Raw Video: Cops Kick Restrained American in the Head, Repeatedly Electrocute Him, then Lie to Cover it Up

timothy whittle

CHATTANOOGA — Disturbing video footage has surfaced online showing officers kicking a man in the head and torturing him while he was restrained on the ground.

The incident occurred when officers with the Mid-Missouri “Drug Task Force” attempted to perform a raid on Timothy Whittle’s home.

Officers Chin and Bartlett were dressed in plain clothes at the time that the raid was supposed to occur.

They claim that Timothy Whittle was producing drugs in his home.

The US Government has declared that it is “illegal” for Americans to use or produce or possess consciousness-altering substances — that is, drugs — in the privacy of their own homes.

The “War on Drugs” is the name that the US Government gave to the program of police rounding up Americans who do this “illegal” activity and locking them in for-profit prisons.

When these Americans — peaceful people who simply ingested substances in their own bodies — arrive at the prisons, they are made to perform slave labor production tasks for pennies a day, allowing the prison owners to profit.

The US Government, known as the largest drug dealing agency of all time, and known for contracting with harmful pharmaceutical drug companies, started the “War on Drugs” in order to profit and crush competition as well as to have its own slave labor force under the guise of “law.”

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The role of police is to round up Americans on behalf of the US Government and add them to the slave labor camps, in exchange for a nice paycheck — funded, of course, by the very Americans who are being rounded up.

Thus, when Officers Chinn and Bartlett showed up at Timothy’s house in order to restrain him and put him in a slave labor prison, he tried to avoid them.

Timothy got into a pickup truck and began speeding away. The officers chased him and used a taxpayer-funded helicopter to ensure that he could not escape.

Eventually Timothy drove into a vacant field, jumped out of the truck, and after briefly running, he raised his hands, bowed down, and surrendered peacefully.


He can be seen in the video laying on his stomach.

That’s when the video becomes deeply disturbing.

The officers can be seen delivering a soccer kick straight into Timothy’s head even though he was already laying down peacefully and surrendering.

The officers can then be seen driving knees into Timothy’s body. One officer takes out his taser gun and begins electrocuting Timothy repeatedly, torturing him while he is restrained.

Blood can be seen pouring out from Timothy’s head after the kick.

The officers later would report that Timothy was “resisting arrest,” contradicting what was captured on footage.

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What we have here is two individuals who willingly agree to round up peaceful Americans for in exchange for a paycheck. That paycheck is funded by Americans by force, under the guise of another US Government program called “taxation.”

The two individuals appear to have fun committing violence on peaceful people, but blatantly lie about it on their “official reports” to create the illusion that they are interested in protecting people.

Officer Chinn claimed in his report that “I observed the suspect Timothy Whittle continuing to turn his head, attempting to resist by furtive moevements. While running I swiftly arrived next to the suspect and gave him a dry stun, and an application of a five second burst from the Taser in the center of his back to gain compliance and control.”

A man being kicked in the head while he’s on the ground is called “swiftly arriving next to the suspect.”

A man being repeatedly electrocuted is called “Tasering for compliance and control.”

We guess that loyal Statists would call these officers good cops.

Timothy Whittle has hired an attorney and intends to be compensated for the abuse.

“The Whittle family looks forward to sharing the truth about the police brutality that goes beyond the video clip shown to the media and the lies used by law enforcement to cover it up,” said the attorney in a statement.

This article will be updated as more information is made available.

Watch the video below to see the officers literally kicking and torturing a peaceful man who was restrained on the ground (warning — graphic content):

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  • Gary M. Marino

    Come On with this BS… What does the guy’s Nationality have to do with it? Would it be any more acceptable if he was Chinese or any other ethnicity? Wrong is Wrong. PERIOD.

    • CorrectYourSelf

      Hey idiot, he’s identified as American because he maybe LIVES in America and is a citizen. There’s plenty of people who have different ethnicities that are American. Shut up

      • Gary M. Marino

        You’re the IDIOT. It is Wrong, No matter who he is doing it to. To throw in Ethnicity is just to pander to the Racist so-called “Patriots” – like the “Oathkeeper” Clowns… If they kept their Oaths, D.C. would have been Razed a long time ago… Why should I accept THEIR Interpretation of the Constitution? Their Interpretation allowed them to let the Traitors get away with shit for This Long… They are No Better.

        • Pgfffft

          The wheels are turning, but you appear to be stuck. “American” isn’t an Ethnic Group. It’s a Nationality. Why? Because America isn’t a race, it is a Nation of states. Use a dictionary if you don’t believe me.

          • Guest

            YOU appear to be stuck: My whole point is that it is Wrong to do to anybody; therefore, the guy’s Race, Nationality, etc., are all Irrelevant.

          • Gary M. Marino

            YOU appear to be stuck: My whole point is that it is Wrong to do to anybody; therefore, the guy’s Race, Nationality, etc., are all Irrelevant.

          • Gary M. Marino

            YOU appear to be stuck: My whole point is that it is Wrong to do to anybody; therefore, the guy’s Race, Nationality, etc., are all Irrelevant. Americans aren’t better than anybody else. What’s Right is What’s Right and what’s Wrong is Wrong.

      • Gary M. Marino

        You’re the Idiot. His Nationality is Irrelevant. That is my whole point.

  • pez

    I see no torture. sure the kick was unneccesary but without audio you dont know whether he was holding that tazer up to him in case he did resist, and i saw no kicks or elbows wtf are you talking about? dude kicked him once and kept him restrained while htey patted them down. sometimes cops are unbelieveably harsh but this is not the case, focus more on real BRUTAL cases of real brutality, this was just a honest “fuck you for running” kick to the head

    • Open-minded Husker

      I got news for ya. A “”fuck you for running” kick to the head” is 100% illegal. It is commonly known as brutality against a person who poses no threat. It is 100% unacceptable. I’m going to assume you’d feel very differently about it if the victim was you or one of your loved ones.

      There are penalties for fleeing arrest, as outlined by law. Head trauma isn’t one of them for a very, very good reason. The cop is clearly way out of line. He (the cop) has absolutely no right to deliver his own punishment just because he’s pissed off because had to run across a field. Pursuing bad guys is part of the job he signed up for and also gets paid for. Since he obviously can’t control his emotions/temper when forced to do his job, he’s clearly in the wrong line of work. That cop should be banned from law enforcement and charged with assault just as anyone else would be.

      You have a right to your opinion, but I personally find it surreal that people like you defend clear and obvious police brutality. The cop’s actions are clearly unacceptable.

      • David Schwartz

        Well stated. It is amazing how desensitized to police brutality and violence we, as a nation, have become. It’s as if being kicked in the head while restrained is mild compared to being shot, so why bother? Granted, the guy allegedly manufacturing drugs and fleeing police is not going to win any brownie points, but some of the written rhetoric of pharmacy conspiracy is over the top and in my opinion, tends to alienate people that would otherwise agree that the cop’s actions were out of line.

  • Michael Fuson

    right now fox news and other so called conservative media is trying to silence anyone who would dare expose or speak against cop abuse of citizens. the nazi thugs of new york got mad at the mayor for not allowing them to arrest people for simply protesting

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    • Jay Smith

      Fox News = Propaganda

  • Lexi420

    This video was remarkable unremarkable. I didn’t really see excessive force and if there is they need a WAY better video. There are way more important cases than this one of a guy clearly breaking the law and leading police in a chase…whoever wrote this one just made this whole site look like a joke…

    • Charles Gillentine

      So I guess you missed the part where the second cop did a running kick to his head after he was already restrained, and the couple times the cop tasted him after already restrained? Cop should be thrown in jail for assault with a weapon.

      • Lexi420

        Honestly I just re-watched it and did catch the kick to the head. In my defense it’s blurry and out of frame with no audio… But yeah that’s fucked up.

      • Eric Gifford

        Might want to add sexual assault if he tasted him while he was restrained. lol

    • wildman

      and you have just proven beyond any doubt that not all afterbirth makes it to the trash

      • Lexi420

        That is some hateful shit man…

        • wildman

          Hateful =no way, Truthful=Hell yes

        • magormissabib

          americans are such filthy pigs. I love it when one gets kicked in the head. I just think of perverts like wildman and thank God for it.

          • wildman

            on yer avatar I’m betting you are the one getting the ole fudge packed right? thought so as you ole liberal shitstains seem to enjoy the Hershey highway, is that the way you do it with the LIL BOYS in the neighborhood??

          • magormissabib

            thank God for 9/11 please God next time kill a million.

          • wildman

            And PLEASE GOD take this liberal shitstain and all it’s family so the genepool will be purged of yet more filth

      • Bridge Watcher

        Notice: wildman is a confirmed troll, please act accordingly and don’t feed it.

        • wildman

          wow we hear from another liberal shitstain troll,please act accordingly and suk this bitch

  • Mike

    So, did they find any drugs in the dudes house???

    • uufah

      No, they brought the drugs with them figured it would be better just to.stuff it in his.pockrts and in the “get away.truck”

  • Scott Donaldson

    Damn it. You don’t have to embellish anything. You make “our side” look like idiots when you throw in the slave labor and pharmacy conspiracy shit.

  • Geneva Maynard

    West Virginia Law Enforcement Agencies told me my son overdosed. Justice for Christopher Lee Ratliff on Facebook page needs truth and light. Will you go to his page and look at all of that bloody beaten body and tell me why I lost my case in court

    • richardruscoe

      I’m very sorry for your loss. The world seems to reward evil.

  • wildman

    And yet these tin star thugs don’t understand why AMERICA hates them, and don’t give 2 runny shits if they are killed. Wise up you power drunk pieces of shit. When the winds of change arrive and AMERICA takes to the streets to take back their once great country, you will be left cowering in the shadows like the pussy bitches you really are

  • magormissabib

    Oathbreaking thug pigs. cops die God laughs.

    • wildman

      you die we all laugh- liberal shitstain

  • qwkinuf

    Sheriffs & District Attorneys need to recognize the fact that if they start vigorously prosecuting and imprisoning Bad Cops, it would create a win-win-win situation. Bad cops get removed from society, the public trust is re-established and the Sheriffs / DA’s win re-elections.

  • fuck cops


  • Beel Zebub

    Fuck’n Hell!

  • Corey Robey

    Either you are the type of person who just has to get that shot in on a defenseless person, or you are not. I don’t know of any more clear cut moral test than that. If you are that type of person, you should not be a cop, you should be getting arrested by one.

  • Tim Whittle

    That was me in that video no drugs were found ever not a trace so that might be why you dont here what was found because nothing was thanks all i got to say see ya