Shock Video: Politician Calls for Forced Mental Examination of All Cops!


OREGON — It is like finding a unicorn.

A politician has publicly called for psychological evaluations of police officers.

The evaluations would be lawfully mandatory and they would be conducted at least once a year.

Representative Lew Frederick was at a town hall meeting in Portland, Oregon, when he made the announcement.

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As of now, officers do take a psych evaluation, but it is only part of their preliminary entrance into the academy, and its efficacy is highly questionable, since so many cops make it into the force with a variety of debilitating mental and character defects.

The new bill would require ongoing psychological examinations of the mental states of active duty police officers, by law, and presumably with much stronger restrictions.

He announced a series of bills that would pave the way for evaluations, an announcement that was met with applause and cheers from citizens.

“I want to have a regular psychological evaluation of every law enforcement officer,” Frederick said in no uncertain terms.

He cited the recent social unrest in response to police brutality as one line of support.

In addition, Frederick said he himself also feels concerned about threats to his life by police.

“I don’t know of a single black man in the country who has not had to deal with concern when they see the blue lights behind them,” he said.

He then added a personal note that “for me, I always begin to think, ‘Am I going to die today?'”

The mandatory psychological evaluation of police officers comes on the heels of other bills requiring officers to wear body cams and bills permitting citizens to film officers without harassment.

Frederick cited legitimate concern in support of the bill, appealing to officers’ own self-report of their mental states.

“Every cop that I know can tell me about a PTSD experience they’ve had and they always say they aren’t affected by it. Well they are.”

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The psychological evaluations will bear that out, of course, assuming that officers don’t shoot the psychologists conducting the tests.

In all seriousness, cops should be fully in favor of such a bill.

Buy going through psychological evaluations, they can increase their own safety and the safety of the communities they patrol, ensuring that officers suffering from mental problems are given a break and treated appropriately to prevent them from engaging in misconduct.

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If cops have nothing to hide, then they should not be worried about the power of the State being used to lawfully examine them by force; they should respect the authority of politicians and obey the law (should it become one).

Watch the video below:

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  • J Fan

    Pyschological “examinations” involve asking somebody a bunch of questions and diagnosing them **based on their answers.**

    It’s not objective or medical or even scientific by most definitions.
    I’m not anti-psychology, just anti-police. My point is, they would just lie their asses off…the police unions will coach them on what to say.

    • Phuck Ewe

      you are an uneducated cop by the sound of it

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        all he was saying is how the piggy’s will get around an evaluation

      • Daniel

        You need to learn how to read by the sound of it.

        • Phuck Ewe

          I did, that’s how I know he is so stupid, his writing is atrocious!

          • kenpachi55

            you skills of deduction are worse

          • Phuck Ewe

            Nice spelling dumb ass!

    • kenpachi55

      make em do a physical as well. the fat pos are the corrupt ones usually. cant do a 8 minute mile and 10 pull ups? you are outttta here

      • Phuck Ewe

        Again your spelling is terrible

  • David Pierce

    To avoid further harm to the American public by law enforcement, law enforcement officers must be disarmed while on duty. As currently, law enforcement officers are essentially an extension of the Federal government, and thus fulfill the role of standing army, allowing the American government the ability to oppress American citizens.

    To avoid further harm to the American public by Washington DC Public servants, government officials, members of congress, and members of the house of representatives, must be rendered incapable of accepting monetary gain either during their terms, or anytime after for the purpose of changing, creating, removing, or in any way affecting governmental policies, laws, structure, or effect.

    No person , group, or organization, shall hold any personal banking accounts, funds, or investments, while operating within the American government, or anytime after. Every public servant shall receive a yearly wage equal to the National poverty level set by the government + 10%.

    • A

      Just one thing . Police departments are local. They are representatives of city government. The sheriffs and their departments are County institutions . Not federal.

      • Keaghan Noch

        By extension, every one of them is under federal control. Who gets jurisdiction, as soon as they come rolling in on a case? The feds. Meaning they have to comply with everything the feds tell them to. That whole “local” thing has been bullshit for years.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        they receive federal money, and that’s also where they are getting “their” military weapons and equipment……..sounds federal to me

        • SU_LawGuru

          They are actually under the jurisdiction of local government. “Under the color of law” applies to all state and federal actors, which allows dual jurisdiction for crimes committed by police against citizens. So the DA can prosecute a cop AND the Feds can (pending a favorable DOJ investigation and recommendation).
          Federal initiatives can be adopted/opted into by local law enforcement agencies, which in turn brings in federal dollars.

          Hope this helps.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            yes, they CAN prosecute. but the point is they DON’T

    • David Wayne Edwards

      Local law enforcement is and has always been under the discretion, supervision, & authority of the federal goverment, who is bought and paid for by centralized bank cartels.
      This is, and will remain a no win situation for United States citizens, and has been for well over a century now.
      J.F.K. openly and publicly vilified these satanic banking cartels, passed a bill to put a stop to their stranglehold on our dollar, afterwards took a trip to Dallas, TX. and he never returned. No US President has since dared to reject their “handlers” since.
      These psychos flat out “Own” every world leader.

      Over 60% of this nations infrastructure has been sold out from under us by the Fed’s to China, who has currently stopped, dropped, and set up shop in Mexico.

      Last year King Obama shut down all of our air defense capabilities along the southern border between Texas and Mexico.

      Due process has been with withheld, and indefinite detainment, imprisonment, and execution of American Citizen’s has been legalized due to the non-patriot act.

      If U have a social security number you are their property, they will do with you of me as they please. They are not asking in anyway, they are telling. At the moment these little boys trapped in mens bodies are using their “in-side-voices” as per the instructions of their “handlers”.

      This situation is about to get “real”, real quick like.

  • Patrick Borush

    this should carry to all branches of law enforcement including jail/prison guards (some prison guards are complete psychopaths) and security forces, especially if armed or could possibly be armed in an emergency.

  • michael92064

    We can’t even get them to be physically fit

  • ss

    I agree all cops needs this but this idiot made it racial and that’s really fucked up…its not JUST the black man that’s targeted….its black, white and everyone

    • Keaghan Noch

      It’s pretty damn racial… You ever look up police brutality victims? 7 out of 10 of them are black, hispanic, native, etc.
      Most of the white people had to do something to set the cops off. Most black people just have to be walking down the street to be antagonized by a cop. And this is coming from a white guy.

      • David Wayne Edwards

        Make that two white guys.

        • Phuck Ewe

          Then you are a pussy suck up if that is the case. Police try to buck up on me and insult me to get me to break, never, not scared of the asses!

          • David Wayne Edwards

            Do you have PTSD?
            Ever been in a hostage situation.
            I WILL take a bullet for my beliefs, and convictions.
            I also paid thousands on my student loan for my CDL aka Class A drivers license.
            My driving record is clean, with that in mind one infraction ruins over 15 years of perfection. Not you or any other ass hole, civilian or law enforcement is going to ruin that for me. Disrespecting those in a position of authority is just one of the growing problems in this country. Corrupt and racist cops, feds, and politicians is one thing. Hateful cocky attitudes acrossed the board causes dissension on multiple levels. Self disregard come from self disrespect thru disrespecting of those we come in contact with.
            This gangster rap music culture is a divisive form of division of ethnic groups, minorities, and majorities, no different than the so called two party system.
            Honestly if we’re not smart enuf to see passed the hype and indoctrination, we don’t deserve to be free.
            You’re anger and hostility is a prime example of exactly whats going to happen to our intercities the day they shut down all government entitlements.

          • Mike Johnson

            CDL is necessary to provide for my family too…keep your head up and GOD bless. Most people don’t understand that pro drivers are held to a higher standard of behavior when dealing with the public and their servants, cops are supposed to be public servants, LOL.

          • Phuck Ewe

            David do not give you pathetic hard work I have triumphed speech, I have heard better. Know that I know that you probably drive a rig I will tell that I have been to traffic court (and came out victorious), every case involving a Trucker weather they have shown up for court or have written a letter to the Court, have had their offences lowered so they could keep their license.
            It is an unwritten rule that truck drivers are given leniency do to the need of Truck drivers services, also taken into consideration is the fact that they drive far more that most drivers, mile/years without major violations is taken into consideration, ie. you drive 5000,0000 miles a year and may get one ticket, commuter who may drive 10,000 miles a year may get a ticket, that is a a ratio and is taken to into consideration as well.
            Are you telling me that a truck driver is not a civilian? I only give disrespect to those who deserve it, I have had friends who were police, one who was an officer in Washington D.C. during the riots (retired and now deceased) who was my Mentor. The other was an Officer of color who did his two year stint at a corrupt and racist Town Police Agency and moved up to the U.S. Marshals Interstate Drug Task Force, unlike almost every Law Enforcement Agent he had four year college degree.
            And yes I have PTSD and my posts are meant to rattle Toe Heads like your self who are in their own little world so as to start them to question and be a free thinkers. By the way their are no official “government entitlements”, which you used out of context. The government of the U.S.A. and the Judicial System needs to be shaken up and reorganized as our Founding Fathers had foreseen when writing the Constitution to prevent an oppressive totalitarian dictatorship, which we have now.
            Next time you have to take a break read a book, look up the Constitution (there is something in it for everyone) instead of whacking off to porn.

          • ‘Disrespecting those in a position of authority is just one of the growing problems in this country. ‘

            no, abuse of authority is the root of this perceived ‘growing problem’

            racist, mentally unstable, authoritarian people should not be put ‘in a position of authority’ in the first place

            once put in that position, the person still has to CONSTANTLY earn respect

        • Mike Johnson

          Anytime I get stopped by a cop, I know he’s gonna be the hero and I’m gonna be the chump…I don’t like it, but it usually gets me a warning. I’m poor, I have to grovel , being proud is too expensive. GOD help us!

          • Phuck Ewe

            Mike I cannot back down, it is a problem and a blessing, do onto others as they do onto you, if I was in the wrong I will admit to it otherwise I will go into Full Mental Defensive Mode and make trouble (lawfully) for the officer(s) and like it!

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          ya that’s right, keep supporting his bullshit argument. only blacks get abused by cops…..idiot

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        oh gee, what a shock. I wondered how long it would be before someone like you made this a “white man abusing blacks”….. how about you do some actual research and see that there are a good amount of WHITE VICTIMS. I get so sick of hearing about how white people are bad, and blacks are little angels. get a new record, this one is broken

    • upagainstthewall

      I agree with you SS… it is black, white, and everyone. However, it is also true that the statistics show that it happens more often to non-whites. Can we just be happy that a representative finally had the balls to bring this to the table? I think I can be happy with that … 🙂

  • Phuck Ewe

    They should also have to take an IQ test and have to score over 100 on it!

    • upagainstthewall

      average score is 104….anything over 110 disqualifies a person from being an officer … smh

      • Phuck Ewe

        That is correct, stupid people don’t ask questions and are easy to manipulate!

  • mtspace evolvd

    getting people to run for city council seats all over with slogan “New Rule for Cops, Only Leg Shots” …suggested at L.A City Council meeting that they lower targets @ shooting range & as a training exercise they have to randomly pull their guns on each other & study reactions so they get where we’re coming from…BUT HONESTLY, WE NEED TO END SEAT BELT LAWS. Seen video of LAPD hogtying pregnant woman for talking on cell while driving. she miscarried

    • Mike Johnson

      The only reason seat belt laws were passed is because the cops assured us that there would never be a traffic stop for only a seat belt violation…another lie…

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        I got pulled over for seatbelt on the very day the law went into effect

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and they should have been charged, and CONVICTED of murder…..among other charges

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    I love this guy!! I don’t know anything about him, but any politician that wants to solve the problem of these psychotic terrorists masquerading as “police” has my vote. unfortunately, after a statement like that, he won’t be in politics very long.

    • daylight disinfectant

      It’s Lew Fredrick. I’m the videographer. He’s about as far Left as they come. And that’s in Portland Oregon. I personally can’t support any of his positions. I shot the video.

      • why can’t you support any of his positions? what’s wrong with, for instance, THIS position?

  • pagan

    to solve the problems the court should treat them like those they harm. i have a traumatic brain injury by a cop, he should do time in jail not keep his job.

  • daylight disinfectant

    Thanks for blogging it.

  • PatrickHenry

    What expect cops to obey the law?????

  • kkb


  • Rahmaan Evans

    What they will find is that all of them are numb to human suffrage and thus are basically sociopaths which is why they can kil or witness another cop kill an innocent person and not hesitate to lie or demonize the victim

  • Drew Brenneman

    How about MANDATORY MENTAL COMPETENCY EXAMS FOR POLITICIANS?! If they fail the exam, they are immediately fired from office, denied any sort of pension/benefits, and never allowed to run for office ever again. With the way some politicians are acting, they require a mental competency by the showing of their actions. Especially by Kate Brown, Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, “Dirty” Waters, Lynch, etc…