Police Shoot Naked Mother to Death in Her Own Bed



Deb Hipp | Courthouse News Service

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CN) – After awakening a naked woman in her bed, Kansas police shot her to death when she complied with their order to show them where she kept her gun, her daughter claims in court.

Michele Choate sued Gardner, Kan., and its police Officers Robert Huff, Justin Mohney and Jeff Breneman for the death of her mother, Deanne Choate, in Federal Court.

Gardner, pop. 20,000, is 30 miles southwest of Kansas City.

Gardner police got a 911 call on March 26, 2015 that Deanne Choate, 54, had been drinking alcohol, was suicidal and had a gun. When police arrived they immediately handcuffed and arrested Choate’s boyfriend and removed him from the home, then found Deanne Choate sleeping naked in her bed, her daughter says in the Feb. 25 complaint.

After waking her up, officers questioned her for eight minutes, repeatedly asking, “Where is the gun?”

“Deanne was obviously not carrying or concealing on her person any type of weapon,” her daughter says.

“During this time, officers came and went from the room. They looked under the sheets of the bed.” They stayed in the room “with the naked, 115-pound woman” and finally gave her a sweatshirt to wear, according to the complaint.

After repeatedly demanding, “Where is the gun?” and “We know you have a gun,” Deanne finally “complied with officers’ request and produced a handgun, stating, ‘Oh, here it is.'”

Then they shot her to death.

“Deanne was not threatening in any way as she complied with officers’ instructions in providing a handgun located between the mattress and headboard of the bed,” her daughter says. “The gun would have easily been located by officers if they had searched and ‘cleared’ the room as reported.”

The officers then were ordered “to turn off their video and audio recording devices to further protect officers and prevent recording of incriminating evidence,” though before they killed her, Deanne had been “polite and compliant,” her daughter says.

“No reasonable officer would have followed the procedures of [the defendant] officers, including shooting and killing Deanne,” she adds.

After they shot her, “officers carried the dying, naked Deanne from her bed to the front door with one officer on each arm and one officer holding her legs,” her daughter says.

Gardner discourages its police from using de-escalation tactics with suspects, preferring a “shoot-first-ask-questions-later” policy, Michele Choate says.

“When officers made the decision to shoot Deanne, officers had been trained and supervised by the city and understood the city’s custom and practice to use deadly force regardless if there is an actual threat,” according to the complaint.

Then the city erected a “veil of secrecy surrounding the shooting,” according to the complaint. “The city’s efforts were to cast doubt on the investigation into the shootings because there is no means of verifying or refuting findings that a use of force was supposedly reasonable.”

Gardner officials did not respond to a request for comment.

Michele Choate seeks punitive damages for wrongful death, municipal liability and failure to train and supervise.

She is represented by Michael Hughes with McCormick, Gordon Bloskey & Poirier, of Overland Park.

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  • Vlad Vondoom

    If you are stupid enough to ever call police then you were just proving Darwinism works when they shoot your mother, your kids, and your dog.

    • Jason Rainey

      I keep telling people not to call cops on somebody unless they want them dead. They were there to stop a suicide but THEY killed her.That don’t even make sense.

  • Jason Faulkner

    It’s time to make it a felony for officers to turn off their body and dash cameras.

    • InalienableWrights

      How about death penalty? No loss at all if they are executed.

      • Edith Betancourt

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      • Jason Faulkner

        Is murdering people really necessary to achieve the goal?

        • James Michael

          Treason is a death sentence felony……..According to their law and sworn oaths and murder is a capitol felony also….

  • Keith Cameron

    Why was the Boyfriend handcuffed and removed?

  • Kurt Van Luven

    All police should carry malpractice insurance coverage. No insurance coverage, no job. Let the private sector clean up the bad ones. Added bonus, the taxpayers are not punished for bad acts beyond their control.

    • techiewayne

      HELL YEAH I have been saying it for years, SPREAD THE WORD.

  • Doug Belt

    It should be a felony to shoot someone. If an officer shoots, his job
    is over

  • techiewayne

    If their IT director had any balls he would set up the system so they are turned on when they get them and turned off at the end of their shift, it would literally record all of their shift including time in the bathroom and every other second LIKE IT OR NOT. Any tampering would result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION and be carried on their record for life as the reason for termination. If the unit fails to record it must be reported ASAP by the officer and he is taken out of service till replaced, or again the officer is terminated.

  • InalienableWrights

    If she were my mother…those pigs would be in hiding…..

    • James Michael


  • InalienableWrights

    Do I need to keep repeating that “cop” is a mental disorder of Satanic people that think they are God?

  • Lucy Mauterer

    I would not be litigating this matter. I would hunt these animals down (they don’t deserve to be called police officers) and exact an eye for an eye on each one. Then I would go after the chief, who allows these protocols.

    The police in my city would NEVER treat anyone like this.

    • Michael Loflin

      You need to wake up. Your city would tow the line of the FOP just like good sheep.

      • Lucy Mauterer

        No they wouldn’t. They all live here and we know them and their families. It’s a small close knit community. We are all like family.

  • Jonathann Drouin

    These sub-human pieces of shit deserve life in jail,

  • So What

    Justice will only be served when Michele Choates decides to put a bullet in every officers head who was involved and even the ones who conspired to cover it up. Death to all cops!!!!