Police Morale Is Down Across The Country


Michael Heise | FilmingCops.com

Last week was annual “Police Week” in Washington, D.C. Officers and representatives from all over the country were in attendence to show their support of police who are killed on the job.

2014 saw 127 officers killed, one of the safest years on record to be a police officer, while an unprecedented 1000+ citizens were killed by police in the same year.

Kerry Picket of The Daily Caller was on the scene to interview officers about their feelings on police work.

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Officers told her that they have stopped engaging in proactive policing, that is the practice of deterring criminal activity by showing police presence and engaging the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place in the first place.

In contrast, responding to a complaint after a crime has been committed is reactive policing. “I’m hearing it from guys who were go-getters, who would go out here and get the guns and the bad guys and drugs. They’re hands-off now,” a shift commander told the Sun.

“I’ve never seen so many dejected faces.”

Other officers described having bottles thrown at their cruisers.

Of course, these same officers are quick to play up the victim role in these encounters, instead of examining what would cause somebody to throw a bottle at an armed vehicle driven by somebody who could legally and “legitimately” arrest and cage them for doing so, a clear act of distrust and outrage.

One officer cited this loss of trust as the reason behind the lowering morale amongst police officers, saying “Morale is low because we don’t have the public’s backing. I pulled a guy over, recently. He was a drunk driver. He said, ‘Fuck you, I hate cops.”

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Yet, the president of The Fraternal Order Of Police says that the problem is the shrinking ability to recruit new officers that is causing low morale, saying “For the last six or eight years, proactive law enforcement has come to a stop because of shortage of personnel.”

Indeed, hiring of police officers has dropped dramatically in recent years, and it’s not for a lack of effort on the part of the police.

From NYPD to small town police departments, people just don’t appear to want to be police officers at the moment. Some police departments are resorting to hiring non-citizen immigrants to become officers.

It’s interesting to note the police mindset on this issue. THEY are the victim. Those nasty citizens aren’t arbitrarily respecting them and kissing their feet anymore and it’s their fault that the cops can’t be energized about the job.

It never crosses their minds that it’s the police showing up to protests with military gear — or averaging about 3 citizen deaths a day; or hostile attitudes toward citizens being the norm; or commonly released videos of brutality, and a general perception of “us vs them” — that these are the true causes of people not wanting to associate with them anymore.

Watch the full documentary “America’s Largest Street Gang” below to learn how brutal and violent police departments have become:

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    hey, here’s a thought. stop the killing of unarmed, non-combative citizens, and if they can’t, or won’t do that, then how about STOP PROTECTING THEM WHEN THEY DO!!!! and start hanging these rat bastard prosecutors, and judges who let these bastards walk, even when there’s video!! do that, and they may just re-earn the publics trust and respect……but not until then! we the people have had enough!

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    • Phuck Ewe

      I have come short of echoing your reply by way of insinuation in the past, if things do not change there indeed will be a Revolution, And You are correct the Police will not admit to any wrongdoings and appear to be fighting against restraints imposed on them with the help of Police Unions and our corrupt JUdicial System.

      • kenpachi55

        J{U}dicial System is not proper noun nor is police unions unless you are referring to one specifically. im sorry you have such a sad life but if your going to attack people, make sure you have the right ammo or you will continue to fail. btw abbreviating something isn’t misspelling it that’s just what young people do. get with it or get the hell out of the way you wanna be smart person

        • Phuck Ewe

          You are a Fucktard and an asshole, find someone else to spew your gibberish at some one who gives a fuck cock hole and lean to write properly while you’re at it!

          • kenpachi55

            sorry man I saw you say something that I considered presumptuous to somebody who was trying to make a good point and then I got involved and it wasn’t productive. no offense brother I wasn’t really trying to be an ass. keep up the good fight

    • Phuck Ewe

      Our Founding Fathers of this Nation looked to History when writing The U.S. constitution and gave us the right to fight an Oppressive Government, which our current government is trying to rob us of.

      • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

        The Constitution did not give us ANYTHING! Human rights are innate. The founding fathers’ attempt was to protect the rights of every individual against infringement. The Constitution was supposed to keep the central government small. Laziness has been the death of the country.

        • Phuck Ewe

          Well we are in agreement then, basically the Police find bullets much easier to use that pens!

        • Edward

          No they aren’t millions of slaves in America proved the constitution wasn’t worth the vellum it was written on.

          • Phuck Ewe

            Ever heard of progress:I rish enslavement in the mid 1600’s, women couldn’t vote until 1919 (The Nineteenth Amendment), chinese forced labor america’s, Japanese internment camps during WWII and so on…

          • Edward

            Yes, and you cite exactly how little progress America has ever made.

          • MaryLPoitra

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    • Plot Threads

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  • Phuck Ewe

    They have become so delusional that they think they are a separate entity from the Central Government and are supposed to Protect and Serve the Public. I think that they watched the movie Minority Report and believe that they are “The Future Crime Division! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_Report_(film)

    • DaRon George

      The horrible thing that we as a citizenry are in denial about the really despicable motives of these people, it is purely evil, not bad decision making, but actual acts of hatred, and racial atrocity as directed by a not so secret hatred manifesto. Check out the FBI report on hate groups plans on infiltrating law enforcement to start either a genocidal ethnic cleansing or race war.

  • Phuck Ewe

    First of all the Police Unions, whose sole purpose seems to be spreading propaganda and showing the police as victims who are scared for their safety above the public’s, need to be disbanded altogether. This would go a long way to help the Law Enforcement Agencies repair their tarnished public image. If you show no respect no one will respect you!

    • Darnell Thrasher

      More like the good cops need to speak out against the bad ones. A union may ensure you get due process but it can’t stop an officer from being fired.

      • Alexander

        Good ones do. They tend not to be cops for long though.

      • Phuck Ewe

        Twenty years ago I was friends with a town Police Officer, he had a four year degree and was a black man. He did his two year stint and left to join the U.S. Marshall Service because of Racism and threats to be quiet about grafting and other crimes his fellow Officers committed. And yes the Policeman Unions are using pressure to keep corrupt Police on the job and away from prison.

        • Wetblanket

          You’re a liar. You’ve never had any friends.

          • Phuck Ewe

            I notice you have edited your reply to me “WetBlanket” ( Bed Wetter?). I was not lying but apparently you were, you changed your response to me and decided to call me a liar without any proof, calling me a liar therefore showing who the real liar is, don’t we? As for you having an I.Q. of 153 I highly doubt it. As for being a Police officer that I can believe since you are self entitled and have a cop mentality and threaten the very people you swore “To Serve and Protect”.

          • Phuck Ewe

            Your original response to me…

          • Jafeph Almaza

            haha what a disgusting pig.

      • James Gholston

        VEREY TRUE

  • UrbanCamper

    Hard to recruit new wanna be cops? I guess nobody wants to be a friendless dick anymore.

    • Phuck Ewe

      They anyone who scores an I.Q. test over 100 is disqualified from attending a Police Academy, it is part of the problem. Stupid people do what they’re told and do not ask questions! It is a problem.

      • Wetblanket

        Go fuck yourself. I scored 153 and been a cop for 19 years. The problem is the public fucking sucks. You do. And you don’t even realize it. You’re “entitled” to suck. Fuck you all, and you deserve everything you get.

  • Michael Smith

    Respect is earned, not given.

    • John Brown

      So true

  • Sean

    Stop supporting laws that put criminal records on citizens for petty acts, i.e. possession of marijuana paraphernalia. Its easy money, i know. Its easier than going after the drug dealer who sells heroin and crack, i know. I just wish there was a group with some authority to handle those cases of people hurting their community….oh wait.

    • Phuck Ewe

      Those records of which you speak of start a snowball effect robbing the average Citizen of their Civil Rights. Police Officers and the court prejudge anyone with a record.

  • Chris Utley Liccardi

    You want the people’s support? Stop killing them and their pets, stop harassing and profiling, stop escalating every situation so you have an excuse to use force, stop protecting the dirty cops and vote out your union leaders. Oh, you want our support but you also want to keep on the way you’ve been doing? Well, as my Granny used to say, want in one hand and spit in the other and see which hand fills up faster.

  • Dee Ree

    Don’t worry you will find a few to recruit. There’s one born every minute- PT Barnum

  • chivalrous1won

    good….now they can start to hire actual engaging human beings instead of unfeeling dorks

  • MrAndre

    The cops blaming the social media and citizens (they are sworn to protect) for their bad publicity is like a pro wrestler blaming the media for people not believing that pro wrestling is a bona fide “real sport”. The only thing the media is to blame for is glorifying mean tough cops, torture, and crime, in the name of “justice”. When a cop kills an unarmed person in cold blood, for a traffic stop etc. the media needs to stop demonizing the victim making the cop the hero.

  • wildman

    Could it be because most AMERICANS don’t give 2 runny shits if these tin star thugs make it or not

    • Phuck Ewe

      I agree with you, I have posted on Police brutality on Facebook and no one will like or reply to them.

  • Padge Vounder

    I have sympathy for one kind of cop – the kind that reports & actively tries to stop their fellow officers who commit crimes/abuse their authority

    • micky muxwell

      That kind of cop doesn’t exist!

      • Hasanda

        Yes they do and they have paid the price for doing do… :/

        • Justsomeguy151

          You mean that they get fired. Which also means, that they don’t exist…..because the traitors force them out.

        • Phuck Ewe

          Twenty years ago I was friends with a town Police Officer, he had a four year degree and was a black man. He did his two year stint and left to join the U.S. Marshall Service because of Racism and threats to be quiet about grafting and other crimes his fellow Officers committed.

        • micky muxwell

          All cops are evil useless pigs! A bunch of cowardly parasites! ALL of them!

      • Edward

        They do albeit they are rare. The last time an NYPD cop tried to tell the truth they put him in a mental institution.

      • Melissa Todd

        Ex-BPD Cop Joe Crystal Blew The Whistle On Corrupt Police & Paid The Price


  • https://m.facebook.com/timetofixamerica really bad criminals wear ties and have jobs and tell the law enforcers what to do

    • Phuck Ewe

      Term Limits on all Political positions would help end that. No more “Career Politicians!

  • DannyEastVillage

    “I feared for my life!”

    • Phuck Ewe

      Firemen fear for the lives of other ther own, the Police could learn from them!

    • Ardiva

      I get sick and tired of hearing that from cops. *seriously*

  • Frank Kush

    Boo fucking hoo! How the thousands of dead people who never even got a trial by their peers because most of you dipshits couldn’t help but to go full rambo retard on those people. Police officers jobs don’t even rank in the top ten of Americas most dangerous jobs according to the Bureau of Labor, but yet they squeal like little girls and expect the rest of us to feel sorry for them.

    Fuck you piglets earn our respect and you;ll get our respect.

    • micky muxwell

      They will NEVER get my respect—the little sissy cowards!!

  • Daniel Martin

    The military thing has got to stop..We hire you as police,,your job is to police the area under your charge..I was in the military in the early 60s in Georgia,, I was sent to several marches and we wernt dressed like the police dress today..We were in our regular Army uniforms and did not make provoctive movements ,,,we were under orders.Never saw anyone get shot or Get roughed up by the military,,although I saw police departments open fire more than once..Even back then police thought they were privledged to kill…I never understood it,, and still dont understand it..

    • Phuck Ewe

      It is called “Mob Mentality” and when an Officer is put on Paid Leave and are investigated by their peers and found not guilty it only adds to their belief that they are above the Law.

    • DaRon George

      Daniel, I have had security detail before, and I did it around a LOT of forward deployed Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force Combat operators. I have seen some good wrestling matches, I have seen men threatened with a Truncheon, but no one was ever harmed who was not physically combative.

      • Daniel Martin

        My nephew is a cop like you , Hes a good cop ,,,but let me tell you he knows many who are not so good ,,You just like most cops have people who will kick some ass just because they can,,and my friend in the 60s in Savanah georgia ,,,in Alabama and Lousiana ,,folks like me learned how to keep thier mouths shut and play blind.. Just because YOU havent seen it dosent mean it didnt happen..I was 17 years old ..It was the 1st time I had seen the crosses burning. So you lived a CHARMED life ,,just how many didnt????

  • steven

    Oh my heart is breaking. It makes me laugh and weep at my country when thugs who are given
    guns and complete immunity from murder done under color of law start whining because their
    victims are saying “fuck-you blue”. Get rid of all police unions and start acting like human beings
    in your dealings with the public. Perhaps while you’re whining you could tell some truth. In addition to not getting enough idiots who want to be cops, statistics from the DOJ show that less and less people are willing to call the police for any reason. That means less money for the road pirates. I think people realizing that calling the police for any reason will only make things worse
    is a huge reason for all the wailing and crying by the police.and their apologists.

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    • Phuck Ewe

      I am a Nigerian Prince and need your help to transfer my assets to the U.S.A…

  • They expect people to care? Look at the bull they pull everyday and they honestly expect people to give a damn. They are crazy.

  • Roger Xavier Jackson

    They all need to be charged with conspiracy

  • Darkshros

    lets see shall we to what they have done over the year One Killed a unarmed man Two harming kids Tree Really black men i respect them and this is how you treat them Four being really retards and just gaining weapons for no reasons
    no wonder no one trusts you and calls for you help.do us a faver and look in the bloody mirror and see what you have done

    • Phuck Ewe

      You forgot the killing of dogs which show no aggression and are under control and shot anyway in front of children and the dogs owners.

  • John W Ridgle

    They have to do a better job of policing themselves. Yes, some citizens are butts, Black and white. But you know this when you accept the job. Stop making excuses for those among you who make mistakes and those who knowingly do wrong. Hold yourselves to a higher standard. Do a better job in the hiring process. How much conversation/interviewing is required before you know someone is not qualified to be a police? Obviously, to much good old boy network in hiring! People in the public have to stop making excuses, wrong is wrong. We encourage bad behavior when we excuse it or rationalize. The whole society has to get back to viewing the police as the best and brightest! They can’t do it alone, they need our help. In my lifetime have been blessed to meet and know lots of police who are great human beings and police, my brother also happens to be one. Regrettably, I have also known and come in contact with others who have absolutely no business or right to be a police.

    • Phuck Ewe

      Anyone who scores an I.Q. test over 100 are disqualified from a Police Academy.

  • Erika Domnick

    Aw, the out of control hyenas are losing their killing spirit with all these fucking cameras around, catching them in their wild acts of bullying, harassing, beating, raping, assaulting, kidnapping, and killing, “the savages” (un-badged citizens). Poor things. That’s gotta take a lot of fun out of the job. Not to worry, so far, we only have the rock solid proof of video….the hyenas still have the entire justice system backing their debauchery and setting them loose to do it, again and again.

  • mika58

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  • wzimmerman

    I have a hard time identifying with uniformed people who have guns, and I don’t. I have a hard time believing that the increased occurrence of traffic stoppages (we’re just checking to see if you’ve got your current insurance card in your glove compartment…) are anything more than harassment, and part of a long-term program of public indoctrination, to underscore our powerlessness. In any encounter between me and a police officer, I would be so vastly much more likely to end up being the dead one. Other than that, I’m fine with cops.

  • Edward

    You think being allowed to commit murder on camera without repercussions would make them happy.

  • EliWebber

    Police accountability would go along way, and making cops get insurance when they do something wrong ,so the taxpayers aren’t held accountable for their wrong doings. After so many times of getting complaints against them they are dropped from the insurance ,and can’t continue being a policemen ect.

  • James Gholston


  • felo

    I have never heard such fabricated trash from a cop in my life. According to his own words, this man had burned flesh hanging off his body, covered in blood; but instead of calling an ambulance, they choose to demand he lay down ( on his burned flesh) – what kind of Anilams created police men like these?

  • Robert Ramrattan

    Cops lie so much and so often about everything, they actually believe that up is down, right is wrong and wrong is right. They’ve done it so often for so long, they’ve just come to see it as normal. Why? Because they can get away with it. Because no one holds them accountable. Not the law, not the courts, and certainly not the people.

    • Phuck Ewe

      Well written and highly detailed, Kudos my good man.

  • Got morale problems? Try NOT beating, raping, robbing, and killing innocent people. That might help.

  • Eddie L Gaddis

    USA Militia & When To Shoot Enemy Traitor Cops!! 2015 USA

  • Eddie L Gaddis

    USA Militia Vs FEDs Civil War Looming!! 2015
    This man says it all,
    down to the nitty gritty!! A messages to all cops, federal agents, and
    secret service whom I know watch my videos. Beware of the patriots,
    ex-military, military who won’t comply, ex-cops, cops who won’t comply,
    and the militia. Don’t tread on us. FEAR U.s. We are your masters. You
    are our servants. America has to take off our belt, and whoop your ass!
    you’ve been disobedient to We The People, and we’ve had enough!

  • Frederick Bishop

    I’m a Vietnam veteran, 12 years military service for Hon. discharges by son Patrick, Iraq veteran two tours U.S. Army for years Hon. discharge. I’m disabled living with Patrick and two grandchildren, ages eight and seven in December 2013. My son Patrick and his brother Richard went to there mothers to help her with some work she had returning to our apartment building which I live on the top floor and my son Richard and his girlfriend at the time, lived on the bottom floor. Richard Patrick went to Richard’s apartment. Richard and his girlfriend got into small verbal altercation. Patrick was standing in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette, talking to two friends sitting on the couch with an infant child in a stroller Whitney Richards girlfriend went into the bathroom, which didn’t have a lock on the door Whitney, son was crying in his room. Richard went into the bedroom to console the baby about 10 min. later. Four officers burst in the front door, sending the infant in the stroller across the floor. They ask where Richard was they were told it was in the bedroom two officers proceeded to the back bedroom where they told Richard they went to talk to him when Richard stepped in the hall. They immediately Pushkin against the wall and handcuffed him behind his back an officer in the living room told Patrick to sit down on the couch. Patrick told the officer he had to put the cigarette out the officer told him to put it out on the floor. Patrick refused went, but the cigarette out in the ashtray the officer assault and with his baton, smacking his wrists sending hot ash into the top of Patrick shirt than the officer pushed him on the couch , the hot ash burns. Patrick he jumps up as a reflex bumps the officer unintentionally the officer grabs him throws him to the floor in handcuffs and starts to hit Patrick meanwhile yeah the two officers bring Patrick from the back .hall. He sees his brother being hit by the officer he starts to scream other tenants in the building I standing in the hall, watching Richard screams for them. To get me the father meanwhile, the officers start beating him. Richard, they pull him out. In the main hall. Richard still calling for me. They put him on the floor face down and start beating him. The neighbors come to my door and told me the officers were beating Richard I immediately ran downstairs I seen the officers hitting Richard I yells at the officers to stop one of the officers went back into the apartment. I ran back upstairs called 911 ask for federal officers that the shares and state police were beating my sons while they were cuffed about 15 min. past, and it least. For more Sheriff and state police showed up. They immediately started threatening the witnesses which there were about nine with the arrest if they didn’t go to their apartments and lock themselves in. I stood back at a distance demanding to speak to a supervisor. After about 10 min. an officer in a white shirt came up. I introduce myself and tried to explain. He threatened me with incarceration if I didn’t go to my apartment. I threatened to contact my Congressman he then quickly pulled my sons out and arrested them, never taking his statement from any of the witnesses in the apartment to out of the apartment in hall that domestic violence was Whitney they’re starting the argument and calling a false report. My sons had no idea they were innocent of any wrongdoing because I threatened to get a hold of my Congressman. Patrick was charged with a felony, never touching anyone standing in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette. There are no good ‘cop,s just a gang in blue

    • Frederick Bishop

      at court after four appearances before my son was given an attorney and I explained the story , he said, police, LIE. Needless to say my sons had to play so that Patrick wouldn’t have a felony on his record. Little do they know I have no problem holding court and there’s only one sentence. I’ll pick the time and the place I did it for my country. I’m damn sure going to do with my family. I’m dying there isn’t shit they can do to me

  • Tj Timberlake

    So far this year the cops are killing people once every 7.5 hours, 3 people die every day at the hands of these THUGS !!!

  • sandhu57

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  • Amanda J

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  • Redfern

    Why would they expect the backing of the public when they average killing 1 citizen each day…perhaps if they could stop killing and start protecting instead

  • Phuck Ewe

    I am a Natural Born American Citizen who was raised in Canada until the age of 17, in Canada the Police were called “Peace Officers” by everyone and the R.C.M.P. were highly respected. They had earned that trust and respect, first of all they were friendly for the most part, it was not uncommon to see the Police and citizens just talking with mutual respect. Their first concern was for the safety of others, and they used words to a assess situations before acting in most cases.
    My first employer and Mentor in America was an ex D.C. Police Officer, he would some times make racist remarks about the D.C. rioters in the the late 60’s but I never saw him disrespect anybody of any race or color. I believe that he was conflicted by what he was told to do by the D.C. Police and what was told to him as a youth in respect to race. Racism is not a natural occurrence it is taught.
    The Police in the U.S. are being lead by the Old Guard and are being mislead into believing that they are a separate entity from the Government and are taught to demand respect that they have not earned and are given a the mentality that it is “them against us”. Moral is down because the good Police are ashamed by a corrupt system in which they will be penalized for speaking out against, the bully cops (mostly ignorant cowards) fully embraced a system that let them abuse their power with no repercussions and are now resentful and combative, as well they need to understand that they are Public Servants not Judge Dread.
    This all has to change. not only have the majority of adults lost respect for the Police, FBI, DEA, ATF, Judicial System etc. who are using the law for financial gains. But the youth of today will never know respect for the above mentioned Agencies, which will devolve into resentment and hate. For things to change before it is too late the Police Unions need to be dissolved and a national third party must regulate Police policies and gather information, not have it handed to them by misleading Law Enforcement Agencies.

  • Oh no, the poor cops and their federal friends who have resorted to setting people up by interfering in their lives alike to try to look like heroes. Not one single police agency in this country operates in the black and these chumps are looking for more money by screwing people because they can’t make real arrests with real criminals.