Police in Van RUN OVER Students After Graduation, Pepperspray Those Trying to Help Victims

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A disturbing video has gone viral online showing an unmarked police van literally accelerate into a crowd of people.

The people were evidently students who were celebrating after their graduation.

The police did not want them in the location they were celebrating, and can be seen on the video accelerating into the students.

Watching the video closely, one can see bodies fly up into the air as the van plows into them.

At this point, screams and moans can be heard and the footage cuts to the center of the attack.

Multiple officers appear to jump out of the van to start arresting the student, but the students can be seen already on the ground suffering after being struck by the van.

That is when citizens who witnessed the police atrocity start to form a crowd — eerily reminiscent of the scene in V for Vendetta when a crowd witnesses an officer shoot a small girl.

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One female officer at this point totally loses it and injects even more unnecessary violence into the scene.

She can be heard screaming several times “Back up!” as if she is some divinely appointed queen and people are just supposed to obey everything she says.

The people obviously were distraught at seeing the suffering students whom moments ago were simply celebrating their graduation. None of them were engaged in any harmful activity.

After seeing that the crowd had no justifiable reason for obeying her shouts and screams to “back up,” the female officer then does the unthinkable.

She begins shooting into the crowd wildly with pepperspray.

When the video is slowed down, you can see she isn’t even aiming at a direct target but rather waving the bottle of mace back and forth as if to blindly hurt anyone nearby.

This story is still developing. We have not yet been able to confirm if any of the students lived.

It was sent to us by a supporter in Sweden. Although we focus mostly on US police brutality here, it is important to remember that this is a global epidemic.

Here is what our contact says:

Maybe this is something interesting for you. Sweden is called “Little america” by europeans.

Swedish police. The swedish government are really influated by the american government so the swedish police act violent aswell. (I’m sorry for my english, hope you guys understand).

Here is a video of swedish police running over teens who celebrated that they graduated. When other teens tried to help they got sprayed the fuck out.

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  • Ben Dover


    Almost always these poor writers don’t even say what state. 🙁

    • AlvinBr

      Just click on those links.

    • Project Safe Kids

      Google the story, it’s been on Cop Block and other alternative media on and off

    • Massachusetts

    • Cheryl Fojtik

      it started with the state and city. AMESBURY, MA

  • Saria Beel

    We want to see this dirt bags face!

  • Kateree

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  • Laura Broussard Leger

    lately it seems to be cops teachers and priests who seem to have these scumbags in the mist it makes teachers like myself and police officers like my father look bad the public eye when in fact these incidences are few and far between and there’s so many of us at dedicate ourselves to have the utmost professionalism but it just makes me absolutely sick that the actions of someone like this reflects the hard work of all the others

    • Mitch Mitchell

      Problem with your reckoning is: it is not isolated incidences.

      • Laura Broussard Leger

        Oh I understand that I’m just wondering what kind of hiring process or lack there of that these nasty individuals are hired and make others who are in that field look bad. When we loose trust in our society for our cops, educators and other public servant’s it makes me disgusted


      Few and far between? You’re delusions lady….I grew up in a rough neighborhood and trust me when I tell you it’s a daily occurrence

      • Laura Broussard Leger

        I’m sure it is I do not live far from New Orleans and I see it everyday and it’s said.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        and it doesn’t matter if you’re white or black. west coast, or east. north or south. it’s the same no matter where you go

    • Few and far between? Would you like to watch some videos? I can link you. Seriously.

      • Laura Broussard Leger

        There are still places in this country that this is not a normal issue. I’m not stupid and realize it happens. It just makes me sad that this is the way it is in other areas.

        • Fionna Paul

          Yes very sad it is. They not protectin the ppls . They hurtin an killing ppls

    • Cromwell

      Few and far between, where do you live Bhutan?

    • Laura Broussard Leger

      To the individuals who seem to make nasty comments about my post simple these issues never happened where I grew up. Teachers and cops were and still are individuals who want to serve the public. I grew up and still live in an area in the USA where the communities come together and look out for each others. So when I say few -which means it never has happened in my area-far between -,happens in the bigger cities and I can only recall one or two issues with that. So if you choose to make a comment that is negative about another’s comment think about where you may live or your life. Yes there are still places in the US that these issues are not an issue.

      • Mitch Mitchell

        Unfortunately those days are gone now :/

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      i’ll tell you the same thing I tell others. if the “good cops” want to be respected again, then two things need to happen. #1, cops need to start treating people with respect! #2, ALL cops, their groups need to DEMAND the immediate termination of these punks employment, WITHOUT PAY!! and being fired isn’t good enough!! until ALL COPS demand, and protest en masse for the aggressive prosecution of any, and ALL of these “bad cops” then ALL cops can expect hatred, and condemnation from “we the people”. we are all fed up with their crimes, AND these feeble excuses by the “good cops”

  • Mitch Mitchell

    Looks to me to be more about the woman cop not “being listened to” than anything else. Respect me authority, maybe?

  • bdj1

    Nothing good comes from the police.

  • Kristian.

    How can someone do that to another human being?.

    • ImajWalker

      Because they are COWARDS and TRAINED to believe that WE are the enemy. Take the badge from them…they are simply men /women like you and me! Their day will come.. they just can’t see it yet.

  • Patrick H.

    Its easy give someone flashy lights and a badge, and tell them they have power and surely they will become abusive. Wich is why they joind up.

  • Robert Comstock

    And Hillary wants to enter one world government with people like this.

    • P Feezee

      Bush Sr is the man who coined the term New World Order. Its not a partisan thing, Republicans really are just as bad if not worse than the Dems.

    • joe canadian

      Americans are worse.

      • ImajWalker

        Like Harper is any better? Canada’s own holocaust in Western Canada has been covered up for years.. our slate isn’t clean. We’ve ALL been brainwashed for decades. It’s not about Repubs, Dems or left, right, libtards or anything. It’s about KNOWING that we have defacto governments that are taking over HUMANITY and the people are too dumbed down to SEE it. When these bastards started announcing the New World Order.. they should have been shown the door with a boot in their ass.. FROM THE PEOPLE.. Instead, we simply follow the rules, laws corruption and sit quiet. THIS is the legacy that WE have left our children because WE are brainwashed into FEAR and don’t STAND for FREEDOM. The UNITED NATIONS ‘is’ the One World Order and both USA & Canada are following it’s agenda. Search it! Shame on US because we ALLOW it!

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          I think it’s more then stupidity, or even indoctrination. I’m becoming more convinced everyday that some kind of mass demonic possession has taken place

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        I’ve got news for you, Canada is Americas puppet, and the cops in Canada are nearly as bad as the u.s., and catching up quickly. a perfect example was the g20. watch a doc called “into the fire”

  • So why did they run them over? That’s f’d up. As for the officer shouting back up repeatedly, she did the right thing. The rhetoric in this article if funny. No earthly reason to obey a police officer giving you instructions… other than it’s a police officer giving you instructions, because like cops or not, they are appointed authority and people are indeed supposed to comply with requests during certain situations. That’s kinda the point of authority – to have it. Welcome to Amsterdam I guess. Where police use the “unconscionable” pepper spray on people who don’t listen, instead of shooting them like in the U.S. lol

    • AlvinBr

      Why do you think she did the right thing?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      when they commit atrocities, half the time on video, they are no longer the “authority” they are criminals, or just terrorists. and neither “their” badge, or themselves are in any way divinely appointed!! it’s morons like you that are so spineless, so gutless, that allows these criminals, wearing their little costumes to get away with murder and other crimes against humanity. give the people their god given rights to self defense, and to carry a weapon and watch how polite the cops get

      • I can’t jump to that conclusion. Most of the videos out there don’t start rolling until a situation escalates and you don’t know what happened before hand so it’s hard to say it’s criminal behavior.
        For example, for a week we heard about a criminal cop getting away with attempted vehicular manslaughter and they kept showing the 20 seconds where he ran down the person with his car, only to find out weeks later that he ran down the guy because he had no choice.

        He was walking towards a crowd of people firing off rounds from a shotgun.

        Which is why I asked why did they get run over in this video? We don’t see what’s going on before hand. Was it deliberate? Was it human error? A mechanical problem with the vehicle?

        But for the other officer, what she did was the right thing. When there are trained professionals taking care of a person, bystanders should stay back and are required to comply.

    • corkie

      First, the cop was wrong to pepper spray a doctor that’s attempting to help someone that’s injured. She.was.dead.wrong. Old school cops knew how to properly handle these situations with respect and competence. This woman acted like a stupid spaz. If the injured person died because that stupid cop pepper sprayed the doctor, then she should be charged with murder.

  • The Great Attila

    Another reason to kill police officers. There’s no reason for these terrorists to live. Their right to life should be terminated.

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    Deranged human nutjobs wearing govern-ment costumes .

  • lani4

    No matter why she was yelling ‘back up’ .. the point is that they initiated the violence when they used their unmarked van as a weapon and ran over people and then stopped others from coming to the aid of the injured.

  • philip85

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  • freedom fighter

    That’s what happens when the police are militarized in both equipment and mentality… They’re trained to treat the streets like a battlefield, and We The People are the enemy. I respect good law enforcement, those who honor their oaths and stand up for the Constitution like they swore to do; however it seems these days the bad cops outnumber the good ones by far. Many old school cops are embarrassed by these guys; protect and serve means nothing to these public SERVANTS. They earn their paychecks from our tax dollars…and they care nothing for us.

    • Randy Robinson

      I’m sorry to say this but many old school cops were exactly the same way. The only difference is these cops are being exposed because of modern technology video cameras everywhere. I don’t think they ever thought the video camera would backfire on them. They always wanted use it to bust people but they didn’t think it would bust them. Cops have been doing this stuff since they became since cops have been in existence there’s always been crooked law enforcement and like the old saying goes power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Dana

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  • Aileen Robertson

    Remember when the police were known as PEACE officers?

  • Dawn

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  • Brandon Hales

    These people are why we have the 765 Movement! Join us brothers and sisters in a glorious revolution to take back our country! Look us up on FB!

  • dolo58

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  • Dawnrose D’Aloia

    I would have broken that kunts nose.

    • Miriam Israel

      I often wonder why the ppl never charge and get them running. There’s almost always more people around. I would not want them to touch me. I’ll take my chances with the crown

  • Theres

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  • Plaing61

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  • Ronald Patrick Thompson

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Most humans when given a badge and a gun begin to believe (if they didnt already) that they are superior.

  • Police rape bbbOys

    They will burn your white pig pederast child raping police as well as your bbblackkk stolen boys anuses dumb fkkk toilet mOnkeys chOking on my penis your GO=D~~~

  • Tom Lowe

    A lot of the videos are being taken down by the usual suspects. This site should host the videos itself rather than try to rely on others.

  • Andrew Nieto

    The video is unavailable, even on YouTube, and this article provides no links. I’m sorry, but without corroboration, this is a non-story. It never happened. I can’t find ANY media coverage on Google or Yahoo.