Swedish Cops on Vacation in New York Just Showed Americans What REAL Policing Looks Like



Cassandra Fairbanks | The Free Thought Project

New York, NY–  Four Swedish police officers vacationing in New York City were on the subway on Wednesday when a fight broke out.

The train operator asked if there were any police riding who could help with the situation.

The Scandinavian patrolmen were very soothing and non-aggressive as they de-escalated the situation instead of escalating it, the way we have seen so often from our own men and women in blue.

The officers were on their way to see a performance of Les Misérables when the train operator frantically asked for assistance. “Are there any police officers on the train?!” the men heard over the intercom.

“We thought maybe someone needed help,” Samuel Kvarzell, 25, a rookie with the Stockholm Police Department told the New York Post.

The Scandinavian patrolmen ran towards the front of the subway to help and encountered a brutal fight between two homeless men that had broken out.

One of the men was reportedly attacking the other, as the injured victim made very little effort to defend himself.

After separating the aggressor off of the victim, the officers kept the aggressor detained in an arm lock while attempting to calm him using non-threatening voices and a soothing hand on the back.

“Take it easy, just relax, everything is going to be okay,” one of the officers tells the detained man while he frantically screamed that he couldn’t breathe.

This seemed to calm him, and the officer asked if he was injured with a kind and gentle hand on his back. The officer seemed genuinely concerned about his well being.

There was no violence; there was no threat of violence, no cursing or racist remarks. The officers acted as professionals, even while off-duty and on vacation.

It is easy to see that these officers were not out to bully or harm anyone and that they were simply trying to make sure that nobody was hurt.

“It was pretty routine,” one of the officers, Eric Jansberger, told the Post as he downplayed their actions. “We came just to make sure no one got hurt. We were trying to stop the fight.”

These officers did not seem to realize that they just gave Americans a glimpse of what professional policing could look like.

“We came here for vacation; we’ve been here one day,” Markus Asberg, 25, told the Post “We’re no heroes, just tourists.”

In May of 2013, Stockholm saw over a week of riots reminiscent of the uprising in Ferguson last year.  The riots began two days after the police killed a 69-year-old man who was wielding a machete.

The police claim it was in self-defense, but the several hundred youth who participated in the uprising blamed it on racism by the police in an immigrant-heavy area.  At least seven officers were injured and a police station, as well as 150 vehicles, were lit on fire.

Sweden may have an issue with brutality themselves, but these officers certainly showed the NYPD a thing or two about how to de-escalate a situation.

While this video is certainly fascinating, nobody can ever beat the Icelandic Police, who have the most lovable Instagram in the world, and had a national day of mourning when they killed their first, and only, person ever.

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  • alfredkarius

    “But….but Sweden is a socialist country. Here in the ‘land of the free’ we do things differently.”

  • Swede760

    Another look at what Bernie Sanders wants for the People. Social Democracies work very well. I have been to Sweden and Norway and have a lot of Family still there and their system of Government is far superior to what ours has devolved into.

    • Sanders ain’t the answer but good try.

      • Swede760

        I don’t see any other Candidates that have answers for the problems of this Nation. Sanders does and he has the Senate Voting Record that shows he is serious and honest.

        • What are his answers? Free stuff isn’t the answer. Some things; legal pot, low incarceration rate, small guy issues are good, but he needs substance not rhetoric. He doesn’t vote for war, but votes for war funding. He supports leaving troops in Afghanistan, he supports forces in Syria.

          • Swede760

            You sound like all the FOX Viewers Joe Corrao If you take the time to go to his website and actually read you will see how he plans to fund each of his solutions to major problems. He is thinking about the future and how we are going to leave our Grandkids, Sick and Stupid or Healthy and Intelligent. Having a Great Nation means the people are well off and we in the US are not compared to other Nations. His Platform makes sense and his Senate Voting Record proves it. Yes he Voted against going to War but has the intelligence to not desert our Troops by blocking funding for the materials they need to survive. Now explain how patriotic the GOP is when they have stopped every Bill that would benefit Veterans in the last 7 years.

          • How do we pay for his ideas?

          • the answer is debt and higher taxes and more big government…we need much less of all 3.

          • Swede760

            You just don’t get it do you. We all contribute towards the Education and Health of our Young so that they can provide a good economy for us to retire in as well as something better than Polluted Air, Water and Land to live off of. Humans left to their own with out regulation is always destructive due to greed as we are seeing with the so called Trickle Down Economics right now.

          • Oh I do get it….

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      • Swede760

        Yes we all know that Prostitution is lucrative on Craig’s List.

  • Hugh Jazzole’

    Europe is in for a real bad time w all the islamic invaders. they will not be reasoned w .They are there to kill unlike American homeless that are being brutalized in their own land.