Remember the Cop Who Tased a Handcuffed Woman? American Citizens Just Put Him in the Hospital.


MCALESTER — Do you remember the cop that tasered a handcuffed woman in the chest while his buddies just stood there and watched?

Her name is Nakina Williams.

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His name is Officer Sterling Taylor of the McAlester Police Department, and after this vulgar display of power, he was allowed to remain on the force.


Karma refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

Could the following be an incident be an example of Karma?

Three men beat up and choked the cop who tased a handcuffed woman. He was hospitalized after the men attacked him.


According to a court affidavit filed in the case, McAlester police were dispatched Saturday night to a fight at 725 S. D St.

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The affidavit states that officer Sterling Taylor was the first to arrive and was advised by Dustin Williams that the fight was over and “everything was okay.”

The affidavit alleges Taylor attempted to talk to the father and sons at the scene and all three told him that the fight had ended and told Taylor to leave.

The affidavit alleges Taylor warned the Williamses they could be arrested after they allegedly threatened bodily harm to men who had been involved in the fight.

The affidavit alleges that’s when Taylor was attacked by all three men, and was choked.

Once Taylor was able to use his portable police radio to call for help, the men quit fighting and went inside their home, the affidavit alleges.

Taylor followed them into the home to arrest them, the affidavit states.

The three then attacked Taylor inside the home until other officers arrived, the affidavit alleges.

The affidavit states Taylor was transported to McAlester Regional Health Center where he was treated and released.

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Hayden and Dustin were also taken to MRHC, treated and released to police custody, according to McAlester Police Det. Sgt. Chris Morris.

Ironically enough, Taylor’s attackers shared the same last name as the woman he tasered.

Originally published by The Free Thought Project.


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  • Dfro

    Good fuck the corrupt pigs!!!

  • Adam Brian

    Should have killed him and claimed justifiable homicide cause now he will go to court and lie. Of course they will believe him. Of course he’s crooked. Of course he deserves to be brutaly murdered.

    • Ron

      Really? Kill him? What is wrong with you?

      • jonny

        Cops need to die its only way they will learn to respect people n to do their job right

        • Adam Brian

          Exactly. At this point in time with all the corruption. The only way to fight tyrannist is with force. Least the Bundy’s know this and acted. To bad they didn’t get some of those bastards.

          • Adam Brian

            Oh yeah and they didn’t spit on anyone yet.

        • Racerx9965

          U should lead us and start the killings words are for wimps

      • Ben Dover

        Fair is fair….. He wants to be a superhero, this is how superheros go out. It catches up to them if there’s any justice in this life.

      • Travis Worthington

        Yeah put wings on that fucking pig #WINGSONPIGS#

    • Lord Skeletor

      Perhaps that’s exactly what you need, Adam. Dumb people in the world, steal the rest of the world’s oxygen. Either you are a gigantic pussy—and would just stand there if somebody spit in your face—given your Internet tough-guy talk, you probably would let somebody spit in your face…multiple times before you started crying and running back you to your house—er your mom’s house before you locked yourself into their basement and cried yourself to sleep..

      Sorry…but if somebody spits (carrying HIV/Hepatitis/or God-knows-what), they need their ass kicked. Period.

      • Adam Brian

        Ur sofa king we Todd did. No one like your post and get out of here government paid troll. Cops should be professional and not resort to violence which is the first thing they do. Second I’m not a cop so if someone spit in my face they would surely get and ass kicken then I would be in jail for a felony. Cops commit felonies and get away with it just like here. I would be doing a fifty years sentence for kicken someone’s ass for spitting on me which is a misdemeanor troll. So troll go post somewhere else so you can get paid for creating the discourse supplied by millions of taxpayers dollars from the fed ya damned troll thief.

        • Fuck Off

          The fact you have children is upsetting. I’m reporting you to child protective services. I hope a cop kills you when they come to take away your kid. You worthless subhuman piece of shit.

      • Home Health Care

        you probably would let somebody spit in your face…multiple times
        before you started crying and running back you to your house—er your
        mom’s house before you locked yourself into their basement and loaded your Glock to seek revenge.


        • Roger Esparsa

          Oh so since this is the time that violence from cops happens more and more often then not that makes it OK and we should just accept it ? WTF are you thinking? NO what needs to happen is more and more people need to ban together and start attacking back in large masses every time they see cops doing this shit. That will show them they can’t play Judge and Jury.

          • James Jackson

            I agree

    • Fuck Off

      I hope your kids get killed and you’re left even more bitter knowing you’re a failure of a father.

  • Diane

    Only bad thing is they didn’t choke the bastard enough! Cops like this piece of shit should be removed from duty and if the police departments do not do their duty to the people, then the people should take that away from the department and do it themselves.

  • Amercian Pig

    Too bad they didn’t put a bullet in his ass…but why waste a good bullet on this useless fuck.

  • Thinknexttime

    Should have just charged her with assaulting an officer. She’s a cunt, and he’s retarded, so this happened.

  • sone871

    thank god there are people who still have a brain that are willing to fight for what is right
    hope he fucking gets a flesh eating bacteria from the hospital

  • Rightway1208

    No shit. Should have put him in the hospital for a lot longer. Chickenshit pos.

  • jagragg

    Coincidence? BULL~! All three of the men that beat the hell out’a that cop all

  • I don’t see any evidence of this? Just some text proves me nothing…

  • AW

    A live in McAlester and our police force is a joke. I was pulled over for throwing a cig out the window…….I don’t smoke. Jack ass.

    • Fuck Off

      Then what did you throw out your window, jackass? It’s too bad you weren’t tased and paralysed from the neck down.

  • Clive Smith


  • Donovan Bock

    *stood THERE and watched

  • Rastus

    They should have held him and kicked him in the nuts and kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked, etc.,etc.,etc…

  • Antigovt

    The bastard lived, not the ending i was looking for….

  • Militia

    She spit in his face.
    I’d have shot her with a bullet.
    The end.

  • gwhosubex

    Oh, 4 cops witness it happen, and don’t do SHIT. JACK SHIT.

    Most cops are good? Please. Most cops sit around, let the “bad cops” do brutally violate and often times murder people. They’re too scared for their own hide. There’s probably an extremely highly punishable code to maintain appearances, to not strike or stop a fellow officer, and not make them look bad in front of people like a sick game of “don’t make me look bad in front of the kids honey.”

    They swore to uphold the constitution. They say they’re the good guys. They say they’re necessary and honorable and doing a civic duty.

    But they’re the ones not doing shit to stop the most dangerous criminals: the ones with power, huge leniency and immunity, and the ones trained – their fellow cops.

    They swore to uphold the constitution, protect rights, and (oh dear god i’m going to say it) “serve and protect”, yet they’re the ones trying to get you to give up your rights and confess, rather than proactively informing you of your rights, and proactively keeping them intact.

    These guys are the worst scum in society. 300 million people can handle a few gangsters if the cops would step out of the way, not enforce legalized theft of +30% of income tax in the human farm known as countries, and not enforce arms control laws.

    They’re shitbag road pirates who have laptops in their squad cards while giving tickets to people using google maps on their phone. Hypocrites x1000

  • vicarofrevelwood .

    we as American citizens must instill upon police the balance of fear. that is those of us who have seen the beaten and broken bodies of innocence who have been subject to the largest most well-funded gangs in the world. We must instill upon those inflicting such injuries a balance of fear. Something they should think might happen if they act inappropriately. Chinese citizens do this all the time, when police get out of hand they instil a corrective fear in them!

  • Instigator


  • Getter dunnn

    Should have killed the bastard. He gives good cops a bad name. Coward!!

  • Ben Dover

    “the affidavit states”… “the affidavit alleges”… “the affidavit says”… Gawd, a *little more talent on the writing end please… But good a cop got beat up, one is never enough.

    • Drakenfly

      No such thing…just like the cops say guilt by association, they’re ALL bad…

  • andrea grima

    you all need to take your medications…cause none of you make sense

    • Drakenfly

      I fixed your grammatical errors. Even added a period to the end of the sentence. “You all need to take your medications…because none of you make sense.”

      • andrea grima


  • Bill Burgess

    Karma? Fool.

  • Kennethpytn

    They should have beat his ass. He is a sorry piece of racist shit.

  • Racerx9965

    Tired of hearing all the tough keyboard warriors. Do something don’t make believe your so badass and then climb under your covers and hug your teddy bear.

  • Todd Jensen

    Right in the chest too.

  • missgigi

    Strange, after telling him the fight was over, the cop persisted. I’ll bet he knew exactly who those people were and still engaged them, ALONE. Well, I have news for ALL of you cop apologists. The day is coming when the descendants of the Slave Patrollers will reap what they’ve sown. THis goes for cops and whites int this country. See how fast his Karma hit him. It’s going to hit the whole nation just like that after this election. Just remember, you reap what you sow and the people that pay your damn salaries are done with your fucknuttery. Plenty more of youwill fall before they do away or retrain you cops. And we’ll just sit here and watch, because it’s going to be a crazy white man that they claimed was a loner that will wake all of them up .