Predator Cops Team Up to Sexually Assault Women While On Duty: Charges


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CALIFORNIA – Female drug addicts are often the most victimized and at-risk members of American society, especially due to the culture of stigma and intolerance towards drug use.

This has become more and more apparent as cases of officers intentionally assaulting women whose testimonies they believe will not stack up against their own.

Fortunately, for former detectives James Nichols and Luis Valenzuela of the LAPD, their positions of power were unable to conceal their alleged deplorable acts, and now both face up to life in prison for assaulting four women – together, while on duty.

The two detectives, working for the Hollywood Division’s narcotics unit, would specifically target female arrestees, and then either ply or threaten them into engaging in sexual acts, reports say.

The duo seems to have developed an entire playbook on forcefully coercing women into sexual acts if reports are right; they would evidently either threaten them with or refrain from arrest, assist them with legal proceedings, or ease their sentences by making them informants.

Whatever the method, sex is said to have always been involved, and any real sense of consent was not. Valenzuela even went so far to threaten one of the victims with his service weapon, according to reports.

Each of the women had been arrested by the pair at some point, but the abuse would apparently continue long after the initial encounter.

Though the assaults may have varied in frequency, each of the four victims could expect to be haunted by Nichols and Valenzuela.. Most disturbing of all, the vast majority of assaults allegedly occurred while the two detectives were on duty.

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