Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea Lied to Investigators About Shooting Friend

Former Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea brought discredit to the city, delayed reporting his April 2016 off-duty shooting of a friend and then lied to Independent Police Review investigators about the incident while he was still chief, an investigation found.

But the city’s human resources director decided not to sustain an allegation that O’Dea “improperly directed or suggested” his assistant chiefs keep quiet about the shooting outside of the chief’s office after he told them about it.

Mayor Ted Wheeler sent O’Dea a two-page letter outlining the conclusions of the investigation into the handling of the shooting and a separate investigation into allegations that O’Dea failed to report a discrimination complaint.

The second city inquiry found O’Dea failed to report alleged discriminatory remarks made by the Police Bureau’s diversity manager to an administrative assistant working in the chief’s office and then lied about what he knew to investigators.

“If you were still employed by the Police Bureau, I would terminate you,” Wheeler wrote in the July 6 letter.

The Portland Mercury first reported on the letter Wednesday morning.

O’Dea’s lawyer Derek Ashton said Wednesday he wasn’t able to immediately respond.

O’Dea retired in late June 2016 as he was under criminal investigation.

A grand jury indicted him on a negligent wounding charge, but a Harney County judge agreed to a civil compromise that allowed the charge against O’Dea to be dismissed.

O’Dea shot his friend, Robert Dempsey, while camping and hunting squirrels in the Catlow Valley area of Harney County. The hollow-point bullet hit Dempsey in the lower back and fragmented. Dempsey was released from the hospital the next day, the bullet still lodged in his body.

Four days later, O’Dea told his then-boss, Mayor Charlie Hales, about the shooting. Around the same time, O’Dea also told the police captain of internal affairs and his four assistant chiefs.

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