Portland Farmer Upset After Washington Co. Deputy Shot and Killed His Goat

Deputies say they corralled the goat in the field, but the deputy felt threatened by the goat’s size and horns. The deputy also feared for the safety of the neighbors around him.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office spokesman says the deputy who shot the goat had no other choice after making several attempts to stop it.

Now, Minnick says he has to find a new breeding male for his farm.

“It’s tough, it’s tough,”

Minnick says he’ll be making a claim with the county for damages.


Source: http://www.kptv.com

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  • Denise Painter

    Little Weenie of the Week: Deputy that shot the goat that children play with. If he’s that scared of a goat, he doesn’t need to have a badge and a gun. He needs a pacifier instead – the kind babies suck on.

    • Cliff

      He played too much Goat Simulator and thought that the goat would cause explosions and start running into people at high speeds.