Police officer tells war veteran he is a “punk”, then violates civil rights, including first amendment privileges


Apparently, being a US combat veteran is not enough to be respected by the police in America. If you are the “wrong color”, you are a suspect.

Those are the views of Keith Niblack served twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan as part of the US military efforts in the tumultuous regions.

“If you’re African-American, you’re going to be profiled,” Niblack said.

It is no surprise that the former military man has made these comments. He has faced humiliation and disgrace at the hands of six police officers and there is video evidence to prove it.

Niblack and his friend Branden Ocasio were waiting to be picked up outside the Apopka Cricket store at around 11pm, when a female police officer approached them wanting to know why they were outside a cell phone store it at night.

In the footage, one of the men explains that they are waiting for their ride from their boss to go to work.

She continues questioning them. The man even says that they understand she is doing her job, but there is no reason to persecute them because they weren’t even looking towards the closed store.

The brash police officer is then seen speaking into her wireless to call her supervisor. In her message she refers to them as “two black males”. She then turns to tell them that a senior is on the way to talk to the duo, one of them says they will be gone by the time he arrives. However, the cop says: “No you won’t be”.

Shortly after three police cars are seen pulling up. Police officers pour out and much to the pair’s shock they throw Nablack the ground and toss Ocasio’s phone away. This is where the video ends.

Niblack says one of the policemen berated him when he told them he was the war veteran.

“He was like, ‘No, you’re not a vet. You’re a punk. You’re a *deleted word*, you’re a coward’, ” he said.
By snatching Ocasio’s phone and refusing to let him film the incident, the police officer violated his first Amendment rights.

All six officers involved are under investigation.

This is an indication that police officers sometimes think they are above the law. In the words of Nablick they need better training.

One would hope that racial profiling was not a reality; unfortunately that is not the case. Anyone can be a victim. If you find yourself in a situation where you are being targeted by a member of law enforcement and unfairly, some police accountability organizations say that your best option is to say: “I’m going to remain silent. I would like to see a lawyer”. This might come in extremely handy if you get arrested.

There is another lesson to be learned. It depends on what a police officer says when you ask: “am I being detained?”. If they say no, some accountability organizations suggest that you can walk away, or if they say yes, you may be within your rights to invoke the 5th Amendment.

The moral of the story is – know your rights to protect them.

Watch the video below:

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  • traveler25

    Fuck the police.

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    Satin’s minions at work in the world. He sure picks the dummies.

    • Difdi

      Yeah, but it could be worse. I hear the minions of Burlap are REALLY rough.

  • Nat turner

    Two “black males” ! The other guy is not even black. LOL! What good can come out of police policing and investigating themselves.

  • Brett Ray

    We need groups of about 50 or more people all over the country on the ready to swarm in on Police and treat them like that. Catch 4 or 5 of them at a time, through them down, handcuff them, treat them like shit and if they DON’T comply, Taze them. Them let them go with a warning, the if they don’t straighten up and do right we will form a citizens jail for corrupt police and through them in without going through the corrupt court system.

  • Lee

    One thing, Filiming Cops. The First Amendment is a right not a privilege. A privilege can be taken away legally. A right cannot..

  • urgettingkarma

    first amendment PRIVILEGES?

  • urgettingkarma

    All six officers involved are under investigation. And at most they will get a paid vaca. shitheads like these are gonna roll up on the wrong ones someday and then they will whine there is a ‘war on cops’. getting shot in the face would have been appropriate here.

  • Female cop can’t do shit, too much pussy to get involved, call higher pusiess to help out so called supervisor, they don’t Identify themselves, just use force, why not just call the swat team instead?

  • David Gillespie