Road Rage Cop Pulls Gun on Elderly Man, Drags His Body Behind Car for Changing Lanes


Officer Jacob Swigger

SANTA ANA — Now-former Officer Jacob Swigger has been charged with two felony counts, one for excessive force and one for assault with a firearm, according to repoets.

The charges stem from a road rage incident in which Officer Swigger is reported to have rammed a 50-yr-old man’s body into the metal frame of a vehicle.

It began when the man changed lanes in front of Officer Swigger, according to reports.

Although the lane change was perfectly legally appropriate, Officer Swigger became enraged and began chasing the man for approximately 1.5 miles, according to reports.

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Though he was dressed in plainclothes, Officer Swigger was an active duty police officer at the time of the incident, and was actually on his way to the department to start the day’s work, according to reports.

After driving behind the unsuspecting man for quite some time, Officer Swigger then accelerated more and drove in front of the man, according to reports.

Officer Swigger’s maneuver cut the man off, forcing him to stop.

Once Officer Swigger had the man stopped, he pulled out his gun and began wielding it at the the man.

Pointing his gun at the poor man, Officer Swigger told him to “step out” of his vehicle, according to reports.

Fearing for his safety, the man obviously didn’t get out of his car.

That’s when Officer Swigger is said to have grabbed the man and yanked him out of his car.

Officer Swigger then began slamming the man’s body into the metal frame of the car over and over again, reports say.

Officer Swigger then pressed his gun to the victim’s head as if threatening to murder him in the street, according to reports.

Escalating things even further, Officer Swigger then dragged the man’s body behind his vehicle — the dragging occurred in the middle of traffic, according to prosecutors.

Concerned citizens who saw the abuse reported it immediately and Officer Swigger was stopped.

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Fortunately, citizens acted fast enough to spare the man from further abuse and possibly death.

When the man didn’t immediately come out, Swigger is accused of pulling him out, repeatedly slamming him a

“Mr. Swigger is no longer employed by the city of Signal Hill,” said Signal Hill Police Chief Michael Langston in a prepared statement.

Officer Swigger has been set free on $50k bail and is due to appear in court for arraignment in late March.

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    shame the citizens didn’t shoot the pig

    • Ryan Cuzzort

      The fucked up thing is, I’m sure he’ll get hired somewhere else.

      • Searcher5

        He won’t get hired if he gets a felony conviction, and probably just being charged with a felony. Bonding and insurance companies don’t like that stuff. Even if convicted of a class A misdemeanor, that will stop departments for up to 5 years from hiring him. Some podunk somewhere though may give him a look. Shame.

        • Guest

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        • Joseph Edward Bodden

          he could always try Ferguson… or Lansing Michigan…

      • Phasung Baccam

        yep correct dirty cop always back on the street now it time take revenge on their ass

    • Anastasia Beavenhouser

      it would have been justified

  • minxx

    If a regular citizen did this I highly doubt their bail would be set as low as 50k! Another instance of the “JustUs” system showing it’s true color.

  • Mozart

    They better throw the fucking cunt into jail…

  • Cromwell

    I can just hear it now “I feared for my life”, and another pig will enjoy a fine retirement on the backs of taxpayers.

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      I’m just wondering how long before the citizens ‘fear for their lives’…. it isn’t as though they have NO reason…

  • agio

    Wait,did this happen in Santa Ana, or Signal Hill? They’re not the same place. SA is in Orange County, Signal Hill is a little town-within-a-town in Long Beach (LA county).

    • Brian Folks

      This happened in Irvine, the court is in Santa Ana, officer was employed by Signal Hill PD but lives in Lake Forest.

  • Brian Folks
  • Tony Velez

    sorry for the old man to suffer, glad the POS ex cop was fired & charged

  • Bruce Wayne

    Good news is the cop at this point has been held accountable. If a jury of his peers is stupid enough to let him off…

  • Gerald Fedor

    How do these sorry ass loser pieces of crap get hired in the first place?
    The screening process has got to be improve or at least re-valuated on a
    more consistent basis.

  • Drakenfly

    He’ll get hired by another police department and the charges will be dropped…it’s how thug cops roll…

  • JACK


  • JACK


  • MotherNelson

    Shit like this doesn’t fly in Cali like it does in all th owe other back-woods states….of course LAPD is the exception.

    • That_Guy

      What are you talking about?! I grew up in the Inland Empire, this sort of stuff happens ALLTHE TIME!
      Hell I was forced from my vehicle and searched an harassed for tinted windows! Which after all of that, they gave me a “fix-it-ticket”!

      • Joseph Edward Bodden

        they wanted to give me a ticket for having my bluetooth headphones under my motorcycle helmet until I pointed out that helmets with headphones built in are legal, there is no hearing test to pass for a drivers license, there is no legal minimum standard for ‘poor hearing’ regards driving, and the ONLY material difference would be THE COST OF THE HELMETS which has nothing to do with traffic safety…and last but not least, any driver that relies on his hearing for survival is not going to live very long.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    about the only thing you can say for this police dept., is that they fired him. but since this kind of shit has become an everyday occurrence, it’s no longer possible to give them the benefit of doubt, thinking this is an “isolated incident”. I don’t know what’s going on with cops today, and not JUST cops. but anyone with “authority”, or perceived authority likes to think they are “entitled” to treat you and me any way they choose. as far as this goes, I think pure evil best describes it. and that should be extended to prosecutors, and especially judges, because they are the last line of defense for justice and they routinely turn their heads and ignore the crimes of these douche bags. for instance, this douche bag judge let him out on a lousy 50,000 dollar bond. if you remove the badge from this scenario, the bail would be more like 500,000 bond, and there would be more then those two charges, including, but not limited to resisting arrest….”stop trying to grab my gun”!!!!!

    • OC Bail Agent

      I’m a Bail Agent in California. The Bail schedule for assault with a deadly weapon is $50k in Orange County. When he was arrested, the Sheriff deputy looked at the charge that has the largest Bail amount of the the charges against him, which in this case was a 245 (A)(1)PC, assault w/deadly weapon, and set that Bail amount. He was released without seeing a judge. So the judge did not set the Bail amount, the Bail schedule did. Bail is not the total of all charges. Being a police officer had nothing to do with the amount of the bail. During arraignment, the judge has the option of raising the Bail amount if he feels he is a flight risk. I don’t know if the judge raised it or kept it the same. It only gets raised if the judge feels he is a danger to the public or a flight risk. I hope this helps clear some things up regarding the Bail amount anyway.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        IF he’s a danger to the public? it seems like that wouldn’t even be open to debate. with how cops are doing people, and getting away with it, how could they NOT be a danger

  • wildman

    50K bail- should have been a million-and when he gets sent to prison put his police id picture on the walls of his dayroom

  • Clive

    An off duty cop in northern California was just acquitted of felony assault charges. I have very little hope that this one will be found guilty.

  • R Stefan Joseph

    You can find him on facebook.Message this psycho!

  • AuggieEast

    Nor sure if 50 is really elderly.I’m older than that and still work a heavily physical job.

  • Bill Catz

    This cop needs to be put into general circulation in prison with those he helped put there.

  • martymarsh

    Did your nasty little temper get the best of you big boy.

  • Nazi

    Am I the only one that is sick of reading “according to reports”

    Get better at writing articles please.

  • michael92064

    50 years old is elderly?

  • michael92064