[WATCH] Police Just Shot City Council Member With a Taser While He Was Kneeling Down


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The city of Prairie View rallied feverishly to have the street leading to the A&M University named after Sandra Bland, the 28-year-old who died in her jail cell days after her arrest on the same road.

Bland was a graduate of the university and was going to start working at her alma mater soon.
The community’s request was granted and the street is now known as Sandy Bland Parkway.
Little did they know that the attempt to honor her memory would be turned into a mockery by the authorities.

“He was just standing there”

Less than two months after the street’s christening, police officers – at least one of them who was also involved in the Bland case – tazed an African American man outside his apartment building.

The victim turned out to be a high-profile guy. At 26, Jonathan Miller had the honor of being Prairie View’s youngest councilman.

Miller had some friends visiting from out of town for homecoming. On Thursday last week just before 8pm at least three of them, Miller’s fraternity brothers, were practicing some dance steps outside his apartment building.

This is when police arrived and started questioning the group because they felt the activity looked suspicious; Miller stepped outside his home to check what was going on. The members of law enforcement then turned their attention towards him, it is unclear whether the knew that the man they were questioning was a councilman.

The police version is that the officer who was quizzing the group was performing a routine check because the area has a notorious reputation for narcotics.

Alaric Jones was one of the out-of-towners, he says they explained to her that they were practicing their dance routine.

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    “police are investigating”. does anyone with a brain have any doubt that they will find they were “justified”? once again it’s clear evidence, but that won’t matter. after all who are you gonna believe, what they tell you? or your “lying eyes”? this crap is everywhere, and race doesn’t matter. they beat, kill, rape, or rob whites, blacks, and browns the same. I’m getting so tired of these videos, and saying the obvious…..COPS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! the judges and prosecutors are corrupt evil CRIMINALS!

  • Quimby

    Those side headlines though, affair with witnesses, come on now… Risk tisk

    • Betty Seward

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      • LawrenceNeal

        Total hot air

  • d-block

    Yeah he was such a threat while on his knees in his own yard. smh