Cops Worried After Citizens Engage in a New Form of Crowd-Funded, Direct Action Against Police State



STOCKTON — Citizens in Stockton, California have taken a new approach to activism.

Rather than sticking to the traditional form of protest in which signs are held and slogans are chanted, these citizens have taken direct action and offered a grassroots, crowd-funded incentive structure to end police brutality in their community.

They have offered a $2,500 reward to anybody who submits information leading to the arrest or termination of cops who brutalize or kill people.

They were able to let people know about the offer by printing all the details on flyers and spreading them throughout their community.

The flyer specifically names 15 cops as a start, and includes pictures of at least 10 cops who have been involved in either the brutalization or killing of Americans.

The words “Know Your Killer Cops” are printed on the flyers, along with instructions to film any police brutality and a location where the footage can be submitted.

“Stockton police have been getting away with terrorizing our citizens for far too long,” the flyer says.

“It is time to take back our streets.”

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There is also a Stockton Police Department Corruption Reporting page on facebook where citizens can submit the footage.

The flyers were given out at the local courthouse and seem to have motivated citizens even more to start scrutinizing the actions of police.

With a $2,500 reward and with so many Americans unemployed, it is not hard to imagine many spending all day in the streets monitoring cops and starting their own patrols to earn the money.

One wonders what would happen if such a reward system was increased, offered nationwide, crowd-funded online, or funded by wealthy anti-authoritarians.

10730109_351447035035267_6860291329381959657_nSuppose a secure website were started where people donated in a currency such as Bitcoin, the donations would be anonymously pooled and verified, and the pool is offered to the first person who submits information leading to the termination or arrest of a specific officer.

Knowing that the funds are available, it is virtually guaranteed that citizens would take heightened measures to crack down on criminal cops. It would also empower communities to believe that with adequate training and resources, they can protect themselves rather than relying on a police state.

Police are deeply concerned about the idea, however. Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said that the flyer “appears to invite retribution against our officers.”

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“I’m concerned that the flyer might be intended to put officers at risk, which would be reprehensible, and it is sad and disheartening to see a flyer like this with a $2,500 bounty,” he added.

He then alluded to the recent assassination of two NYPD officers, and expressed disappointment that such a flyer would be created in the wake of growing anti-police sentiment.

It is difficult to see why this flyer would worry officers. The worries could be understood if there were a crowd-funded system that offered to anonymously deliver currency to the first person who, say, assassinates a specific officer, but that would be illegal and the flyer is doing no such thing. It is simply asking for video footage of and information about cops who break the law.

One of the activists who passed out the flyer replied, saying that the flyer is just

informing the public that these people should be monitored and watched, and that it’s your right and responsibility to film the police. If there’s nothing that was done wrong, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you’re calling a reward for accountability and wrongdoing a “bounty,” then that implies that somebody did something wrong. If there’s nothing to hide, they would laugh at it, but they know it’s serious. Their golden image is tarnished. This type of activism is not good for them and their image. That’s why they don’t care for it.

Now that the idea is spreading, other communities are sure to implement similar incentive structures to curb police brutality — indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising if a grassroots program like this is started nationwide.

What do you think about this kind of direct action activism? Would you monitor cops more closely if it meant earning $2,500? What about $20,000? How do you think the details of such a program would work? Do you think it’s inevitable that something like this will start to become popular and end police brutality? Let us know know your opinion after the video.

Watch the video below to see an example of Stockton police brutality, where officers can be seen breaking a protester’s arm and kicking him while he was restrained:

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  • Chelsea Lewis

    I think i might do this here in cali god knows the LAPD needs to be cleaned out they are probably shooting a 5 year old as we speak. Just moved here from missouri though, need to network more first. I hope this catches like wildfire.

    • jahpdq

      I spent a month in Ventura in 1980 and got a lifetime’s experience with the LAPD and CHiP. Fear and ulta-violence have been the hallmark of the LAPD since it’s founding. LA does not want to have lots of officers, and its PD was notoriously small and notoriously violent. It did some good things, like keeping track of gangsters trying to travel there and “persuading” them not to stay in LA; but for the average citizen, they are like nazis compared to Cleveland cops. If cops acted that way in Cleve, there would be riots every week.

      • jahpdq

        The problem with Cleveland cops is sheer incompetence.

        • jahpdq

          I should say, “some Cleveland cops”. Being an attorney, I see a lot of them at the Justice Center, which is also the Central PD HQ and the County Jail. The Sheriff’s office is also located in a different part of the Center. The quality of the officers is usually very good; but there are some that are real cowboys and they are easy to spot, even for a casual observer like me.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            Justice center? There is no such thing in administrative/maritime courts–it’s all injustice, thievery, fraud, and evildoing. That ship sailed long ago. However, it’s coming back in OUR Common Law courts which is the rightful situation in OUR courts. You agents of the Crown had better start learning Common Law and understand (stand under) the real law and ditch your BAR association; it won’t be allowed in OUR rightful courts.

          • jahpdq

            Yes, I’ve often exchanged jokes with other lawyers about that in the elevators: “What’s up Joe?” “Oh, nothing, searching for justice.”

      • Kevin LaPage

        They could call it the Chris Dorner anti-corruption fund 😉

      • Tom Lowe

        LA cops will leave you alone unless you are making a scene. In San Diego, a cop will come by within an hour or less wherever you are and try to harass you. One false move, and you get 45 bullets.

        The best way to get rid of cops is to get rid of their manpower budget. Defunding a crooked cop shop works every single time.

    • idafoxyqueen
    • Yo! Dis right here is exactly why you’re my friend!!!

  • Strawman

    I love this idea. I would contribute to a crowd funding effort as I’m sure many would.

    • Donald Whitman

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  • Viewerdiscretionadvised

    I would contribute to this, even though I don’t live in CA.
    It’s a great idea.

    • Escaped Lab Rat

      Start similar in your area, contribute to it.

  • Al Wolf

    you can do this to kill these thugs as well. simple enough to cover your ass and post proof.

    • Viewerdiscretionadvised

      We don’t want violence against police, we want police to be accountable for their actions.
      There are some good, decent cops out there.

      • Toocool

        “There are some good, decent cops out there.”

        That are all covering up for the corrupt ones in their department.

        • Viewerdiscretionadvised

          not covering up
          you don’t understand the dynamics of working with bad cops
          they can make your life miserable and put it in danger

          • Al Wolf

            all cops are bad you idiot. the job requires individual people to think they can gain special rights by wearing a funny suit that allows them to perform unlawful acts on people and that they can not be held responsible as the law is on their side.
            you either very immoral or have mental issues.

          • LeslieFish

            I’ve met a few people who were good cops. They all quit, sooner or later.

          • Al Wolf

            you do not understand what a cop is. a cop is a job title. the job requires individuals to enforce unjust unlawful actions of arbitrary rules called the law. you can have a good individual but not a good cop and when that individual is working as a cop they are no longer a good individual as they are creating victims and harming other individuals. if such a good person is to remain a good and moral person they would have quit such a bad job. there is no such thing as a good cop because none exist. none can exist within the modern institution of state-monopolized policing, because it is an inherently abusive institution.

          • LeslieFish

            Remember Serpico!

      • Al Wolf

        wrong. many of us will cheer and assist in hanging all cops.

        • Viewerdiscretionadvised

          then you are no better than the bad cops, with just as many issues

          • Al Wolf

            your ignorance and support of cops is why we have lost our freedom and liberty. you know the founders killed cops of the king, ran arms, used drugs and slept with prostitutes…all of those are lawful even if they are illegal now. you had more freedom under the king than you do now! you gave away your freedom and bow to masters. it is moral to defend yourself against those who enforce unlawful laws and all cops enforce unlawful laws.
            any interaction with the state is you defending yourself for all interactions are a threat of the state murdering you if you fail to comply. the state is always the aggressor and the individual the defender. and yes defense may also be use of force that is lethal.

          • Viewerdiscretionadvised

            you should really seek professional psychiatric help

          • Al Wolf

            you should be ashamed of yourself.

            There is no longer any fundamental distinction between the U.S.A. and Communist China. Americans and the Chinese are both slaves in an atheistic dictatorship. The difference is quantity, not quality. The Chinese government may be a bit more enthusiastic about its atheism, and a little bolder in its dictatorship, but from the perspective of Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, and Patrick Henry, America is an atheistic dictatorship, and you are a slave.

            Governments want you to believe they can give you wealth and safety. All you have to do is give up your liberty, and especially “the spirit of liberty,” to quote Sam Adams.

            But you don’t really want “liberty” anyway, because that means personal responsibility. That means risk and uncertainty. Better to be a pampered slave.

            Sacrificing “the spirit of liberty” and personal responsibility is un-American enough. But the price of “safety,” “security,” and a government-guarantee is the death of virtue and morality. To obtain a government guarantee of security, you have to give up your moral standards.

          • Viewerdiscretionadvised

            check with your doctor to see if paxil is right for you

          • Amerifreak


          • Al Wolf

            i think you have Stockholm all over your nose.. you may want to fix that

      • Greg

        “There are some good, decent cops out there.”

        As it’s true that not all cops are bad, but NO cops are good. If they were, they would arrest the bad ones. Good cops get fired or bullied ’til they quit.

  • Christan

    I think police departments should be removed everywhere. At least you can vote out a bad sheriff.

    • Glenn Festog

      Police Departments arose out of company town security; major corporations (coal industry is an example) who bui lt and controled the towns where their mines were located. The old song “Sixteen Tons” was about company towns and stores. Pinkerton supplied “security” for many of these places. The Sheriff is your actual law enforcement, city police are just locally authorised gangs.

      • Christan

        Modern day America is the perfect analogy for the company town. We have housing the company owns, it’s all for sale, but only classified for commercial use including residential. The money of America is a company script. Your rights are now only temporary permissions you have to apply for. The entire premise of the American dream is consumerism. Personally I believe we need the republic back! This democracy has become a corporate oligarchy.

      • Christan

        That fits in with my “UNITED STATES” is a company theory. They have a company script, completely control commerce, and license all of your rights away. Remedy please.

        • Glenn Festog

          There’s Sharpstown in Texas; fired the cops and hired a private security firm. Crime dropped 61%.
          Personally I’m looking at moving out past the three mile limit. Two sealed and cemented cargo containers (used for pontoons) will support 200 tons, five more welded across gives you 1,600 sq.ft. enclosed in steel with the same size deck. I want to build nine of those connected to each other (120′ x 120′) and go offshore.

          What ever works.

          • Christan

            I would be concerned about private security doing the same job as police. You cannot vote them out either.
            Did you see the guy in the Pacific that made an island out of trash?

  • Cycloneous

    Police should welcome this. Why? It is a form of accountability and community involvement and well help the police thin the herd of the bad members of their department.

    • SFCRetired

      The trouble with your statement is that the police do not want to be accountable, do not want the community involved, and for damn sure do not want to see any of their members thinned out.

      • Erik Smeltekop

        Nope. They want to continue being the bullies they were in high school. Turds…..

        • Malik Wilson

          I disagree, most of the cops I know were the one’s being bullied and got tired of it and became cops, now they are the “tough guys” on the block.

        • SFCRetired

          I’ll agree with everything you said except the last word. Even a turd can be useful as fertilizer to make things grow.

          • Michael Loflin


        • Gary Williams Jr.

          that, or they were bullied because they were too gutless to stand up for themselves, and now they are going to “make us all pay”

          • Prosta Chudo

            That is exactly what they do.

          • Tom Lowe

            Acromegaly and gigantism do not make for clear thinking.

  • Gidget Gonsalves

    This should be in every state in the US!!!! What a great idea to hold these thug police gangs accountable for their crimes against humanity!!!!!!

  • Kaila Jackson

    Yes this needs to be implemented nation wide. But getting an officer fired is difficult. You need to get them to tell the truth about their department, otherwise murder is legal in their minds. You need to suggest a city vote for not only sheriff’s, but basic offers as well. The community should decide on whether or not an officer can keep his job. Bet they’ll clean up their act then.

    As long as they know their superiors will protect them, they will keep doing this. Take away that security blanket and watch them change for the better.

    • Dave Carter

      If we just made the police payoffs for lawsuits come out of the police pension funds instead of the taxpayer’s wallets, that would help too.

    • Tom Lowe

      “Qualified immunity” has been built into the laws, and that is one other major reason cops get away with murder.

      “Qualified immunity” must go.

  • Tellit Likeitis

    It should be legal to kill corrupt cops

    • Viewerdiscretionadvised

      No, it should be easier to get a police officer fired and the department held accountable.

    • martymarsh

      Nah, you get them fired or maybe even prison, they will wish they were dead.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Good Idea .

  • Mike Johnson

    Filming any and all criminal activity would be a positive step toward reduction of nefarious behavior…don’t limit this to cops!

    • Glenn Festog

      I guessed you missed where the NSA is already watching us? Course they’re only looking for “lone-nut terrorists” and can’t be bothered with bankers, Wall Street or billionaires killing off populations in Africa and South America……..

  • Wendy Jo Jacklin

    How can I contribute to this crowd-funding effort? Can someone send me contact information? I think this is a great idea (I know people who live in Stockton)….

  • qwkinuf

    Police Chief Eric Jones said, “I’m concerned that the flyer might be intended to put officers at risk…” Risk of what? That he and his gestapo can no longer get away with violating civil rights?

    • Wesley Sandel

      at risk of accountability

      • please… they know even with film, there’s still no risk of that

    • ComeN’Take

      I live in the Bay area. Check out the app on android and iPhone and get organized in your neighborhoods. It rocks and lets you mass call your friends if you ever need help.


    why is it that when someone commits a crime, their face is plastered on the news and their name, ethnicity and height, and location is given, but when a cop commits a crime, not only was he “just doing his job,” but no information is released?

    • n.halden

      That’s not true….Take the case mike brown for example the media emphasized The face Darren Wilson Was a white cop who shot a black man. The part that is wrong is the fact it it emphasizes race When it shouldn’t.

      • Trent Cannon

        Actually they declined to release any info on him at all for quite a while, which is against the law by the way. But they wanted to protect that criminal while coming up with a story for him to say, so they couldn’t say anything immediately after all. Because then he would end up changing his story a few times. Oh wait, he did do that. And no one even noticed. Weird.

  • In_Miami

    Police paparazzi!

  • Unity Nowe

    I have been wondering when something like this would be implemented. Great idea and not a damn thing they can do about it. Everyone should know and be very familiar with who the killer, abusive cops are in their city and/or community. Good job Stockton. We all know protesting isn’t going to work and most people would rather see this problem fixed in a non violent way. Although the cops are most definitely going to find a way to make themselves look like victims.

  • dagobarbz

    I think it’s a great idea! It is a bounty, like the WANTED, $300 reward! signs of the old west. But it targets toxic officers, not just any old joe. The reward is for arrest or firing abusive cops. You’d think departments would WANT to get rid of abusive cops. If they really were dedicated to the community, right?

  • Sherry Gillespie

    We have cops on camera breaking the law and killing people. What good does any of this do if they just get away with it time and time again???? Get rid of all the corrupt cops, DAs, Judges and so on.

    • Doc Undy

      3 things
      1: Change the way cops are trained to kill if anybody so much as flinches in a tense situation.
      2: Change the laws and require an independent body to review ALL cases of Police Violence
      3: Make the cops more accountable for their actions – especially when deadly force is used.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        addition: go back to when cops discharge their weapon THEY MUST PROVE they were in fear for their life. and have a review board made up of citizens that have NO LINK to cops, courts, city council, or the mayor. and have the members switched out every 3 investigations that way there’s no time for them to become corrupted

      • Monica Meason Moore
        Here’s some more information about this petition:
        Do away with Internal Affairs positions and let a panel of citizens investigate all reports of police misconduct.
        With social media, more officers are caught on camera commiting offenses against the people that they have sworn to protect. And then, they are cleared of wrong doing by fellow officers in the Internal Affairs division. Do away with this department and use that pay to fund Panel Review Boards. It is time to give us, “The People” and our protections that we are given through The Constitution, back in place. It is time that law enforcement uphold the oath to protect and serve. Law Enforcement have two sets of laws to follow. The ones they are suppose to enforce, and the Bill of Rights. As long as fellow officers find no wrong doing they are allowed to keep breaking both sets of laws. Allow for We the People to decide each time.

      • I agree Could this be possible? Could this make its way to the Senate where these standards would become a national law?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      exactly!! Kelley Thomas’ murder/execution was filmed from three different angles, and they never worried because they knew that “trial” was for show, that d.a. never had any intention of convicting those cops!! and they walked out of court laughing!! and all but one kept their damn jobs!

    • Peter Trzos

      Do a ballot initiative to amend your city charter. I will be doing one for the next big election, which creates an elected 5 member police review board, which has 100% of the power to hire, fire, and discipline officers as needed. My local city’s council is absolutely corrupt, and uses the police as a weapon against people they don’t like, and the only way to stop this is to take all their power away from them, and put it in the hands of the people again.

      • dagobarbz

        Key to this is having citizens on this board with zero links to law enforcement. Otherwise you just recreate the same old system of abuse and enablement.

      • John J Publicus

        Why not link to a web page on how to create a ballot initiative? Let’s get this done folks…

    • Tom Lowe

      I don;t know how it could be done, but I think the entire system needs to be cleaned out from end to end, start over with new properly trained personnel, and everyone involved banned from ever doing that sort of work again. Cops, DAs, judges, and justice system workers–all of them.

      • Luke Marshall

        molotov your local police stations simultaneiously……

        • Luke Marshall

          topple the economy incite anarchy no laws=no cops

  • Ben Emery

    Best idea ever!

  • kitkittles

    It IS sad and disheartening Mr. Police Chief! Think about that for a minute!

  • tony smith

    this is a great idea!

  • Tom Wade

    That along with mandatory liability insurance for ALL cops might just curb their enthusiasm for violence…

  • Walt Karma

    The concept is very good. The way its being presented; the words could be chosen more carefully. The reward is for “leading to arrest or termination of cops….” The word termination is a heteronym, meaning it has different meanings while sounding the same. If they said…termination from employment as a cop…that’s clear. Leaving that word undefined could be dangerous. Just saying. Need to tune it up a little.

  • TheEmperorIsStarkers

    Why are they so worried? Don’t cops themselves say, “Just follow the law and nobody gets hurt”?

  • The fact that police don’t welcome this is direct evidence that they know they are breaking the law and don’t want to be brought to justice. It proves the truth behind the long held opinion that all police are corrupt, not just a few. If we see bad apple after bad apple there’s gotta be something wrong with the orchard.

  • acw768

    sadly this will never be claimed. The system isn’t going to prosecute a badge wearer anyway. They are the protected class.

  • Susan Axtell

    This is how we do it.

  • martymarsh

    This is a fantastic idea and I believe it will catch on.

  • Erik Smeltekop

    Im just glad I live in Detroit. The cops can’t afford to waste ammunition…….

  • wildman

    and yet these tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICANS hate them and don’t give 2 runny shits if they are killed

  • Gerald M Carney

    Its a good step forward. We need to force the so-called good cop to force out those racist and abusive cops off the force…

  • JWHacket

    Hey, if they’re doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about. Right? They’ve been telling us that for years.

  • upagainstthewall

    As poor as I am … I would send in money to help get the sociopaths off the force in my town too.

  • is on board with this!!!!!!!

  • Al Boek

    Well folks if their leaders and unions don’t reign them in, someone has to do something. Did they really
    expect to just keep getting away with it?

  • magormissabib

    My prayer is that cops like this get shot , their wives get raped and murdered and their kids get adopted to a sodomite couple who rapes them.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    maybe if they weren’t acting like a gang of thugs they wouldn’t have anything to “worry about”. ooops, there I go using common sense again

  • mutnt555

    steroids, we all know the cops are hitting the juice but no one says it.

  • Malcolm Kyle

    Alert! Face(fascist)book is claiming your site is unsafe.

  • David Rivers

    this needs to be done everywhere since they wont police themselves

  • Fayclis

    The true shame is police unions have not held bad police officers too account and instead been seen to protect them no matter the offence. Thus police forces are bringing this kind of advocacy upon themselves, due to a lack of advocacy on their part to insure public safety from those within the force. Also and very important; police need to stop investigating themselves. This lack of accountability has served too tarnish public trust which NEEDS restoration.

  • Good

  • witherspoon

    Excellent idea in theory, however with increased numbers of internet scams, I suspect getting people to trust such a scheme enough to donate their hard earned money may be a limiting factor.

  • Charlie Red

    This is BRILLIANT! This is how we will take back our freedom.

  • someone

    This is GREAT!!! I would donate money for this and I would go out video hunting these cowards that hide behind tin badges. YES

  • nutterboxer

    What we really need is prevention. I’d like to see a plan to pay citizens who film themselves practicing interposition when cops try to abuse citizens. Maybe $500 everytime you see a cop doing something wrong and you physically put yourself in a position to prevent him. If you’re successful, I’d raise it to $1,000. Payment of any expenses incurred as a result would probably be necessary, i.e. medical bills, legal costs, etc.

    Sounds crazy, but if enough people did it, police would have to start backing off. As the saying goes, you can’t arrest everyone.

  • I’m ready to donate in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  • BoJud

    It is a major issue when law enforcement become militaristic in their actions. Santa Ana has been cited for abuses in the past. No one has the right to stop you and ask for your idenfification unless there is probable cause. That can only happen if they state the reason for stopping you, either on the street or in a vehicle. Ask if you are being detained. Until you are told that you are, you are not required to provide any informtion. If you are told no, then ask if you may go. Keep asking until you get a response to the contrary. Do not provide any information unless they give you what you asked for. If you are in a vehicle and they tell you to get out of it or ask if they can search it; ask if they have a warrant. If not, then refuse to comply. If they do ask you to get out of your vehicle, lock it and close the door. If they ask you to open it up, again ask for the warrant. They have no rights to search without your consent or a warrant. In spite of reading or hearing that officers are being exhonoratted for actions beyond their normal duties, they can be gone after privately. We have seen enough poor actions by the courts and law enforcement to realize that we need to act in a manner that protects us from abuse be the hands of the law. Be alwauys polite and courteous even though they may not act that way. Do not give them cause to get abusive with you. But know your rights and do not allow abusive actions by the officer’s intimidate you. Filming and witnesses are important to have and any legal action you take, these pieces of evidence are critical. They will be needed if you are taken to court or jail or both.

  • Bob in EP

    Dear Police, If you’re not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.

  • Jackson

    Great idea. This needs to happen in Denver, Co

  • Guest

    I think it a great idea, and the are worried because they know that they are corrupt

  • Federico Gialone

    They are scared because they know what’s goings on and now they may be held accountable for their actions. I think this is how we win! #greatidea

  • bat

    nice thought, but “leading to arrest and termination” means you won’t get a cent no matter what evidence you present if the police are “just doing their jobs”, or the case is hushed up otherwise. 😉

  • KazHax

    Fantastic idea, someone should have thought of this sooner!!!

  • Godricide

    What? You mean them watching themselves doesn’t work? Wow… Now I’m rethinking hiring those foxes to watch my henhouse.

  • Matheus Grunt

    This is only the beginning though. Only REAL DIRECT actions will stop them. Crowd funding is not a true direct action itself. It’s still a non-tactical approach to dealing with what is in reality, a military occupation of our country by our own neighbors who choose to be enemies of the Republic.

  • John J Publicus

    I hope this catches on! I don’t have millions of dollars, but I’d put up substantial money to see this done in my area…. As a local businessman I’d need to do it anonymously, at first. But I’d bet I could get plenty of others to do this as well….

  • John Ong

    great idea needs to be like that nation wide..i don’t flex my rights anymore I get beat up for it when the last cop told me after he kicked the shit out of me that if I knew what was good for me I would I did KANSAS IS A HELL HOLE..

  • wolf

    It is coming folks. The corrupt agents of the government know that American’s are waking up and are pissed off. Last time America woke up and got pissed off…..the japaneese empire fell. Its time to fall another empire.

  • Montana Man

    It is about time that the police started fearing repercussions for their violent behavior. Police departments would be wise to start demanding that their officers act respectfully toward every person they have sworn to serve. If they fail to do that, they must share the blame when some unstable person decides to exact retribution on all police officers, good and bad.

  • Nakaii Koyoda

    K K Kan I get a blue suit , and a badge, even if lim not qualified , YES of course ” we love your KIND” you have the RIGHT unintelligent bale head for it, no brainier , you ‘ll do.