Police Shot this Army Veteran’s Rescue Dog to Death When Raiding His House “By Mistake”


They claim they were searching for an African American male on suspicions of drug use.

Instead, they entered a wrong apartment and ended up shooting Adam Arroyo’s dog.

His best friend was shot multiple times and he wants answers.

Adam Arroyo knows justice is on his side.

His pet dog, two-year-old Cindy, was at home by herself while he was out.

Nothing prepared him for what he saw upon his return; his first ever dog, was lying listless.

She had been shot multiple times. He could not do anything – she was already dead by the time he got to her.

Now, more than two years later he has another dog who he has named Justice in memory of Cindy and he has filed a lawsuit against the Buffalo police department.

That day officers had barged into Arroyo’s home to carry out a “drug raid.”

An irreversible mistake

It turns out the cops had made an error of judgment. They had the wrong apartment and Cindy, who was a rescue dog, got killed for getting in their way.

It is hard to understand how the trained narcotics detectives made this mistake – they were after an African American male on suspicion of drug dealing.

Arroyo is a Hispanic war veteran who, at that time, lived in an apartment with a separate entrance and clearly marked mailbox.

The grieving owner wants to make sure that Cindy did not die in vain. In his lawsuit he mentions that several other dogs have been unnecessarily murdered by Buffalo narcotics detectives.

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