Cop Says Unarmed and Naked Teen Made Him “Feel Threatened,” Shot Teen to Death



It is easy for 18-year-olds to get carried away.

This is probably what happened to the freshman, Gil Collar, who was attending BayFest, Alabama in 2012.

There, he also had consumed the popular, and legal, hallucinogen 25I.

In a state of euphoria, the teenager returned back to the University of South Alabama, where he stripped naked.

Eventually he ended up outside the university’s police station.

Still quite high, he started banging loudly on the windows.

This is when police officer Trevis Austin stepped out holding his pistol.

He asked Gil to stop.

The young college student, still not in his senses, did not obey the instructions and police reports claim that he “charged” at the policeman.

Officer Trevis, who also had a baton and pepper spray, chose to shoot the college freshman in the chest, which lead to his death.

He said he had no other option.

Interestingly, only months after the incident, a Mobile County grand jury cleared the police officer of any unlawful activity.

In addition to this, the court also dismissed complaints filed against the University and the Police Chief Zeke Aull.

Two years later a federal court, too, ruled in favor of the cop.

US District Court Judge William Steele commented last week that the slain teenager’s parents would recover nothing from Trevis.

This comes at a time when police brutality is top of mind for most Americans.

Watch video below:


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  • Monty Saylor

    This is the reason I view the police state differently than years gone by.Yeah I know “all police are not the same.” When the last time you seen a cop stopping a bad one?

    • Ralph Malph

      As I always say, “There are NO good cops, if there were, there would be NO bad cops”!

      • OldPatriot32

        Dream on; invalid assumption.

        • Morgan Morris

          How so? We consider a bad cop one that breaks the law. If you are a cop and another cop breaks the law by not arresting them we consider you to have broken the law or at least not having done your job. A good cop does their job to PROTECT AND SERVE the population. Not shoot naked teenagers or allow those who to do to get away with it.

        • wildman

          dam dumbass you just proved that age old rumor to be true- You really are that special kinda fukin stupid


      The good cops who call out the bad ones tend to be fired, prosecuted, or just disappear.

  • Leland Whitehouse

    His actions were wrong from the begining. he should have never confronted the young man without backup and he should never have drawn his weapon. These two errors alone tells me the Grand Jury is obviouslly wrong. Grand Juries are sidding with the police 97% of the time. That also tells an ugly story. This was a clear case of Manslaughter in the 1st or 2nd degree. The cop is not fit to wear a uniform.

  • So What

    They all belong on the end of ropes. The Judge, the jury, the feds, the cop, his captain, and his union representatives

    • Valerie Franke

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    • Pierre Montsion

      ya the US judicial system has gone off the rails totally

  • Max

    Does not matter one bit what the college teen did or said…..HE WAS NAKED. Period. He posed NO threat to the criminal with-a-badge….none. If the taser and baton (club) did not work (IF it was needed in the first place), he could have called for back-up….. He should not make it another day…he’s a criminal and a murderer, along with all those that defend & support him. He’s a weak asshat and a threat to the general public.

  • Wally Nash

    May the cops family members suffer the same fate as that victim

    • Morgan Morris

      The cops family member didn’t kill anyone why should they suffer? How about we just hope this cop suffers because he deserves it not his family?

      • Wally Nash

        Did not the dead child’s family suffer a lost, did they do anything to warrant what they are going through ? That is why I say that. Let him know what suffering is.

      • So What

        Because they harbor a psycho and cuddle the sociopathic narcissism of the murderer with love. It’s called guilt by association

  • I know the corruption in selecting a regular jury, and I’m sure these grand jury’s are even selected with more corruption. They need to let the public know who these selected people are. Then the people can investigate themselves and find them to be all on the DA’s friend’s lists and also the accused’s attorney’s list on facebook as I found out. The whole system is corrupt, all covering for each other.

  • SeanSoldier00

    it’s called escalation of force…why doesn’t it seem like anyone it taught this?!

    • Morgan Morris

      Probably because their not and even if their were their IQ’s are far to low to retain it.

  • martine bruchetti

    So no dash cam or body cam ? What the police officer is saying about the victim is moot. The victim is now dead and can’t defend himself. Grand Jury? The Governor here in California just outlawed Grand Juries. They will no longer decided cops and many others faith. Love it! Also why not run behind his cruiser and take the young man. Now what I’m about to say many won’t like. But I will say it anyways. I’m a Black male, and when white officers across the country may be shooting Blacks, This Black officer and other others may be killing whites as payback. Just a notion. I don’t like this shit at all either way, we are human beings, someones child, brother, husband and this easy cop killing needs to stop.

  • Sophisticated Redneck

    Now imagine your minding your own business and police arrive nearby on a matter unrelated to you, and you innocently draw your cellphone or wallet from your coat. If a naked, unarmed teenager is a threat to police, a coated citizen holding a black object must be an attempted assassination.

  • xdrfox

    The dead don’t get to say what happened !

  • Drakenfly
  • Drakenfly
  • Member548

    If you have many melee weapons at your disposal, yet decide you need a fire arm to deal with a naked kid you are are a coward or a violent sociopath, and if your buddies all agree you made the right call, you are surrounded by cowards and violent sociopaths.

  • OldPatriot32

    Very disheartening, and portends big trouble for citizens during future police encounters. Training for dealing with similar situations and/or the mentally disturbed is sadly lacking in law enforcement. Big Brother out of control!!

  • Rod Mason

    That is a coincidence, a psychotic man turned up at our local nick the other day and went off on one (another day at the office on “the job” according to the police officer I spoke to) so he was wrestled to the ground, cuffed, a doctor called, he was sedated and sectioned. No one got shot and nobody died. To many street executions in the USA.

    • Morgan Morris

      This is good police work and how this should have ended instead of with a dead kid.

  • Giarc66

    oh okay so now the cops are threatened by someone with an armed cock!??

  • DSilvermane

    What should we do, as the public, if we “feel threatened” by police?

  • Morgan Morris

    Why do they wast the money on nonlethal weapons? They rarely use them unless their use on the particular subject is likely to cause death.

  • Davy Ro

    Do the American people have any idea how the rest of the world views your country.The hypocrisy of the U.S is unbelievable you’re government tries to lecture the world how they should run their own countries when in the U.S your police commit murder every single day & get away with it .You’re media is censored so much you dont have a clue of the atrocities your government is producing.Your media lets you know how fantastic the U.S is & the vast majority actually believe their bullshit.Your president says he’s fighting ISIS in Syria yet when the Russians go there to fight ISIS they’re causing all kinds of trouble how can this be if the president actually wants ISIS destroyed

  • camelot93

    Unarmed and naked, and the cop decided he had no choice but to use his gun, not the baton or pepper spray, only the lethal choice. How cowardly the police have become, poorly trained if at all, cowards.

  • teddyb

    Coward cop. The kid might have wanted to hug the cop. Retreat one more time. Ask for back-up. What a miserable excuse for a human being that cop is. He should be in prison. Everyone who sided with the cop must be afraid of the police union.

  • This fucking animal has escaped punishment because our system of justice simply cannot be trusted to “police” itself. It is an entirely and completely corrupt system. cops are cowards who hide behind their clown suits and badges, and are totally confident that our broken justice system will back them up regardless of how outrageous or inhumane their actions. Ordinary citizens feel the laser dot on their body every time they have to interact with these corrupt animals, I only wish these cowards could see that laser dot on themselves just to see how vulnerable they would feel. Not that I expect them to have human emotions, they are fucking animals, automatons without feelings, and incapable of those

  • Dakota Calhoon

    sounds like lies to me. this is another victim of police brutality and this kid was murdered in cold blood. he was naked and without weapon. i agree with the comments below – they all belong on the end of ropes. The Judge, the DA, assistant DA,
    the jury, the feds, the cop, his captain, and his union representatives. what a sham US law has become and less and less people are believing in it.

  • wildman

    a few hundred dollars, a gang member and the cop meets his maker

  • Kelly Payne


  • John J Publicus

    When will it become neccisary for armed bands of citizens to hunt these animals down and deal,with them extra judiciously? Can’t they see it’s coming to that?

  • snowdogrob2112


  • Gwendolyn F. Cooksey

    What was he afraid of, getting raped..

  • Dustin Kenneth

    I guess an unarmed naked person who so difficult to handle they had no choice but to kill. What kind of country is this piece of garbage? Taser, baton and pepper spray wasn’t good enough… But killing someone was. I hope that assclown gets his Karma for killing someone. This country is out of control and by no charges send a terrible message to other idiots cops that this is ok. No one has respect for the pigs anymore.