Serial Predator Cop Finally Charged After A History of Sexual Abuse


By Max Chantha | October 20, 2015

OKLAHOMA – Officer Gerald Nuckolls sounds much like the kind of man cops should be hunting down and arresting – not giving a badge and a gun to.

The serial predator cop, accused numerous times throughout his law enforcement career of sexual abuse, has finally been found guilty.

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His past victims and the community he claimed to be serving can finally rejoice that this serial predator will no longer torment vulnerable women.

Nuckolls is guilty of groping a woman’s breasts and indecently exposing himself to her during a November, 2014 check-up after a call to 911 had been hung up.

The victimized woman was only the latest in a long and dark list of abuses Nuckolls had committed – with another having occurred in March just 9 months earlier.

Nuckolls admitted to sexually harassing those whom he had been charged with protecting, including the woman who he abused during the March traffic spot.

Additionally, he had sex in his patrol car and even masturbated in it, later claiming he had a sexual addiction that justified his lewd behavior.

Typical of a sociopathic serial predator, Nuckolls blamed the victims for coming on to him, and at various times confirmed and denied the accusations, casting himself in the role of the victim.

Despite his pathetic please to innocence, four key witnesses – including a former partner and his ex-fiancee – gave credence to what everyone had already suspected.

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In what a mafia-like and very guilty move, Nuckolls repeatedly harassed and threatened his ex-fiancee and her infant son after discovering she planned to testify against him.

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