Police Shoot Woman and Her 5-Yr-Old Child in the Face

Daniel Staples | Courthouse News Service


BALTIMORE (CN) — The estate of Korryn Gaines, a Maryland mother who used Facebook to broadcast some of a fatal standoff with police, plans to sue, a letter to county officials says.

Gaines’ use of Facebook to share portions of her hours-long standoff with Baltimore County police on Aug. 1, 2016, brought the incident national attention.

Roughly a month before the 23-year-old’s death at the Carriage Hill apartment complex in Randallstown, Maryland, a woman in Minnesota had used Facebook Live to stream Philando Castile’s death during a traffic stop.

While Castile’s video shows the aftermath of his shooting, Gaines’ captures the precursor. Police used a law-enforcement portal to have Gaines’ Facebook account suspended before killing her and wounding her 5-year-old with a bullet to the cheek.

The county has said the officer who killed Gaines, described only as Officer First Class Ruby, was returning Gaines’ fire.

On Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported that attorneys for the Gaines estate sent the county executive a letter informing of plans to sue.

The letter comes after Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Nancy Purpura refused on Sept. 7 to block a warrant investigators served on Facebook for the contents of Gaines’ Facebook account.

J. Wyndal Gordon, an attorney for Gaines’ estate, had argued in a Sept. 6 motion that the warrant is not legally justified since Gaines’ death necessarily concluded any pending police matters against her.

Prosecutors have countered that the warrant serves both an investigation into Gaines’ deat and an investigation into the activities of Gaines’ fiance, Kareem Courtney.

The Baltimore Sun says Gaines’ death stemmed from attempts by police to serve warrants on Gaines stemming from a traffic stop and on her boyfriend in connection with an alleged assault on Gaines.

Gaines had reportedly failed to appear in court on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and littering from the traffic incident.

Back in March when police had pulled her over, according to the Sun’s reporting, Gaines was driving a vehicle with cardboard plate that read “Any government official, who compromises this pursuit of happiness and right to travel, will be held criminally responsible and fined, as this is a natural right and freedom.”

During the traffic stop, an officer allegedly threatened to use a stun gun on Gaines.

Later, Gaines posted videos to Instagram and described the incident and subsequent arrest, stating that the arresting officers threatened to break her limbs and that she spent two days in isolation.


The Sun also reported Gaines had been the plaintiff in a 2012 lead paint lawsuit that may have contributed to Gaines’ aggressive behavior. Her attorneys argued Gaines’ elevated lead levels led to neurological impairments and a loss of significant IQ points.

Gaines also reportedly had anger management and impulsive behavior.

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  • Lilith

    Wow There is so many LIES in this article I don’t even know where to start. The child was NOT shot in the face, his only injury was to his arm and it was from glass. She was using her child as a human shield. She had a warrant for failure to appear in court for multiple traffic violations. One mentioned was her driving around with cardboard licence plates claiming that mythical sovereign citizen bologna. In every single one of her videos she is 100% in the wrong. And very disgusting. Telling her baby to fight the police and how they are kidnapping her. She got every single thing she deserved. She wanted to be a martyr and failed miserable. Police came to serve her a bench warrant and she told them she would kill them if they did not leave. Swat team was called in. She barricaded herself in the home with a loaded shotgun with her child on her lap. Siting on the floor live streaming to facebook showing all her premeditated intent. It was the most vile absurd thing. She was poisoning that childs mind telling her baby the cops were there to kill her. The stand off lasted over 6 hours. And yes her internet was cut off because she was live streaming and was being encouraged by her friends to keep fighting the police. Yes they were also originally there to serve the bf with a warrant too. Man this whole article is filled with lie after lie. You all are low. How many times are you gonna be caught lying? The list is outweighing any truths you’ve ever wrote about

    • So What NlGGER

      STFU Bootlicker.. They killed her over a warrant. That in itself is ridiculous you dumb bitch

      • Lilith

        You are a complete moron. She was killed for pulling a shot gun on police and TELLING them she was going to KILL them. Please follow her lead… This story is already Old and everyone knows she was 100% at fault.

        • So What NlGGER

          You’re just a POS!! That’s just all there is too it!!

          • Lilith

            Nope, No I am not. You know what a piece of shit is? It’s a mother using her child a human shield while holding a loaded shot gun at police as she tells them she is going to kill them. A POS is when every time she got pulled over for her cardboard plates she tells her son they are kidnapping her and how they are there to kill her, and to tell your BABY to fight the police with everything he has. a POS thinks they can threaten cops when they are towing her illegal car, and ripping up the tickets. A POS is brainwashing your BABIES into being lile murderers. You are a TOTAL moron. I bet you NEVER seen even one of the vile videos this scumbag woman made. Gotta newsflash for you. 90% of the black community says she was wrong on ALL accounts as well. Oh and a POS has a user name like yours. Again go watch her videos, and please please follow her exact lead. So we can read about your dumbass next..

          • So What NlGGER

            POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS… Piece Of Shit.. That’s all you are

        • JoeCushing

          If someone shows up with guns, threatens to kidnap you and force you to live in a cage, are you not justified in defending yourself with any level force necessary?

          • Lilith

            Lmfaoo. No one did that to her. NO ONE>> In every single one of her OWN videos the police were more than fair to her. In fact they deserved an award for their patience. GO WATCH her Videos. they were NOT even arresting her she was getting her car towed. She screamed she was being kidnapped and how they would have to kill her to get her out of the car and how they were stealing it. And told her baby to fight to the police, her BABY! Seriously stop making fools of yourselves and actually look up this nutcase. The latest standoff had nothing to do with those videos. She was being served a bench warrant for never showing up to court. She pulled a shot gun on them and told them to leave or she would kill them, And kept her child in her arms like a damn shield. The swat team was called in and had a 6 hour stand off with her. You do not even know the first thing about this woman. If you did you would not be defending her. Because guess what NO ONE else is either..

          • JoeCushing

            Were they or were they not there to chain her hands, force her into their car, and take her to live in a cage? Where they not armed with guns when they were there to do this? Were they not threatening her with violence for not wanting to be abducted in such a way? Isn’t that was “serving a bench warrant” is? Let’s not use euphemisms here. Did I not describe the process of “serving a bench warrant.” Serving a warrant is kidnapping.

            If someone shows up, threatens to abduct you, then threatens you with violence when you say not to being abducted, do you not have the right of self defense?

          • Lilith

            Oh just shut up already and go watch her videos.. You copblockers are delusional. No they did not threaten her with violence. They came to arrest her for breaking the law. Multiple times. Over and over again. Not showing up to court. NOT ONCE was she threatened. She threatened them. Witha SHOT GUN and told them she was going to MURDER them. They were 100% justified in the end. SO no they were not there to kidnapped her put her in chains to live in a cave she had a BENCH warrant, to appear to a judge for her dozens of tickets for driving with a cardboard licence plate and no licence no no registration. For the last damn time go watch her videos. She got what she deserved, period..

          • JoeCushing

            She pointed a shotgun at people who were there to abduct her and had guns to shoot her with, if she refused to go. How is that not a threat of violence?

          • Lilith

            LMFAOOOO! Oh you’re another one of “them” Hahaha It’s ok your time on this earth with be short.

          • JoeCushing

            Forget about me for a minute and respond to what I said, instead.

          • Jason Oramas

            You are really dumb.

          • Lilith

            Everything in this article is a LIE. The child wasnt shot in the face at all. He was cut by glass in his arm

          • Lilith

            So basically I can pull a shotgun on someone and I should not expect to get shot at? Yea nice logic there.

        • So What NlGGER

          POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS POS … Piece Of Shit… That’s all you are…

      • Maryjbarton1

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    • so the part about the neighbor heard the cop complain about being sick of the situation just a couple minutes before her death doesn’t seem at all suspicious? Traffic warrants and being mentally disabled is a capital offense? If you read into it she was mentally deficient due to lead poisoning.

      • Lilith

        Lmao Oh so she was only mentally unstable when she was dealing with cops.. You idiots keep trying to make excuse like they executed her over tickets.. LMFAO> No When you pull a shot gun on police or anyone for that matter and tell them you are going to kill them, don’t be surprised when you get killed. And to your other comment. The landlord let the police in legally. It was not her house..

        • OH no I bet she was always unstable as hell lol. No knock warrants are made up unconstitutional bullshit and a landlord does not have the right to let anyone into an occupied dwelling without notice unless it is for an emergency repair.

    • Draco

      You should go kill yourself for the sake of the human race, you idiot!

  • Jimmy Snow

    So she was killed over traffic warrants?

  • So What NlGGER

    Kill every cop involved and make sure they are shown in the streets

  • Free-Cali

    You’re a bunch of ignorant pieces of shit. I might very well shoot it out with law enforcement someday, but I sure as hell wouldn’t put my children in harms way and I would EXPECT to die in the encounter. You reap what you sow. Ignorant actions taken by ignorant people, lead to ignorant ass comments like those from So What NIGGER below. This page could do some good if it would get off BLM’s dick and start standing up for ALL people and tell the truth about this fabricated problem that black people have with the cops. The FACTS are that their problem is their own making, people who commit more crime contact the police more often, people that react negatively, hostile or with violence to the police receive more violence back from them. The more violence in such encounters leads to more death. So stop committing 200% more murders per your demographic and maybe you’ll stop getting your black ass’s shot you dumb mother fucker

    • K-Dogg

      You are obviously an angry man and all anger is derived from fear. ( period ) If you got your facts in order life would make a lot more sense and you wouldn’t be feeling the way you are.

      There are statistics that would prove your statement erroneous. It would suit you to forget what you think you know and educate yourself in the real world.

      And lose the fear. Go smoke a joint, find Jesus or get laid. Any of those three or a combination of them all would make you a much easier person to live with.

      • Free-Cali

        There are statistics that would prove all anger is not from fear, does injustice not cause anger in the righteous man? And is all fear bad? Isn’t the fear you feel for your loved ones if they’re threatened a “good fear” and the reaction it causes you to protect them a good thing? Please re-educate me with your vast knowledge of statistics that will prove mine wrong, it’s easy to throw out such a line with nothing to back it up, just like real life it’s much harder to do the work and earn something, like respect for your argument or your opinion. I’ll even give you a helping hand, I used the 200% number because i didn’t want to take the time to look up the actual figure, but if you don’t know that the actual figure is disproportional to the population % then your the one who needs to educate yourself. my main argument is that the black population commits crime at a disproportional rate do you disagree?

    • try reading a more basic story. Police came to arrest her by unlocking her door without notice, refused to let her see the warrant, didnt seem to concerned about her and her shotgun for seven hours until a witness heard an officer complain about being sick of dealing with the situation and within moments she was dead. The child was grazed on the cheek by a bullet.

  • Pamela Ann Tracy

    The Attorney said she suffered from lead levels in her blood giving her issues. Seems these issues should have been referred to some court for her to get help instead of police wasting tax payer time on traffic violations. This could have been avoided if handled with the right people instead of trigger happy cops.

  • goodmandawn

    Lilith your version of what happened sounds like a bunch of lies that you made up as you went along. How do you know where the boy was shot are you an eye witness? It makes no sense that a Black woman who is risking her own safety to photograph a corrupt policemen killing another motorist would be a big enough coward and stupid enough to use her 5 year old child as a human shield. Human bodies are not bullet proof she still would have been shot and killed. If the woman’s intention was to be a martyr as you allege she wouldn’t use her child as a human shield or barricaded the door. She would have sat there and willingly accepted the barrage of bullets from the police with a smile on her face. It’s obvious that you don’t know how Black people think and that you want to defend the police no matter what.