Ex Cop Opens Fire in Movie Theater, Shoots Two Citizens

UPDATE 03/10/17: The ex-cop tried to use ‘stand your ground’ as his defense. The judge has rejected it, stating: 

“Because the defendant’s testimony was significantly at odds with the physical evidence and other witness testimony, this court has considerable doubts about his credibility, and is not willing to come to the conclusion that these circumstances are those envisioned by the legislature when the “stand your ground” law was enacted.”

// ]]>WESLEY CHAPEL — A now-former police officer has been taken into custody after pulling out a gun in a movie theater and opening fire on two citizens. Two people were shot, a husband and wife, and the husband was killed.

It began on Monday, January 12, 2014 during previews, when Chad Oulson was seated with his wife.

Oulson at some point sent a text message to his young daughter before the movie started, according to reports.

Curtis Reeves, the retired cop, was sitting behind Oulson when he saw the texting begin and commanded Oulson to stop.

Oulson leaves behind his daughter and his grieving wife. The two were on a date when they were both shot by the old cop.

Oulson leaves behind his daughter and his grieving wife.

Oulson explained that he needed to text his daughter, which led to an argument between the two.

The old cop then exited the theater, leaving Oulson with the impression that he was being reported to a manager.

But nobody expected what was about to happen.

The cop suddenly emerged back inside the dark theater, alone, with a loaded gun.

“He came back very irritated,” said a witness, who was sitting nearby.

That’s when moviegoers were terrified — the cop opened fire amid the crowd of over 25 people, according to witnesses.

The text that Oulson sent his daughter would be their last words to each other, as he was immediately shot and executed.

“Blood started coming out of his mouth,” said Alex Cummings, a marine veteran who was present during the shooting. “It was a very bad scene.”

Oulson’s wife, Nicole, was also shot when she put her hand between the cop and her husband to stop the shooting.

Determined to murder, Reeves reportedly shot her hand and the bullet went through her hand and into her husband.

The couple was on a date that night like anybody else, never expecting that they would the victims of a movie theater shooting.

Former officer Reeves was subdued before he could fire any more rounds is now facing charges of second-degree homicide, according to reports

The movie theater shooting has left communities devastated and has sent shockwaves through a nation still sensitive from shooting in an Aurora Colorado.

Oulson’s neighbor was interviewed by reporters and said “He was always smiling. If I needed help with something he was always there.”

“Always smiling. I’ve never seen him angry,” Bill Costas said. If I needed help with something he was always there.”

It is not yet known whether former Officer Reeves has an attorney.

A spokesperson with the Tampa police department said that Reeves was a former captain in their department and was instrumental in forming the agency’s first “tactical response” team.

Chad Oulson leaves behind his wife Nicole and his daughter.

A commenter observed, “Kind of makes you wonder how many this “good guy” shot, killed, and/or beat during his illustrious career, doesn’t it?”

“Or just plain cruelly abused. Some of the very worst sadistic people (people whom most of you have never even met and did not know even existed) are police officers, unfortunately.”

UPDATE (02/07/14): Cop Claims He “Feared for His Life”

A court hearing recording has been released in which former Officer Reeves claims, after being caught fatally shooting a father, that he “feared for his life.”

“The guy scared the hell out of me,” Reeves said in the recording of a police interview played publicly at the hearing.

Reeves has been in jail for second-degree murder since mid-January for killing Chad Oulson. Chad leaves behind his wife and daughter.

“I had nowhere to go,” Reeves said on the recording. “I kept leaning back, then he was virtually on top of me.”

He added, “I don’t know why he was pursuing something that was not worth pursuing.”

He also maintains that the reason he opened fire on Chad was that he “believed he had been punched,” according to reports. He described feeling pain in his left eye and shoulder.

Witnesses report that Chad never struck or physically touched the former officer.

A prosecutor stated that Reeves should remain in jail, while Reeves’s attorney now claims it was “self-defense.”

Police know that they can get away with killing citizens if they can articulate in court that they thought their life was in danger.  Is Reeves taking this standard approach in hopes of getting away with murder?

As one commenter said, “Someone throws popcorn at you and refuses to stop texting, so you shoot them in the chest? Of course this guy was a retired cop, because he showed the typical police mentality: submit to my authority or I’ll shoot you.”

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  • MissStef

    Hee haw! Welcome to America! Gun crazy lunatics abound! Land of the free, home of the brave! Let’s square dance all over the forefather’s graves. They would be so proud! I’m vomiting red, white and blue all over my laptop.

    • Mark White

      Land of the “free” gift with purchase of $30 or more
      Land stolen from the Braves.

      • JonEdHil

        One of my favorite bumper stickers back in the 70’s during the big American Indian Movement protest days came from a book by Vine Deloria. Said: “CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS (Custer had it coming)”

    • Jim

      Youre blaming the gun? “GUN CULTURE” was around in America for hundreds of years. YET only in recent times has it become the bad thing.
      PROBLEM isn’t with guns. Its with people like this cop who think HE IS THE LAW, and ALL MUST OBEY HIM.

      • Difdi

        Actually, the rate of mass murder incidents has remained fairly stable over the past century. It was even declining up until fairly recently. But what used to be local news is now national headlines and endless hype.

        That sort of fame appeals to certain types of people.

  • Faustinah Santiago

    Well, he was a cop. Cops can’t keep their balls in their pants. Look what happened to Kelly Thomas. Same thing. Cops get away with murder and other crimes all the time. It needs to stop. The whole institution is criminal.

    • Zack

      If Kelly was my son well enough said. If more ppl would do what I would have done is Kelly was my son these pigs would think twice before beating someone to death Bc they could get away with it legally.

  • Kamora Herrington

    can we please stop giving guns to disaffected white men? It seems like once they realize that they’re as close to their dreams as they’re gonna get (and that’s not very close at all) they decide to take it out on the rest of us.

    • oh cool its a race thing. i bet your the type to complain about racism all the time too.

      • Kamora Herrington

        Nope. I don’t complain, I talk, listen and discuss. Racism sucks and affects everyone. No sarcasm, being less than an upper-middle-class white man has unique challenges that we don’t respect because of the racist belief that white people aren’t negatively impacted by these attitudes.

        • Hortensio deChipotle

          What you said is racist.

        • jimecclefechan

          Aye right pal. Its not racism when the whole populations being shafted. Oh, and “being less than an upper-middle-class white man”? People who are not white, male and well-off are less than those who are? You know what you are? The worst kind of racist, the one who doesn’t think they are racist, and who is just a pure cunt but lacks the wits to realise it.

    • Arthur Harless

      yeah, tell that to all the murdered gangbangers in chicago. But wait they aren’t whites killing blacks so it isn’t news.

      • Stella Greenhagen

        Maybe gangbangers should.grow the.fuck up and stop being.pieces of shit who go around hurting people. Honestly it’s karma, they know exactly what that life brings, prison or murder. It’s insanity to expect another outcome. Stop crying for.people who made.horrible choices that lead.to them getting shot.

        • Arthur Harless

          Apparently my sarcasm went completely over your head. Stupid bitch I’m not crying for no body.

    • Robert North

      You were the one who mentioned “disaffected white men” so please accept the fact that whenever you bring race into a topic of discussion, you shouldn’t complain when other people point out your racism.

    • Jim

      Said the person probably from a minority backround, that has a worship of rappers, gangsters and thugs.
      NO one “GIVES” guns to disaffected anyone. ITS A CHOICE to murder someone.
      The fact that he was white is moot.
      The fact you turn it into a race issue is very telling, and disturbing.

    • Thomas Meadows

      Since you injected race,Have you looked at the state for Chicago lately? damn near 6 killings a day.99% BLACK ON BLACK! Now who is it that is “disaffected”???????????

  • rusty shackleford

    Tactical response = freakshow, trigger happy, over-armed cops.

  • Michelle Province

    Low IQ + control issues + anger = COP

  • Richard Bickleberry

    Fire all cops, starting from the top down, and start over. No more military vets unless they pass rigorous psyche evaluations. The Police And Sheriff departments that are supposed to protect and serve us should be made up of normal down to earth everyday folks like it was in the past. We live in a police state and there is too much of an “us vs. them” mentality. And for all cops who think that “going home at the end of the shift” is the most important thing, it’s not. You are paid to take risks. Take them. You may not shoot first and ask questions later. Keep it up and the people will start revolting.

    • Jim

      Richard, ALMOST none of the cop who commit these crimes are Vets. IN fact, I had a face to face with a SWAT member. BEING a Jarhead, I quizzed him on his M-4. HE didn’t know JACK about it. HE wasn’t a vet. NOT reservist, not former, NEVER served at all.

      • Greg Clark

        How do you know most are not vets?

        • Wesley Sandel

          Good point. We should have some stats. Now that the draft has been over for forty years my guess is that military service isn’t a requirement to be a sadistic bully – I mean, cop.

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      when people start shooting and killing thugs with badges, the police will have no one to blame but themselves.

  • Chevy

    This is BEYOND ridiculous. A cop is going to start shooting into a crowd of movie-goers because a man needed to text his young daughter??? I have no pity for such a beast and although I’d hope this poor man’s family would get the proper justice, highly doubt it will happen. This country is in complete shambles.

    • JonEdHil

      Well, the man–or his wife–DID throw a deadly bag of popcorn at the poor old piggy!
      (Someone should have told him not to bring a bag of popcorn to a gunfight!)
      Forgive me, I don’t mean to make light of it and I feel awful for the wife and that poor little girl. Hope this worthless waste of carbon does life in general population.

    • Difdi

      Police are trained to view disobedience as a direct and immediate threat to their lives. The shooter ordered Oulson not to text, and Oulson disobeyed. Just because the shooter was no longer a cop doesn’t mean he forgot all of his training.

  • JenLook

    I first heard about this on the radio and the DJ was joking about how he can’t stand when people don’t turn off their phones in movie theaters. It was before the movie started, and if it was during the movie I think murder is still too extreme to be considered funny. It is all in how the information is presented on how cops get away with murder. They hide as much evidence as possible and make up a good story for the rest.

  • DarkGoddess

    I hate to break it to you folks, but there are just as many GOOD
    officers as there are bad. If you don’t like our country, then do
    something about it rather than ranting like idiots on the net. They
    actually have elections for many Police Positions, try voting in them to
    choose some one trust worthy with a positive record. Oh wait, most of
    the people who bitch and moan can’t be bothered to vote in their own
    local elections, then they wonder why the wrong people get elected or
    are put in positions of power. I’m not even living in the USA, but I
    still vote by proxy via my consulate. Which is more than most people
    living in their own home state can say. Wow…. As sad as this story
    is, it’s not half as sad as most of the ridiculous, idiotic comments.
    Do you people even use those brains? If not, you should before it
    begins to atrophied.

    • Modsquad

      Unicorns are invisible. Bigfoot’s invisible. I no longer believe in the “good cops.” If they’re out there, they’ve done a great job in becoming invisible. As they remain invisible, I can’t identify them for who they are, which makes them worthless to everyone. The sky is blue and most police are predatory. It is what it is.

    • Daniel Brock

      You just ranted like an idiot on the internet.

    • Hahaha

      “Just as many good officers as there are bad”? I would hope there would be considerably more good than bad, you stupid, self-righteous pig-whore.

    • Robert Birdiebutt Johnson

      Seriously, even if we get past the good Versus the bad, nothing explains how Law Officials continuely go free after committing such violent acts. The same acts called crimes by anyone else, are not treated the same, That is the bigger issue here………You try opening fire in a movie theater cause someone is talking on aphone, let alone texting, bet you don’t walk……. why should they?

    • bryce

      Working w/ a broken system to change it? Yeah, NO. We need a new system all together. Voting will not change shit. Reset the modem. Also how are there good cops if they all have each others backs? They are in essence a gang and will lie just as easily as they will KILL for each other. Nothing but a bunch of cooperate thugs, who’s only concern is if you are obeying the law. Your safety doesn’t even matter.

    • Carol Adams

      People keep insisting that there are good cops, but no one ever sees them. Where are the good cops when unarmed civilians are being tased, shot, beaten, choked, and sexually assaulted by the “few” bad cops. If there are so many cops that are so good, why aren’t they stopping their “bad” brother/sister cops. That question has never been answered by even on person who claims there are good cops in the 2+ years I’ve been posting tis question. If you can’t be the first, take your phony claim and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    • Difdi

      Between how broadly conspiracy statutes are written and the way police departments routinely declare unjustifiable acts of violence to be in full accord with department policies, there truly are no good cops any more.

      If I were to rob a bank, get away clean and then go visit my girlfriend the next day, her giving me a sandwich for lunch would make her a bank robber, despite her never even knowing the bank had been robbed. Being willing to give armed backup to someone is FAR more aid and comfort than a sandwich.

      Most police departments would not survive a RICO investigation.

  • HempShare

    Police are trained to “win”. There is one sure way to assure an outcome has a “winner” and a “loser”. Escalate it to a life-threatening situation. The Police have proven they are superior in most urban & suburban life-threatening situations. This is wonderful guys. Now, if you could possibly address crime.

  • Gabriel Alan King

    In the 1940’s/50’s (you know, the “greatest generation” when the entire country was basically morally and politically united, and things like homosexuality, pornography, and murdering children in the womb were considered “bad” by the vast majority 99+% of the population…..) a story like this would have shocked the entire nation speechless.

    Now: Fast forward to 2013……. just another normal day in a militarized police State / multicultural demoralized cesspool mired in a deluded mass hysteria fed by a banker owned mainstream media, where 2/3 of Americans (the consumer driven mindless credit card zombie sheeple) live within the new “Constitutional free zone” perimeters which make up the border of what’s left of our rotted out, trashed, auctioned off hunk of land. While psycho cops run wild with impunity, under a government who’s favorite hobbies are lying, destroying the Bill of Rights, drone bombing kids, false flagging, building the privatized slave labor prison industrial complex, and funding the Muslim Brotherhood “rebels” to behead and murder innocent kids, women, Christians, and Jews.

    • SafetyDave

      Gays were not considered “bad” back then; nor were they discriminated against. Gay pride destroyed “gaydom” and caused all this mess. Young gays have become perverts and bad characters because of the pride cult. Look at all the new generation lesbians and transgenders, and bisexuals, etc. I know I am taking this further than your comment, but being an older gay man, I am disgusted with all this modern culture that was created by evil school teachers.

    • Steve Cunningham

      You lost all credibility when you said 1950s 1940s was the greatest generation morally lol they were hanging blacks segregation racism was a public and openly excepted thing get outta here this country has been evil is evil and and will be judged for it’s evils . Blacks a n d Latinos have been trying to tell the rest of America that cops are lying murderous criminals but yall claimed we are pulling some race card or that we are just lying cause that’s what blacks do ,welcome to what we’ve been experiencing since cops have been created

      • robobbob

        lynching was wrong, but the total murdered over a hundred years around was twenty thousand. an average single year for planned parenthood kills over three hundred thousand.
        ending discrimination at the cost of basic morality was a false choice created by social engineers. the original impetus for social change was morality. saying that ending inequality, extending voting rights, and treating people fairly did not require encouraging perversion, infanticide, and moral relativity. it was a lie created by deviants who hijacked righteous movements for their own disgusting ends.

  • Guest

    So many times we hear 1 bad egg, but all you read about in your %*^$%)$ up country is this sort of shit, every day, revolt and protest or shutup and take it

  • Nicholas Grace


  • agomezz

    What has our world come to? How can cops do things l like this? We are no longer protected.

    • bryce

      Do you recall a time in this life that we were protected? I don’t. The only one’s who will ever protect you are you, your loved ones and all around good people. That’s the way it is and from what I can see is the way it has always been.

  • Adam

    as tupac said this country is run by gangs… the government, fbi, cia and especially the cops.. what happened to serve and protect

    • JonEdHil

      …and don’t forget the gang-bangers themselves; they run their own little fiefdoms with just as much barbarity as the po-po, if not more. A white MAN is a MAN; a red MAN is a MAN:a Hispanic MAN is a MAN; a black MAN is a MAN. A gang banger of any color is NOT a MAN, but a piece of garbage.

    • Difdi

      Most of them never served or protected — they just controlled the entirety of the narrative, so no one knew their true natures.

      But now anyone with a cellphone can publish news, and the truth is coming out. It was never a few bad apples, it’s actually a few good apples swimming in a sea of filth.

  • thesouthshallriseagain

    second degree murder with eye witnesses and after the war on terror. this guy should be charged as a terrorist, if this is even true..

  • bryce

    What I don’t understand is why this dick head is only getting 2nd degree murder? Shouldn’t something like this be 1st degree? This is the definition of 1st degree murder. : (first-degree murder) An act of murder which is premeditated with malice aforethought; The crime of murder which is premeditated with malice aforethought
    K, if he went to his car to grab a gun and come back to shoot this guy, wouldn’t that be premeditated?

  • michael92064

    Thinks he still a cop and lie with impunity. Will be very interesting if they can prove he left the theater to get his gun.

  • Robert North

    If he doesn’t walk away with a not guilty verdict… the worst he can expect is an extended stay in “protective custody” since police office tend not to do so well when placed into the general population with other prison inmates… hmmm… I wonder why?

  • Jack L Eich

    cops are the new ISIS terrorists in america. they have to obey no rules or regs and kill the people they work for with impunity

  • Patrick H.

    Sadly this is what we expect from Cops.

  • Patrick H.

    This is why cops want theaters to be gun free zones.

  • Curtis Corse

    The officer left the theater, came back in and murdered the father and he’s claiming self defense? He could have simply stayed out of the theater if he was really fearing for his life or his safety. Typical cop logic.

  • Bruner

    Okay so what was he going to do to the cop? Hit him with phone? Come on know he left the building then come back to shoot the man why did he come back in if he feared for his life? Let’s get real. Peace of shit if you ask me.