SHOCK VIDEO: Officer Shoots Man Who Put His Hands Up, Man Was Unarmed

levar jones

SOUTH CAROLINA — Officer Sean Groubert has shot an unarmed man after asking the man for his license.

Unedited video footage from Officer Groubert’s dashcam clearly shows that 35-yr-old Levar Jones was unarmed and posed no threat to Officer Groubert.

It began when Officer Groubert decided to pull Levar over for a “seatbelt violation.”

levar jones hands upLevar complied with Officer Groubert and pulled into the parking lot of a nearby gas station.

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The video then shows Officer Groubert exiting his patrol car and demanding that Levar show him his license.

Again Levar is perfectly compliant with Officer Groubert and begins pulling out his license per Officer Groubert’s instructions.

That’s when Levar’s life changed forever.

Officer Groubert whips his handgun out and starts opening fire on Levar.

Even as Levar raised his hands in the air to show that he posed no threat, Officer Groubert can be heard in the video continuing to shoot him again and again.

After being shot, Levar falls over and can be heard moaning in agony. “Why did you shoot me?” he asks Officer Groubert.

“I just got my license, you said get my license and I did.”

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Officer Groubert responded “Bro, you dove head first back into your car.”

Officer Groubert has now been charged with “assault and battery,” rather than attempted murder.

His bond has been set at $75,000.

Levar Jones miraculously survived the shooting with a bullet in his hip. He is still recovering from the injury.

Officer Groubert’s attorney believes that Groubert is “not guilty.”

More details as to whether Officer Groubert is sentenced will be provided as information becomes available from the case.

Watch the video below (warning: graphic)

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  • Michael McNew

    People should take Paul Craig Robert’s warnings seriously: He says that people should only call a cop as a last resort. Many are sociopaths and when you add the militarization of the police by the feds you are only going to get trouble. Many cops are good people but it seems the bad ones are able to get away with a lot more than they used to be able to do.

  • Eric West

    This is why police departments need to screen for racists. Some of these cops are very racist and see every black person as a threat to their safety.

    • Buck Kracker

      “Racist!” “Racist!” “RACIST!” I am about sick of that f’n word, and the idiots who use it! Psychopaths don’t give a flying fart what color your skin is!

      • Tom Birmingham

        They are starting to remind me of Alex De Large’s “Droogs” from “A Clockwork Orange” more and more.

      • Randy Robinson

        yeah they kill plenty of white people! LOL

        • Buck Kracker

          Who do you think they kill in White neighborhoods? You think they bus blacks in just to kill them? Wake up.
          Google: Kelly Thomas

      • Bill Ketchersid


        • Buck Kracker

          What about La Raza and the New Black Panthers? Do they get a pass because they aren’t “evil White supremacists”?

      • Hater

        Hey fuckhead. My offer is definitely opened to you chump. I had to find you on another forum since your pussy ass deleted the original threat. But hey, that’s how pussies like you roll. Travel your way to me bitch.

    • Tom Birmingham

      they aren’t always racist when they start, but when you are constantly surrounded by people with that attitude and exposed to the most depraved and horrible things. Well you become warped.

      • Buck Kracker

        To be a cop one has to be warped from the get go. This cop shot this innocent man, not because of his skin color, but because the cop is a coward who was taught that everyone is an enemy and that he is in a war. HIS safety is his number one concern.

    • Bobby Riffle


  • Acxel

    ok COPS need to die so that the message gets threw

    • Liam F. Macgready

      careful. if you don’t think that law enforcement and other gov’t agencies monitor social media, think again. someone at nsa read that.

      • Kennethpytn

        No shit! Two FBI Agents came to see me about several written pieces by me. However, I refused to back down and advised them that I would be turning it up a notch because I viewed their visit as an intimdation move. In any event, watch yourself Acxel.

      • they are outnumbered out gunned and overwhelmed

      • Matt

        So… Fuck them. And Obama.

    • Bobby Riffle

      That statement makes you an ignorant person.

  • crapsandwich


  • This is the other kind of bad cop: the cop that’s so high strung he really doesn’t need to be carrying a gun. You can hear it in the video and can see it in his clear overreactions. He sees potential cop killers everywhere and now he’s fucked up because of it. However we may feel about cops, they are a necessity in an ordered society (not that we truly need an ordered society). One of the things police departments should be doing is making sure these guys are regularly evaluated by a qualified psychologist. A lot of these guys are recruited out of the military, and you know what? PTSD isn’t always obvious. There’s also the fact that they run into dangerous situations on the street and a night’s sleep or a week off isn’t always enough to sort them out.

    • Buck Kracker

      Explain why you think cops are a “necessity in an ordered society”(?) Are you saying the people are mentally incompetent and are therefore unable to tend to the problems in their own communities?

      • Well, clearly you’re mentally incompetent, at least. I’ve been seeing you in the threads. People think you’re a troll, but I think you’re a shill. What agency do you work for? Or, let me guess, we don’t need a police force, but we need your psychopath KKK?

        • Buck Kracker

          A ”troll”? A “shill”? The “KKK”?
          Are you off your meds?

      • Bobby Riffle

        Fuck yes

    • Joseph Edward Bodden

      Possible that this cop was a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, where the soldiers are immersed in a civilian population who can be the enemy at any time, for no reason (that is declared) and then they come home to patrol, fully armed, in another civilian population… your thoughts?

      • That’s another one I considered: a shell shocked vet that’s really better off far, far away from potentially dangerous situations.

  • Betterrogerwilco

    Yeah that’s a dead cop waiting to happen he’s gonna do that to the wrong person in the wrong area and a thug or gangster even a civilian is going to gun him down

    • Randy Robinson

      he got fired & charged one of the few busted!

    • Woodstuck

      Charged is NOT busted.

  • Tom Birmingham

    hire morons and you get this, since the 1990’s LEO’s across the nation have embraced rather interesting HR policies. Potential hires that score too high on the written exam are passed over. That’s right, people that score too well are disquaified. How well? Well if you look at NYC’s and Miami Dade (major cities) it’s any thing above a 73 but when you go to smaller jurisdictions it’s in the 60’s. That’s right, only C- and D students are being hired. Now I know that some people et juiced in that are above that and that some localities deviate from this practice. However, every time I see this kind of instance all I can default to is that are LEO’s are now mostly comprised of simple minded fools that should be sitting in a mall as unarmed private security and not armed officers.

    • Woodstuck

      You are correct. The Supreme Court has ruled and upheld a few times that police departments do NOT have to hire intelligent individuals. It must make them proud to work for that huh? Can you say discrimination? Our courts can’t.

  • DeDee

    Every driver should know not to exit the vehicle when pulled over by LEO until or unless ordered to do so. His 2nd mistake was reentering the vehicle without first explaining his actions to the officer. Very sorry he took a shot & thrilled it was not fatal.

    • Woodstuck

      He only needed to answer to his seatbelt? violation… He followed the cops directions and was shot – not tasered, but shot – Thank God he was a bad shot (at point blank range) – Otherwise that guy was dead with his shooting overkill in a crowded residential fast-mart – We are the ones fearing for our lives – .

    • BillieJoe Allgood

      He was already out of his vehicle. Watch the video again

      • DeDee

        The driver pulled into the business’ parking lot bc the LEO was pulling him over for breaking a law. The man should have stayed inside his vehicle and allowed the PO to approach him. He did not even get out of his vehicle with his driver’s license. When the LEO requested his license, he ducked into his vehicle. The officer had every right to believe he could have been reaching for a gun.
        I am filled with sorrow for this gentleman bc I do not believe he had any ill intent whatsoever. However, the LEO did not know that at the time of stopping him.

        • Happy Tinfoil Cat

          But then the coward would have shot him for “reaching into his waistband or seat crack” for his wallet.

  • jack

    If anyone knows who this cop is please kill him or find someone who will! Please kill this cowardly pig.

  • Woodstuck

    Not guilty? It is time one of our judges got some balls and stop protecting these thugs – What would I be found guilty of if I did this? Cops should get double the time for crimes and maybe some of them would actually stop. They do NOT deserve amnesty.

  • David Cook

    At least he’s a shitty shot…

  • 30 year cop.

    Officer Sean Groubert instructed Levar Jones to show him his license. As Jones turns to retrieve his license Groubert goes ballistic yelling for him to get out of the car. As Jones turns back around Groubert starts shooting wildly firing four shots at random but striking Jones only once in the hip. AFTER Jones falls to the ground, Groubert starts yelling for Jones to get on the ground. Officer is truly out of control.
    Afterwards Groubert starts to buddy up to Jones by calling him “BRO.”
    Any one of the four wildly fired bullets could have struck Jones in a lethal manner killing him. Any one of the stray bullets could have also traveled and killed an innocent person, or struck one of the gas pumps causing a disaster.
    Groubert is an out of control cop and should have it entered into his permanent record that he is not qualified for police or security work. He also should be convicted of a felony and never allowed to be in possession of any type of fire arm or ammunition. I could believe that Groubert was afraid for his life, but that fear was entirely on himself and not substantiated.
    Man is not a cop and never will be.

  • Matt

    Without that badge he is a bitch and a half.

  • bill

    My God what are these police thinking of.

  • Tina

    To be fair, after watching the video I can see why he shot him. His instinct was kill or be killed as the man moved very hastily. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding has caused an innocent man harm hence the officer should be charged (and the Chargers are appropriate)!

  • Ragman74

    So not only discharged the weapon unnecessarily, (whether hindsight or not) but sweeps around obviously missing the moving target who moves in front of fuel pumps ? God knows how many more innocent bystanders could have been killed…..

  • Adam Mcculler

    Fortunately the retard is not a good shot…