Cop Shoots Two Children With Taser Gun for “Fighting at School”


Kory Watkins |

Two kids are involved in a fight at school and instead of simply splitting the two kids up the police officer uses what could have been deadly force.

There are so many things wrong with this video.

This is just another reason why you should be doing homeschooling.

Two middle school kids in a fist fight and the police officer’s first reaction is to taze them?

Why didn’t the officer simply use his hands to separate the two boys like any 90 lb female teacher probably would have done had she come along first?

We see it time and time again. The police have lost the ability to assess human behavior and accurately determine the severity of the situation or “threat”; whether it’s two teenage boys in a fight or an unarmed black man with an attitude.

The police are gross over reactors! But they can’t see it.

It’s like their training has brainwashed them and those that defend them into thinking they truly understand reality and it’s the rest of us “untrained” civilians that simply don’t get it.

But the police and their defenders are wrong. American citizens are needlessly being killed by the police and its reaching epidemic numbers.

Any attempt to get the police to snap out of it and take an honest look at their actions and abusive behavior is met with enormous resistance.

Just try it on social media and you’ll instantly be attacked as “unqualified” and accused of being a “cop hater”.

The police have an army of blind followers who consider a criticism of the police akin to supporting AL Quieda. The truth doesn’t matter to them.

If you want proof of this blind movement, just wrap your mind around these facts:

  • The police are killing American citizens at all time record numbers. American police officers kill their own fellow citizens at rates up to 70 times greater than other nations.

    Even those with similar gun laws and even when the citizen had no deadly weapon, our police kill at a much higher rate than any modern nation.

    While Americans are being killed by police at all time highs, the police officers killed in the line of duty is at the lowest rate in 50 years. According to the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund which keeps track of all deaths in the line of duty, police deaths are dramatically down over the last 2 decades. And the last 2 years have been record lows.

Yet, despite the fact that the police are killing Americans in record numbers while police deaths are down, they had the audacity to repeatedly go on TV over the past month playing the victim card with their foul faces and lie to the American people about a mythical “war on cops”.

And the people gobbled it up like candy.

As long as the American people continue to buy their lies, the police will keep selling them.

It’s absolutely crazy to see how much manipulation the media can have on the masses, even the pissed off ones who know their own government is really screwed up!

Watch the video below:

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  • LawrenceNeal

    The SA coward was afraid to get physically involved, to any degree. Better to stand back and use the Taser. Didn’t even order them to stop, just runs up and let’s them have it. How pathetic.

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      • LawrenceNeal

        But slightly less pathetic than these spammers.

  • dollarbill

    the black kid gets tased even thou he’s in a head lock with a kid bigger then him. This is pure racism

  • NikolaiG

    Disgusting. That cop should be fired, arrested, and charged with criminal battery.

  • Chad Harding

    Just taze my kid and see what the f*ck I do about it pal.

  • troy

    Pussy ass cop

  • Todd Sanders

    Normally I am against police violence. In this case I would have to side with the cop. Sorry I would have tazed their asses too… “kids” look big enough to do some damage. Why call him a coward when you can solve the situation with the least amount of damage done to both cop, kid and bistanders?

    • PubliusK

      When they came for the Socialists, I did nothing, because I am not a Socialist. This is not just happening other peoples’ kids. That cop gets paid to work a risky, tough job. None of the weapons he holds should ever be used to make his job easier.

      • Todd Sanders

        Let me see if I understand this correctly. You expect people to take dangerous jobs without the use of anything else and just have them beaten senseless? If this is the case how do you intend on filling said positions of employment?

        • PubliusK

          No, Todd, you don’t understand it correctly. I said nothing like that. I am saying he should not use his weapons just because it is easier. Was it easier to taze these kids rather than grabbing them and separating them? Yes. This man’s job has risks. He should not risk the lives of others just because he’s lazy. Are you saying that this fine man in blue had only two choices: taze the kids or get beaten senselessly?

          • Todd Sanders

            With the rallying teens, including the ones filming, I would say yes. Seeing as there was already enough threat to this situation then getting the situation under control fast was important. Plus with the way police are trained to “take down” suspects I wouldn’t have been surprised to see more damage done that way.

          • Todd Sanders

            Plus what genius “kids” say hey theres a cop right over there lets start a fight and see what happens…

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      then he’s too much of a pussy to be a cop. maybe he/they and you would be better suited as a seamstress. or maybe making balloon animals…no wait, balloons pop and might scare them

      • Todd Sanders

        Know that you are loved…

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          oh my ass. cop killings are at a 50 year low. quit sucking on the propaganda

          • Todd Sanders

            I don’t watch tv. I base my opinion on my own life experience and what I think it is right. I bet you think Mike Brown was just a kid with his hands up too huh?

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            eat shit copsucker. i’m not even going to acknowledge douche bags like you and your bullshit, fake war on cops. you’re a complete fuckin idiot

          • Todd Sanders

            Do you even bother to listen to yourself? Whatever you say I guess. Have a blessed day.

    • Bryan Shepard

      You sir, are fucking retarded. Anyone who wasn’t a coward could easily have broken up the fight without electrocution.

      • Todd Sanders

        Bless you too sir.

  • Mike

    Talk about a pussy coward lazy fucking POS cop! I hope the kids parents sue this police department. He did not even give them a warning! Tazers can kill. Too bad the students watching did not bum rush the cop and taze the shit out of him til he pissed and shit all over his pussy self! Fire this cop!!!

  • john

    The white man was in danger of an attacker trying to defend himself and the peice of shit cop shoots him with a taser the officer should be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon !

    • Todd Sanders

      Racist much?

  • Shane Shaw

    Why should the officer get physically involved and risk injury to himself or to someone else? The officer should have told them to stop, if they refused they gets the tazer… simple effective, neat…