Supreme Court Upholds No-Warning Deadly Force

Barbara Leonard | Courthouse News Service

WASHINGTON (CN) – The U.S. Supreme Court issued a summary reversal Monday in favor of a New Mexico police officer who gave no warning before he shot and killed a gun-wielding man.

Samuel Pauly was killed at his home outside Santa Fe one night in October 2011 a couple of hours after his brother Daniel Pauly was involved in a road-rage incident.

Officers responding to a 911 call about the incident did not have probable cause but sought to question the driver anyway, and headed out to the address registered with his plate.

Initially Officer Ray White stayed behind at the highway where the road rage report had been called in. He joined at the Pauly residence at about 11 p.m. when fellow officers observed Daniel’s pickup truck parked beside one of two houses on the lot.

While the first house was dark, the lights were on at the rear house where Daniel’s pickup was parked.

Monday’s unsigned ruling from the Supreme Court notes that it is relaying what happened next in the light most favorable to the Paulys.

It says the Paulys became aware of the officers’ presence outside the house before White arrived.

“‘Hey, (expletive), we got you surrounded,” the other officers had apparently said. “Come out or we’re coming in.’”

The brothers purportedly never heard the officers identify themselves as state police, however, and armed themselves inside the house.

Just as Officer White half-jogged up to the rear house, hearing shouting, he heard one of say, “We have guns.”

Daniel stepped out of the house a few seconds later and fired two shotgun blasts while screaming wildly. After another few seconds, Samuel pointed his handgun toward White.

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