San Antonio Police Chief Says He’s Sick of The Police Haters


San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, who recently lost one officer to a shooting that also injured another, simply cannot understand all the hate directed toward police.

“I’m angry at the police haters, I’m sick of the police haters,” he said. “We protect them. We defend them. And they give us a big F.U. And I’m sick of it.”

McManus and other officers met Saturday with the public at a monthly “Coffee with Cops” event. The event comes one day after Officer Miguel Moreno died of injuries suffered in a shootout, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

McManus appeared visibly upset at the gathering, the Express-News reported.

On Thursday, two officers who were responding to a report of a suspicious person were shot as they got out of a patrol car.

Moreno was struck in the head, and Officer Julio Cavazos was hit in the chin, the chief said.

Moreno died the next day, and Cavazos remains in serious condition.

The shooter, 34-year-old Andrew Bice, fatally shot himself in the head after hitting both officers, according to McManus.

Bice had a lengthy criminal history in Louisiana and Texas. Over a span of nine years, Bice was booked into the St. Tammany Parish Jail in Louisiana nine times on more than 30 charges, including kidnapping and burglary. In Bexar County, Bice was convicted of three charges, including assault causing bodily injury to a family member.

Bice’s girlfriend told the Express-News that “he just had a substance abuse problem, but he’s not a cop killer.”

McManus called body camera footage of the attack the worst, most unprovoked assault he’s ever seen.

“The cold and calculated way that this individual shot and killed Officer Moreno and seriously wounded Officer Cavazos was incredible,” he said. “I have never seen such evil, such calculation and such intent in a situation like that. I don’t know how that much evil can get into one person.”

McManus warned officers to “expect the worst” and then to “de-escalate from there.”

“The haters will say that, you know, that we mistreat people or, you know, ‘You were rude to me’ or ‘You were mean to me, you were this to me, you were that to me,’ ” he said.

“How do you approach somebody on guard, on alert, knowing that something could happen to you without maybe somebody feeling like you’re not being friendly enough? But that’s why.”

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  • Robert Hatfield

    Looks like one bad apple shot a couple of cops. Not all people are bad. We the people have investigated ourselves and found he acted appropriately for a mentally ill person.

    • itstherecit

      …when i see something like this i can only shake my head at the slightest or feel nauseated by the ignorance of the speaker….i suppose i am more informed than he is because two incidences pop into my mind that show why cops are hated by some and are despised or disliked by others….one incident occurred in SF within the last 2 years, when a swarm or cops, maybe 6 to 8 of them, executed a guy with his back against a wall without even trying lesser means to subdue him…the guy was of slight build and may have had a knife but was not charging any of those hero cops and was shot dead on the spot….the other incident came maybe 4 years ago when another swarm of about 10 cops formed a semicircle around him and all opened fire to end his life….at the time of both of these executions neither posed a immediate threat, yet the honorable cops on hand decided otherwise….so wake up chief…you and your kind started the fear you are feeling….how can anyone feel safe when cops respond…they are all wildcards, with the exception of the “rouge good cop” who hasn”t been in the “barrel” yet, or were fired or forced to resign because they “DID NOT FIT IN” into the “culture of corruption”

  • Butch Taylor

    San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, “I’m angry at the police haters, I’m sick of the police haters,” he
    said. “We pretend to protect them. We defend them as little as possible. We disregard and deny their civil rights. We beat and murder their unarmed and innocent. We work close with the DA’s to frame those we bring to court. And they give us a big F.U. And
    I’m loving it.”

    • Tanyafcalhoun

      my friend’s aunt makes $90 an hour at home… she has been laid off for 5 months, the previous month her pay was $12204 just working at home for a couple of hours each day..➤ see this➤ page

      • Steve

        Only $90 an hour for a Hooker ? Your Aunt must be fat and ugly ,

  • Nick Nitro

    When a group of people are told that there is a war against them, they rarely check the facts before ramping up their ‘defenses’. Police are being fed a false narrative about increasing dangers that is not borne out by facts. Yet it is likely that the climate of fear being created by this narrative is driving officers into paranoid fear that will eventually manifest in more tragedies, as their instincts and emotions take over for rational response.

  • Ian Shannon-Garvey

    We are doing this on purpose… Making you hate us.. You have fucked up beyond repair. The people are testing you and you are failing. Wana get pissed? Sure get pissed. We are waiting for you to explode fully so we can officially shut your asses down and start fresh. If you were on our side you would be fighting against police over reach and prison reform, marching WITH us. Not controlling us and macing crowds of people lol…

    But like i said we are testing you. And you are showing your true colors. Soon a rainbow is going to spill out on the streets and you will have caused a revolution. Not one you can control with military left overs… Police in this country are sick. There’s no going back. Hate us. Its what we want. The people will win in the end. And you and your families will be shamed for generations for the harm you have caused to this country. You are no better than organized crime. No better than a violent gang. Flying colors and all.

    When i say “you” i mean police in general. You have not earned the right of the peoples respect. You do not deserve peace of mind.

    Eat it

    • robert

      Correction ,the police have lost the respect of the citizens . They have been watching too many cop shows and movies . They like to dress up like Delta Force show up with massive firepower ,Armored personal carriers and notify local Television so they can be seen taking down a one legged man with a singleshot .22 and they are mad because we don’t respect them !!! Want our respect ? Act like the PUBLIC SERVANTS you are . We should outsource their jobs to the private sector.

    • crazytrain2

      Oh, look here, someone that speaks for everyone. So, when you start this revolution, how do we contact you to negotiate the terms of our surrender, you know, when all the colors come spilling out and we start fresh when all the testing is done? You sound like one of those ass clowns that wear black bandannas and break out bank windows and idolize Che, planning your revolution.

      • techiewayne

        you do realize there are MORE CITIZENS WITH GUNS THAN COPS and when the group of cops that refuse to kill their own families for revolting and the soldiers that refuse to kill citizens they serve then there are WAY MORE OF US THAN THEM and if you wont stand up for your rights and your government then you are no more than the very ASSCLOWNS YOU PROCLAIM US TO BE. We will be fighting to take back what is ours, protecting what is ours, Living Our Life and being free while you are sucking COP DICK! SO IN THE END FUCK YOU VERY MUCH AND HAVE A NICE LIFE IN THE POLICE STATE! WE THE PEOPLE WILL WIN IN THE END!

        • crazytrain2

          I have tried to suck cop dick, but I am just not that flexible. Maybe if I had a few ribs removed, I could reach, but that seems like so much trouble. Why the caps? It makes your post seem so angry, and you don’t want to be THAT guy, right? No one wants to be THAT GUY, the one that always seems so angry and aggressive because he uses all caps, and it seems like he is shouting all the time, but really, he just wants people to notice him. And I just noticed that other post. Again, a lot of caps being utilized. Is your keyboard broken? I know a guy who knows a guy that could look at that for you. Or maybe you need to get your eyes checked. Is that it, does the larger print just feel right to you because you are better able to see it. My eyes are not good. I am almost as blind as a bat. Like I could use echo-location to find my way around my house and maybe eat insect like a bat, but who in a first world country would want to eat insect? Eww, gross, right? But people in Thailand and Africa eat insects, and not because they are forced, but because they want to. They are cinsjdered delicacies, which means like a really special and tasty treat that is prized above other food. But I can’t imagine actually wanting to eat insects, eventhough some scientists say that all of us will probably be eating insects in the future due to lack of meat, as well as dwindling room and resources to have the big cattle farms, which would make red meat the delicacy that we could only eat on special occasions and insects would be part of our daily diet. And insects are really high in protein, with no fat. And you can grow an awful lot of them in a small space with limited resources. But there would probably be fancy insects that were raised on organic leaves, or maybe they would eat the red meat. So instead of cage free chickens or grass fed beef, we would be paying extra for cage free, beef fed larvae. And of course there are some insects that are only available during a certain part of the year. Ephemoroptera, for example. The common mayfly, start out as eggs and then hatch into nymphs. Some subsist in detritus in the water and some hunt by digging a hole in the streambed and capture other insects. When they morph into flys, they may only live for two hours, only to mate and die. Some live up to 14 days, though, so their lifecycle is not totally depressing. That is, of course, unless we harvested them as an insect delicacy. Because let’s face it, you would only want to eat a virgin mayfly. No one would want to eat a mayfly that smells like mayfly sex, covered in mayfly spunk, because that is kinda gross. M

          Anyway, I feel like I got to know you a little bit, and I like what I see. Good talk, man.

          • itstherecit

            …i believe that you are totally blind and just not partially…anyone who could believe and write the drivel you are spewing hasn’t been looking at the “corrupt cop culture” they All belong to, but ALL is harsh…you have to account for the “rogue good cop” who will either resign or be fired because they “DON’T FIT IN”

  • Steve

    OK let’s be serious, Society needs police society needs good well trained police , The problem is these police officers are given a minimum training I’ve sent on the streets very often to be a cash cow for the state they do show little respect for the public and now with the blue line if they feel that they are higher and behave in an arrogant manner this causes animosity and hate,
    We need to make our police a profession where we employee highly skilled people intelligent articulate people ,

    • Joseph Wisgirda

      Hear Hear!!

    • techiewayne

      well trained, They won’t allow it. They have been given authority to hire stupid people from the SCOTUS, they have been given permission to LIE TO US BUT IT’S A CRIME TO LIE TO THEM. You do realize if you have a masters degree they WON’T EVEN HIRE YOU for fear of whistleblowing or not supporting the “Thin Blue Line” because they are too smart for the bullshit.

    • itstherecit

      …trained…cops get their training “on the job”, they learn the corrupt ways on the job, even if they went into it having the notion, idealism, and goal that they could be a “good cop”…”good cops are the rogue cops of today”, and because they ‘do not fit in” they are either fired or resign

  • michael92064

    Is that why some cops shoot dogs in cages?

  • C M Concepcion

    Then find another job, you whiny snowflake.

  • Joseph Wisgirda

    Yeah well we’re sick of the cops kicking the shit out of us, killing us and robbing us. We pay their salaries EVERY DAY including their obscene pensions and overtime and we get is a big F.U.
    Cops have to do about 1/3 of the educative training that teachers do and make 3 times as much on the average. In addition teachers, at least in CA have to intern for one year FOR FREE before they can be hired. Let’s apply that rule to rookie cops, they must also intern on their force FOR FREE for one year after graduating from the academy.

  • PhilT McNasty

    Maybe if the police really look at themselves, they would hate themselves too.

    • itstherecit

      ….the two professions with the most suicides are dentists and cops

  • Scott Wilson

    We can’t fix it, we don’t have time before some atrocity strikes humanity. it started in the mid 80’s and continues today. Somebody needs to step to the plate and start teaching right from wrong and accept the consequences. As a teenager during the 70’s, the last thing we wanted to hear a cop say was “I’ll tell your parents”. We didn’t shoot at them and they didn’t shoot us. Matter of fact, most of us considered the cops our friends. We knew we had done wrong and had gotten busted. We manned up and accepted responsibility. Just don’t tell my parents. I forgot, I can’t say manned up. Well I did, so put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

    • crazytrain2

      Crazy, huh? I remember being terrified when being confronted by an adult, who would walk us back to our homes and speak to our parents. I remember own cop that was a spitting image of Roy Scheider from Jaws, buying us ice cream.

      But what we tend to gloss over, is that cops of the good old days, while being our friend, would not hesitate to dole out some street justice when they arrested someone. It was expected that the criminal was going to catch an ass beating, and I worked with old timers when I first became a cop 15 years ago, that would talk about beating someone’s ass for looking at them wrong. But for all of us that were in high school or college when Rodney king happened, have trouble fathoming doing that. Sure, there are cops that would still do that and not think twice, most cops worry that someone will complain about them “being rude” after arguing whether the person ran the stop sign. Obviously, there are issues in policing, or we would not be having a discourse on the topic, but we definitely look back at the old time cops in a romantic light and forget that they could be pretty brutal. But the advent of cell phone cameras and negative interactions or worse, make today’s cops seem so much worse than the cops of our youth.

  • crazytrain2

    Yes, it is certainly frustrating. There are sick cops that earn the scorn and hate of the public, there are rude cops with a shitty attitude, and there are cops that are nothing more than criminals hiding behind a badge.

    And I hate them as well. But the majority of cops do not fit into those categories. They do their jobs, they save lives, they’re polite and friendly, and they want to make the community a better place. They may write you a ticket for speeding, but they will be professional and courteous while doing it. They are not going to shoot you, or your dog, and they are not going to rape you or molest any children.

    But the shitty thing is that they are simply not as memorable as the assholes and monsters that do horrible things while wearing a badge-the ones that we find out about too late to take it back. And those shitty cops leave a bad taste in our mouths that is harder to get out than the ones that are good people that do a hard job to the best of their ability.

    I write this, and I am a little more optimistic than usual, and that is probably because I spent part of my shift today writing two letters of commendation for two of my officers that saved a suicidal teen’s life on Sunday. The kid tied a noose around his neck and jumped off of a rock with the intent of breaking his neck or hanging himself. But he never got the chance because one of the officers caught this kid in the air and held him above his head until the other officer was able to cut the rope. And this was a large kid, 17 yoa, and weighing about 220 lbs. This is the second life that one of these officers have saved this year. Back in February, one of these officers came upon a wrecked vehicle that was on fire. He broke the window and had to cut the driver out. He(the officer) sustained burns on his face and arms, and his pants caught on fire. But he risked his life and was able to get the driver out of the truck as flames engulfed the cab.

    Now here is where the typical bullshit comes into play. This same officer, that saved two lives this year, was flagged down on Friday afternoon. The person wanted to speak with the officer about two people that appeared to be planning to rob a dollar store. The officer pulled into the only spot as the person came running out and waving their arms. So he pulls into a handicapped parking spot while he spoke to this person. Someone takes a picture of the cruiser in the handicapped spot, and posts it on Facebook, and they actually lied about the context and commented that the officer was shopping, which he most certainly was not doing. In fact, you can even see the officer talking to this person while holding a notebook that he was writing down the description of the two subjects.

    My point is, that this officer was shit on all weekend about parking where he did, complete with the obligatory “if I did this, my car would get towed, but the officer abuses his blue privilege.” And two days later, he saves a kid from killing himself.

    • itstherecit

      …i think it’s more about the situation a cop is put into….they are all bad but are capable of doing “good deeds”…it must be a residual behavior they learned before being corrupted and are unable to control it ! ! !

  • Xolodnyj

    People are not hating the police, they want the officers to be accountable for when they take the lives of innocent citizens., people Like Tamar Rice or John Crawford or Philando Castille. When you lie for a dirty cop because he wears a uniform, that’s a problem. People aren’t blindly, they see it. I understand the brotherhood, I do, but you have a higher duty on getting it right.

  • techiewayne

    “We protect them. We defend them. And they give us a big F.U. And I’m sick of it.” – You forgot we Kill, Beat, Mistreat, Abuse, Lie on, Falsely Arrest, Falsely Prosecute, Falsely Imprison, Violate People’s Rights etc. AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK OF IT, THIS IS THE HATE YOU GET FOR ALL OF THE STUFF YOU FORGOT TO MENTION! So if you are so sick of your department SAPD Is all over the internet doing these very things you forgot to mention, THEN YOU NEED TO GET A DIFFERENT JOB, YOU AND YOUR PUSSY ASS OFFICERS FEARS DO NOT TRUMP OUR RIGHTS, GET THE FUCK OUT AND LET SOMEONE CONSTITUTIONAL IN THERE. I have never continued to work at a job I hate, if you don’t like it then the answer is simple, LEAVE! Oh Yeah and the very people you hate, pay your salary YOU FUCKING PUSSY ASSHOLES!