their stupid fucking shit in. And I’s sue the goddamn fuck out of EVERYONE connected to the piece of shit cop too. Get everyone in 1 fell swoop. Fuck the goddamn pigs.

  • Tracy Phillips

    the great and powerfull cops they should be sued and frired

  • Tommy Jansen

    I agree-you hurt my pet, you will suffer severe consequences. These cops are waaay out of control. The person who said,”shoot my dog, lose your life”-rock fucking on. Well said. And its to bad cuse there are good cops out there but asshole pigs make people hate all cops

  • a_b704

    Do not open the door to people you do not know. Including to government employees. If they have a warrant, they will be coming in anyway, so you do not need to open anything 😉