Police Mistakenly Opened Fire on Fellow Cop and Killed Him



BALTIMORE — The incident began when several patrons at the club began fighting with each other.

Officer William H. Torbit Jr. was called to the nightclub to stop the fight and make sure everybody was safe.

Officer Torbit was dressed in plainclothes at the time, giving the appearance that he was an ordinary citizen.

Officer Torbit is said to have jumped into the crowd and started separating people.

But one man, Sean Gamble, didn’t like the way Officer Torbit was treating the women in the crowd.

So Sean threw a punch at Officer Torbit. Then several people in the crowd began jumping Officer Torbit.

Officer Torbit, although dressed in plainclothes, was armed at the time. After he was punched by Sean and mobbed by the crowd, he pulled out his gun and fatally shot Sean.

By that time more officers had showed up to the scene.

They pulled out guns and fired 34 shots, opening fire near the crowd.

Three women in the crowd were hit by bullets.

Officer Torbit himself was killed by the gunfire.

The officers didn’t realize that they had just killed one of their own until they stopped shooting.

A lawsuit was filed against the officers, but the judge has dismissed the case, ruling that what they did was reasonable.

The officers claim that they felt like Officer Torbit may have been an active shooter. They evidently did not consider whether he might have been defending himself from an unruly crowd.

Moreover, attorneys for Officer Torbit’s side stated that the officers who killed him failed to render aid.

They also stated that officers had time to identify Torbit but reacted right away instead by shooting him.

“All they had to do to avoid his death was take a second look at his face,” said one of the attorneys.

Watch the video below:

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  • Inc.

    Don’t you research an article before you print this old zhit? Take a look at this.


    • Tom Lowe

      This is the CIVIL TRIAL CASE where the city gets sued for money over these shootings and usually loses. The first case was the CRIMINAL CASE against the cops which was dismissed by the judge. It is a distinction that is important to keep in mind.

      • Quinton Checkers

        yea listen to the troll who deflects from the jesuits… riiiiight… fail, nigger

  • Hank Long


    • Bradley Suddens

      BALTIMORE — Police are shooting people so frequently, some say it was only a matter of time before they started shooting themselves.

      That is what happened outside a nightclub on a night in 2011.

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      • grace

        lol seriously

  • Timothy Daniel

    old, new..it still holds weight…the deflection is real.

    • Neil Gaetano Lindberg

      I liked your comment so much I had to join this shit, which I feel is monitored and the next time cops are fucking with me with their secret codes and shit I’ll get an extra hit for this. But, AMEN! The deflection is real. I’ll take a hit or few for that.

  • Christopher Wallace R.I.P.

    Did he still get the standard ritualized police statist funeral? Or did they pass along the emotional and financial cost of his death to his loved ones, like any regular civilian?

  • Anony

    WHO CARES WHEN IT HAPPENED? Even if it was 100 yr ago it deserves public attention. It was probably swept under rug!

  • Quinton Wayne Pierce

    another dead pig that served the sysnagogue of Saturn.. black robed judges of the Saturn cult.. death to the Jesuits

    • getitin

      tell me more please im interested.. a tool song called the grudge has lyrics “Saturn ascends” .. wanna know more

      • Tom Lowe

        Well, as Saturn rules karma, payback, reward and retribution according to Astrology, then ‘Saturn ascends’ means payback time is coming on schedule for the grudge holder in the song. That’s all it is.

        There are no Jesuit black cults. This is nothing but a red herring intended to divert people from finding out who is at the top of the globalist organized crime pyramid. He calls this nonexistent mythical cult ‘The Sysnagogue of Saturn’ but others perhaps more knowledgeable and realistic would call it ‘The Synagogue of Satan’. Go look that one up while you listen to Tool and dream of your avatar. Perhaps then you will see a bit more clearly where you fit in in the grand scheme of things, and why you enjoy what you enjoy.

        That judge is corrupt, on that I agree.

        • getitin

          I found an ebook called ‘The Synagogue of Satan’ by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock should I read it?

          • Quinton Checkers

            thanks for setting that faggot straight.. andrew is an interesting name.. like michael j fox’s real name is michael andrew fox… read andrew backwards… wer- dna… werewolf dna… they are trying to add two chromosomes to the DNA to make it 48 instead of 46… researched this shit alot and am actually writing a book about gematria… more than some faggot named tom lowe is doing, apparently..hohoho

        • getitin

          hey buddy. tell me what you mean by where I fit in the grand scheme and why I like what I like

        • Quinton Checkers

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  • igotplans2

    This line of ‘reporting’ has become really ldisingenuous. Why would you start out an article saying the recent spate of shootings would eventually come to such a thing, and then present an incident than happened years ago? Cheap. Disrespect. Shoddy.

    • Tom Lowe

      Because they are showing what is going to be happening more and more as a result of plainclothes nonsense police work.

  • Glenn Munkelwitz


  • Poetre

    It was okay, he’s black. Reasonable cause, case dismissed.

  • Clive

    Failed to render aid? Of course they failed to render aid. Cops almost never help the person they just shot, because they care so much about human life.

    • Veronica Davis McInnis

      I know right? Hell, a lot of the time they’re still yelling, “Stop resisting” and are trying to cuff them up, after they’re obviously gone, thinking maybe the camera missed the actual crime that was committed by them!

      • Quinton Checkers

        u have to know your enemy first of all and its not the cops.. its the jesuit vatican fucks who keep drug laws in place… why dont u moronic fucks talk about the shit that matters for once.. oh i forgot , most americans are stupid as fuck !!!

        • Dannie KanDallas Foster

          are u one born to birth so stuck on stupid or did u grow to attend some world renowned UNIVERSITY OF STUPIDITY & IGNORANCE where u obtained a doctorate degree in the applied science of ignorance and stupidity???? damn fool it IS the COPS the problem since it is the COPS who profess themselves to be LAW ENFORCEMENT, when in fact since 1/1/1863 they have had no charter to enforce any penalty of having broken a law, reason being that is the date when the only law they were ever chartered to enforce a penalty of having broken was REPEALED by the 14th AMENDMENT, since then they are to UPHOLD THE LAW in the discharge of their duties and apprehension of SUSPECTS to be brought before a COURT OF LAW to be JUDGED as to guilt or innocence of having broken a law, who having found such a suspect guilty, then assess a penalty for that guilt and remands them to the custody of the PENAL CORRECTIONS SYSTEMS who are the only who have a charter to enforce penalty of having broken a law…besides, the VATICAN is not Jesuit, it is CHRISTIAN and they do not keep in place any drug laws in the nation they are within, let alone here in the US; that shit u just premised is about as relevant as would b the premise of a gold fish about what they KNOW about hip waders, rain coats and hats, an umbrella and a fishing pole/reel and it is the likes of YOU as well as police who are the enemy, u expose ur racist pedigree when u blame the Catholic Vatican for any ills here in the US, that is a KKK Tactic dude and all intelligent reasoned folk KNOW THAT is where u get the shit from https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/22198e9c3c007e29241f75591a92a774273fa9e5936a09ccf04071558a15aea1.jpg

  • doowoplover534

    Nothing new. The cops being protected by the bias judge Sue again and get a different judge

    • Tom Lowe

      Cops shooting into a crowd at a bar–it doesn’t get much stupider or much more criminal than that. Little wonder that one of the victims was a cop. Ya s’pose they learned anything from it? Naw. The typically crooked judge made sure of that.

  • Drakenfly

    Worthless cop shot another worthless cop…they need to do more of this….

    • Paul Mc Corry


  • paulmsmith


    • police state

      No, it’s shoot first, then huddle and make sure we all tell the same Fairytale.

  • blink -.-

    . . . what the actual fuck

  • Tom Lowe

    It is lunacy to send a plainclothes cop into a bar full of fighting drunks. Whoever would allow that is the one to blame. But I notice a lot more of this poorly thought out plainclothes nonsense going on as time goes by, and it is only going to end up causing a big headache for the cops as they lose more and more officers because of it.

  • Natural_Texan

    Very sad for everyone involved.. yet consider that shooting people who are in a fist-fight with you is not a proportional response.. It’s manslaughter though perhaps you would not get jailed if all the facts were shown. It appears just from what I read here that officer Torbit may have been the first cop to unreasonably use his weapon. We’ll never know since the main players are deceased and the story gets spun to either exonerate the responding officers or inflame the race-game.

  • Chris

    I can assure you this wasn’t an accident. He either knew something or disagreed with someones actions in the force.

  • Nina Marrocco

    NEVER Forget!!!!

  • JW Mack

    If you have a gun and don’t have a badge and a magic suit you will be hosed down with lead because cops these days are so fearful of everyone and everything. Poor little pussys.

  • Fukyoo

    Fuck your shitty ass site and it’s retarded number of ads. Hope you get shut down