Police Officer Turned to Child Pornography to Cope With Seeing Dozens of Car Crashes

A former police officer turned to child pornography as a way of coping after he became haunted by dozens of road accidents that he had seen on the job, a court has heard.

Roy Hobson, 66, was arrested after police raided his address in February this year. Hobson was not at home when officers arrived but spoke to them by telephone and told them where they could find his stash of child pornography.

Andrew Vout, prosecuting, said: ‘Information was received by the police which connected indecent images and the IP address of Hobson’s home.

‘Police officers went to his address. Hobson was not in but his wife was. She contacted him by mobile phone and one of the officers spoke with him on the phone.

‘Hobson said “It’s on a memory stick that’s plugged into the hub under the computer”.’

Lincoln Crown Court heard police seized a number of items of computer equipment and indecent images of children were found on both the memory stick and the computer. Hobson, of Wellington Street, Louth, admitted three charges of making a total of 605 indecent photographs of children between September 9 2012 and February 22 this year.

12 of the images were in the most serious category with some featuring girls of just seven years old being sexually abused. Thief hiding from police forced to make call of shame after getting stuck Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told him: ‘This type of offending is not victimless.

Every still photograph and every part of a film has the face of a child who has been sexually abused in the most cruel way imaginable. ‘In behaving the way you did you encouraged the making of these images.’ The judge said that under sentencing guidelines Hobson would have faced a maximum penalty of a short prison sentence and the public would be better protected by him continuing to receive counselling and treatment.

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