Prison Guard Threatens to Kill Woman, Days Later She is Found Dead in Cell



Latandra Ellington had been in prison for 15 months.

With only seven months to go on her sentence she was waiting impatiently to be reunited with her four children.

However, something disturbing was playing on the 36-year-old’s mind.

In a letter she wrote to her family, she confessed having witnessed a prison guard Patrick Quercioli have sex with an inmate.

Ellington added that the culprit and one of his colleagues had also threatened her of grievous consequences if she told anybody.

Officer Quercioli, she said, wanted to hammer her to death.

She also added that when he bullied her, he made it a point to grab his radio and tell his victim that he would bust her head with it.

She wrote: ““He was going to beat me to death and mess me like a dog. He was all in my face Sqt. Q then he grab his radio and said he was gone bust me in my head with it…”

The prison guard’s own history is unsettling; he has a criminal record and was charged with possession of steroids.

Ten days later she was moved to protective custody after the officials learned about Quercioli’s grotesque threats.

Less than 24 hours after she moved, Ellington was found dead.

Although Florida medical examiner Barbara Wolf claimed she died from a “heart attack,” a private autopsy revealed that she had dangerously high levels of blood pressure medicine amlodopine in her body.

Some have raised questions about whether she was poisoned.

Bruising, a cut on her face and other signs of abuse were also identified.

Ellington’s family is now demanding answers.

They say that the threat to her life was writing on the wall – a fact that could not be ignored.

However, the family also claim that prison had a culture of abuse which led to a conscious decision by the staff to ignore any threats.

They also claim she was a victim of abuse, inhumane treatment and worse yet, was not given proper medical treatment.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Officer Quercioli has quit his job.

As for Ellington’s death, no one has been charged yet.

Watch the video below wherein Latandra’s children cry out for answers:

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  • Seatired

    People need to start making more of an effort to stay out of prison. Cops are scumbags and the correctional officers are worse. Stop committing crimes. We all know that some people that go to jail or prison are innocent, but the majority of them are not. Stop breaking the law, stop assuming your rights cannot and will not be violated by the police. I am a white male and I am scared of the police. I do not disrespect them personally. I do not try to prove them wrong if they are talking to me. I say yes sir and no sir. It is not because I respect them that I do this. I do it because I am afraid of going to jail for something I did not do.

    • Mike Boodoo

      What world do you live in?? Do you follow any of the stories out there where innocent people are locked up just for expressing their rights?
      Not everyone is a tool like you and afraid to stand up for their rights. Who are you to blame them for doing so?

      • Seatired

        “Do you follow any of the stories out there where innocent people are locked up just for expressing their rights?”, you just said that. The very last sentence in my comment should have kept you from asking that question.

        You see, the world I live in is the world that keeps my ass out of jail. Do the police give a shit about violating your rights? You have two choices, YES or NO. I will even give you a hint, the answer is not YES. I’m not blaming anyone for exercising their rights.

        • Mike Boodoo

          Yet you say people need to make more of an effort to not go to prison.
          Sorry, I guess we can give a big “screw you!” to all the people who has ended up in jail without breaking a single law.

          • Seatired

            The majority of people in prison are not innocent. If those people made more of an effort to stay out of prison, it would be far more difficult for the system to convict innocent people.

          • Mike Mesa

            Does prisons for profit mean anything to you? You need to do some research. Maybe you will learn something. Hope you never end up in jail. Because, right or wrong, people like you will assume you are guilty.

          • Seatired

            Lowell CI is not a private prison.

          • cops are terrorists

            Most are in prison for Marijuana . yes thay are innocent

          • Seatired

            You are fucking stupid.

          • cops are terrorists

            Good come back…… well thought out and articulate …..I should expect nothing less from a copsucker

          • Seatired

            “Most are in prison for marijuana”…………………….You are fucking stupid.

          • cops are terrorists

            Nuuhuu your stupid….what are you in 5th grade get a qlue son

          • ClintJCL

            Over 50% of those in prison are in prison for non-violent drug crimes, with the majority of those being possession. Facts are your enemy, shit for brains.

          • daveys

            The majority of people in jail are not innocent, huh. We have police ON THE RECORD stating that they plant evidence and make false arrests as a routine matter of policing. At this point, ALL incarcerated persons’ cases should be subject to independent review to determine guilt or innoncence. The lying cops have perverted their profession such that the entire system’s legitimacy is in question. Why don’t you get it? Police cause way more problems than they solve. And your logic would mean that the USA is the society with the most criminals on planet earth, since we have the highest prison population on earth. By a longshot. Clearly your critical thinking skills are deficient. DISARM AND DISBAND THE POLICE!

          • BlamePoliticiansNotAParty

            My logic doesn’t mean we have the most criminals. Our prison population is so enormous because we send people to prison for 10 times as long as other countries do. A lot of European countries only sentence murders to prison for 15 years. America will give criminals 15 years for being in possession of a gun while they have illegal drugs. The police are not the ones that send people to prison. We have a justice system that uses the citizens to determine guilt. American citizens fill the prisons. Go back to school dumbass,

        • ClintJCL

          So you recognize that if you wear headphones, it’s okay for the police to shoot you, because you didn’t say Yes to an order you didn’t hear, right? Because that happened.

          Too bad it didn’t happen to you, though.

          • Seatired

            Where do you get this shit? Who said anything about being shot for not responding? Not me!!! You CHILD RAPIST.

    • cops are terrorists

      Give up your rights….fine
      Tell me to give up mine…..fuck you
      A lot of good men and women died to give me those rights I WILL NOT piss them away and I am NO coward if I have to die so the next generation can have those rights then that’s the way it shall be.

      • Seatired

        Nothing I said translates to giving up your rights. I know a lot of people have died. I saw some of those people die in 2003.

        • cops are terrorists

          Everything you said translates into don’t fight for your rights be scared and give them up bow down to the cops if thay try to take your rights from you say yes sir no sir you a coward sir and unamerican

          • Seatired

            No it does not.

            Make an effort to stay out of jail….Disrespecting a police officer is not a crime. I’ll repeat. It is NOT A CRIME. Have you ever witnessed, or watched a video that shows a cop arresting someone for disrespecting them? I have. Numerous times in fact.

            Stop committing crimes…. This woman was in prison for tax fraud. Tax fraud is a crime and it is a deliberate crime. This also ties directly to “make an effort to stay out of jail”.

            Stop breaking the Law… It’s getting redundant, but there is more to it. Breaking the law is not the same thing as “committing a crime”. Like you, I don’t think marijuana, or any other drug a person my consume is a CRIME. However, laws exist that say you can’t do it.

            I am a white man and I am scared of the police…. I am not scared of individual officers. I am frightened by the organization that does not hold it’s members accountable.

            I do not disrespect cops personally…. If I encounter a police officer, I don’t give him the middle finger, I don’t call him names or display any other form of disrespect towards him. I also do the exact same thing with EVERY person I encounter. Being polite is NOT bowing down and it is not giving up your rights. Being respectful does not make a person a coward and being disrespectful does not make you American.

            I am disgusted by the way law enforcement officers conduct themselves in the US, but there has to be an effort made to reduce their numbers. Police departments are staffed based on crime. The police do not reduce crime, that is left up to the communities. Reduce the crime and the police will be forced to downsize. We know that innocent people are in jail. We know that marijuana has put a lot of people in jail, but the majority of inmates are not in jail simply for marijuana. That is just a complete pile of bullshit.

            The War on Drugs has been an utter failure for the country, but the police still fight it because they make money from it. We are fighting police brutality and accountability, but the way it is happening has been a failure for us and we profiting are not from it.
            We are losing badly and instead of recognizing why we are failing, we do just like the cops and place blame on everyone but ourselves.

          • polliwogg

            Since when did tax fraud become a capital crime?

          • Seatired

            IT’S NOT A FUCKING CAPITAL CRIME. Why the fuck would you ask such a stupid ass question?

          • ClintJCL

            Because a person was executed by the state for that crime. Why the fuck would you be so stupid as to pretend you can’t connect the dots? Basic shit.

          • Seatired

            A person was not executed you dumb fuck.

        • ClintJCL

          Yes, saying “yes sir” *IS* giving up your rights because that sir who talks to you is almost always going to violate your rights. And it only needs to happen once, ever, for your statement to have a hole poked in it. Please leave America. You’re not american. You’re the fucking problem. People like you are what cultivated this attitude. You are probalby a uniformed piece of shit yourself. I hope your kids get raped.

          • Seatired

            Almost always is not always. You are a complete piece of shit to hope a child gets raped. Is that what you do to people you don’t like? You go around raping their kids? Being disrespectful is what cultivated this attitude. I am an American. I served honorably in the Navy. I witnessed people being killed for the right you have to run your sorry fucking mouth. If anyone should leave, it’s assholes like you. If I ever come across you raping a child, I will be sure to put a bullet in your fucking head.

    • Ammy

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    • ClintJCL

      Fuck you you bootlicker – I hope the cops shoot your dog and you get cancer. YOU are the one who created this. People like you. YOU did this.

      • Angela Parker

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    • Teddy

      Bootlicker don’t understand cops get people put in jail unnecessarily when they falsely arrest people who are not violating any laws. The poor can’t fight it in court.

  • BerthaImsolvingmyself Williams

    How many people are in jail for nothing.