RAW VIDEO: Cops Arrest 90-Yr-Old Man for Feeding Homeless Americans

Florida police handed out citations and threatened to arrest two priests and a 90-year-old veteran volunteer for feeding the homeless. A recently passed city ordinance makes sharing food a citable offense.

Fort Lauderdale police removed at least three volunteers, as well as the Sunday lunch they were serving to several dozen homeless people, citing a controversial new ordinance that prohibits food sharing.

Passed in October, the measure was created to try to cut down the growing population of homeless people in Fort Lauderdale.

In video footage from Sunday, three police officers arrive and interrupt the feeding program by removing 90-year-old Arnold Abbott, the Rev. Canon Mark Sims of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, and the Rev. Dwayne Black of the Sanctuary Church.

A chorus of protest erupts from the crowd and follows the officers as they take the men to their patrol cards – “Shame on you, arresting an elderly man!” someone in the crowd says.

“The whole world is watching!” says another.

Then, a police officer explains to the men: “Basically you are going to be cited for serving to the community without proper accommodations. Everything is explained in here.

This is a citation. If you guys continue to come out here you will face arrest.”

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The ban on sharing food is part of city officials’ recent efforts to cut down on the burgeoning downtown homeless population.

The most recent law – passed by a 4-1 vote – limits where outdoor feeding can be located. It can’t be situated near another feeding site; it has to be at least 500 feet from residential property; and feed program organizers must seek permission from property owners for sites in front of their buildings.

“Officials” describe the new laws as “public health and safety measures,” but opponents have labeled them “homeless hate laws,” according to The Sun-Sentinel.

We are simply trying to feed people who are hungry,” Sims told The Sun Sentinel. “To criminalize that is contrary to everything that I stand for as a priest and as a person of faith.”

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The program is run by Love Thy Neighbor. Its founder, 90 year-old Abbott, is a World War II veteran and has served food to homeless people for 20 years.

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  • david asher

    Yeah, they would have arrested Jesus Christ too, he did the same thing. Oh wait, they did, and they hung him on a tree!

    • Eddy Evidence

      If you’re into fiction.

      • Guest

        Sure “Guest” and the Roman Empire never happened either. Pfft

      • david asher

        Sure Eddy, and the Roman Empire never happened either.

      • Jenna Jones

        Fiction? No. Historical fact? Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlp63Lxrxi0

        • Tony

          Jesus is BULLSHIT. Get your head out of your asses already. Wake the fuck up and join us in the year 2014. I believe in Jesus as much as I believe in Santa Clause, or that the boogie man will get me from under my bed… FUCKING CHRISTIANS… BAHAHAHAHA

          • katmandoo009

            Well Tony – you present yourself as a cynical, sad, and gross person. I love the way atheists feel somehow authorized to go around being hateful to others. Why is that? What gives you the right to be hateful towards anyone else for what they believe or why. Why do atheists think they have a right to do that? I’d MUCH rather be around a group of Christians who actually help their communities by doing helpful things, than around a bunch of hateful spiteful jerks who thinks the world revolves around them. Didn’t get enough teat time, huh?

          • Lisa Shepherd

            PLEASE don’t lump all atheists in with TONY^. He’s a jackass, every group has them. Personally, I don’t care what anyone believes. But at that point where your religious beliefs begin to usurp my Constitutional rights, then, we have a problem.

          • katmandoo009

            I have 4 atheist friends, so I understand what you’re saying, and they’re all very respectful. We got into a discussion at a recent Halloween party and I thoroughly love the sharing of ideas, and why someone comes to the conclusions they do. It doesn’t make me mad or upset, nor in return – it’s just so interesting and I love it. But this guy above really got to me! SO unbelievably disrespectful…

          • Bill Whitlow

            well tony, u must be a truly low class worthless,pathetic,no good bastard piece of trash. u r worthless pathetic weak and ill mannered.u r possibly some retarded ass obama loving nigger that praises alah u insignificant better off dead lame ass retarded flea ridden hoe bag.

          • Chris

            I am amazed by your loving Christian attitude towards Tony, it really makes me want to praise Jesus! Thank you, Bill, for spreading the message of Christ.

          • Lord Humongus

            Where did Bill state his religious affiliation? Quit reading into what isn’t there.

          • eryn

            Bill, you’re just a tool. Well done on outdoingTony in his disgusting ignorance. You bring a bad name to the human race, and Bills all over the world. Shame on you.

          • Rusty Bucket

            Damn dude….. You really think you’re a better person than Tony. You’re words/actions are the same brother. I think you just got pissed because you see something in Tony you have inside you. Maybe you should be looking inside instead of outside. Just saying brother, your post is just as sick.

          • zarathustra2k1

            “truly low class worthless,pathetic,no good bastard piece of trash”
            “u r possibly some retarded ass obama loving nigger that praises alah u insignificant better off dead lame ass retarded flea ridden hoe bag”

            Pot, meet kettle.

          • Jenna Jones

            You may not believe in his deity, which is obviously your choice and faith… but to say He never existed makes you seem very silly. My goodness.

          • eryn

            Silly goose. I’m an atheist, but, two things. One, if you’re attacking Christians like this, you have no legs to stand on, and you give the rest of us atheists a bad name. Two, Jesus Christ did exist. He was arrested and crucified. There’s no disputing evidence on the validity of him having been alive. Some choose to debate the existence of God, or hence Jesus Christ being the son of God, but he did exist. Your ignorance is showing. You’d better take care of that, buddy.

            In relationship to the article, I believe this is a very valid comparison.

          • Rusty Bucket

            I’m atheist. I wouldn’t stand with or join you Tony. I don’t like your language or the way you treat other people. I think you need a 12 step program but I’m not sure there is one around that will address your issues. Good luck with that brother.

          • katmandoo009

            hmmm – you don’t like Tony’s language nor the way he treats others? WTH happened – decided to join the Dark Side? It’s all about tables turned and perspectives…ha

          • Michael

            Those terrible Christians were out feeding the homeless, and getting arrested for their evil beliefs… And all you do is make childish, nasty comments on the internet. I’m not a religious person, but this is why people like YOU are the problem, not Christians…

          • Joe

            youre just as ignorant as you dont even know how to spell Santa Claus…..idiot!

          • zarathustra2k1

            I think he’s watched the movie a few too many times:

          • Chris Tebiscon

            Hi tony….im nineteen. You ever see anything float away? I have. My cousin’s xbox remote…just floated away. It floated off the chair, and fell onto the ground, i heard it. I know what i saw, and my cousin saw it too. My cousins house is pretty haunted…..try not to be so hateful tony. I believe in science, i believe in the big bang. There is life all over this universe. But there is also some form of ghosts after death

          • zarathustra2k1

            Eat less LSD…

          • Chris Tebiscon

            Also dont be such a cunt your a big cunt, you know that?

          • kentuckywoman2

            And you’re entitled to your OPINION. But stfu and stop telling other people what to believe in. Jesus was an historical person. He was written about by at least two ancient historians, Tacitus and Josephus, as being an actual person. You can argue all you want about the divinity of Jesus, but you can’t argue that he actually existed.

            And btw, you’re immature. Arrogantly so. Grow up.

          • Vicky

            How would you or anyone really know who the real Jesus was or if he ever existed. The fact is there was a man named Jesus. He may not have been a miracle worker, but nonetheless, he endeavored to practice and teach love, peace and forgiveness among his people and to anyone who would listen. Seems that would be a good thing even in today’s times.

          • siglavy auerga

            Then why do you use the year in the calendar based on His birth year?

        • Rusty Bucket

          Jenna Jones, please tell us about the talking donkeys and snakes, the army of 5,000 who woke up in the morning dead, four legged flying creatures, bleached bones that come to life and more tails of your historical facts from the bible? Please?

          • katmandoo009

            It’s sad when people, like yourself, just don’t get it…and then use what they don’t understand to throw in other’s faces. You would have to actually have an open heart and mind in order to even get to a point where you could shove down your internal belligerence to even begin. And this is aside from any religious beliefs, The Bible, etc. This is about what kind of person you are. Sadly this is what keeps most people right where they are in life – so busy complaining about things, being rude to others, cynical and snarky – thinking YOU have the answers to everything. Here’s a mind blowing truth – you don’t…know one does.

            The people that truly succeed in life are those who are willing to understand and accept that they don’t know everything and can actually admit that. So many are wrapped up in being right all the time, that they miss so many things in life that allow us to grow. Stay stuck brother – right where you are, or advance – it’s your choice.

          • Rusty Bucket

            Katmandoo009 seem like you think you know me or something about me. I think your esp needs a tune up dude. What upset you? Was it that I don’t believe in the talking donkeys or that people can wake up dead? You’re statements just as ridiculous as your beliefs bro. Fact is that you know nothing about me except for the fact that I don’t believe the shit I read in the Bible. Let me emphasize the word “SHIT” there. All that other shit’s just speculation and to be real honest with ya bro… I’m not interested in your dribble either!

          • katmandoo009

            You’re a real forward thinker. It’s funny how people who think like you do, somehow think themselves SO advanced. And yet, you use cheap shots, cynicism, and insults to try and make your points. People that have nothing to really say, usually resort to these tactics. I love the fact that my large group of people I associate with – are not all Christians, and some even consider themselves agnostic and atheist. However – the difference is between them and you is that they are educated people who enjoy the real discussions. We talk about things in a manner which engages, and provokes thoughts and contemplation.
            Imbeciles resort to your tactics…and no one really cares. Believe what you like ~ it doesn’t have any effect on me. Enjoy your day, your life, and your dirt nap in the end.

          • Rusty Bucket

            There you go again idiot. pretending like you know something about someone. I’m not even going to address your bullshit bro all I can say is… You are more full of shit than a port-a-potty at a county fair. Acting like you know how much education I have just proves this point. ESP? I think not ignorance and arrogance more like it. Why don’t you tell me about the talking donkeys, and snakes, army’s that wake up dead and the other shit I talked about in my first post? You can’t you know it’s bullshit. Come on lets talk about that shit or shut the fuck up you stupid mother fucker.

          • katmandoo009

            Ooooo Weeee ~ you’re a real dandy.

        • Steve

          Can’t trust the internet. You can find any answer you want. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Evidence_for_the_historical_existence_of_Jesus_Christ

        • Paul Connelly

          No he is right it is FICTION

      • katmandoo009

        whether you believe in Christianity or not, Jesus was a historical figure. doesn’t sound like you update your hard drive very often and are stuck in cynical ass land. “Eddy Evidence” LOLsss…

        • Rusty Bucket

          Jesus was a pretty common name 2,000 years ago. Katmandoo009 I’ve read a few of your post dude and to me you sound like a shit salesman with a mouth filled with samples. You can live in your fairy tale world if you like but stop trying to shove that shit down others throats. You’re better than thow attitude is typical of hysterical Christians. And then you talk like you got life by the horns and the rest of us are just struggling. You’re fighting a losing battle. God is an invention of man and you’ll not find the word of god in any book written by the hand of man. Dude, if that shit was real everybody would be a Christian. just like if laying on of hands to heal was real then again everybody would be Christian. Speak for me in tounges brother, you’ll probably make more sense.

          • katmandoo009

            You’re a sad sad fool old Rusty Bucket. I don’t have SHIT together. I struggle DAILY. How dare you judge ME by what gives me hope and has helped me. I know how far I’ve come and it is by no accident of this failed world. This is why I share, and no – not ‘in your face’ either. take it or leave it. But I’ll tell you one absolute truth: NO ONE gets anywhere good and worthwhile by just staying the same and being a cynical ass.

          • Rusty Bucket

            Ah you two faced piece of shit its ok for you to judge me though isn’t it? Dude. The more you write the more you sound like a shit salesman with a mouth filled with samples. Come on bro tell me about the talking donkeys. Oh I’m sorry I just thought about it….. I am talking to a talking ass! Or, asshole from here it’s hard to make that call.

          • katmandoo009

            You’re such an angry individual that you can’t even see the forest for the trees, you probably always think you’re right, and I’d bet the last time you personally stated that you were either ‘not sure’ or ‘completely wrong’ – was …. NEVER! Gosh – it must be so great to know everything! LOL. Carry on and on and on. You must be a real blast to have as a friend – ha.

            I don’t look for arguments on the internet to participate in OR start as I truly don’t have time, and really don’t care that much to engage. But when I read articles and come across people such as yourself commenting, who truly have nothing of any value to state or add, as evidenced by your ongoing theme for all your comments to everyone – I just can’t help myself. It’s highly entertaining and usually people bury themselves with no help from anyone else.

          • Rusty Bucket

            lol, you keep going on yapping and ain’t said shit. I’m done chasing your stupid post all over the place. The only thing I’m left wondering is… Are you denying the talking donkey in your little book there ? Boy!

          • Rusty Bucket

            I’m so glad you know so much about someone you’ve never met. Keep spewing that shit, idiot. Fucking keyboard warrior. Angry? At you? lol Why? lol You’re just another dumbass on the internet whom thinks he’s knows about everybody else. Your previous post and bullshit predictions are proof of that. Continue on and keep making an ass of yourself. Dude, the only way you or anybody else can piss me off is face to face. All these words don’t mean jack shit, especially the ones you wrote. Maybe it’s because I used the word “fuck” that makes you think I’m mad. lol Fucking moron!

          • katmandoo009

            Pot calling the kettle black bro. Your words speak for who really is the angry one. I wonder if you could actually write anything intelligent without resorting to swear words for emphasis. lame

          • katmandoo009

            I dare you to attempt to write one of your tirades WITHOUT using one swear word. I bet you can’t. I’m pretty darned sure that in life – you pepper every sentence with ‘fucks’ and ‘shits’, and any insult word like ‘dumbass’ and ‘moron’. LOLsss – you’re quite an entertainer.

          • Rusty Bucket

            Listen here dip shit. Ignorance is reading one paragraph from someone and then thinking you know all about them. Arrogance is spewing that bullshit. I don’t know why you’re trying to tell me about you when you don’t mean shit to me and I really don’t give a fuck. You’ve said nothing but bullshit since you started writing here when all you should have taken from my first statement is that “I do not believe in the bible (and I read it twice) and that I disagreed with the post that was committed on when the lady said that “Jesus is a historical fact.” Now how about stop talking the shit you talk and refute my original statement which btw you have yet to address. Seems I insulted you when I mentioned Facts and points I read from that book of bullshit. Now Mr Shitsalesman this conversation is over unless you can refute my statements about the talking donkey, snake, waking up dead, or living bones. Unless you can do that nothing you have to say has any value. I think you’re a christian whom I have pissed in your cereal bowl of lies and bullshit from the bible. Please don’t write back and inform me of anymore bullshit in your life I probably wont believe you anyway since on the internet you can say and be anything you want to be. So far what you seem to be is psychic and you are a failure at that. You stupid cocksucker continue telling me all about me and prove me right here. I don’t want to hear you whining about how bad the world is I don’t want to hear you telling about your friend that you probably don’t even have. All I want to hear from you is to refute my statements about the bible which is the original issue here or shut the fuck up. No ones interested in that other bullshit you talk . If you really want to prove me wrong then show me a talking donkey and stick to the original issue. Your perception of me is just that a perception, not facts, not true and the shit you speak of there’s no possible way you could know. Ignorance is thinking you do. Arrogance is speaking that shit. So refute my statement and tell us about the donkey. If you don’t and you keep on talking about my life I’ll lower myself you your level and do the same shit to you/ And let me tell you mother fucker I can be nasty and if and when I start playing like you, you’re not going to like it. Now refute my facts or shut the fuck up! One last thought, you need a life and stop trolling the computer. Get outside and do something for a change and learn about the real world. Ya fucking troll.

          • Rusty Bucket

            My final thought Katmandodo. you attacked me because you cannot refute or argue my first comment. You judged me and think you know all about me. Now your going to cry because you got back what you gave and in your miniscule little mind that shits ok. Through your post I’m seeing contradictions. Namely when you speak about people having life by the horns and then talk about you struggling. Doesn’t seem like you have a grip. Dare me? Ok I’ll take that dare. I think you’re a low life piece of shit with nothing better to do than to search the internet for arguments and when you read something you don’t agree with yet you can’t refute you resort to attacking the individual. Want an argument that’s fine lets argue the real issues here between you and I and that is the bible. But then you can’t refute my statement or you would have attacked that instead of attacking me with your perceived bullshit. You really are pathetic and now you have been judged. I judge you to be shit! And that book of fairy tales your so desperate to defend I judge that to be bullshit too. Now, dare me again dumbass.

          • katmandoo009

            And BTW – people don’t automatically take to Christianity or anything else – ‘just because”. we have free will and are not robots. Helloooo! Good God man, go get some basic edgeumukashun!

          • Rusty Bucket

            This comes from a fucking idiot defending talking donkeys. Bro silence would make you seem a lot smarter than you really are. Get real and grow up.

          • katmandoo009

            It’s so great when someone who has not a single clue about The Bible, and what is contained within and why, comes off as some authority and uses things like ‘talking donkeys’ to defend their position. Most Christians don’t even profess to know all. You’re just another jokester trying to make other people feel stupid and below you, idiotic and juvenile. Is that how you behave in your life to make you feel somehow vindicated, validated, and better about yourself??…

            I’d rather be with the big big group of people who never claim to know everything, are open to the fact that they may be wrong, and ultimately be able to admit when they ARE wrong. Those are the smartest people of all… not a frustrated and angry middle-america guy, unleashing his vitriol on whoever crosses his internet path and DARE have other opinions. silly

    • Vicky

      I believe it was Judas of Iscariot who was found hanging from a tree. Jesus was crucified – nailed to a cross and while dying, pleaded to his holy father for the forgiveness of his murderers and disbelievers.

      • zarathustra2k1


        • Vicky

          I wouldn’t know if it’s all fact or not. supposedly, Jesus was a real flesh and blood person and existed. As to the miracles he was supposed to have performed, I wouldn’t know. It can and does seem difficult to believe for many. The Song Of Bernadette is another story that claimed 3 girls saw a holy apparition that spoke to them and a spring of water soon poured on the site. The water was said to have healing powers. People believed the apparition or holy lady to be the Virgin Mary. I was very skeptical about that story. 3 girls perhaps wanting attention and fame. There was never really any solid proof of the story. The Bible may be likewise, but many times stories are derived from actual events or people. Perhaps the story of Jesus is false or at the very least, embellished, but no one who hasn’t been or lived in that time, can know for 100% certainty if any of it is true or not. I’m still wondering how the earth, planets, universe and humans came from. I know Science explains a lot, but not everything. Some things can not be entirely known and may never be known.

  • Jon Goodwin

    scumbag cops with no integrity or sense of right and wrong, big surprise there. “just doing my job!” biggest cop out I ever heard.

    • katmandoo009

      You said “cop out” … LOLsss … perfect….

      • James F

        this is just a law being enforced by police officers… if you have complaints take them up with law makers dont get mad at police for enforcing the laws that the people YOU elect make

        • zarathustra2k1

          If cops enforce the law with dignity & civility then, yes, it’s city hall that you should be protesting to. Unfortunately, they more-often-than-not _don’t._

          Therefore: ACAB.

    • It isn’t the cops, it is lawmakers in the city. Boycott the city and they will repeal this law.

  • Kim Müller

    Jesus … wasn’t thisa long-hair-terrorist who smoked cannabis and then critizised the Gouvernement for making war?

    • zarathustra2k1



  • biz


  • Iamderricklogan

    smh I wonder how they feel enforcing this. These people will kill every american if they had orders to do so!!!

    • James F

      yes because they are killing people by not allowing them to pass out food in non-designated areas without permission from property owners…

    • zarathustra2k1

      “smh I wonder how they feel enforcing this.”
      They absolutely _love_ it.

  • I am talking about it since the year 2000; America has been taken over by the fascists. Especially Florida is one barbaric state with barbarian people living there. The fascists took over our federal government 14 years ago and they will turn America in another Nazi Germany.

    • Tony

      The so called Fascists you speak of is really just Israel. We lost our country to the zionist Jews in 1913 when they in-acted the Federal Reserve Bank. Now look at what the Zionist Jews do to occupied Palestine. They suck us dry to the point where more americans are on food stamps then anytime before in USA history. Maybe we should stop giving the Zionist Jews over 30 BILLION dollars a year so they can commit genocide with american tax payer moneys. BTW, thats over 10 MILLION dollars a day we give to the Zionist Jews. At that rate we could give every American 1 million dollars to enrich the lives of americans and not zionist Jews who could give a fuck about America. The world is in trouble. We all have a BIG problem on our hands, and it is called Israel…

  • Devil Dog

    Charity is one of the core American characteristics, but I believe America has been fundamentally transformed.

    • zarathustra2k1


  • Daska

    “Officials” describe the new laws as “public health and safety measures,”
    The ban on sharing food is part of city officials’ recent efforts to cut down on the burgeoning downtown homeless population.
    Kinda contradicting yourselves fucktards. Public health including starving out your homeless people? letting people watch the homeless starve to death and cant do a thing or face arrest? I dont believe in hell myself but may you all burn in it while your towns people burn you at the stake.

  • Anon

    How big of scum do you have to be to harass and threaten people for helping other people, especially these elderly people, you people are the definition of sick and twisted!! Not to mention the fact that these so called laws are not even valid by the law of the land, the constitution! This scum and the scum who made these invalid laws would rather see these people starve, how can other humans be this cold?

  • David L Grabill

    they going to arrest the florida government for feeding the homeless or putting people on welfare (same difference)

  • Sammy Seal

    this is so shit, but was funny when she grabs the donuts and the guy with the camera is all “we know where those are going” lol.

  • Angela Danger Dawn

    Let the Priests and Vet do THEIR job. Which is to protect and serve as well.

    • zarathustra2k1

      You misspelled “molest & cover-up as well”.

  • Stephanie Culp

    The respect I have for the homeless is that at least they ask you and give you the option to be charitable. People on welfare make the government force you to be.

    • zarathustra2k1

      ” People on welfare make the government force you to be.”

      What a pile of stinkin’ cat-crap…

  • James F

    this is just a law being enforced by police officers… if you have complaints take them up with law makers don’t get mad at police for enforcing the laws that the people YOU elect make

    • zarathustra2k1

      Is there an echo in here..?

  • Black Hillbilly ∑#FreeAgent

    ommmgg america is done this world is done

  • Schlebaum Charles

    Typical republican politics. Blacks and homeless may not be helped, a workable sickness Insurance is not wanted. They must die because they consume monney which should lawfully remain in the pockets of the very rich.

  • Pokkuru

    Would you look at those GOOD GOYS.

    • zarathustra2k1

      Jew humour?

  • Rusty Bucket

    Why does the government want hungry people to starve? This is a stupid law.

  • Monika Rust

    its a shame! ungodly people. why they dont give them places to live if they want to get rid of homeless people?? always taking it out on the poorest and neediest!

  • Rikk

    Man, sure is a lot of hate going down in here. These coppers are disgusting. These comments are equally awful. Im gone, solid gone.

  • I hope these laws are being challenged as unconstitutional. When did our right to freedom of association get stripped from the Constitution?

  • Guest

    When injustice becomes law rebellion becomes duty

  • Leticia Hernandez

    I wonder what these officers and the people that pass this law. Are gonna say to our maker when they try to get to heaven?

    • zarathustra2k1

      “Oh shit, there’s no such place” – or similar; although, one first has to believe that it’s possible to be sentient post brain-death, & there’s zero evidence _whatsoever_ of that wishful-thinking…

  • Michael Jenkins

    Republicans would arrest Jesus for doing the same. They call themselves Christians but the fact is they are going to burn in hell.

    • zarathustra2k1

      That’d be nice – if it actually existed (which it _obviously_ doesn’t…)

  • siglavy auerga

    It would be nice if this article had a date on it. And perhaps links to local news stories, but especially the date this happened.

  • If you’re into that religious crap, this points out pretty plainly who is the Anti-Christ.

  • This is why they hire people with a low IQ to be cops, smart people would be able to see that what they’re doing here is immoral, cruel and political grandstanding. Gov. Rick Scott is a special kind of reptile that gives other reptiles a bad name.

  • afftongrown

    You can’t blame the police officer’s for this one! They were only following orders! They probably disliked the orders as much as everyone else, but what were they to do?

    • zarathustra2k1

      Sounds familiar:
      “Ich war nur folgende Aufträge”

  • zarathustra2k1

    You can bet that these corporate lickspittles go to church on Sunday & profess themselves ‘christians’.

    My arse…

  • popehentai

    jesus… just file for the proper permits. if you get denied the permits after filing the proper paperwork then you can talk to the ACLU or something.