Teen Boy Beaten With Baton, Swarmed by Nine Cops … for Jaywalking


STOCKTON, CA — A video has emerged showing a swarm of nine officers using force against a lone teenager.

His crime?


Onlookers stated that before the footage starts, there was a cop commanding the teen to sit down.

Apparently the teen continued walking across the street to make it on time to his bus.

His “authority” ignored, the cop then blew up and began grabbing the teen boy’s arm, initiating violence.

The boy did not strike back but merely continued walking, something which seems to have enraged the officer even more.

Once the footage begins the cop can be seen swinging a baton into the teen, beating him.

A witness can be heard screaming “It’s a fucking kid!”

“Get off him. He’s just jaywalking. Leave him alone, he didn’t do anything wrong!”

But the cop ignores these pleas from a citizen and has the audacity to scream “Stop resisting!” to the boy.

Cops are trained to scream “Stop resisting” as a catch-all phrase that will allow them to claim in a court that they were justified in beating or even killing a citizen.

The boy is visibly shaken up and traumatized, covering his face as citizens nearby watch.

That is when several officers, at least eight more, can be seen swarming in like wolves, piling onto the harmless boy, and blocking witnesses from the scene that was unfolding.

That brings it to a total of nine officers that are needed just to stop a boy from crossing the street.

The scene ends with the boy being forced into handcuffs and taken away.

Watch the video below:

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  • Dan

    “Cops are trained to scream “Stop resisting” as a catch-all phrase that will allow them to claim in a court that they were justified in beating or even killing a citizen.”

    That’s actually untrue — they’re trained to yell that because when you’re being beaten, your mind pretty much locks up. Yelling that is supposed to cut through the haze and help their victim understand how to comply.

    I write this not because I’m a fan of the cops — God knows I’m not — and not because I think police violence is ok in this or any other situation. But weak statements like that makes people in the police accountability movement look stupid and harm the movement. It’s fun to demonize people with whom you disagree with, but it’s not productive.

    • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

      Um….it doesn’t work….kinda like telling an irate woman to calm down. Creating a lie out of what is happening will make the mind revolt. It creates the same environment in the mind that brings on psychosis. The fact that you are saying that they train people to do this to DEESCALATE, when the facts show the exact opposite happens, says quite a bit to me. Either you are full of sh*t; or they are.

      • Dan

        Don’t get me wrong, it could well be based on flawed science. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that were the case. But passing off incorrect information makes it looks like we’re trying to propagandize.

        • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

          Dan, you’re full of shit. The propaganda begins when the cop yells, “stop resisting”, to someone who is NOT resisting, quite often to someone who is subdued! This is their fucking excuse to beat the shit out of the defenseless.

          • The Corrupt Will Burn

            This is due to the lack of a sex life.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      BULL shit! I’ve seen dozens of cop videos. They do this so bystanders will hear them say it; it is their excuse for shredding people’s civil rights. Iv’e seen people on their faces, in the snow, hands behind their backs, getting the shit whacked out of them. They’re not resisting, yet the cops are beating them to death, while yelling stop resisting. Fucking cop apologist, just shut the fuck up.

    • The Corrupt Will Burn

      Public servants doing their job on steroids.

  • Kim Serrahn

    9 sides of beef to take down one skinny ass black kid. And there will be a whole litany of charges besides just jaywalking. And they wonder why people don’t like cops anymore. And another thing why all the shaved heads on cops now days?

    • Ivan Jimenez

      I wonder the same thing about the shaved heads. Most cops nowadays have the same look, shaved heads with sunglasses. However, I think the shaved head has to do with an aggressor not being able to grab a cop by the hair during confrontations. Just my guess.

    • Joe Green

      They’re becoming more and more militarized. Shaved head is military standard. I think you should be more concerned about the fully automatic rifles, armored vehicles and military attire (helmets, vest, utility belts, etc.). Another thing is why do they love to just grab and twist, yank or slam a person as hard as they can, when they know much easier and less harmful ways to take people down. They love to hurt people and brag about it daily. It’s disgusting and so are the scum that choose to make that their profession for only about $30 to $35 thousand annually, when they know they’ll be surrounded by corruption that they cannot change, prevent or stop. It’s a job for an egotistical adrenaline junkie on a power trip with a need to harm people. Plain and simple……SCUMBAGS!

      • Kim Serrahn

        Shaved heads are reminiscent of a certain group of people and that was was I was referencing.

        • Yeah, I think everyone got that reference.

          • Kim Serrahn

            I wasn’t sure if everyone would get it so that’s why I said it.

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            nobody cares about your reference. Im black with a shaved head. So was Michael Jordan, and many others. AND?

          • Rodney Thomas

            Her reference was to the Hitler’s SS stormtroopers and today’s modern skinheads, neither of which you as a black man could ever join..

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            Who cares? Shes just race baiting and I was reacting to that. Also my comments were 2 Years old. Late to the party much?

        • jasminxeick

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      • Gary Williams Jr.

        they get away with it because WE ARE ALLOWING IT. if people ever stood up….TOGETHER, these punks would piss their pants, there’s not a set of balls among them. I grew up in a near town, this has been going on there for decades. the asshole of the world is california


        Im glad they slammed him down. And before u start race-baiting, I am black by the way.

    • Zackery Smith

      Its more like 9 sides of pig !!…phuck them coward pig’s

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      shaved heads and tattoos is a sure sign of a douche bag


      Who cares how their hair is? Im black, most of my family are cops, and Im glad they gave this kid what he had coming. He was a punk, and a disobedient one at that.

  • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

    Watch the dickless wonder wait for the rest of the dickless wonders….poor bubala….too asceert….people might not think ima heroes!!! waaaa….What kind of women hook up with these mutants?

  • John Lambton

    Total overkill by Nazi police


      nope, the kid had it coming. punk ass boy that he was. Oh and before u start race-baiting, I am black BTW.

  • i am sorry but MANY MANY MANY MORE COPS are going to get MURDERED over STUPID stuff like this. AND YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE.
    (we all deserve to die, but ESPECIALLY THEM!!!)

    • StipMan

      You, sir, are what’s wrong with this country. Statements like that serve to inflame and are just as bad if not worse than what is being ‘discussed” here

      • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

        You are the dumb FUCK! Bullshit like this and the cops who coddle these attempted murders, are what causes dissent!

        • StipMan

          Really? You don’t like my comment that people who say cops (or anyone else) deserve to die is inappropriate and divisive?? SMH.
          I also love all your comments and the ranting with abusive language. If you cant put together a sentence with a reasonable thought you curse. Let me give it a try… ALL LIVES MATTER FUCKTARD! You are a sad sad person.

          • Ariel Varela Mendoza

            “Fucktard”. Lol

  • bongwaterstudios

    Beat the camera man!!!!

  • Anne-Marie Mazur

    Oh my god. That just pissed me the fucking hell off. Oh my god. Brownshirted fascist dogs.

  • awake

    these incidents are basically homosexual orgies with clothes on.

  • Jason Smith

    I hope they are proud of themselves

  • StipMan

    one , why didn’t the kid just stop? two, in the video you can see the kid grabbing the offices night stick. Which gets him smacked across the face as the officer tried to regain control of his weapon (that’s why hes holding his face) . Bad move. NEVER attempt to grab an officers weapon. While the officer may have escalated quickly (and I don’t see the original interaction) it may or may not be justified. (Probably not necessary to the extent shown)… There was recently a video of an officer beating a man after a road side stop and the passer by who filmed the video said the officer was “just beating the hell out of the guy for no reason”. Dash cam video however showed the individual assaulting the officer and the officer defending himself. Completely different when placed in context. I really don’t like to pass judgment unless I see the entire video.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      The fucking cop terrorist was hitting the kid in the face first with the bullshit stick! When a kid is being beaten, should he just take it? FUCK NO! The abused tries to mitigate the damage to his body, to his face. fucktard!

      • StipMan

        Ok, you just escalated because I posted my opinion of what happened and what I saw. You are just as bad as the officers in the video ..actually worse (IMHO). You are quite ignorant and part of the problem. Seems there is no possible way to have a reasonable discussion about this with people like you, And in case you have any issue with any of the large words (those with more than 3 letters ) please consult dictionary.com

  • Lawrence O’Day

    To be fair, what happened before the video aired is hearsay, thus it shall be omitted in any judgement. At the beginning of the video, the “kid” was absolutely struggling against the officer. The first strikes only came with the officer struggling against the boy who was pushing back against him, and were not intentional. The officer immediately holstered his weapon to prevent this from happening again. What he did at the beginning of the video legally qualifies as assaulting an officer. Seeing that the boy was going to resist, the officer backed off and called for backup. You can clearly see him attempting to get the boy in handcuffs, then backing off quickly when he sees any sign of resistance. As per his training. Even when the boy was swarmed he continued to fight back. The officer told him quite clearly he was going to handcuff him. The boy resisted under the defense “I’m just a kid”. They were not violent in taking him down, they were not striking him or attempting to wound him, they controlled the suspect in accordance with police training.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all against police brutality. But what I see here could have easily been handled by the kid complying with the officers and showing them a little respect. Jaywalking is a violation of the law, and “I’m going to miss my bus” is not a legal defense. In fact, some officers see that as disrespectful, as one is suggesting their special circumstance puts them above the law.

    • Lugz

      Dude that cop was grinding his nightstick against the kid’s shins and that shit hurts like hell, how could you honestly believe he’s going to just sit there and take it without reducing the pain somewhat? He’s a kid and even and adult would find it hard to bare.

      • Brian Folks

        The kid did reach for the nightstick after the cop stopped grinding. That was a pretty stupid thing to to do.

        • Lugz

          yeah it was pretty stupid, kinda like when a kid reaches up to prevent from taking a spanking…that’s right BECAUSE HE IS A KID.

          • Lawrence O’Day

            “Kid” is a relative term. Sure if he was a kid, as in under 12 years old, then perhaps he’d have a case. As a teen MUCH different story. I don’t know about you, but I expect teens for the most part to understand the consequences of their actions. Yelling at your mom “You can’t do shit to me” is one thing. Yell that at a cop, teen or no, you’ll end up in cuffs. And rightly so.

        • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

          The first blow was to the kid’s face by this fucking kid, you asshole!

      • Lawrence O’Day

        The kid was pushing against the officer with his legs. The moment the officer let up pressure against the kid’s legs, he popped back due to the force with which the kid was pushing. The simple solution is, relax and allow the officer to control the scene in the first place. None of us saw how the officer and the kid got into that position in the first place, but seeing the kid struggle against the officer makes it reasonable to believe that the child struggling is what put them in that position in the first place. Also, the officer did not strike the boy. Not once. The boy was grabbing his baton, he struggled to release it, and in doing so he pushed forward and the baton struck the boy. If the boy had complied in the first place, rather then resisting arrest, again none of this would have happened.

    • Eric Crossley

      Wow…why in the hell was he worried about a kid jaywalking in the first place? You can tell the cop knows it was a minor infraction by his reaction when the woman is screaming at him. The kid was not “fighting back” by any means btw, but agree it would have been smart for him to avoid a confrontation by not resisting. That being said, why do they always need five or six big fat cops to subdue a small person? “Assaulting an officer?” Give me a break!

      • StipMan

        Really? “It was a minor infraction” so the kid can continue walking and disregard an officer? Really?.

      • Lawrence O’Day

        So wait… now we can pick and choose what laws we want to follow? Traffic violations of all sort are “minor violations”. Does that mean I can speed in a school zone and if an officer pulls me over I don’t have to stop? Why the hell did the kid thing that he was justified to break the law, minor or otherwise? His reaction was not to the woman screaming at him. His reaction was to the boy, who was fighting back all the while. You could clearly see him struggling to get the boy’s hands off his baton, and his shock when that struggle lead to the boy being struck. Just before he was “struck” the boy sat up pushing against the baton to do so, pushing into the officer. This is not a person who is “submitting”. He was clearly fighting back. You’re right in that it doesn’t take five or six cops to subdue a person, but when that person is fighting back, you use numbers for a reason. Not just for the safety of the officer, but for people to help control the scene in case a citizen decide to get involved, and to help PROTECT the suspect. Against one officer, the boy struggled to the point where he got struck. Against 6 officers, he had his arm twisted a little bit, but otherwise it was a clean takedown, no more painful then getting tackled in football game. The boy finally ceased his struggle, and that’s how most wrestling accidents happen. Not from what the person did to you, but from what you did to struggle against it. Hell why did the officer have his baton out in the first place? Didn’t see that on the video, so why is it such an easy presumption that he pulled it out to do wrong? If he DID pull it out to use it to assault the boy, why was there even a struggle to begin with? Why didn’t he just thwap the boy over the head a few times then carry his unconscious body off to his car? Because he was trying to AVOID hurting the kid.

        • The Corrupt Will Burn

          You sound like the Juror that never heard of jury nullification.

          • Lawrence O’Day

            You sound like the “eye witness” whose answer to every question is “That man was wrong” without offering a single notion as to WHY the person was wrong, complaining later that your testimony was not taken seriously not because it lacked content, but because you’re being “silenced” by “The man”.

          • The Corrupt Will Burn

            They would not let me in the court room. Now that IS a fact. Too eccentric.

          • Lawrence O’Day

            Even worse. Now you sound like that “eye witness” who tells the media his whole story loud and clear about what happens, mixing in a few hi moms and shout outs to your friends, but then disappears when the story told in court doesn’t add up to the one you told on TV.

          • The Corrupt Will Burn

            Too informed. That is my problem not yours debt slave.

        • I gotta say, Lawrence, you have the most objective and reasonable responses I’ve ever seen on the internet with incidents like these.

          The lady that’s yelling is egging the kid on whether she intended to or not. For those who’re doubting Lawrence’s unbiased observation of the video, WATCH THE VIDEO WITH AUDIO MUTED and then you’ll see. People need to stop responding from heated and overworked emotion, but from a point of reason and intelligent observance of the facts. We should learn to look at things dispassionately and only then will we be able to arrive at a fair, balanced conclusion.

          I don’t think I should be stopped by the police for jaywalking either, but I tell you what, if a cop told me to comply and pulled out the cuffs, I wouldn’t resist arrest!

          And not that it makes that much of a difference, I’m Black, by the way.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      Fuck you! I’ve read many eyewitness testimonies that said he attacked the kid and hit him across the face with the baton, the the kid cowered and covered his face. Shut the fuck up!

      • Lawrence O’Day

        Aah more of these lovely coherent debates. I’ve read many eyewitness testimonies that stated that Darren Wilson provoked Mike Brown, and that Mike Brown never once attempted to attack Wilson, including from people who testified the exact opposite. Hell I know a person who claims to have seen the Hindenburg go down when their parents aren’t even old enough to have seen it. Because no one’s ever lied before. Or recanted their story. Or had their story misrepresented by a storyteller painting a specific picture of what happened.

        Believe all the hearsay you want. I believe in what I saw, and I’ve stated quite clearly what I saw in that video.

      • Sm0ke

        Where are they? Can I read them too?


        the punk kid had it coming

    • You’re a cop right, or related to one?

      • Lawrence O’Day

        Thank you. I love it when people bring in coherent debates and make valid points to support their beliefs. Makes me feel so great about people speaking out of their rational mind rather then a knee jerk reaction to a 2 and a half minutes of video of an interaction that took fifteen minutes or more.

        • ..and the answer to my question is?

          • Lawrence O’Day

            And the rebuttal to any of the actual facts presented is?

          • Yes folks, he’s a cop.

          • Lawrence O’Day

            Yes folks, he has no actual point (or anything related to one).

          • The folk on this thread share my opinion of your stand.

          • Lawrence O’Day

            Yes, folks, despite having no actual point he presumes to speak for others.

            If “the folk” on this thread have an opinion they are capable of sharing it on their own I’m sure. And their opinions do not change the fact that you have brought nothing to this discussion, and really have just made yourself look foolish by attempting to counter a discussion with zero facts.

          • “The folk” have shared their opinions, and they are clear to anyone with an open mind, which you do not possess. Looking ‘foolish’ in your heavily biased eyes is the least of my worries. The facts, to which you have turned a blind eye due to your disposition, are plain and have been stated by many others.

  • Eric Crossley

    More and more we see sickening and criminal police beatings, killings and abuse. The cops are bigger, fatter and more militant than ever and it is time to fight back hard! Really, enough is enough! BTW Stockton police have been through this routine many times before and are way out of control.

  • Tony Velez

    it never fails to see what is a minor infraction to order totalitarian control over a kid as millions jaywalk & make it alive 99% of the time, i’m sure that kid had NO trust over a cop but had fear of being confronted & tried to avoid dealing with the cop is my guess on why this turned out into a violent mess, here’s hoping the judge dismisses ALL the charges due to the abuse he faced over this

  • Member548

    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

    Declaration of Independence

  • flickerKuu

    We have the budget to spend on 8 cops for one jaywalker? Time to cut the police budget by like 700%

  • Jason Hartline

    What if all the bystanders just swarmed on the cops? Would the cops have just shot them all or just left the boy alone? Now that is the big question.

  • G Jurgens

    Obviously going to be rich overnight sue them cops ! with the whole world on his side ! It Worth the trauma millions in competition !

  • Jeremy

    Are they all on steroids?

    • The Corrupt Will Burn

      There are two types of cops. Steroid cops and Obese cops. There is no gray area. Why do you think there is so much violence. Because steroids make for calm people. LOL.

  • G Jurgens

    Why not start a fund that pays bounty for dead bad cops pay in Bitcoin say 50 Bitcoin for every dead cop in that video !

  • Okay, i’m probably going to be mauled for this but here goes.
    The article makes what happened seem 1000x worse than what actually occurred. When i clicked play on the video i was expecting cops pointlessly beating up some poor non-resistant kid, trying to catch his bus. What i got was something completely different. For starters, he was J-walking. Which is in fact a crime. Should he have been beaten up for that? No, of course not. However, despite what the article claims, he is CLEARLY resisting, not to mention completely uncooperative with the officer, with words of “don’t touch me!,” clearly being heard. Acting like that, i wouldn’t be surprised if the kid had something illegal on him, which is most likely what the officer thought as well. The one officer was clearly having trouble with the kicking and screaming teen, which is what most likely led to the eight other police officers coming in to help. After all, you’d help your friend if he was having trouble, right? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a police apologist, and i’m the first to say the bastards are fucking corrupt. However, if this was a video of 8 cops beating on some poor weak child for no reason, THEN i’d scream police brutality, but this? No this isn’t police brutality. It’s ridiculous, but not brutality. People just love to hate, and we’re always looking for a way to feed the fire.

    • Josh Chieftain

      This was a teenager jay-walking. Hardly needed to be arrested in the first place, let alone hit with a baton.

      • I agree, however the boy shouldn’t have kept walking when the police officer tried to pull him to the side to warn him or write a citation no matter how late he was. He was arrested for resistance, which he was clearly doing.

        • kpowas

          He was resisting because they were trying to cuff him for jaywalking. The kid wasn’t running or resisting until the officer became physical(kid was sitting there), the officer could’ve written the offense on a ticket and handed it to him. BULLSHIT

          • They did NOT try to cuff him until AFTER the boy started resisting. The police officer tried to write him a ticket/warning but the boy kept walking. This was when the police officer grabbed him to stop him. (A perfectly normal reaction) They tried to get him to sit still, but the boy was uncooperative, this was when things became physical. It only made it worse when the kid tries to grab the officers weapon. What you’re saying is in fact, BULLSHIT. I swear you guys are just as bad as some fucking cops. You just want to see someone get hurt or die.

          • kpowas

            Haha no I don’t want to see that, it is actually what I am arguing against. There was a point in time (after the officer assaulted him) in which he could have de escalated the situation. You’re a piece of shit for even siding with the officer who weighs 260lbs using a baton on a 140lb kid. If you don’t think the officers were at wrong here, then you are in fact a piece of shit. There are better ways to deal with children. And with PIGS

          • kpowas

            Point is, the officer could have just lectured this young man on how j walking is unsafe for him and drivers as he is walking away, instead of using physical force. This is an obvious case of an officer getting a chance to abuse his power…on a child. Plus, I haven’t even begun to rant about how they unnecessarily threw the young kid to the ground and continued excessive physical contact.

          • kpowas

            Are you capable of interpreting what you are reading? Do you understand that I’m the one saying that the officer should have avoided this kid from the get go? I think you might be confused.

          • The kid and the officer were BOTH in the wrong. That is what I am saying. This could have been avoided two ways. The officer could have ignored that kid, and not give him a fine. Or the kid could have taken his fine, apologized and went on his day. Instead, the cop reacted and the kid resisted. Now we’re in this situation.

          • Ikea Monkey

            The key words you’re not getting are: one of the people involved is a KID and the other a trained (supposedly) ADULT. The trained adult should be held to a higher standard than a kid.

          • Tom

            Is everyone supposed to bow before the police and say yessa maser, please don’t beat me. I swears I’ll be good. They have way too much lateral to do what ever they want. I for one will stand for my rights. If this is acceptable behavior to you maybe you should try one of these militant countries for your home. That’s what we’ll have if the people do not stand up against the authorities abusing their power. I really hope to never see this with one of my children. I can assure you it will not end well for the officer jumping them.

          • The cop TRIED to lecture/warn/fine him but the boy ignored that cop and kept walking. You DO NOT ignore the orders of a police officer. The blame lies on both the kid AND the officer. (PS. You keep replying to yourself making it difficult to know when you replied. Also, I am not with the troll Jack William)

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            im not a troll u idiot

          • Yeah, I’m the piece of shit for not liking violence. Im the piece of shit for wanting to stop this before it occurred WITHOUT hurting either the teen or the officer. You’re the piece of shit. You just love bloodshed don’t you?

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            fuck u kowpas u damn liberal

          • Karen Incorvaia

            There was NOTHING FOR HIM TO RESIST!!!! Unless he was being arrested he was not resisting anything! He did NOT have to stop just because the cop tells him to. We have constitutional rights that are supposed to protect us from this very thing. There is so much ignorance here I cannot stand it!

          • crazytrain2

            Actually, yes he does have to stop. I consider jaywalking a chickenshit offense, but it is still an offense, albeit a very minor offense.

    • kpowas


      • They never arrested him for J-walking. They arrested him for resistance. Which he was clearly doing.


          thank you Cody. Kowpas needs to lay off the caps lock

          • kpowas


        • forest4trees

          Resisting what? Being beaten some more. What reasonable person wouldn’t?

      • forest4trees

        Ticket maybe if you are white!

    • upagainstthewall

      Well I am glad you have stated that you will be the first to say that “the bastards are fucking corrupt”. Yes, Jay walking is a crime…but now the child will most likely suffer permanent psychological abuse from being traumatized and beaten. I am glad this sits alright with you. Could you please get the hell out of our country as there are many more of us citizens that will never accept when uniformed monsters beat children in front of us. And you inferred he may have something on him… what marijuana?crack?meth? I just scrolled down and saw you other post where you clarify who you are by saying “Yeah, I’m the piece of shit”. Well thank you for the clarification. I thought I was going to have to tell you myself, but apparently you are well aware of who you are. Oh and BTW you truly are a cop apologist if you aren’t a uniformed monster yourself.

      • Lol I knew this would happen. Theres complete dipshit conservatives and there are complete dipshit liberals. I have to remember that both parties have their morons and it seems i’ve encountered one. I see you clearly ignored the fact, that I said the boy shouldn’t have been beaten. But alright, we’ve clarified that you can’t fucking read. Also, this is the first fucking time I’ve stood up for a cop, so go fuck yourself asswipe. Yeah if the fucking dipshit kid kept walking and reacted like that I wouldn’t be surprised of he had something on him. And yep still the piece of shit for wanting peace. That’s me the good guy piece of shit. But hey at least I’m not a facist fuck like you. How about you get out of my country, you just want war and blood to feed your Sociopathic tendencies.

        • upagainstthewall

          My oh my, you seem to lose your composure quite easily. “Fuck”, “fucking”, “asswipe “, “dipshit”, are many of the colorful phrases you’ve spewed. I simply cannot reply any more to someone who through no fault of their own, has been born void of any intellectual capacity.
          However, in fairness to you, I want you to know, you’re as stimulating as a sea monkey. Lmao

          • Taylor Jacobs

            So cursing is a sign if ignorance? wow that is the first I heard of that since I have heard some of the most brilliant people to ever live curse. Thank you for sharing this info.


        screw you upagainst. Cody was correct, u asshole

      • Parallax

        “but now the child will most likely suffer permanent psychological abuse from being traumatized and beaten.”

        Total nonsense. He’s no delicate flower. And he wasn’t “beaten”.

        You Drama Queens have gone from being hilarious to being insane.

    • Gene Laczynski

      Yea that’s true but it is whats called excessive force. I can assure you that when I was growing up you wouldn’t see this happen for jaywalking. These are cops today that respond like an occupying force in a foreign country. That’s new! IMO what you’re seeing is the first steps as police train for and expect if our country continues to refuse to offer democracy to all citizens that one day they will be the occupying force on the general population as unrest will continue to escalate due to lack of opportunities and poverty.


      Thank you. Im black, and I 100% agree. The kid was not complying. Thank you Cody!

      • upagainstthewall

        Perhaps you feel obligated for condoning the officers actions due the child’s noncompliance…I have also noticed the knees pads you’ve worn while praising Cody ….so let’s pretend for a moment that your IQ isn’t as low as the average officer…if it’s illegal for parents to use that type of physical discipline on their own children…which would be considered child abuse, criminal mistreatment, assault felony….wtf makes you think some asshat with a badge should entitled to abuse a child that is walking away?
        It’s a child! Their prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed, they don’t have the capacity to reason like an adult, so tell me again cop sucking Jack, with the worn out pads, what makes you think a man in uniform should have this much authority? Will the blows he dealt teach the young man how to respect authority?, or will it show him the ugly truth about it?


          AAAAA, SHAAAD AAAP, white boy. I got cops in my family. They have the ultimate authority. If the idiot kid complied, he’s be fine. Im a black man, and I have NEVER had a problem with cops. In fact, I feel safer when I DO see cops around. I was a child too. I NEVER disobeyed an officer. And if my kid disobeyed me, I’d smack his black butt around too. Because of that fear, yes my kids respect authority. A good smack is needed now and then. The blows dealt (by me to my kid, or to a cop to this kid) will teach them how to respect authority. We black folk smack the black off our kids mouths just for looking at us cross-eyed. If a cop smacked my son, I’d thank the cop and then when my son came home, I’d kick his butt more than the cop did. Any more questions, cracker?

          • upagainstthewall

            White boy? I am concerned that in your reply you have admitted that you used violence to correct your child. “Blows” dealt by you or an officer to anyone’s child, even your own, teach children to fear and hate.

            “We black folk smack the black off our kids more this just for looking cross eyed.”, is one of the most ignorant things I have heard in a long time. I doubt that that you are black. Maybe a mix, but definite not black, as I have never met a black person that would give “blows” and smugly comment abuse the abuse they inflicted on children.

            Entonces, cuando Ud. Si quieres platicar como una persona que tiene inteligente me Estonia aqui esperando.

            Oh and one more thing, my complexion may be fairer than yours, but that doesn’t make me a saltine.

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            quiet down cracker. Ya, i smack my kids around when they misbehave. Write English, idiot.

          • upagainstthewall

            Y’all gonna make me lose my mind up in here, up in here.

          • JACK WILLIAMS


      • upagainstthewall

        Btw..I’m human. my race should be of no importance to you. The important thing. Here is to bring about the changer that will stop the police brutality…
        Now please, go grab some coconut oil and shine your head, that might give you some time to think about the damage that kind of trauma can caused a child who is already experiencing one of the most difficult times of his life; adolescence. Are you sure you and Cody aren’t LEOs?


          Im not, but my brother is a cop and my son is training to be one, and I have many cousins who are cops, cracker. Since u made that coconut oil racist comment, I flagged your post. Because of the PC liberal nonsense These Days, I can call u cracker all I want, but The Minute u make a racial comment about me (because Im black) they will flag your comment. Hey, I’ll ride along with that. So I dont Know about Cody, but while I may not be a LEO, u might as well consider me one, because my brother is. And rest assured, if someone doesnt comply with my bro, he will smack them upside their head (regardless what color they are). And good for him!

    • Mary Stan

      Never Judge Nobody Unless you know the full Story. These days lot of people don’t take the right way of crossing the street does it makes us a criminal. NO IT DO NOT
      I believe and stilled do That ALL LIVES MATTERS
      These days there are Good Cops as Well As Bad cops
      We all have to make a decision on how to treat one another
      But two wrong don’t make a RIGHT PERIOD

    • Karen Incorvaia

      Do you understand that the boy was not resisting anything? Unless he was under arrest, he was not resisting anything. Jaywalking is not a criminal charge. The boy had every right to scream ‘Don’t touch me!” His constitutional rights were violated because he was forced into handcuffs for having committed no crime! Then a bunch of fools in uniform show up and act like they are keeping a 10 foot raging animal under control, just by their ridiculous posture and body language. This entire episode is horrifying.

  • Marco Rassu

    you Americans deserve it, full of people around, yet nobody dared to confront the cops. You are all scared to death of authority.

  • Sm0ke

    Wheres the first half of the video? Where the “kid” pushes the cop into the street after talking with him? Mustve left that part off…..

  • Tymm Bender

    So, I love how most of these comments, everyone wants to jump on the cops. You don’t see how this started, just instantly believe what you read. It could just as easily say, “kid beaten by officers for sagging pants” or ” group of officers stop attempted rape” and by the video you wouldn’t know. Agreed it shouldn’t have taken that many officers, and his resisting was partially out of fear, but they fuel their own issues by resisting. I know officers that react the way they do because of how black people act with authority. They break the law and act like they are above it when they get caught and often assault officers. And then when they defend themselves, the black community starts calling it racism and hate crimes and throw riots and assault innocent officers and civilians across the country claiming it in the name of the original offender and being just as belligerent. My point here thou was meant to be that unless you are there, in person and see the WHOLE damn thing and hear every little bit of this transgression you have no I dead what’s going on. It you’d rather jump on the bad cop ban wagon. Mostly because sometime in the past, you probably got caught doing something wrong and don’t like the “poop” for doing their jobs.

  • Andrewsss

    ONE fucking person was speaking up!??!?!??! holy shit.
    this makes me sick.

  • kpowas


  • James N. Haynes

    good for the officers, do what your told and they won’t have a reason


    I enjoyed this video. Im black, before any of u race-baiters start. The kid had it coming, for not complying. My brother is a cop, and he would have Lit this punk kid up, along with that idiot lady who keeps screaming in the background. Im glad they bashed this punk kid.

    • Jö Miller

      “I enjoyed this video”
      You’re a sadist.


        so anyone who enjoys Watching NFL, Or Boxing is a sadist? Right, tool.

        • Jö Miller

          Ultimately, yes. The men involved are almost always debilitated by chronic traumatic encephalopathy as a direct result of their participation in those sports. Only sadists could thrill to that. After all, you got a kick out of seeing a lone teenager get wailed on by several men at once. I suppose you fap to footage from the Holocaust as well.

          • JACK WILLIAMS

            Thats why Millions of Dollars are made in Boxing, NFL, rugby, Etc.. Those Sports are extremely popular, and yes i enjoy Them!

      • VSamuels

        He is seeking attention! Don’t give it to him.


          um, no Im not LOL. Vin Samuel, LOL

        • Jö Miller

          He still needs to be called out for being what he is.

          • VSamuels


  • VSamuels

    The notion of giving the citizen a verbal warning, has apparently disappeared? And, now the police have become so thin skinned that they must press their authority upon those who do not bend to their command. This was an unnecessary action that will cost the city not just monetarily but embarrassing notice, that it can not communicate with its citizens, in a non-violent manner. Lastly, one must also consider that this kid has not been living under a rock, and may be frighten as a black kid of interactions with the police. And, the corporate media spends little time, humanizing young black men in general; it is more than reasonable to believe that he like many other young persons of color, are scared of the police—and his instinct to keep walking, was as much his way of moving away from what he perceived as a hostile encounter.

    But regardless of the kid’s mindset, it is clear this is not the way one wants to resolve minor infractions—-thankfully, someone captured it on camera, and it will lead to some needed firings, very soon.

  • dxsmopuim

    Pigs are NOT dying fast enough in America.

  • crazytrain2

    That’s embarrassing. I have to agree with the loud ass lady. That was a young teenager. At no point should a jaywalking offense lead to the use of a baton and a bunch of officers. Look, jaywalking is annoying,but sometimes necessary as crosswalks are not conveniently placed. If the flow of traffic is not disrupted, why bother with enforcing jaywalking? I have never once enforced jaywalking, but I have had “discussions” with a few people over the years, but that is only because they were idiots and walk right out in front of a vehicle expecting the vehicle to stop. I even had a discussion with a loud mouthed girl because she walked out in front of us, and she said “go ahead and hit me, I’m bout to get paid, yo”. That was the closest I ever came to enforcing jaywalking. Hell, I do it, but I dont walk in front of vehicles.

  • Johnbbad

    Right cop told kid to get up while he is leaning on him with a baton in his hand. Why was he stopped for jay walking want to bet because he was black? How many whites get stopped for jay walking/ His leaning on the boy yelling resisting is bull shit . If the cop back off some and assured the boy that he was not aggressive I fell things would have turned out different. Also take 9 cops to handle a 125 pound boy. Heros.

  • Kevin Shire

    It was Jaywalking !!!!! Does the Punishment fit the Crime ? This will esculate until they are able to put a cop in your home to watch everything you do. People born after that happens, will say ” that’s The way it has always been, It’s for our Protection ” We need to end this now, or we never will .