REPORT: It’s “Common” For Cops to Steal Nude Pics from Women’s Cell Phones and Share Them With the Department

cop convicted of rape


A report has surfaced indicating that a police officer with the California Highway Patrol has been accused of invading women’s privacy.

The officer was stealing photos that women took of themselves and stored on their smart phones, reports say.

He would particularly steal the nude or suggestive photos, according to reports.

Apparently he was able to do this by arresting them on “drunk driving charges.”

He is suspected of confiscating their phones at that point and getting the photos.

But it gets worse.

Reports suggest that he would then share the photos with fellow officers.

The Contra Costa Times indicates that Officer Sean Harrington admitted to what he called a “game” that officers would play.

The game involved circulating photos of nude or provocative women that were stolen from their phones.

He said he learned to play it in Los Angeles, and admitted doing it at least half a dozen times, “over several years,” according to reports.

It is a sobering reminder to guard one’s information and privacy.

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CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow says his agency has launched an investigation, adding that the allegations anger and disgust him.

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UPDATE: Officer Resigns, Charged With Felonies

Christian Beltz, with Photography is Not a Crime, has released the following:

After recently being exposed for leaking explicit photographs of female arrestees, California Highway Patrolman Sam Harrington has resigned from the agency and charged Friday with two felonies for allegedly sharing these pictures with fellow officers.

According to reports from the Contra Costa Times, Harrington, 35, faces up to three years and eight months in prison under the two counts of computer theft filed against him Friday afternoon in Contra Costa County Superior Court. Harrington submitted his resignation to the CHP on Wednesday, according to a statement released by his attorney Friday afternoon.

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  • Jason_Adrian

    Big leap of logic between a few cops and a practice being “common” among all police officers. Hopefully AdWords can figure out how to discount inaccurate clickbait titles like the above, and hopefully you all can stop trivializing real instances of police violence and abuse by writing outright misleading, sensationalist copy about one-off outlier cases.

    We all have slow days at work. Write responsibly.

    • Ira Getraer

      Well the article says that Harrington was caught doing it while working in Dublin, but that he learned it in Los Angeles. So he learned it at another department and taught it to people at a new one he was at.

      Are you really so naive to think this is an isolated incident with a small group of officers?

      • Jason_Adrian

        “2 Precincts” != “Common”

        Incredible that need be pointed out to you.

  • Bill Weihrouch

    Here’s a thought. Don’t take nude pictures of yourself with your phone to begin with…..

    • wildnette

      Cops don’t have a right to go through a persons phone without a warrant. I seriously doubt they could get a warrant for that over a dwi. If someone wants to be stupid enough to take nude photos of themselves, that is their right. Cops should respect the privacy of others. They’d not be happy if someone went through their personal property.

    • Mike

      Bill, we have rights, and our phones are private personal devices. You need a warrant to search through a phone. And what you’re trying to justify is a drink female taken advantage of. What if it was your daughter? Or Son. I bet you’re a pig. You must be otherwise you wouldn’t be defending this criminal. So had she not taken PRIVATE photos of her self he’d still have a job. What business of it was his to take the photos as his own and redistribute them with out any written or verbal consent. Go to he’ll you anti American

      • Kat Carroll

        First of all, the policeman allegedly violated her rights by snooping through her phone, when she was suspected of drunk driving. 2nd, he circulated those pictures, which brought his arrest. He is an embarrassment to his squad. I realize that no one is an angel, but jeeze, at least we are hoping that our policemen are more intelligent than this. BTW, I love this country and respect our police. I am trusting that they will continue to keep my respect. Also, to those who take naked pictures on their phone, store then on a jump drive and erase them from your phone ASAP (just a suggestion). And yes, I do consider this officer acted as a predator when he did this ( Shakes her head ).

    • House and Vader

      Here’s a thought, don’t blame the victim.

    • gene

      Your a dickhead. How could you come up with a conclusion like that after reading this? Get a brain.

    • Joshua Blue

      Bill… you’re clearly just another fool who finds it easier to blame the victim rather than admit the system you so foolishly believe in has failed.

    • Brad Erthal

      “If you don’t want people to steal your Porsche, maybe you shouldn’t own such an expensive car.” Why don’t we ever hear victim-blaming for property crimes?

    • Wow

      There is stupid, and then there is “Bill”-kind-of-stupid.

    • Bill Weihrouch

      LOL. How come everyone is so quick to jump on my ass here. I never said what the cops did was ok, all I said was anyone that takes nude photos of themselves and leaves them on their phone is only asking to be abused by some pervert… AND if you think that a cop can’t be a pervert, then I’d say you’re the idiot, not me.