Raw Video: Police Tase Totally Peaceful Men on Their Own Property


NEW SCOTLAND — Raw video footage posted Facebook shows a young man pulling into the driveway of his own home.

He had four of his friends in the car with him.

A cop had been following the young men, and flashed his lights at them as they pulled onto the property.

Christopher Dimmitt, 22, was driving the vehicle.

He exited his vehicle to go inside his home, but that’s when the cop told him to “get back in the car?”

Christopher became confused as to why he was pulled over and being yelled at to get inside of his car.

He explained to the officer that he hadn’t done anything wrong and that he was at his own home.

That is when Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy Philip Milano began threatening to shoot Christopher with a Taser gun.

Christopher’s friend also exited the vehicle and had his hands raised completely over his head to show the officer that they intended no harm.

Despite being completely peaceful and on their own property, Milano and other cops who arrived at the scene began shooting the young men with Taser guns.

The men can be heard screaming on the video.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office has conducted an “investigation” into the matter and determined that the Tasing was “within agency standards and guidelines.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think:

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  • David Hill

    thought you couldn’t pull somebody over if they’re on their own property?

    • mikrat

      If you have actually committed a Crime, they can come onto any property to arrest you. But… in reality no one in this country owns any property anymore. All the property and belongings was pledged to the Bankers back in 1933 as collateral to the National Debt.

      Read HJR-192 and see that since 1933 noting has or can be PAID for – only debt is exchanged.

      The Bankers (Fed Reserve, IMF, World Bank) own it all, and you are just considered a tenet/renter/DEBTOR.

      And the Cops really just work for the bankers collecting fee’s and body’s.

      • Tha Baztard

        Oh STFU

        I dont need to read shit.

        That cop would have ‘made my day’. And I would have shot him dead right where he stood.
        I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6, and that cop was on private property to allegedly enforce a victimless crime

      • Michael McTague

        totally true. sadly too

  • PatM53

    Filthy swine.

  • B-Bob Lince


  • Michael McTague

    sue the cops personally, the county, the police union.

    • Tha Baztard

      …or just find out where they live, and merc their wife kid or mom

      • Michael McTague

        naw brings you down to their level. keep the moral high ground.

  • Tom Goffnett

    You can electrocute people who aren’t obeying your every command. Remember when you were to tase someone because they were using a knife and using the pistol was too much?

  • Chris LaRose

    I will say it again, and again: If the cops deemed it “within department guidelines” or other BS then their guidelines need to be changed. How about civilian review of all their guidelines as well??

    • Vichapte

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    • Tha Baztard

      Hows about you hoop that idea.
      Civilian review? WTF is THAT?
      More bureaucratic BS thats what
      The solution is quite simple
      We start making examples of these cops.
      Who are they…where do they live…and…do they have kids?
      The initial cop…if someone was to taser his kid…no…kill his kid… and every cop who was there also loses a family member…Im betting youll see results lickety split. No riots, no protests, no impotent ‘democratic’ processes…you send a CLEAR yet quiet message. You UNLAWFULLY tase us…we kill you.And we dont stop til THEY stop and fix their own ‘policies’.


      Now, had that girl inside the house come out and blown that cops head off….

      do remember…train not just your sons, but your daughters as well

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        the girl would have been executed, her and their guilt would have been presumed (institutional prejudice) and by the time the corpses were counted and buried the guidelines somehow would have excused the cops for blatant abuse of powers under color of authority.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      excellent point, who writes the ‘guidelines’, ARE THEY LEGAL AND SUPPORTED BY STATUTES, and who is accountable for unlawful ‘guidelines’….

    • Cherisesmith

      Feel Free Freedom gilmingcop ……… Keep Reading

    • dxsmopuim

      PIGS aren’t dying fast enough. THAT is the only problem with crime in America today.

    • feedtherichtothepoor

      Exactly. Who determines the guidelines…..AND, the Nazi’s felt killing the Jews was within THEIR guidelines…………….

    • MDW

      With police, there really is no one watching the watcher. All cops need to pass a psychological profile to determine if they have control issues, i.e. the need to control other people, or poor boundaries when it comes to other people’s actions.
      EVERY TIME cops start a clown pile or shoot or tase an innocent person, it’s because they couldn’t handle someone questioning their authority and lost their shit. Listen to the cop yell at the top of his lungs “get back in the car!!!”, because his blood is boiling over the fact that he can’t control these young men.
      A good well-trained cop would know how to project calm assertiveness, how to speak to the young men in a manner that doesn’t threaten or condescend to them, and not take offensive stances when approaching. This situation never needed to happen, especially on private property.

  • Adam Brian

    Good to see police blatantly attacking white people now. Finally. Now this is what you wanted remember. This is what you wanted. When this was going on in the minority neighborhoods you did nothing. Now its your turn. Well deserved. Remember. Oh now it feels so good to say. If those people would have just obeyed for doing nothing wrong then they wouldn’t be in jail. lmao. So good to see.

    • Except we have people smart enough to take down their systems and ensure that they face justice for their crimes. We have people smart enough to post up what’s going on and spread the word and pass around the instances of what’s been happening to your people and to ours instead of just letting it happen like your people have been and doing something about it. We are working on fixing the problem instead of just laying there

      • Leah Danes

        Your ignorance is appalling. NO ONE has just been laying there. Look beyond your trailer park and you’d see that.

      • Tha Baztard

        “working on fixing the problem”? Oh yeah…what problem…and whats being done to fix it?
        As Adam said…Im sure you ARE working on it…now that its WHITE people being TASERED (When we all know it woulda been bullets if it was black people).

        Well I hope you white people ‘fix’ this cop shit…finally…now that its hitting YOU as well. Maybe you can use your privileges and get done what we could not, sinc we have fuck all for clout to do shit. It took what…150 years to take down that flag? If it was up to blacks that flag would have long ago been put to rest.

        So orry ‘Steve” we havent been’just letting it happen’ and when we DO protest to the point of riots…you fucking whites are AGAIN criticizing, telling us now that its overkill.

        Fuck you Steve and whites like you. You should really…get over your penis envy shit.

        Oh…and get some sun screen. Maybe its all this heat and sun that making you talk stupid shit

        • Charlotte Johnson

          Damn steve and others like him. these will be the weeds to stomp out along our way to justice. Do not stop posting, do not stop talking about these things, do not let them deter you in any way from the mission we all know has to be. Those tactics of trying to make us feel guilty for demanding what everyone else is already getting don’t work anymore. Their days are over. We are not going to let low-life, uneducated, ignorant white trash dictate our steps and what we need to do. They don’t know a damn thing about what we need to do, but they will definitely feel the results of when we are done. I used to talk quietly, now that I know they don’t want to hear it because of the pain it brings them, I will shout from the top of a building, I will paint it in neon colors, I will do whatever i have to, because I refused to be ignored anymore.

          • Doyce_Paul2012_Blount

            I know this is from two years ago, and you may never see this…..but in the off chance you do…..

            You are one of the most racist, self pitying, spiteful, and hateful pieces of shit I’ve EVER encountered on the net.

      • Charlotte Johnson

        Well then if you think you are smart, you must be blind. With all the postings, media coverage and everything else, you people still act like it’s not happening. We have been documenting since Rodney King (and he’s dead now) and it’s only gotten worse. But you wouldn’t know that sitting in your white world of evil, ignoring reality until it happens to you. What have you done any different than what we have done other than be white. You are not the only ones with cameras and phones, and you certainly are not the ones doing anything about it, unless you only do something when it’s a whitey. But as I guess our government must be as smart as you, because they don’t do a damn thing either but cover it up because it’s a whitey doing it. You people aren’t smart, your kind is a bunch of white trash allowed to blow around and contaminate others with your ignorance. How can you be working to fix a problem that you weren’t aware was a problem. What you gonna do, blind them with your whiteness. And think we are just laying around letting it happen is about what we expect of you. Just keep thinking with that pea brain, and see how that works out for you.

    • We also got a supreme court judgment stating that any unlawful order or violence by a cop can be defended against with any force necessary up to and including deadly force.

    • Patrick H.

      As they say if you Vote you can’t complain, you wanted a Master and you got one. We need to vote police out except for victimed crimes. Only.

    • mikrat

      The Media only covers the Minorities for a reason – Can you figure it out? There are plenty of videos of Pigs attacking us whitey’s – quite being a simp.

  • Adam Brian

    Lets see how many charges they can make up now, and how the rest of the white community defends the cops. Maybe the cops will kill these guys. If they were black or brown they would have been shot dead, and of course no charges etc… I was wondering how long it would take for the cops to start attacking white folks cause they really don’t care. They don’t riot, complain, protest nothing. Cops should have a field day on the white community. I know they monitor this page, so hey Cops!. Remember you can rape, rob, kill, do whatever you want in the white communities. They don’t mind at all. Go there. leave the minorities alone cause they at least riot and protest.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      any person subjected to outrageous injustice generally suffers a sudden lack of empathy for others who also suffer injustice… after all, why should others be so lucky as to have rights when ‘I’ have none – the rule of law is our only glue that makes our culture endurable, and it is being watered down, dissolved and degenerated daily by injustices ignored. we should rightfully protest and ‘riot’ just as much for any violations against any individual as we have been willing to do for soccer games, football games and Wall Street cheats.

      protest=white, riot=black; thank GAWD they got this shit color coded!

  • Michael Sharp

    They need to be fired right now

  • LifeVirus

    Could have just gotten back in the car lol

    • Tha Baztard

      Could have turned around, bent over, lubed their assholes and…no. Wait.

      No lube

  • copblock18017

    why did it take so long to inform the public? we need a call in. SOMEONE NEEDS to be fired!

  • these cops need to be fired and charged w/ treason for violating their civil rights

    • Sean Crampton

      They weren’t violating anyone’s civil rights. The law enforcement officers were doing their job and the guys in the video refused to comply with the officers request multiple times, argued with officer, and raised their voice to the officer. They were being threatening and uncooperative.

      • Leyno Zappa

        Unless they are there with an arrest or search warrant the police have NO right to tell you what to do on your own property and you have EVERY right to tell them to get lost. Since when does “asserting your rights” = “threatening and uncooperative”? Maybe you should re-read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Or watch some more episodes of “Law and Order”.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        according to my attorney, your right to remain silent exists at all times, not just after someone tells you that you have such a right. I mean what are they going to do if you refuse to speak? waterboard you? I must point out that if the driver had not had so much ‘help’ from the passenger, this might have gone an entirely different way. It is tragically ironic that the driver, who was trying to keep things from escalating, was the one who was tased and I hope a grand jury takes note of that.

        I do find it strange that the officer insisted the driver return to the car. maybe so that what happened next would not be recorded by the dash camera? one wonders.

        The usual I see in such situations is that the driver goes back to the cruiser with the officer and shows his license etc. and a wants and warrants search is done… and then, nothing outstanding, everyone goes home.

        I can’t help wondering why the officer wanted everyone back in the car… if they did have a weapon that would be a perfect setup for them… again, they would all have been off camera so it would kinda have been a perfect setup for the cop to do something wrong off camera too…

        If I had been in the drivers situation I think I would have told my friend to STFU and let me handle this and then told the officer my attorney said I should document all contacts with all public officials and agents and your dash camera is doing that right now so I respectfully decline to return to a place where the camera cannot see me or what you are doing, I will sit or even lie down but I will not go back into my car.

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        keep in mind you are only obligated to obey LAWFUL ORDERS, not just any old thing you are told to do… and in fact the driver was trying to comply reasonably but buddy would NOT stfu and ironically the driver got tased, and this in fact IMHO was unlawful assault and battery.

  • every corrupt cop involved there especially the first one needs to be fired charged and lose all benefits as well a be liable for civil complaints taken out by the citizens who were attacked on their property by those kidnappers. If they were armed they’d have been within their rights to defend themselves against those kidnappers

  • Bryan David Hale

    fucking pigs. when will enough be enough.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    They did not get back in the car. It could have been a simple situation if they would have complied.

    • Patrick H.

      If only the Jews would’ve complied everything would have been Ok. It wouldn’t have been right but they’d be Ok .

      • Charlotte Johnson

        Yeah, well the slaves did comply and look what they got, new forms of slavery.

    • Bob Pineo


    • Max

      No. As long as they are IN the vehicle they can’t be “charged” with a violation and they cannot “justify” the search of the vehicle….nor justify any assaultshooting they commit outside the car (can’t record what is not visible to dashcam). That’s the ONLY reason the cop wanted them all back in the car.

      • Tha Baztard

        ah…no. Cop wanted them in the vehicle as his ‘traffic’ pull over becomes null and void when they are now on private property. Nor has he any right to tell them shit, for the onus is on him to EXPLICITLY and IMMEDIATELY identify the whats and whys, which h clearly did NOT. Speeding ticket? That plate could be tracked to that address and the ticket MAILED…ZERO confrontation. This was just a cowboy cop looking to flex…as per usual.

      • Charlotte Johnson

        That might sound like the logical reason, but you can bet that was not the case. The dead can’t be charged, the cop will say he walked up to the car and thought he saw a weapon, he doesn’t have to search, or thought he saw a weapon through the back window, when it was a bug. All their shootings are justified, don’t kid yourself. We see and hear this things all the time and there is no such thing as an unjustified cop killing, when cops can tell any lie and be in the right. With everyone dead, whose going to dispute his actions. What they can’t record is what they lie about and get away with. What they record is dismissed automatically by their superiors. Is this the first incident you’ve heard about?

    • Joyce

      If u look at the girl in the hoodie near the end of the video, you will notice her tossing the stash into the bushes. Which explains why the young men created the diversion.

  • Eagle

    Stop the blue wall of silence! Time to keep cameras rolling!

    • mikrat

      The way to stop the Blue wall is to treat then as they treat us – They think they are special and invincible, time to show them that they are not.

      Shoot Back

      • Betty J Rousey

        No, then you will have given the racists a justified reason for having treated you so badly. Film it, video, and get it on youtube. The right people are seeing this… eventually… like we are now.

  • Kisha Smalls

    Wow, it’s now someone else’s turn with police over doing it….saw that coming a long time ago…..now that it’s being done to white folk maybe this mess will stop.

    • mikrat

      Its always been done to White Folk – But the News only likes to report on the Black Folk getting shot. Its done that way to to divide the country, but maybe thats to much for you to think about.

      • Leah Danes

        Where’s your “they should have obeyed the cops?” This doesn’t happen nearly as much to white folk. Maybe that’s too much for YOU to think about.

        • mikrat

          I don’t think anyone should OBEY the cops – When you have Police you have a Police State, I’m for doing away with all cops.

          I didn’t say it’s done to whites more or blacks more – I said its always been done to whites too. There are plenty of Videos to show that.

          Stop hyperventilating and read what is posted

          • Tha Baztard

            Stop playing the reverse race card. Does your rectum clench instinctively when you see this and see your privileges vaporize?

          • mikrat

            I don’t count on Privileges like a slave – I have and exercise rights as a free man.

            Grow up and go learn something.

          • Charlotte Johnson

            Well, maybe when we feel that “freedom”, we can move on. Just because it is easy for you people to lay your wickedness aside and forget about it, overlook it, ignore it, whatever, doesn’t mean that’s what everyone should do. Most whites would like for us to forget it and move on, but it’s really hard to do that when the same evilness haunts you day in and day out, and the same injustices keep you from moving on. But being white, you wouldn’t know about that. We are tired of white people telling us to shut up and be grateful while they sit around taking everything they can. We are tired of being rated no class citizens because whites feel like they can belittle us at will. We are tired of these injustices and racial slurs, threats from your backwood idiots, and unfair government. We will not be quiet, and we will not stop, until these things no longer exists. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, if you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Pick your side and move out of our way.

          • mikrat

            “feel that freedom”? – Feel it? Freedom is not given to you by some wannabe authority, Freedom is Taken by those who want to be free.

            Stop feeling sorry for yourself and stop listening to the race-baiter Al Sharpton – If you really feel so suppressed then do something because freedom wont come in the mail.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            ALL ‘whites’ are not guilty of what you accuse. Some are, some are not. Some are even on your side where fairness and justice are at issue… I will support your complaint against those ‘whites’ who are guilty of racism, but I will not condemn an entire color group simply because you apparently do not know how to temper your statements and accurately state your case. If you cannot see how racist THAT is, we don’t have much to talk over.

          • tim

            You are a stupid racist piece of shit baztard. It’s people like you that keeps are country divided

          • Mel Lewis

            As much as I agree with you, and it really isn’t a big thing, but it is a pet peeve of mine. It should read OUR country. Our is possessive, while are is a verb and has nothing in common with each other, sans the sound from certain areas of the US. Our sounds like hour, while are sounds like r. It just sounds the same way in certain areas of the US because people got lazy enunciating. That’s why you actually see tea baggers carry signs that say something like, “This is are country, we speck english”, “Get a brain morans!” they took whatever knowledge they had and let it go out the window, don’t let this happen to you too.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            do you speak to privileges or rights? I hope you realize there is a distinct difference.

          • Charlotte Johnson

            I think you missed our point. It may have been happening to whites, but the issue is, no matter what the crime, they walk away alive, whereas in most cases, there have been no crime committed and the blacks end up severly injured or dead. I’m not sure how you hold that in comparison. Such as Dylann Roof killed 9 people in a church was politely arrested with guns in his possession and was politely fed and taken to jail. A 12 year old black boy shot dead in 2 seconds because cops ASSUMED he had a real gun. George Zimmerman stalked and killed Travon Martin, no charges, no arrest, no consequences. Has been involved in multiple shooting incidences since with no arrest including on I-4. George Zimmerman was told by the police department not to follow Travon, but he continued to. At that point it was stalking and George was totally in the wrong. When whites kill others, white or black, the first thing they start investigating is did they have mental problems. Of course they had mental problems, who kills masses of people in their right mind? But the thing is, blacks are never excused for being under pressure, or having to deal with trauma, or mental incapacities. Even if those things are happening to us, the police shoot us and say they were scared because we acted violently-like the girl who had a seizure at a concert and the police shot her because they feared her violent actions (while she convulsed on the floor). Our sympathy has been diminished and we are no longer able to sympathize with those who refuse to be sympathetic to us.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            as I said, abuse creates more abusers by alienating people from any hope of having any justice or fairness… so why care if anyone else does?

          • mikrat

            ” It may have been happening to whites, but the issue is, no matter what the crime, they walk away alive”

            What absolute bullshit.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            murderers come in all colors, sizes, shapes and sexes… we must stop the racism, and come to regard the actions, the motives, the attitudes and stop the killings. unlawful killing is murder, no matter who dies, no matter who does it.

          • UwasaWahya

            Stop watching CNN ABC NBC and any of the other agenda news outlets.

          • Dennis Boylon

            If Travon didn’t start beating Zimmerman he would still be alive

          • Cougar76

            Michael Brown would still be alive, too.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            do away with all cops? then you will have to form tribes and gangs, and then designate warriors, then you will need to bind the warriors to a code of conduct and ethics so YOU an trust your own warriors… and essentially replace the cops with your own cops, who likely will, with too much power, too much covering up, become the same old cops all over again. Meanwhile you have no cops you get to engage in trying to survive roving bands of outlaws and marauders – and there is a big difference between obedience to a LAWFUL ORDER and being oppressed into obedience to anything dictated no matter what.

          • mikrat

            “and there is a big difference between obedience to a LAWFUL ORDER and
            being oppressed into obedience to anything dictated no matter what.”

            Do you even know what a Lawful Order is? Do you even know the Difference between a Lawful system and a Legal System? Doubt it.

            If you are so ignorant to think that we are not being “oppressed into obedience to anything dictated no matter what”, then you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

            The Police are not here to save your ass or protect you – They are in place to subvert you and oppress you. You are a monetary asset to collect fee’s from for the corporation they work for and serve.

            Yes get rid of the PIGS – I’ll be happy to deal with the riff raff.

            Quite being such a fucking sheeple.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            well duh if a cop tells me to kill someone on his say so alone, gosh golly gee whillikers, ya think that might be an UNlawful order? No, you are probably so smart you would do it.
            AS for a lawful system (where did you get that?) I must assume that includes, by definition, any system permitted by law… and a legal system, i.e. a system of laws and rule of law,
            So, now that I have explained that for you… perhaps you are less ignorant and ready to insult others instead of actually trying to make a lucid and relevant point.

          • Joseph Edward Bodden

            and how are you not ignorant to presume what I think, even though I have not in any wise said such? you sir, are arrogant, prideful (unearned pride at that), belligerent and obnoxious.
            Especially obnoxious since I do not in fact differ on the opinion that the creeping tide of a kinder, gentler gestapo is washing the sandy foundations from under our houses… so to speak. Nor do i challenge in any wise the obvious evolution (evil-lution?) of a corporatocracy government intent on subverting and replacing same with a knock off look alike that we are to be brainwashed into regarding as ‘rightful authority’ no matter how treasonous a betrayal of public trust it obviously is.
            And while I am at it, thanks for delegating the task of getting rid of the armed and dangerous ‘pigs’ to me, while you go tend to the riff raff.

          • Teresa Lee

            You mean “assume”….

          • Teresa Lee

            Gangs… the cops re the Biggest and MOST dangerous GANG in America.

        • Tha Baztard

          they live in constant denial
          Soon ‘white privilege’ for the poor ‘lepers’ will simply mean they wont be shot in the face so they can have an open casket funeral.

          Funny how whites expect us to accept their comments…the very same comments blacks have ALWAYS made yet they have…always downplayed. And now they expect US to embrace them? When they ‘claim’ now thee same things blacks always have?

          Naw…now its their turn. Suck it up. These white boys should have been good little boys and just done what the officer ordered them to do. Isnt that what fucking tell US?

          Wait til those tasers become bullets…whites are gonna really start whining…
          No one gives a shit til its them, right? Well its already been us and most whites down play it…so fuck them… now its our turn to down play cop brutality right back

          • UwasaWahya

            It’s a good thing that not all think like you do. You go right ahead and continue believing what you were taught.

        • Charlotte Johnson

          Another thing is they seem to be able to distinguish between tasers and guns quite well when it comes to whites. That video was 10+ minutes and everyone of them walked away unharmed and alive, not the same for blacks. Our videos never last ten minutes, and we usually have to be carried away because we are too injured to walk or dead.

        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          you think these cops don’t watch gangsta rap movies and such? you think that doesn’t play any part in the element of fear? We need to learn to care about one another as people, fear and love cannot live in the same house.

      • revelationsbook

        If the news is not reporting it, how do you know about it and how can the rest of us find out about it? If they are killing & beating as many white people as they are blacks, white people get up & do something about it like they do when they lose a game. And I don’t mean that as an insult, I serious.

      • stillnot2late

        Yes, the media stirs that crap up for their reasons

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      no. like unruly two year olds they get away with something, they just keep pushing the envelope to see how far it will stretch. Dangerously they are playing this infantile tactic with loaded guns and the temper of the general public.

    • stillnot2late

      You haven’t seen any videos then, I have a friend who send me vids of police brutality every time its a white person and man its just as bad, please believe me. I saw 4 executions of 4 white guys for nothing by cops, one had his hands on top of his head. He was the wrong guy too. Its not going to stop cause most people support what the police are doing, “justice is served” they say. very sad situations.

  • DC

    They should have asked if they were being detained lol

    • Tha Baztard

      ah…they did

  • Member548

    Police are trained to be at war with citizens. They are trained to think that every situation is likely to end in some kind of violence because we are the enemy. They are trained and indoctrinated to think that the only thing that matter is “going home to their family”, so they naturally see danger everywhere and in every situation and are quick to escalate every situation, and it’s a sad sorry state we’ve come to because the fact remains that being a patrol officer is less dangerous than being a farmer, or a sanitation worker according to the governments own statistics. Of course that doesn’t cover the percentage of officers that are callow sociopaths that would be dangerous regardless of their training.

    • Leyno Zappa

      This is because police departments are hiring too many ex-military who only a year before were patrolling war zones. In a war zone adopting a “shoot first” mentality is appropriate if you want to stay alive. If I were hiring for a police department I’d NEVER hire ex-military unless they had been out for at least ten years.

  • K Mac

    Yeah, this is pretty bad. Omnipotent cops. All that for speeding? Really?


    I don’t get what they did wrong and there was no to tase them

    • Chris Davis

      They did not comply with the officers when told to get back in you car so they got teased on your porperty or not disobeying a officer is a crime he was trying to get in his house and he saw the police behind him he should of complied
      Everybody mad at the police but you have to follow the rules

  • cookie snap

    I would have been afraid to get back in the car. Probably shot them because they thought they saw a gun. Cops on the drug destruction.

  • Michael Mueschgambino

    i honestly see this too much.. why are we just recording and taking no action there needs to be people making something where this cant be done. like i thought there were cops who arrest cops that do this… i dont understand like yeah this is horrible that this is going on… i mean where i am it luckely isnt like this. but there have been situations like this… if this is such a problem you need to bring this to a sepreme court. hell ill help out anyone who wants to go to court over this issue just email me or something

    • Charlotte Johnson

      It used to be the FBI, but they got to busy and left it up to each State Prosecutor and you know what happens to State Prosecutors who go against the good ole boys. But then again, more than 80% of State Prosecutors are men and they are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Leyno Zappa

    Forget about what you were told about the “center of mass” and aim for the head! One well-placed shot to the brain, even from a .22, will take down a charging elephant! It’s all up to you! It is your duty as good decent honest citizens of the enslaved bankrupt devastated country formerly known as the “land of the free” to rise up and rid us of the deadly porcine infestation once and for all! Victory will be ours!

  • Joyce

    Ok…was it just me or did anyone else see the young lady with the hoodie on just toss the “STASH” into the bushes?

  • Sean Crampton

    of how “peaceful” the two men might have been or said that they were,
    they did not respect authority or comply with the demands/commands of a
    law enforcement officer. Additionally, they were not very intelligent
    when it came to making yourself seem less threatening. Even with your
    hands up; to remain standing and begin walking towards a law enforcement
    officer, ignoring an officers commands/requests, arguing with an
    officer, asserting your authority and dominance over theirs, raising
    your voice, AND threatening and officer to harm you….those are all
    threatening and aggressive actions. They are not submissive or complying
    actions. *sighs* People need to understand that law enforcement
    officers are just trying to do their jobs. They are human just like
    everyone else and value their lives. People need to Learn how to
    communicate and interact with the law. It can either go extremely well
    with little-to-no incident or extremely bad with an arrest being made
    and someone getting hurt.

  • Sean Crampton

    *sighs* Regardless of however “peaceful” those two men might have been said that they were, they did not respect authority or comply with the demands/commands of a law enforcement officer. Additionally, they were not very intelligent when it came to making yourself seem less threatening. Even with your hands up and stating that you mean no harm; to remain standing and begin walking towards a law enforcement officer, ignoring an officers commands/requests, arguing with an officer, raising your voice to an officer, asserting your authority and dominance over theirs, AND threatening and officer to go ahead and harm you…..those are all dominate, aggressive and threatening actions. They are not submissive, passive, or complying actions. People need to understand that law enforcement officers are just trying to do their jobs. They are human just like everyone else and value their lives. People also need to learn how to communicate and interact with the law. If you’re respectful, cooperative, and civil, things will more-than-likely be in your favor. It can either go extremely well with little-to-no incident or extremely bad with an arrest being made and someone getting hurt.

    • Charlotte Johnson

      That may be good, obey the cop, in another country. The cop didn’t get cocky or feel threatened until his backup arrived. He had 4 people there and he was all alone, yet they made no attempts at him during the whole time. He didn’t even tase them until he was right on them telling them what to do, and as they complied, then they were tased. I understand why they didn’t want to get back in that car, The cop would have shot all of them and claimed he was afraid they were getting back in the car to get a weapon. They would all be dead, no one to dispute their actions, no one would know, case closed. See how that works in this day and time. I have heard the same excuses being used by cops all around the country and they never change. It’s like a script they must have to memorize or something. In fact, a state trooper stopped a guy, told him to get out of his truck, he did. The trooper told him to get back in the truck and get his id. When he reached in the truck, the trooper shot him and said he thought the guy was going for a weapon, all videoed. There was no weapon on the man or in his truck, trooper is still on duty. The trooper could have done a search of the man’s vehicle if he feared for a weapon prior to telling him to get his id. This is what they are taught, not shoot first, ask questions if they survive.

    • Leyno Zappa

      And if they tell you to bend over so they can sodomize you, I guess you would be OK with that? People like you are the biggest part of the problem. You have rights, the police don’t. If you are on your own property and you aren’t being arrested, you have the right to tell the cops to go piss off and leave your property. Even though they have a badge doesn’t mean they can trespass. The problem with this country is no one has the proper lack of respect for authority anymore.

  • Clifford Cj Tate

    If by Agency Standards and Guidelines, then there’s something seriously fuckin’ wrong with the agency!!

  • Charlotte Johnson

    When it was blacks, women and children the white community continue to blame it on the lifestyle of the victims, say the cops were doing their jobs, we should learn to obey the law, we should just do as we are told, we are animals that need to be caged. When blacks tried to tell whites, this was a dry run and they were next, we were racist and they didn’t have to worry because they are civilized people. Now that it’s happening to them, things need to change, laws need to reviewed, cops need to be fired, and punished. Can we finally come together and solve what seems to be a problem for everyone and get these monsters off the streets before there are no decent people left. They followed these kids home and harrassed them in their own yard. Too bad someone wasn’t hiding in the house that could have blown their butts away. I wish the people who are going around killing our innocents would turn that anger where it belongs-on these cops. See how well they can defend themselves against someone who is even crazier than them and carries guns.

  • liberatedMIND

    they should of just went back in the car and none of that would have happened

    • Leyno Zappa

      If you’re on private property, and you have committed no crime you not only have the right not to comply, but you have the right to tell the cops to get the hell off your property.

      • liberatedMIND

        it was a traffic stop, it doesnt matter where they pulled over at

        • Leyno Zappa

          Yes it does. Unless the pursuit is the result of trying to apprehend someone who has just committed a serious crime or the driver has caused injury or damage and is still a threat to public safety, the police authority to pursue ends where the public road ends. The police have no more right to trespass on private land than anyone else. Come back with an arrest or search warrant or get the hell off my property.

  • Jojo

    Finally! It happened to white males! Carry on officers!!! lol

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    funny how many times the only unnecessary use of force or weapons is wrong is when a cop gets shot… all the others (mostly) are convicted by police, out of court, without trial, of ‘suspicion of what if and fear of maybe’… and this apparently excuses summary Gestapo style executions.

  • hi.

    They are assholes, didn’t anything, so he had no reason to tell them to get in their car. They had a right to disobey him because he was being a dick. they all were and how can someone put their hands behind their head if they are being electrocuted . they should be chasing bad guys not being the bad guys and hurting innocent people.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    such a short journey from ‘to serve and protect” to ‘to assault, subjugate and control’….

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    protest=white, riot=black; thank GAWD they got this shit color coded!

  • Chris Davis

    They did not comply with the officers when told to get back in you car so they got teased It doesn’t matter if you are on your porperty or not disobeying a officer is a crime he was trying to get in his house and he saw the police behind him he should of complied
    I hate cops like the next man but they did not comply with the officers and you see the results

    • Leyno Zappa

      “if you are on your porperty or not disobeying a officer is a crime”

      No it is not. If you’re on your own property, and you’re not being arrested, and they don’t have a search warrant, you can tell the cops to fuck off and get lost. Just because they have a badge doesn’t mean they can trespass on private property. The badge doesn’t give them super-powers.

    • Bub Tanazera

      If they only got “teased” then that would be ok. These young adults posed no threat and were complying for the most part. These “peace officers” escalated this situation for NO good reason.

  • Irma

    These cops are out of control, and need to be arrested.

  • Leyno Zappa

    A quick civics question for all of you.

    Q. Under the US constitution, what rights does the government have?

    If you had to take more than a second or two to think about it, you probably got it wrong. The correct answer is, of course, “none”. The government serves at the pleasure of the people. It has certain authorities and powers only because we the people very grudgingly and with great suspicion grant it those authorities and powers needed for it to function. People are everything, governments are nothing. Only people have rights, not governments, not corporations. Government cannot exist without the consent of the governed. If this or any government insists that it has “rights”, then maybe it’s high time that such consent be revoked.

  • Angel Conde

    its time to treat the pigs as they treat us daily…like criminals and terrorist! anyone bother to ask the question WHY are cops nationwide acting this way? these orders are coming from the top to do these things and the average american citizen is deemed a threat before anything!

  • FEDup

    COPS=KILLERS!!! They prove OVER and OVER again that they are the ENEMY! Destroying civilization!

  • Warren Johnson

    These cops are plain stupid and out of control. Most of them are the Wretched of the Earth and are as dunce as bats. Oh, I just offended some bats….

  • Melissa Todd

    Let me get this right..? “…the Tasing was “’within agency standards and guidelines.'” Does that mean any corp. or business can arbitrary make company rules saying “INSERT ANYTHING HERE” so therefore the actual laws doesn’t apply, because..? It says so in the company Policies and Procedures handbook, or maybe the Company Rules and Regulations for Employees??? I’ve said this for years now, If that’s by the book, we need a new book. Just because you say it’s by the book does not mean it it just, right, or even legal.

  • Matt Iyer

    This seems like a Nazi movie at some parts. All black and white footage in the rain, non descriptive location… Oppressive men in uniforms making needless orders and threats. Using harsh, aggressive language. Using harsh, aggressive movements and assaulting guys just standing there. I half expected the kids to be taken off camera and then hear gun shots. Great stuff Spielberg, you really captured the reality of oppression.

  • Mark Norby

    The first passenger was out of line.
    All he had to do was sit in the car.
    The driver only had to sit in the car and give his license thru the window.
    The cops were too quick and willing to use tasers.

  • Jacquilinearent

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  • Leyno Zappa

    The driver handled things correctly. If only his idiot passenger would have just shut up things would have ended differently. The first thing to do, before they can open up their pig hole to tell you otherwise, is to get the hell out of the car and immediately lock the door WITH THE KEYS INSIDE (you might want to invest in a magnetic key locker). Tell your passengers to do the same. The cops now have no legal reason to enter or attempt to search the car and therefore can’t plant anything. They can look through the window, but their “search” is limited to what they can actually see. They can’t force you to open the passenger cabin or trunk, and even if they did the keys are clearly unavailable (“Whoops, look like I locked myself out officer… silly me!”). The other reason they don’t want you outside the car is because you are now in full view of the dashboard cam, the car body no longer shields it from view. If they assault you, claiming you resisted or had a weapon, they are clearly lying and the video will prove it. Second thing to do is SHUT THE HELL UP, except to utter the following phrase “I want an attorney, I refuse to answer questions, I refuse to allow a search”. Resist all attempts to engage you in conversation. They are in control of the encounter, and they are going try to prolong it as long as possible hoping you will get impatient. They’re going to try to get you to talk by saying things like, “just answer one or two questions, and you can go”. Don’t! Whatever the hell you do, do not speak! Third, ask (as many times as it takes to get a response) if you are being arrested. If they don’t give you an affirmative answer, tell them you’re leaving. If they have no legitimate reason to stop you, they may bitch, complain, intimidate, and threaten, but eventually will relent and let you drive off.

  • Jackson

    The cops told them to get back on the car 25+ times. They were trying to control the situation. The kids should have shut up and cooperated. I’m behind the police on this one.

  • James Lee

    Seriously? That sissy cop needs to find a new line of work. He’s never make it in the military.

  • Mark Stegel

    The cops were way out of line. Having said that, what the hell is wrong with people? If the cop says get in the car then get in the damn car! If you want to complain about it do it after you get done with the cops. Everyone should know by now that a lot of these guys are animals. Just lucky they weren’t shot because the cop was “in fear for his life.”

  • yourseviceman

    What about someone that has a pace maker OR just a bad heart or what ever if a person is not doing anything and the cop are JUST suspecting this would be fucked up . These cops need to start respecting the people . Things need to change THING ARE STARTING TO GET OUT OF HAND & I AM SICK OF THIS SHIT . I NO I AM A NO BODY BUT STILL PEOPLE NEED TO START PROTECTING

  • Jeff Ranger

    Bunch of pussy cops. What a cowardly way to behave. I hope they sue them.

  • Malcolm Lawrence

    I wonder how this young man feels about cops now and for the rest of his life ??? I bet he has absolutely no respect for the an no trust.
    Who could blame him if he decided to shoot every cop that pulled him up in future ???

  • Blondi

    Stupid pigs were fucking wrong fuck them these cops give all of law enforcement a bad name fuck them .

  • Marvin Knoll

    Wow there’s a lot of STUPID mother fuckers making judgments based on 1/4 of a story. YOU little bitches are why we have Trump and why we’ll have Trump again in 2020. Fucking idiocracy at it’s finest ya fuckin sheeple

    • Matthew Felton

      we have Trump, because he is what our country needs, we need to get rid of so called life time politicians and limit all terms except for the supreme court to 8 years tops.

  • Patricia Badovinac

    This all over a supposed speeding violation. This type of power trip attitude by cops gives reason for no respect for police.

  • Matt Wagner

    You know I normally don’t speak bad about cops that you have a lot of respect for him but this police officer is in wrong he should have been fired he was lying on security camera saying that there’s five of them out talking to him there’s another guy with footage and they took his cell phone that’s against at least the Second Amendment then on top of that he had no right to do it it should have been taken up to court should have been whole higher and on top of that if that’s the case then we should be allowed to tase the police officers if they’re going to use her Force like that that’s ridiculous

  • dave hug

    They feared for their lives duh what did you expect them to be fucking heroes? Let them be criminals one day they are going to fuck the wrong person up and everything will end in revolution.

  • Sam Helfrich

    The investigation CLAIMS that this was done within agency guidelines and policy. Perhaps the public should have a good hard look at just what constitutes agency policy and guidelines in these matters. Since these are always the conclusions they seem to arrive at, obviously the problem lies in the agency’s guidelines and procedures. THAT’S what the people should be talking about.

  • Tothe

    “Obey or we hurt you. Reason has no place in our policy!”

  • Stefan

    Always thought the police should be more reasonable when there’s no clear and present danger. They can’t treat everyone like crap just because they’re always scared for their lives, even when people try to show their cooperation. It’s not really just a race issue in my mind but I think black people do get it the worse. Then the “justice” system can extort a plea deal out of you once you get into court. Lol.

  • Dennis Boylon

    Unless they had their lights on before they pulled into their driveway the cops were trespassing and should go to prison for felony assault.

  • wade

    Looks like the taxpayers will pay the tan to settle a lawsuit.

  • John Redman

    You can do this kind of thing to white guys. Try that on black guys. They will hand the police their ass in a bucket.

  • Teresa Lee

    I despise US cops. You act like a pack of wolves, bunch of nasty little boys who feel they are above the law In their little boy blue uniforms. and they wonder why so many people hate them and have no respect for them? When will the court’s start really doing something about this BS.. STOP the slaps on the wrist and throw these animals in jail where they belong. Oh yeah that’s right “the good ole boy system. USA is so corrupt! SHAME ON YOU!

  • Cougar76

    What do I think? I think two guys escalated the situation. From the cops point of view, they refused to follow simple directions that would have protected all parties until backup arrived to ensure that a lone cop was not in a threatening situation. “Hands up” is what Michael Brown supposedly said.