Powerful Politician is Determined to Be a ‘Serial Child Molester’ but Gets Only 15 Months in Jail

The corporate media-industrial complex continues to fearmonger Americans about “fake news.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing “fake” about the fact that politicians are engaging in pedophilia and human trafficking.

Denis Hastert is a case in point.

A judge confirmed that he is a serial child rapist.

Keep in mind, Hastert was in a position so high that he would have become president of the United States in the event that anything happened to VP.

It is clear to anyone with a thinking mind that the “fake news” label was invented by media corporations to silence dissent, especially in light of the ongoing investigation into pedophiles in the Pentagon.

Joe Rogan sums up the situation in a recent video below, and explains how much power Hastert had.

Hastert, incidentally, is good friends with Podesta. He is a “nice, wonderful guy,” according to Podesta.

Continue reading full report below.

Lisa Klein | Courthouse News Service

Admitting for the first time today that he sexually abused boys decades ago, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert was sentenced Wednesday to 15 months in prison.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Durkin called Hastert a “serial child molester” while imposing the sentence, which also includes a fine of $250,000 and two years of supervised release with a treatment program for sex offenders.

This morning’s hearing comes six months after Hastert, 74, pleaded guilty to illegally structuring cash transfers that let him evade filing currency-transaction reports.

The prominent Republican admitted in court today that he made the payoffs as hush money to keep a young man whom he sexually abused as a child from going public.

Though Judge Durkin nearly tripled the six-month sentence recommended by prosecutors, the count to which Hastert pleaded carried a maximum penalty of five years.

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