Police Now Throw Little Girls In Jail, Get Fingerprints And Mugshots

Daily Caller | Robby Soave

PORTLAND — A nine-year-old Portland girl was handcuffed and arrested after engaging in a small feud with another girl.

She was treated like a criminal and even detained at a police station.

The incident, which took place a year ago at a Boys & Girls club, is garnering renewed interest now that the girl’s mother has come forward to share her dissatisfaction with the police review of the case.


“I’m just a mother at the end of her rope,” said Latoya Harris, the girl’s mother, in a statement to The Oregonian.

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“I’m going to advocate for my daughter, but no child should have to go through that.”

The little girls got into a fight because one had ‘told on’ the other for drawing on a desk.

The girls eventually apologized to each other, and Harris was suspended from the club for one week.

But that wasn’t enough for the mother of the other girl, who also called the police.

Six days later, cops showed up to question Harris’s daughter.

They found her statements to be “inconsistent,” and promptly placed her under arrest.

She was wearing a bathing suit at the time, and it isn’t clear whether she was allowed to change before being carted off downtown.

Harris’s request to accompany her nine-year-old daughter to the station was denied.

She took the bus to get there as quickly as she could.

At the station, the girl received a mugshot, was fingerprinted and placed in holding.

An hour later, she was released. She was never charged with a crime.

Still, Harris said the incident changed her into “a different child.”

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  • Nicole Lynn Spengler

    When is enough enough!!!!

    • Adam Brian

      Only when we have a full blown revolution. Besides the government is preparing for it anyway.

      • A revolution entails taking over the government and instituting a different, and historically more brutal and oppressive one. This present societal situation (our brutal, out-of-control Thin Blue Gang® and the copsuckers who support them) doesn’t call for such drastic measures.
        There is a time tested method for dealing with and correcting bullies. It doesn’t involve regulations or testing or work sanctions. The ZAP provides clues.

  • Adam Brian

    First of all if your that dumb to let cops question your child about a potential crime without a lawyer you deserve it dummy. Thats what you get for trusting a cop. I would never trust a cop with myself ket alone one of my kids wtf. Next if a cop came to my door asking questions i would remain silent.

    • Adam Brian

      the bottom line is just don’t answer any questions. And don’t let nobody question anyone in your family. Never talk to cops