Shot Over 10 Times by Police: The CJay Pettit Story


A message from Charles Pettit Sr.

Charles “CJay” Pettit Jr. was shot over 10 times by Officer James Hill on October 5, 2015.

CJay was responsive in transport telling emergency responders “I’m not gonna run, I can’t breathe…” after they handcuffed him to the gurney.

Why…because “he fit the description” along with a friend of an alleged incident near the area.

The fear for his life because he didn’t want history repeated.

You see CJay’s older brother Lincoln was shot by police over 18 times 2 months shy of a year from his very own tragedy in December 2014.

CJay was even wearing the shirt with his brother in this very night of horror striking twice to the family.

He fought 18days in the ICU and transitioned on October 23, 2015 from his injuries.

So instead of preparing to celebrate his 19th birthday, family prepared his homegoing services.

Officer Hill was cleared of any charges which led to the death of Charles “CJay” Pettit Jr.

Since his death the family has been scrutinized for wanting clear ABC facts.

They’ve been harassed by the very ones who took CJay and Lincoln from them for wanting answers and justice.

The homicide as the death certificate read was put away as “justified”.

Yet, the family couldn’t even have an open casket service because CJay was so mutilated and disfigured by “justification”.

Unrecognizable because of those 10 plus shots his face and head took bullets.

Why…because he fit the description and was in the area.

The fight for simplicities in the case has become a strain mentally…physically…spiritually and financially on the Pettit family.

Please share and get CJay’s story heard.

Media is sharing the untruth and has painted the tragedy as Officer Hill “feared for his life”.

Yet, CJay was the one hiding behind a huge dumpster UNARMED because he knew…

1. His brother Lincoln lost his life by the hands of the police 10 months before that.

2. Because he’s an African-American male and he “fit the description”.

3. The police knew his family because of them being harassed daily for not being quiet about the death of his brother Lincoln.

4. He had on the shirt that bared his brothers face in memorial. (his torso/stomach destroyed by bullets)

5. He was simply a scared kid.

Yet, with a bullet riddled body and clinging to life to tell his story…his last conscious moment was being handcuffed to a bed rail in an ambulance.

He managed and it is documented his last words to emergency responders…

“I’m not gonna run, I can’t breathe…” Help breathe life for Charles “CJay” Pettit Jr…share HIStory and Lincoln’s to get justice and stop this cycle.

Will you re-post/share, support the Pettit Family and sign the petition…?


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  • JT

    I appreciate what you guys are doing to support this family but whoever wrote this article needs to work on their form. This was very badly written and hard to read.

    • angryblaqueperson

      Didn’t graduate huh…?

    • Cheryl Ford

      Not only that they should have researched it before they printed it. Videos don’t lie. That MAN was clearly armed. His death may have saved someone else’s life. Good job to Officer Hill.

  • ThinBlu5

    There are reports saying that the “boy” neglected to respond to police while they were calling out to him. then the “boy” later pulled a semi automatic handgun. After a night of burglarizing and being armed, his death wasn’t justified.

  • ThinBlu5

    By the way the article only talks about how sad it was for the family, it never takes in to account real evidence……

  • Jondoe

    Two sons killed by different police agencies isn’t a coincidence, it’s bad parenting and karma

  • rael

    I guess being a stupid thug and a gangster ran in the family.
    Raise your kids right and this shit don’t happen to them.

  • bweazel

    Unarmed? Are you serious? You can see the gun on the ground next to him. You can also see it falling out of his right hand as he tripped. He was shot over 10 times because he jumped out from behind a dumpster with a handgun in his right hand. You would have probably shot him 11 times, you hypocrite.

  • bweazel

    “Why…because he fit the description and was in the area.” What a load of shit. They got the right guy. He was trying to break into a woman’s house. He had a gun on him. Stop trying to make the cops out to be racists when they clearly were not.

  • 4Bravo1

    The author is a liar and should be sued and outed as a horrible human being. The wort kind of person who bares false witness against an innocent man.

  • Joel Graham

    Any information as to whether he had a gun? You make it sound so one sided which ruins your credibility once again. You never can tell the story straight up because the facts are never good enough when in reality, there are cases often enough that show cops out of control. In this instance he DID have a gun as you can see in the video when it drops from him. That said, he also had his hands up and appeared to run as he was shot in the back. See? Facts. Tell the freaking stories straight up because no one believes you when many of these stories do count and matter.