NYPD Officer Busted With Underage Prostitute Faces 67-Count Indictment

In a search of his apartment, police seized a cell phone, computer, video camera and multiple encrypted external hard drives. Authorities also uncovered a recording in which Olmeda, who clearly appears to know the girl is a minor, urges her not to talk to the police, Assistant District Attorney Meagan Powers noted in court.

Powers said that two other files were also found, including one that had the names, pictures and birthdays of women he had slept with since 1989. Another file was his own investigation into how the Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating him for tax fraud.

Olmeda, who has been with the NYPD for over 3 years, was stripped of his gun and shield and put on desk duty about six months ago. With the arraignment he was formally suspended without pay.

Source: http://countercurrentnews.info

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  • Mustafa Curtess

    Yeah, Yeah!, Yeah!. “Indicted”, “Charged”. “Alleged”, “Suspended with Pay”, etc. How many are actually tried and convicted? Of that small number – how many actually serve a prison sentence (or even pay a fine?)

  • Butch Taylor

    In this corrupt American society he has not been convicted and sentenced yet.