Sheriff’s Deputy Who Shot Teacher in School Gets 30 Days in Jail

A Bay County Sheriff’s deputy who has spent two decades on the force, is to spend a month in jail for firing a gun in a high school classroom, One of the bullets hit a teacher.

However, if he doesnt get in anymore trouble, he will avoid having a felony on his record.

Adam J. Brown on Monday May 22th, appeared before Bay County Circuit Judge Harry P. Gill for sentencing. It initially appeared as though Brown would not be sent to prison, as part of the plea deal he accepted in April stipulated he would receive a delayed sentence for one year.

While Gill did delay sentencing Brown until April 23, 2018, he also ordered Brown to serve 30 days in jail. Between his release from jail and the April date, Brown will effectively be on probation. If he complies with all the resultant terms, he’ll be allowed to withdraw his no contest plea of tampering with evidence, a four-year felony, and instead plead to two misdemeanors.

“This is a very difficult case,” Judge Gill said. “There is no question… that you have led an exemplary life. I think you are probably a very fine human being.”

He added that the precipitating incident is two-fold tragedy, both for Brown and for the teacher he wounded, who is continuing to suffer emotional trauma.

“For a guy that has spent his adult life concerned about firearms safety, this was a very adolescent act,” the judge said. “But there are more important aspects of this case. There are two reasons I would surmise that police officers are in school. One is the obvious one of security, and the second one is as a role model. It appears for many, many years you were exemplary as a role model. You made a very poor decision to lie about what happened. You attempted to destroy evidence, or to hide it. What you did was a very human decision, one that many of us might make.

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