Sacramento Family Will Receive $9.75m After Baby Died in Police Car Crash


After several miscarriages and the death of a newborn baby, Steve and Chrystal Saechao called their healthy 9-month-old son, Raiden, their “miracle baby.”

The child was fatally injured in 2013 when a Sacramento police officer rear-ended the family’s car on Interstate 80. The city of Sacramento has agreed to pay $9.75 million to the couple – a sum that their law firm called a record in an infant death case.

“He didn’t take away all the pain but he gave us hope,” Steve Saechao said of Raiden in a press release issued by their law firm. “His eyes and smile lit up our lives. Then in a split second, because of distracted driving, he was taken away from us.”

The officer involved, identified as Greg Mark Halstead in court documents, was driving a blue 2013 Ford Explorer given to him by the Sacramento Police Department for work purposes at the time of the crash, said lawyer John Demas, whose Demas Law Group represented the couple and announced the settlement in a press release Tuesday.

The website Transparent California says Halstead worked as a police officer in 2014 and was promoted to a sergeant within the department in 2015. He held that title in 2016.

“With this settlement, the City acknowledged that police officers who are trained in protecting the safety and well-being of people can and should be held accountable when their reckless and careless behavior causes injury to those they are supposed to protect,” Demas said in the release.

The crash occurred on Dec. 17, 2013. Steve Saechao was driving his family’s white Toyota Scion in stop-and-go traffic in the slow lane of Interestate 80 in Rocklin. Raiden was strapped into a rear-facing car seat, in accordance with state regulations.

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