Video: Police Gun Down Cow in Street After “Feeling Threatened” by It

Authorities said the animal was euthanized later.

Arizona has about 3,800 ranches and it is estimated that about 870,000 of cattle are raised here.

Therefore, it is not unusual to find a cow or two wandering on the highways.

It would also be fair to expect local members of law enforcement to be trained in with traffic situations caused by these stray bovines.

However, it seemed this was not the case on Wednesday when officers shot a cow that was interrupting the flow of traffic on the westbound Interstate 10 and eastbound US 60 in Pheonix.

The confused animal had managed to flee from a trailer that was parked at the service stop. The driver had paused to repair a tire when the cow escaped.

Several motorists reported the cow on the highway.

Officers responded around 9:30 PM and blocked traffic in order to contain the animal.
The troopers claim that the bewildered beast “charged” at them; feeling threatened the men made a split-second judgment to use lethal force. It took at least two hours to clear the busy route.

The Department of Public Safety said it was a sensible decision considering the animal was getting aggressive and would have been hit by a car anyway.

The cow did not die on the spot and the authorities confirmed that they euthanized it.

This is one of several incidents across the country where cows have been shot for disrupting traffic.

Only three months ago Honolulu police shot and killed a bovine that could not be contained.

Late last year Washington State troopers chased a cow on the freeway along with its owner, who eventually got frustrated and allowed the cops to kill the animal.

Last year in March Connecticut State police shot and killed a cow that had escaped from its trailer and was running loose on a highway.

Watch the video below:

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  • Robert Ramrattan

    Police in America are specifically NOT HIRED if they are intelligent and capable of independent, critical thought, especially when it conflicts with their indoctrination. Most of them have a psychopathic subservience to the concept of authority, believe themselves superior to “regular” people, and are eager to please the “parents,” i.e. the Law Enforcement profession. As a result we have individuals who THINK they are smart while their IQ’s are below average. This is why they are too eager to shoot and kill. Because they literally cannot think of anything else to do. It’s easier to kill than to “cure” a problem.
    The real problem lies in that everyone else – you and I – have allowed them to do so for so long.

    • Marion Diggs


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    • Crazytrain

      Overall, the intelligence level of the profession as a whole, is slightly above average. There is one case where one department chose not to hire a person with a high IQ because they felt that this person would likely not stay long in the profession, and it is not cheap to train an officer, only for them to quit after a year or two. The supreme court upheld that persons with high intelligence are not a protected class, and if that department decided it was in their best interests not to hire this man, it was within their rights. This case should not be used to infer that all departments refuse to hire intelligent officers, or used to infer some hidden agenda that applies across the profession as a whole.
      I, personally, would be happy with very intelligent officers working in my area, but with much higher paying options available for such candidates, not many chose to pursue a path in law enforcement. Perhaps, If departments would offer incentives for candidates with college degrees, and the pay were higher, I think that you would see a much higher class of people vying for law enforcement positions.
      The job is great at first, and the excitement and action is a lot of fun for the first couple of years, but dealing with the same people over and over again, switching shifts every few weeks, and the stress of responding to horrible scenes of violence and being put in dangerous situations, gets old and less fulfilling as the years go by-especially when kids are brought into the picture.

      • Sean Martin

        I think that’s some childish logic on the supreme courts part… discriminating against the intelligent is still discrimination. They ruled that since the PD categorically turned away all applicants who ranked too high the single man was not discriminated against… that’s like having a business saying that them refusing to serve a black man isnt racial discrimination because they refuse to serve ALL blacks so its ok right? Doesn’t make a lot of sense…

        Course it isnt supposed to make sense because the true reason they turn away the intelligent is because they want thugs who will follow orders, not think for themselves. Same reason Obama purged the military of officers who said they wouldn’t open fire on American civilians.

        • Squishi

          Wait. You think ppl w/ higher iq’s not being chosen for jobs is comparable to Black people not being chosen for jobs? I’m so confused. Your understanding of the concept of discrimination is severely lacking and your logic is flawed to put it mildly. People are routinely not accepted for positions because it’s felt they have too much education or too much experience for the job. Similarly, people are not accepted for positions because of having too little education or experience. IQ would just be an additional bar in that same field. People with high IQ’s are not a protected class, and it’s ludicrous to suggest otherwise! Also, comparing ppl with High IQ’s to Black ppl is problematic to start bc you are separating out Black ppl as though they too don’t belong to the smart ppl club. It’s a dumb comparison. It’s what I hate about progressives, limited gov folks, etc. they talk a good game but they don’t really get it. Black ppl aren’t your cards to pull when you want to make some obscure point. 250 years of slavery, 70+ years of Jim Crow, etc should never be used in such cheap arguments. Surely, one can make a cogent argument to detail their disagreement with a SCOTUS decision without comparing smart White men not being hired to the plight suffered by generation upon generation of Black ppl in this country. smh

          • Sean Martin

            I made the comparison to racial discrimination because that’s where most people’s mind goes when you talk discrimination.

            The point I was making was that denying a qualified person the right to pursue their desire is wrong in my opinion. Just as wrong as denying a black person employment based on the color of their skin. They’re both equal and should have the same protections.

            As to the “plight” suffered by your people… You weren’t a slave. Your parents weren’t slaves. I doubt you’ve ever even met a black person who was a slave. Time to stop playing the victim card honey.

        • Crazytrain

          So, you would not be in favor of say, an Arby’s refusing to serve a police officer simply because he was a police officer? Police officers are not a protected class in that sense, and neither are people with high intelligence.
          My argument, as to why they are different, however, is that being a police officer is something you choose to do, whereas being born with a high iq or being born of a certain race are not factors you can help.
          I think it is a choice to choose not to serve police officers because of political reasons, and it is a choice I think private businesses should be able to make. There are of course, consequences for that choice, such as friends and family choosing not to give patronage to that business, and that can be a larger group that many would believe.
          I also pointed out that this was one police department that chose not to hire people that scored a certain score on this test. I think that it would be stupid not to hire someone with a high iq, provided they meet all the other requirements. But police work has a very high turnover rate. People become police officers because they think it is something they have always wanted to do, and when they respond to their first murder or gang shooting, and they see the blood and the absolute chaos that comes with that scene, and realize that it can be dangerous and very stressful to answer such calls, they may choose not to remain a police officer.
          And if that person has an IQ of 130, they probably can get higher paying work elsewhere where their lives are not in danger. The police department just spent $10,000 to train a new recruit and now they quit before the year is up.
          It has absolutely nothing to do with a person with a higher iq being able to think for themselves. That is a ridiculous statement. Think about all of the people on this website, that can supposedly think for themselves-are they all really intelligent? Some are, to be sure, but most are of average intelligence. The police profession is comprised mostly of people with slightly above average intelligence with some variation above and below. There are some absolutely brilliant police officers and some that can barely tie their shoes.
          Having officers that are very intelligent is actually a very good thing because they require less supervision. They learn the law and know how to apply it better than some of the officers of lower intelligence, which is why most police departments, save for New London, NY, will absolutely jump on an applicant with a high iq. The reality is, as I stated, that people with really high iq’s would rather have a higher paying job than what police departments are offering to pay. Again, it has absolutely nothing to do with the person being too smart to be a thug, or too smart to simply follow orders-that is anti-cop bullshit that has absolutely no fact driven basis.

  • Drakenfly

    Devolution of our species…cops are the best proof of this!

    • Jeannette Testamark

      i stole your quote, don’t taser me lol you you hit the nail right on the head….brilliant assestment

  • Kim Serrahn

    Did anyone bother to call Animal Control and ask them to bring out the dart gun so they could tranquilize it. Or was shooting it a way to use up old bullets so they could justify buying new ones.

  • vivian greer

    they just needed the cow for their annual bbq.

  • AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Wow. Forty-some odd years ago I recall the police in La Grande, Oregon tying loose beeves to the back bumper and leading them to their owners at about two or three miles per hour.
    I can recall cops in Puyallup standing aside while a ranch hand on the usual rangy gelding rode into a convenience store to remove a cow that had broken away from the annual Round-Up parade.
    Cops sure have changed.

  • Crazytrain

    I would hope they would have tried to use lesser means of force to try and save the animal, if possible, but an animal that weighs several thousand pounds running on a highway is a dangerous situation, especially for motorists. An animal that size would kill anyone that struck in while in a vehicle, or could kill or seriously maim a person in the way of it charging at them. Not too many options available for a scared, large animal. It’s not as if they can simply scoop it up and put it in the back of the car.

  • Common Sense

    What DON’T the police feel threatened by these days? I can already see the next headline:

    “Police officer shoots concrete after tripping, says he felt threatened”

    I swear, it’s like they give out police badges in cereal boxes.

  • Amanda Eivers

    Is there anything that doesn’t make them feel threatened bunch of pussies !!!!!

  • Michael Bailey

    I am no apologist for the police, but Interstate 10 at the US 60 in the middle of the sixth-largest city in the country is not “in the street”, it’s on the busiest Interstate in the country. Just about everybody in Phoenix runs at 85 on the Interstate. Have you ever seen what a cow will do to a car in a collision? If anybody hits a cow at 65+, it’s quite likely they aren’t going to survive, the cow isn’t going to survive, and someone in another car is likely to be hurt as well. I would be the first to agree that police in this country are out of control. But use some common sense. You can’t just “call for animal control” when it takes them hours to show up and there’s heavy traffic flashing past. This cow was running all over the freeway and even though I or any of my neighbors could probably have gotten the cow off the freeway and into a trailer without hurting it, I’m pretty sure farming is not a specialty of police officers. Without basic livestock skills, there’s not much else they could have done.

  • Clive

    It’s comin’ right for me!

  • dontfearthebadge

    sounds like they need some cattle dogs. australian cattle dogs. american pig swine