RAW VIDEO: Cop Shoots Peaceful Protester in the Face With Pepper Spray for Standing


Mike Krieger | Zero Hedge

On Saturday night, a man whose name still seems to be unknown, but who was wearing a “F##k the Police” t-shirt, came out in front of police past the official curfew. This is what happened next (see video below).

As Mike noted previously, the situation in Baltimore is very serious and all Americans should be paying very close attention; but Baltimore is just a Microcosm of America.

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Baltimore, Maryland is in many ways the perfect microcosm for these United States of America. If you still don’t get that, you’ll be in for a rude awakening in the years ahead.

A gradual erosion of the Constitution and the civil rights of the citizenry, the abuse of power by people in authority, perverse financial incentives that lead to horrible outcomes, zero accountability, and a ubiquitous surveillance state apparatus; Baltimore has it all.

Yet all of these troubling traits have also come to characterize early 21st century America.

As tends to be the case, the populations that have been victimized the longest and most systemically — in Baltimore and across the U.S. — are the poor, weak and disenfranchised.

Like a cancer, corruption, theft, and blatant abuse of the citizenry by the powerful will spread and spread until it consumes everything unless the tumor is removed.

It has now spread so deeply and so dangerously throughout American life, the general public will soon have no choice but to confront it and do something about it, or face a total extinction of opportunity and suffer the same desperate fate as the people out in the streets of Baltimore.

David Simon, creator of the excellent hit HBO series “The Wire,” recently sat down for an interview with former New York Times reporter Bill Keller to explain the situation in Baltimore as he sees it; its origins and what is needed to fix it.

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As you read, think about the many parallels to the U.S. economy in general; the endless criminal maneuverings within the centers of power in Washington D.C. and Wall Street, the forever spinning revolving door of corruption, the marauding gangs of cronies making impossibly large piles of money based on connections, fraud and rigged markets as opposed to adding value, the idiocy of the war on drugs, the fraudulent accounting, and the overbearing surveillance state. Increasingly, when America looks in the mirror Baltimore and Ferguson are staring right back.

We just haven’t admitted it yet.

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Watch video below:

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  • cleark44

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  • Robert Sistrunk

    Yeah so what? Cop tells you to move you move. I’m sure he got warned several times to move.

    • we are not required to be obedient sheep to illegal orders by police … AND they have no right to use chemical weapons against an unarmed, non-threatening person even if they have been ‘authorized’ (by unconstitutional curfew) to arrest

      this is assault with deadly weapon . people have died from this type of assault

      but that police state cheerleading skirt looks so cute on you

    • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

      you fucking disgrace. a man should be able to stand where he wants without these filthy creatures bothering him

      • Karl Krautner

        “Your a fucking mongaloid” … Is this what they teach at Coventry? No wonder you limeys get overrun. Weak, uneducated, mouthy cowards. Go tell someone on your excrementicious island how to think.

        Besides, considering how often you use the word “fucking” you must not be doing a lot of it… 😉

  • Cliff

    I noticed that they maced the black people right away, but in another video they are politely asking the white people to leave because they “don’t want to arrest anybody”.

  • swarm10

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  • zues78

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  • Robert Huff

    The rationally sick man had no adrenaline, you can tell, the baby cops could of effectively utilized a taser or shot to retire him yet not slaughter, the first shot they did would have halted him, he was falling as they laid 2 more adjusts into him, which, if was done in whatever other Western country would bring about cops to be sacked and accused of homicide and would bring about an open hostile to police mob and brutality against police.