Police Tackle and Handcuff PHD Student For ‘Stealing Own Car’

“There’s underlying problems in our town that we’re not admitting,” he said. “There’s a true desire that people have – they want to address these problems and actually solve them. But we don’t want to necessarily admit that we have these problems.”

Other cities are also grappling with issues of race and policing. The release of the video comes amid an ongoing national debate about whether officers are too quick to use force, especially against minorities. In 2015, the year of Crosby’s encounter, 991 people were shot dead by police in the United States. Last year, 963 were killed.

In Evanston, police say the officers who tackled Crosby were “in compliance with our procedures as it pertains to this type of situation,” according to Sgt. Dennis Leaks, who speaks before the video.

Leaks said the department has refined its policies: “We will no longer require subjects to be prone during these types of stops, as we acknowledge and realize that there are some problematic issues that come with that: locations of the stop, weather conditions and it gives a bad perception.”

Miller said he hopes the black eye this incident has given his city motivates Evanston police to change their training and discipline policies.

“There’s a huge outrage over this in the community already,” Miller said. “And I’m glad that it wasn’t worse, because it could have been.”

Source: http://nationalpost.com

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