Road Rage Cop Opens Fire in Parking Lot, Guns Down a Father and His Son


BRAINBRIDGE — A road rage incident involving an officer has left a town shaken.

According to reports, Derek Prindle and his father were driving in a parking lot near Peak Fitness to finish running some errands, when Officer John Guzy became upset in a traffic dispute with them.

Officer Guzy is a former NYPD officer and is now working as an officer in Chenango county, the Chenango County Sheriff said.

Rather than moving on after the traffic dispute, Officer Guzy became enraged and decided to escalate things by pulling out a gun.

That’s when people inside the fitness center heard a series of gunshots coming from the parking lot.

Officer Guzy opened fire on Derek Prindle, shooting him twice and killing him as his dad watched.

Autopsy reports revealed that Derek died from a bullet that ripped through his chest.

Derek’s father began trying to wrest the gun from Officer Guzy but Guzy then shot the father as well.

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The father, Derek Prindle Sr., was rushed to the hospital and his condition right now is not known.

“He was such a kind and gentle soul,” Joyce Prindle said about her son Derek.

“Everybody who knew him said what integrity he always had.”

“He was very family-oriented,” she said. “Nobody can believe that something like this could happen to him.”

Officer Guzy was arraigned and is being held in Chenango County Jail.

Police assured the public that an investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE: Officer Guzy has been charged with 2nd degree murder. 

The father remains hospitalized at Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City.

His son, Derek Prindle, is being mourned by his family and community after being pronounced dead due to a bullet piercing his chest.

“My son was only 26-years-old and this is a great loss. He had a future ahead of him…he had so much more to get out of life…,” said his mother.

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  • Noah Halbfoster

    Let me guess he did nothing wrong and is on vacation…. Someone needs to start killing these fuckers

    • Tony Porphir

      He is in jail with charges of second degree murder.

      • Noah Halbfoster

        That’s a start we will see if convicted or not

      • deathfrogg

        Only until the press story dies down, then he’ll be back on the job. Cops are almost never convicted.

        • dagobarbz

          That’s we citizens need a League of Dexters to hunt these people down after the furor’s died away…

          • Dan Moore

            I like the idea of a League of Dexters. I know of a couple of people that need to be “Dextered”.

          • DaveM48

            A “League Of Dexters”. I like the idea. They won’t even need to go hunt anyone down. Just make it known far and wide that wherever someone with a badge might decide to turn vigilante, there MIGHT be someone on a nearby rooftop with a sniper rifle. A far more effective deterrent than a camera which can be disabled or “reinterpreted” as needed.

          • Crona

            if u in the chicago area im down for some pig hunting

        • Phasung Baccam

          Pension is wating for him pay leave too
          He be out after the trial back on the job
          Someone should wait for him soon he walk out that jail

      • rob

        Yeah, keep believing he will be tried.

      • Ann

        God forbid the guy actually reads the story. SMH

        • Tom Lowe

          Let us hope that he does. And you? What is your excuse?

          Are you saying he will target civilans again, or are you saying he might feel bad that some people are angry that he committed First Degree Murder and Attempted Murder?

      • Bridgett Cash

        Should be first degree murder.

        • bbp

          First degree is planned. This wasnt planned

          • shebebanginyo

            doesn’t have to be “planned.”

          • Enn

            Yes it does, try studying up on the law; Second degree murder is spontaneous or unplanned, for example road rage. First degree murder is intentional, and premeditated, for example, plotting to murder for the sake of revenge.
            What that officer did is a serious fuckup that should stand testament to the undeniable fact that the police system in America is OUT OF CONTROL.

            This man needs to stay behind bars for what he did. That sort of behavior is inexcusable for an officer of the law.

          • shebebanginyo

            Uhhhhm I am studied up on the law and first degree murder does not have to be planned. Premeditation can legally happen in a split second, no planning necessary. You need to study up on the law and stop using TV as your guide to reality.

          • James Stemba

            You’re studied on the law? I doubt it.

            past tense: premeditated; past participle: premeditated
            think out or plan (an action, especially a crime) beforehand.

          • shebebanginyo

            You obviously don’t know enough about the law to know that it has been determined time and again throughout the States that premeditation can be formulated in a split second. You are ignorant.

          • James Stemba

            Really? If it’s been shown “time and time again,” then you should have no problem presenting at least one (and should have no issue presenting many) cases where premeditation was “formulated in a split second.” Please, one case. One. As it stands, you’re showing you’re a know-it-all who knows nothing. Also, the real kick is, this case is in NY. NY Code – Section 125.27 is pretty clear as to what makes murder in the first. This case, as described in the article, doesn’t meet that definition.

            So, tell me again where you got your GED in law?

          • shebebanginyo

            You are clearly an ignoramus. If you knew the law at all you would know that it has been established in various states that premeditation can be formulated in a split second before the act. Try reading the Homicide section of this book and stop acting like an ignorant fool.

          • shebebanginyo

            Ever read Justice Brantly’s ruling pertaining to the Montana vs Spotted Hawk? Probably not, simpleton.
            ” Justice Brantly held that the following instruction was a: ‘Substantially correct statement of the law: . . . premeditation is thought before hand for any length of time, however short. Deliberation does not mean brooded over, considered, reflected upon for a week, or day, or an hour, but it means the intent to kill, executed by the party not under the influence of a violent passion suddenly aroused … but in the furtherance of a formed design to gratify a feeling of revenge, or to accomplish some other purpose; that is, it means in a cool state of blood, and is usually characterized by what are termed ‘cold-blooded murders’ such as proceed from deep malignity of heart, and are prompted by motives of revenge or gain.’ “

          • shebebanginyo

            LOL, just what I thought, simpleton. You got schooled. Now stop acting like a fool on the internet and pretending like you know everything with your small world of knowledge. Educate yourself.

          • Guest 86

            Jacksonville Florida, 2014. Michael Dunn convicted of 1st degree murder for the shooting death of Jordan Davis at a gas station. Jurors were instructed 1st degree can be split second, didn’t have to be “planned”! In this case, he fired shots, paused and started firing again, that was considered “premeditated”!

          • three seconds ago i read your #stoopid comment . the fact of me reading it is now in the past . just now i decided (in the past) to tap this message to you . that means i premeditated on whether to respond to your ignorance

          • Keith

            ^^^FACT: first-degree murder is defined as an unlawful killing that is both willful and premeditated, meaning that it was committed after planning or “lying in wait” for the victim – See more at: First degree murder is PLANNED. End of story.

          • Wolfie

            He sure as hell had something on his mind,,if not these two then maybe a mother and child,,I think he had a mind to kill someone that day!!

          • Floyd Wilson

            The time between the pig’s traffic mishap and the time he hunted down two innocent Citizens is plenty of time for premeditation.

          • forqalso

            You’re right. When people say “planned” we think days or weeks ahead. What did the killer plan to do when he decided to follow the victims into the parking lot? He had plenty of time to choose between giving the other guys the finger or arming himself and shooting them.

          • The Glider

            It has to be “premeditated.” And the courts have held that the intent to form premeditation can take only seconds.

        • Marion1

          He has immunity. That’s why they don’t care.

    • hans

      Eric Frein was on it, but he got caught, according to CNN the pigs put him in the “slain cop’s handcuffs” hahaha oh man…. why isn’t CNN talking about this anyways? hmmm.

      • JonEdHil

        I predict a new verb will soon enter the English language: “Frein”, as in “to Frein (ambush, jump,etc.) cops when they do not police themselves or get off for murder, assault, and other felonies simply because of their connections and badges may be seen by some as a necessary evil.”

      • don

        isn’t it weird that they spend 7 million dollars to catch frein, but if it was any other shooter, they would catch him when they had time. they wasted 7 million tax payers dollars to catch their friends killer. they should pay the 7 million out of their own pockets seeing how they could have just done it like normal and not had over 1000 staties on payroll.

        • dagobarbz

          Here’s an idea. Next time, use the Frein character as bait to lure all the little piggies out into the deep dark woods where there are wolves and bears…

        • Tom Lowe

          Thus they will all go down together as well.

      • dagobarbz

        Frein picked the wrong targets; innocent cops. I know you’re gonna argue that none are innocent, but I think he should have googled “cop suspended with pay” and made him a list of vile pigs who have abused and murdered citizens and got a paid vaca out of it.

        • Uncle Arty

          I think shooting 2 cops on their own turf sends a much stronger message

        • ‘innocent cops’ … a contradiction if i’ve ever seen one

    • Sam

      I’m tired of reading comments like these, yes something needs done, does it really have to involve such a braindead, Neanderthal-type approach that these “troopers” often employ? By advocating murdering another person you’re just as bad as these guys pal, revolution’s the only true answer to the problem. That’s only gonna happen when enough people get off the social media sites and actually get on the streets and see to real change personally.

      • Deej

        umm Sam, i hope you understand that revolution entails murder. You surely don’t believe the government will sit by and watch as power is wrested from them?

        • JonEdHil

          “revolution entails murder.” Would that include our own? Haiti’s revolt against France? The Romanian’s against Ceausescu? Did the French Resistance “murder” Nazis and Nazi sympathizers? If one strictly defines murder as the unlawful killing of a person then, yes, all of these entailed “murder”. But most would argue there is a higher “law” that makes the killing of an oppressor legitimate. That said, it often follows that if the oppressed win, it’s legitimate; if the oppressor wins, it’s murder!

        • revolutionbrown

          Not murder. Purely self defense (what revolution entails). if I remember right revolution and tails arresting people not killing them.

        • shebebanginyo

          What are you waiting for then, you coward? Oh yea, you’re too busy on the internet. You’re a joke.

      • Shane Walter Pond

        DO u actually think revolution is gonna be none violent? if you answer yes then i say lay off the bath salts lmao… you shun these people then preach revolution its mind boggling lmao

      • dagobarbz

        Nothing happens “on the streets.” That is nothing more than an attention-focussing exercise. What needs to happen is the laws have to be changed.
        No more public money used to pay off lawsuits.
        Gut the police union’s power.
        Require departments and individual officers to carry insurance.
        Require individual officers to carry cameras that cannot be switched off and that send footage to the cloud where the officer can’t tamper with it.

        Then there’s plan B. Kill ’em all, let dogs sort ’em out.

      • Tom Lowe

        Alas, it will come from outside of the country. USA is a sick puppy in need of outside help. It has good basic laws but the government is all shot through with outright criminals like John Guzy. It is corrupted, ill, festering and staggering.



      • Barbara Keehn

        clearly we live in a police state please have notarized beyond believe and we the public are the enemy combatants the unarmed enemy combatants. cops murder people everyday in the most heinous ways beating a mentally ill man to death in front of God and everybody caught on 5 different camera angles and they didn’t spend the day in jail it happens every day all day Cops do not care about you or me they work for the money when the American people have enough and get off their lazy asses and go and vote impeach political lawmakers that don’t do their job start taking part in the system then and only then will we see a change, but just like in Germany as Hitler was murdering people people just didn’t care unless they were directly affected what are you going to do when they come for you?


          Barbara Keehn you are 100% correct. Keep up the good fight

    • pauldmasley

      Hopefully you will get stopped, start talking trash and pull your weapon. I just wonder if you would even have the gonads to even pull a weapon, much less use it.

      • Tom Lowe

        A pen is my weapon.

    • techiewayne


    • Tom Lowe

      An open source national database needs to be compiled of: 1) LEA personnel who commit crimes under color of authority; 2) DAs & US Attorneys who refuse to investigate or prosecute them; 3) judges who give criminal cops light sentences or let them off.

      Then when this ‘Lord Of The Flies’ era is over with, all these criminals can be ID-ed, hunted down and prosecuted.

    • BiteMyShinyMetalAss

      “Officer” Guzy will be tried next month, stay tuned….

  • Brimstone Hill

    Police assured the public that an investigation is ongoing. Police don’t assure shit but a mess and mayhem.

  • michael92064

    The fitness center manager needs some PR training….top concern that his parking lot is not remembered as a crime scene

    • JustSaying

      He shouldn’t be worried about that, and neither should the people. They should all be more worried about how many of their police in the department that are corrupt enough to do something like this. They should also attend the fitness center more often, get ready for martial law.

  • uncensoredfreespeechdotcom

    “he looked like he was going for a gun” will be all he needs to say to not only get off scot free but get a bonus as well and a clap on the back while the police union sings “For he’s a jolly good fellow…”

  • don

    not once did action news mention he was a cop lol !! just sayin..

    • nod

      Good. I hope no one DOES start treating him as a cop and stops treating him as a murderer…..

      • Jude I⚡caяiot

        No, it’s important to mention that he’s a cop and a murderer.

  • Moo

    So the whole, “they attacked me and reached for my gun” excuse only works if they are black, huh? That must have been an awkward conversation with the DA. “Well, ordinarily, you would be a hero on FoxNews right now, with a million dollar defense fund and a career on talk radio ahead of you, but did you not notice how white their skin was before you started shooting?”

    • Scott Downey

      So, how’s the race baiting lifestyle working out for you? I will admit that racism exists. But every time a cop rapes/murders/extorts/Robs a white person, he isn’t held accountable. It’s not a race war, it’s a social level war, and the rich are winning … for now.

    • Fuckyou

      You’re a racist idiot. Educate before you open your cocksucker.

      • Shane Walter Pond

        how do you intend to be taken seriously while using that profanity.. ur point totally gets lost in translation and you end up looking like the bigger jackass… “facepalm”

      • Robyn Ryan

        Well… aren’t you special….

    • Kat Ford

      That’s it moo, stir the racism pot. People like you are the reason racism did not die in the last mellimum. What an asshole.

      • JonEdHil

        Uh, no, not necessarily: People like this and myriad others that I see commenting on sites like Breitbart, Fox, National Review, Western Journalism, etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum are the reason racism will never die. Moo might be an asshole, I don’t know; hell, for all I know, YOU might be the asshole (or I might be!) That said, racism is alive and well and it does drive many a persons philosophy, politics, actions and motivations. Scott Downey’s comment is a little more circumspect and I am inclined to agree with him, but Moo does have a point—to an extent. One cannot (honestly) deny that minorities are treated differently and judged more harshly than whites in similar situations. Only a fool would say “always” or “every time”, but it is nonetheless generally true.

    • Mary Gerelene Dominici

      Come on — keep color out of this — but of course you might not be able to think higher than batman.

    • annie

      If you ever watched Fox News, “Moo”, maybe you wouldn’t be such an ignorant twat.
      Keep sucking that short dog.

    • Sambo Caesar

      There are witnesses in both accounts. I’ll wager the father, and son didn’t choke a store clerk before all this took place. Ignorant people such as yourself can’t argue anything. Just that old moldy “it’s cuz I’m black.” Pathetic. To bad ya can’t fix that IQ.

  • Guest


  • Aliel The Heretic

    This pretty much explains it.

    • Guest


  • Enrique Elizondo

    Cop got a promotion and is running for congress as a republican and family values plan

    • Really?

      Typically when a father is unable to prevent someone from killing his son, the killer is an abortionist, and the abortionist is a Democrat.

      And here in lovely ol’ North Carolina, the Democrat candidate for Senate has the cop endorsement. So how’s ignorance working for ya?

      • Enrique Elizondo

        Not as well as your stupidity …..Abortionist? your mother should have know that back then

        • Your inane and vapid observation is not improved by your further inane and vapid observation. But please, like opposing mirrors, continue to focus your ignorance inward.

          • Rob Lindner

            Your usage of the words “vapid” and “observation” are redundant I bet you (sadly) had to look for those in a thesaurus.

          • Yuuzhan

            i sure as hell bet you had to look em up Rob. Along with redundant.

          • Apparently, Rob, you will be needing to do that. Vapid does not = observation. Silly rabbit.

    • GuamTippedOver

      Cops=Police Unions=Democrat

      Own your people comrade.

      • JonEdHil

        Um, I’d do a little research on that if I were you. Cops OVERWHELMINGLY vote Republican. I mean, seriously, can you think of ANY group in the world that would oppose liberal values more than law enforcement? Your little algorithm there ignores the fact that “union” isn’t the only issue on the ballot, and because the police unions are historically very powerful, Republicans don’t generally mess with them. A more honest equation would look like this: Cops=Law and Order/Lock ’em Up and Throw Away the Key=Republican, or, perhaps, Cops=Conformity/Unquestioned Obedience to Authority=Republican.

        • GuamTippedOver

          Nonsense. Police Unions and Democrats are inextricable entwined by their shared crooked goals. Own your people comrade – you vote for ’em so you get ’em.

      • Dark_Space

        That’s cute that you guys think it’s a Democrat vs Republican problem, but reality has shown both favor more government to oversee more control over the people. Start thinking about it as us versus them.

  • DemilitarizeThePolice

    What concerns me is the slant of this news article. I watched twice and my hearing is not all that great, but why did they leave out the reason he had a gun… his job?

    • Scott Downey

      Anyone have a link to the video that actually works? I can’t get the thing to load.

    • OpenyourEyes

      He was a cop. Read it in the description part. Your question should be why the fuck did the news not saying ANYTHING about his previous, and/or current career?

  • Roger Wilco

    If you seriously think this fucker will get “out” because he’s a “cop”, you’re a deluded fucknut (and most likely american).
    He will die in prison. And if he doesn’t, he better move to fucking Africa, because certain people shall track him down and rip his body apart. Next?

    • Betterrogerwilco

      Aren’t we spunky did you need to take a deep breath after that mister keyboard warrior, maybe a warm wash cloth to stroke your little wilco with, maybe so gator aid? Here’s a pat on the back “little” man
      *pat* it’s what you were after anyway

      • Wilco-NtinueToBeStupidAsFuck

        Haha nice name.

    • sally

      whats america have two do with it and what make you better were are you from dumass

    • Wilco-NtinueToBeStupidAsFuck

      If you seriously believe what you just typed, you’re one blind, def and dumb mother fucker. (& MOST FUCKING definitely don’t live in America)
      Plenty of police officers have been sent to jail at first for killing people, until the press/media go away, then he gives a bullshit excuse and he gets paid leave.
      Only one cop was actually held accountable that i can recollect, and ALL HE GOT WAS FIRED. WOOH!

      Is it not odd to you that the news report video said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about his current/previous career?

      You need to open your eyes already, holy shit.

      • Armed Grandpappy

        Yeah, he got fired…..then hired by the next town down the road. Big whoop!

    • Bob Manke

      wrong, sir. he gets out with a slap on the wrist is all. oh, the pity, he gets a slap on his wrist and they are both dead. what could be wrong with that, they being “little people”?

  • ben dover

    No trial needed i will donate the bullet and the BBQ grill

  • withavengeance

    Puhleez, spare me this b.s.

  • AS1124

    notice they don’t mention or make a big issue about it being a cop that murdered yet another innocent American.

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Yep, I noticed that it wasn’t mentioned at all. Pathetic.

  • McMuffinMan

    Why didn’t they mention ONCE that he was a cop?

    • MuffinMcMan

      Because, press/media help them out. They’re all in cahootz.

      • sally

        right and we all know cops get a way with muder and every thing elec

  • Mira

    He should get the death penalty

  • RB569

    It was not revealed until later on the day that this video was shot that the shooter was a retired NYPD Officer who relocated to the area over 10 years ago and a current Corrections officer. Ironically, he is being held at the institution he worked in. Once the fact that he was a retired NYPD Officer was released, WBNG and other news media in the area did report that. This is not something that will be forgotten in this area, whether the media forgets about it or not. The grandparents of the young man who was killed live 2 miles from me and I will remember every time I drive by their home. His family and closest friends will also not forget. This man is to make an appearance before a judge at 11:00 am this morning.

  • havokjuggalo

    That cop will get away with it. Some how the police will turn if into he was a black man child molester that went after his gun even though he never left his car. They will turn it into something to protect that cop and keep him on the job. Thats the new america. We are all guilty but the cops are innocent until proven….. well we know how that ends with internal affairs. Cops protecting cops. Its time to stand up and get our rights back.

  • Convergence87


  • annie

    I hope the pig is in general population.

    • RB569

      I’m guessing he is in protective custody since he is a corrections officer at the jail he is being held at.

  • jimmyt

    No wonder the people have turned on these animals with badges

  • John’s Kawasaki

    ooooooops, another normal day for an ASSSSSSSSSHOLE MOTHERFUCKEN COP

  • John’s Kawasaki


  • Armed Grandpappy

    And the district attorney will say this cop acted “within the scope of his duty” and put him back to work without any charges being filed. When is the public going to start fighting back against these bullies that were picked on in the 8th grade and now have a chip on their shoulder? Where do they find these rejects of society?

  • Justin Finch

    Ex. NYPD…Does this really surprise ANYONE?

  • IHateFatChicks

    Most LE is comprise of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, violent psychopaths and troglodytes with double digit IQ’s. They’re despicable.

  • rob

    They meant to say he is on paid vacation and will be back to killing innocent people after they clear him of murder. Prob have the dad arrested for assault and resisting arrest as well

  • 12q

    the cop serves the bar attorneys so the cop will not be punished.
    losethename dot com
    babylon is fallen

  • TheJokool .

    Kill this pig bastard

  • JonEdHil

    In jail for now, but was probably “in fear for his life and/or safety” and will probably get off.

  • dufas_duck

    Police = “We will investigate the situation and find that we never do anything wrong….”

  • wildagreen

    he will not be convicted and if he is, it will be some minor sentence…pigs look after pigs…its as simple as that.

  • wildagreen

    i would also like to point out that if this had been a black victim, the media and the government would be going nuts…bec ause it is white folk, it doesnt count.

  • Dan Mnphatboy Scamp Sr.

    road rage or was it roid rage it was out side a gym and the father wrote plate # in the dirt on his car so not only did he shoot them he ran too? Guilty but will walk in fear for his life and a cop

  • Nancy Duggan

    I had to Google Chenango County to find out what state this outrage took place in. Might want to inform readers at the top of the story.

  • Liberty Bell
  • Starsfan6878

    My heart goes out to this poor family. The loss of a child, even a grown one, is just about the hardest thing to endure. I know. And to lose him to a senseless act like this makes it worse.

    On a different note, it’s amazing how the video clip utterly fails to identify this thug murderer asshole as a cop.

    If you only saw the newscast and didn’t read this article, you’d think Guzy was some random guy who got pissed off.

    Way to hold the blue line as long as you could, 12 Action “News”.

  • Monkeywrench542 .

    only 2nd degree murder? should be 1st degree murder.

  • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

    If this is true, that cop should be PUBLICLY EXECUTED in an EXTREMELY painful manner.

  • Robbie Cheney

    This case is obviously worth watching. Press coverage is probably in local markets only unfortunately.

  • JimmieMee

    this is just “normal” stuff going on in a country that is in a death spiral, we have lost our way abandoned the principles of liberty that got us to the top of the world and now we are going down….lots more of this stuff to come….but there is hope…as we approach the bottom people will once again discover the benefits to living a religious life.

  • Robyn Ryan

    Screw what the police say. what does the DA’s office say? The DA makes the rules for cops.

  • SC

    Fucking disgusting. I swear a cop comes at me and I don’t think he has a reason to be pulling his weapon I will shot his fucking ass!!

  • Robo

    Why do they not mention that Guzi is a cop?

  • Jace Mindue

    I’d like to think we can move above and beyond this hmm

  • katgal1232

    We need to arm ourselves against cops.

  • Bob_Robert

    “Police assured the public that an investigation is ongoing”

    The cover-up is taking longer than expected.

  • Kriss

    make sure this cop and all cops get charged with
    18 U.S. Code § 241 – Conspiracy against rights and 18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law It’s time to stop this madness.

  • DaveM48

    They cut him off in traffic and he “stood his ground”. Wait and see.

    I’d be interested in learning what this guy’s on the job record was like. Did he tend to settle arguments with a weapon? A gun tends to insure that, no matter how much of an idiot you are, you get the last word.

  • theostides praxes

    This is outrageous behavior by the prosecutors. This was intentional. He went back to the car and got out his gun. He should face the maximum; First degree intentional homicide, and attempted murder on the recovering father.

  • Jude I⚡caяiot

    I like how the video ignores that the shooter was a cop.

  • clarese portofino

    I used to live a town away from where this happened. I am pleased that he is still in jail, and the jail in that county is a small one so protective custody is very limited or non-existant. He is facing a secornd degree murder charge, but his actions dictate a first degree charge. Still, he is not on paind leave, he is in jail, and facing a long prison sentence. Whether he receives the sentence he deserves has yet to be seen. This is a good start though.

  • InsaneTech

    Hang his fucking ass, it’s time we go back to the dark ages.

  • RB569

    Here is an update on this case. Guzy shot the father first, then the son, and then when the father was trying to help his son, guzy put the gun to the fathers head and pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed. The article linked to here includes a 15 minute video of the father describing what happened that day at the bottom of the article.

  • Brian Thornton

    If the victim is white, he’ll be persecuted!

  • Howard Treesong

    Remember people, for police officers the use of a fire arm is not a crime, it’s therapy.

  • Taylor Kirk Timmy Gray

    The problem is that the facts that he had the power to execute people, felt he had the privilege to, and that it is rare a cop is actually punished at all, are all problems of the institution, not just the individual.

  • kavinator

    the father and son should not have been arguing with a police officer I think that that shooting was perfectly justified

    • Leylah154

      He wasn’t a police officer at the time, he was NYPD until 2002. He had applied for a gun permit and was DENIED. His gun wasn’t legal and he was drunk. He tried to run them off the road. He had six more illegal guns at his house, several in his bedroom. That’s justifiable to you? Apparently the judge didn’t agree with your stupid statement bc he was just found guilty. Now, if someone were to shoot your ignorant ass, I could see that as justified. If you weren’t hiding behind a keyboard, I’d like to find you myself.

  • kavinator

    there is no reason to struggle with the officer for his gun he was justified in shooting that man

  • Breezy

    I do like how the TV report gracefully skirted around the fact that the murderer was a police officer. Interesting little detail to omit…

  • Chrissy Salyer

    Anyone else notice that the media never once mentioned that he was a cop but yet made it look visually on their video as if the cops we’re the help.

  • PaminIndy

    Our police are out of control. It seems they think they are above the law and can do anything to anyone they want to. And our judicial system is just confirming this every time they fail to indict a cop accused of MURDER. This has to stop!

  • David P Mayton

    Couldn’t help but notice the news video left out the part about him being a cop.

  • Floyd Wilson

    One of the New York Thug Dept what did you expect from the most violent and ruthless criminal organization in America?

  • Bill

    Hoe do those types of people get into our police forces. he has probable killed on duty he is the type who will lie and murder people. they get away with at work so they think they can get away i off duty

  • An eye for an eye…

  • Wendel ‘BlackWolf’ Kurz

    This story is BULLSHIT, this guy was not a cop, stop lying just to boost your site.

    • Leylah154

      He was NYPD until 2002. He had just been hired as a CO in Chenango County.

  • Boko Hos

    Another NYPD hero doing what they do best.

  • Leylah154

    A few more details… He had a sign in his garage that read ‘We don’t call 911’ with a picture of a gun under it. He finished his tenth beer in his vehicle after shooting them. He had six more illegal firearms in his home, including an assault rifle. The gun he used in the shooting was issued to him by the NYPD before he left the department in 2002. They rejected his application for a permit in 2004. None of his weapons were legal. His wife filled for divorce two days after this, claiming she couldn’t leave him before bc she feared for her life. He’d shot at his neighbors kids the week before bc they were riding 4 wheelers and he didn’t like it (Chenango County sheriff’s didn’t remove his weapons at this time). He had similar incidences of threatening to shoot people after running them off the road. One in 1993, another in 1998, and again in NYC just 3 months before this. The NYPD were called, but charges were not pressed and they did not remove the weapon from his possession. His gun jammed the day of the murder, and that is the only reason he didn’t continue shooting. He insinuated to the State Police to plant a knife at the scene and claimed the two men (with well paying jobs, no criminal history- the son had never even had a traffic ticket) were attempting to rob him. His story changed numerous times after he was unable to convince the upstate police to plant evidence. He had absolutely no injuries other than a scratch on his neck, that didn’t even break the skin, and a miniscule cut on the top of his head. He claimed he had been severely beaten (with basically no injuries) while the autopsy photo of the young man, shows a brutal pistol whipping. The father (who weighs approximately 150 pounds, compared to Guzy at 250) is who Guzy initially started the confrontation with. The son only tried to restrain Guzy and used no violence whatsoever. Guzy, however, blamed the son completely, soley because he was 6 foot 4 and knew his self defense story wouldn’t be as believable if he’d claimed he feared for his life from the 150 pound father. He buried himself on the stand- caught during cross-examination in numerous lies and was found guilty of 15 charges (including second degree murder, attempted second degree murder, tampering with evidence, drunk driving, various weapons charges) by the judge in under an hour.