Police Are Using a Barbaric New Tool to Fully Restrain Citizens


The NYPD has begun using full-body restraining devices – nicknamed “burritos” – that are essentially body bags for “emotionally disturbed people”.

Whitney Webb | True Activist

The militarization of the police in the U.S. has been several decades in the making, but now is reaching a level of dangerous absurdity that no one can deny.

Police in the U.S. are beginning to use barbaric restraining devices when making arrests, including arrests for minor offenses.

In the US, the NYPD has begun using full-body restraining devices that are essentially body bags for living people and have been nicknamed “burritos” by the members of the police force.

According to the manufacturer, the bag is intended for use on “emotionally disturbed people,” meaning anyone deemed uncooperative by New York police may find themselves restrained in a device traditionally used to remove cadavers from crime scenes or from battlefields.

In May, The New York Times reported that the police used the devices 122 times over an 110-day period earlier this year.

One of these arrests was recorded on video and shows a man bound by orange tape being forced into the restraining bag and then being placed against the wall like a piece of luggage.

Though these devices are supposedly used to “protect” NY police offers from “dangerous” and “unruly” criminals, this man’s crime was failing to pay his subway fare.

The man in the video, Johnell Muhammad, now faces felony assault and other charges for allegedly assaulting the police officers though others, including Mr. Muhammad, insist it was the other way around.

The New York police claim to have utilized the bags for over 25 years without incident, but it appears that their use is becoming a daily occurrence instead of a “last resort” approach.

Regardless of whether or not the officers felt justified in their use of the device, these devices further dangerous trends, including the cultivation of the “us vs. them” mentality among police, the use of excessive force, and the dehumanization of those deemed to be criminals.

Another issue with the NYPD specifically is the problems there have been in reporting the use of force and disciplining officers for the use of excessive force, giving officers little incentive to try better alternatives.

Until 2016, NYPD officers were not required to report their use of force in arrests and only 36% of officers who used unwarranted force were disciplined. As of July of this year, the NYPD must release a report four times a year detailing the use of force of the department.

However, many doubt the effectiveness these reports will ultimately have.

Other attempts to pass laws to force NYPD transparency were blocked by the NY city council amid allegations of backroom dealings between city council members and the NY police commissioner.

However, this problem is a national issue as the federal government does not collect or publish information about people killed by police officers, and “justifiable” homicides can be reported to the FBI by local police departments, but it is voluntary.

Until there exists a system on the local level for police transparency and oversight, we can expect to see more startlingly and dangerous developments in local police departments such as the use of body bags and other excessive force tactics.

Watch the video below:

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  • Nina Marrocco

    How is he not going to suffocate bound and gagged in a body bag!!!! This is a CRIME against Humanity and WAR on the American people!!!!The Perverts in uniform are a Threat and a danger to the public at large PERIOD!!!

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    • Neil Deakin

      Hopefully the material used to make the restraining bag is not air tight.

      • Shaun Jones

        Doesn’t need to be airtight any with breathing problems or asthma or even Claustrophobia would have serious problems and would just agitate people more making them harder to move….

  • Mark Smith

    ohhh purleeze…some countries use these to restrain biters and spitters. Nothing new.

    • Annette Perry

      Really, and I suppose ND rapists law enforcement officers think body cavity searches of peaceful protesters is humane?

    • I can see bags or hogtie for biters, or really violent people being arrested. We use some severe restraints for such psychos in prisons too, and they had to be arrested once. But there use seems to be unnecessary for ‘spitters’ or other people not putting cops or others in physical danger of actual harm.

      • dancingontheheadofapin

        Spitters can cover cops with their spit and if they are SICK, the cops could be made sick!

        • Shaun Jones

          Right so basically a cop should become a cop and put his life on the line… but when it comes to spitting or getting sick we should avoid that by putting human beings in body bags for what they say was not paying for a ticket? lol

    • Hasanda

      Name them and cite your sources…

    • Shaun Jones

      No they actually don’t at all, and they certainly do not put people in what is essentially a body bag to transport them, when your law officers are using barbaric tactics expect crime to rise it is that simple.

  • Annette Perry

    Welcome to the SS under Hitlery

    • Space Pug

      Right. Because Bush and Republican Congressmen didn’t get the ball rolling on the militarization of our police… And how long has Hillary been in charge of any of that? Never? Right.

      • Chrys Heart

        Um. You know the Crime bill that Bill Clinton signed into law in the mid 1990s got “the ball rolling” on the militarization of police, right? And allocated money for many more prisons. And put more cops on the street.

        • rogerrramjet

          OH bullshit it did.It started under RONNIE RAYGUN and Bush 1.

          • capnjack43

            That’s bull shit.

          • Timothy Thomas

            posted the crime law by Reagan yall was referring to.

          • Timothy Thomas

            The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 was the first comprehensive revision of the U.S. criminal code since the early 1900s. It was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan.

    • Hasanda

      smh you are so silly…

    • Joey Galleno

      Annette the idiot

    • rogerrramjet

      Asshole you do KNOW the republicans are in charge. WHERE the fuck did you come up with claiming Hillary is behind this moron.

      • PainInMyASS

        Uhm, Republicans are nowhere near being in charge of anything in the state of NY and they are nonexistent in the city of NY. So, Im not too sure how you think this is some kind of Republican conspiracy.

        • Dat Eni

          police are overwhelmingly republicans… what are you even

  • Jm Grace

    Can we give the police some love for cutting down the shootings? If they didn’t use those bags, some of those people may’ve been killed. Happens out here in LA more than I want to think about…

    • rogerrramjet

      WOW, another copsucker heard from. This is barbaric treatment for someone who didn’t pay a subway fare. The cops need to be gunned down until they stop this barbaric attitude of treating humans like garbage.

      • James Michael

        Amen to that…..

      • capnjack43

        The charge would have simply not paying for a fare. He brought the additional actions by his actions.

        • JJ

          again, FUCK YOU copsucking ass

          • capnjack43

            For the second time I’m not gay, now go troll somewhere else.

          • Shaun Jones

            The irony in a troll telling people to troll elsewhere

        • woofin

          exactly WHAT were his actions? where did you come up with this? do you have additional knowledge the rest of us don’t have? hooding and straightjacketing someone for not paying their fare seems totally excessive .. I bet these cops wished they could have worked at Guantanamo

    • Denise Brown

      How about giving him a ticket or even sending it through the post to his home or work address. Why would you feel the need to do this to someone, why does anyone need this amount of control over another person even a warning. which one is more expensive, this kind of treatment court, prison or a $20 not even sure how much for a train ticket over there but that’s got to be still cheaper than this

      • A_Nobody

        Do you what his actions were? Sending it by mail to his home?? Now THAT reaaly is a snowflake comment.

  • Narby1

    I wonder who dreamed that up?

    • Jason Smith

      You pussies are stupid! Did you see the cops hit him? No! This is a restraint, you know, like handcuffs.

      • Mary Burke

        Then use handcuffs. This is ridiculous and how many police officers are needed for this?

        • A_Nobody


      • woofin

        wow Jason, such a profoundly insightful response! You’ve outed yourself as an ignorant troll .. well done baby boy.

    • Mary Burke

      The article states: “The New York police claim to have utilized the bags for over 25 years without incident, but it appears that their use is becoming a daily occurrence instead of a “last resort” approach.”

      Twenty five years? I’ve never seen nor heard of this.

      • A_Nobody

        Don’t care.

  • Narby1

    Sicko cops!

  • rogerrramjet

    Eventually citizens will no longer put up with being treated as animal for minor bullshit and start killing these Jack Booted Nazi Wannabe Thugs. When it happens more and more will be killed until they STOP treating EVERY CITIZEN AS THE ENEMY OF THEM. Not of America, NOT of justice, but the police’s enemy.

    • Dennis Johnson

      “being treated as animal “……simple cure for this……don’t act like an animal

      • rogerrramjet

        See it is asshole copsucker Trumpanzees like you who are what is wrong with America. NO one was acting like an animal jackass. They just do it when they feel like it. Like I said, someday they will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the locals will open fire and kill these jack booted animals posing as cops. Fuck’em.

  • James Michael

    The ambushes will increase more and more….The more treasonous vile and brutal these felon scumbags get…..

  • Denise Brown

    This kind of treatment for not paying a train ticket? What kind of people are these nasty none-human rats on here trying to justify this. There is no reason to treat anyone in this way, then attacking the guys filming them and pinning bogus charges on them. I was never one to agreed with or look the other away when police were being harmed, but now with this kind of treatment. Us against them, they will get their days one by one god know. They way you treat these will come back to you as god liveth. Not one among them to say this is not right, not one

  • Craig Winans

    Looks like cruel and unusual punishment to me.

  • capnjack43

    The crime of that person was NOT obeying the police officer and assaulting them. Simply obeying the officer will ensure that the minimum charge is what you receive. Grow up Snowflakes!!!!!

    • JJ

      fuck you

      • capnjack43

        I don’t practice homosexuality like you.

        • brewtide

          This was the most retarded ‘come back’ ever. Yet speaks so much about your mindset about ‘life’ and people.

          Sorry, ‘dude’, you’re dumb.

    • James Hill

      I can’t tell if you’re an idiot or just a troll

      • canucanoe2


      • capnjack43

        Ditto to you jerk off!

      • Shaun Jones

        Clearly just a right wing troll probably in 30s or 40s acting like a 12 year old it is nothing new.

    • Shaun Jones

      Oh so you where there then? you got the whole story please show us what we are missing… oh and please use snowflakes again because we have already seen from your replies you have nothing valid to say just assumption followed by insult seriously that habit of an adult with the mindset of a child.

  • capnjack43

    Had he obeyed the police officer originally none of this would have happened. The big mouth taking the picture wasn’t even there when the original contact was made, yet he thinks he can open his fucking ignorant mouth.

    • Ed Plucker

      It’s very likely that this person being wrapped up is mentally ill. Is this any way to treat a mentally ill person?

      • Paddy

        “very likely”??
        even it that’s the case, this suit is designed to protect not only the officers but the suspect as well.

        • woofin

          total bullshit if the head is also covered. You’re only providing sadistic police with more toys to humiliate and frighten mentally ill people with.

      • capnjack43

        That would be a Snowflake response the least obvious excuse. SMH.

        • Shaun Jones

          Oh right just another right wing troll acting like a 10 year old “they have valid questions so i’ll just use snowflake as a form of low brow insult and be done” seriously try acting your age.

      • Drew McCarsky

        Ever try restraining a psychotic person? they are bull strong! The trick is to keep the police officer safe too. If the person is in a device like a bag, he can’t hurt anyone and can be transported without the wack-o trying to kick out patrol car windows. Remember folks, YOU pay for the damage, Worker comp claims, medical needs of the Cop when simple handcuffs are slipped and used as a Weapon. Don’t forget, if the police officer uses this level of restraint, it has to be justified in writing. I am a retired LEO. we had various means to restrain violent suspects. We escalate layer by layer and had to document in our report what level of restraint is used.

    • listenwell

      Philando Castile obeyed every letter to the order. On video. And got shot. So…

      • Francis Paul John McAnarney Jr

        he continued to reach for his gun

    • Shaun Jones

      The big mouth…. you mean the person simply videoing it to show people what is going on? right yeah totally ignorant showing people of the world the barbaric ways the US comes up with detaining people, even people not resisting at all that are clearly still and handcuffed already jesus christ you are dim.

  • Bar

    Great idea. Keeps him from hurting himself and others. Obey the law no problemo.

    • Christopher Matthiesen

      That will be what I say if I gotta wrap up a bad cop..I thought the judge dished out the punishment..Not the cops…Looks like a leg hobble tied to his cuffs would have been easier and just as effective, instead of spending 10 minutes trying to wrap up a guy. They could have had him to booking by time they figured out how to use that device..They need to practice on each other…

    • Shaun Jones

      lol it when peoples response is “obey the law” but then if one of your family where taken away like this due to even a mistake you would be fucking up in arms, a pair of cuffs and a cop who has trained was always enough and now you need this? right yeah totally.

  • USMC 64-68

    I’m not seeing anything barbaric. What I see from this group “filimingcops” is the subversive kind of crap from Obama, the commiecrats and BLM designed to undermine respect for law enforcement and spread antagonism for police. I’d bet the voice of the guy commenting on this is from this group and is an anti-American Marxist.

    • Dat Eni

      or you know.. more likely a pro american marxist

    • Shaun Jones

      Why did you put filming cops as one word inside quotation marks??? lol what has obama got to do with anything here exactly? jesus christ you have serious issues.

      • USMC 64-68

        You took the time to respond and demonstrate the very serious issues you have. I explained Obama’s connection to the issues. Next time, I’ll forgo relying on sentences to communicate and put it in the form of a page from a coloring book; maybe then, you’ll be able to grasp my point.

  • bwbw123

    What hurts them hurts us all. Time for a peace treaty.

  • Saflak

    The worst part of the film is at the end when they attack the cameraman. Do you get it? Do you grasp it? Police bullying of someone filming the incident. Think former Soviet Union, think North Korea.

  • tzayad

    Next time don’t resist and don’t spit at the LEOs. You snowflakes are the ones that are committing riots, arson, etc. Maybe you should grow up and start acting live civilized adults!

  • C.T. Dixon

    I very much doubt this was just about an unpaid subway fare, considering the NYPD ESU was involved.

  • Shaun Jones

    The guy didn’t pay for a ticket apparently…. so his punishment wouldn’t be that harsh, spitting on a cop and resisting arrest would add to it, the man was not even moving when they had him down, so why basically put him in a bodybag? if the guy had just murdered someone then sure take precautions as they know they are going away and have nothing left to give a shit about, but this man was hardly public enemy number 1 was he face it.

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    I would definitely say that this type of restraint is meant to kill innocent lives. So those NYPD fatass scumbag piggies did this wrong move. This will be condemned. Since this type of arrest is never an option at all whatsoever. We will petition that this type of option be done away with. That suspect could have suffocated or even died. If that was the case, the piggies in the video would receive death sentences. Just like we petition that Donald Trump would definitely be shot dead by the well authorized legal firing squad.