WATCH: Teen Girl Hospitalized After Being Beaten & Arrested for 10 P.M. Curfew Violation


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project


A 17-year-old girl, honor roll student, cheerleader and lifeguard, with no prior record whatsoever, has been hospitalized after a run-in with Clairton, PA police.

The reason for the stop near an ice cream shop was that the 17-year-old was in violation of the town’s government mandated bed time for everyone younger than 18, also known as a curfew.

This sinister young woman who dared risk the disintegration of societal order by being outside after 10 p.m. was approached by the heroic Clairton police destined to protect the town from this dangerous villain.

Upon their approach she fled the scene, and apparently for good reason. After her capture she was beaten so bad that she was hospitalized.

She had cuts and bruises all over her body and air pockets in her esophagus and lungs as a result of the blunt force trauma.

Police say the girl resisted with violence. She can be seen struggling with police in a nearby security video and then is quickly pummeled and brought to the ground by one of the officers.

“She’s the type of child you can’t even raise your voice to or she’ll cry,” said the 17-year-old’s grandmother.

Police declined comment and only say that the incident is under investigation.

Watch the video below:

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  • samoanpunch .

    I am thankful we live in a free society where being outside is not a crime, punishable by assault and arrest. Thank you for all the great freedom you’ve provided for us all my lord government.

  • James Michael

    I see this…..

    Breach of the Peace and aggravated assault and battery….. and kidnapping
    WITHOUT a real lawful “cause of action.”

    by a sworn servant….or any man….

    No matter your costume…..
    YOU will be under arrest and I pray your ass refuses to go peacefully…..

  • So What

    More corrupt cops who belong on the end of a rope… Put Logic in their with ’em

  • rickwalters

    This is not a legit new agency – it is like reading one of those supermarket rags……….

    • SwordofPerseus

      You are either a troll or an idiot. Which is it Rick?

      • rickwalters

        neither – do you always drink the kool-aide?

  • Kurt Thompson

    It’s pretty simple people, don’t do anything wrong and you don’t end up beat by cops/

    • Jason Rule

      That’s not even true.

      • Kurt Thompson

        How is it not true?

        • Suzette Thompson

          because a lot of times folks are minding their business and they still get into nonsense with the police. The police are hunting brown colored folks and muthaphuckas like u will nvr see the cop in the wrong this kid was at a flippin ice cream parlor wtf was the cops so worried abt it for? she ran to keep from being arrested for getting flippin ice cream wtf I cannot stand u self righteous pieces of shit who swear u don’t break any rules or laws when u probably have a skeleton full of bullshit u have done. But I will leave u with this…… the same folks just like u who swear tht just following orders will keep u outta trouble…. yeah our military when shit hits the fan YO ASS WILL BE DEALT WITH lmao the same mfrs who scream follow rules will get placed in a concentration camp by the military who will be just following rules/orders. FOH

          • Kurt Thompson

            I’ve been to prison and I never got beat down cause I was respectful and followed orders. it’s always the stupid muthefuckas who get beat down for not following orders or disrespectin authority. Sounds like you have a beat down in your future, idiot.

        • Suzette Thompson

          And on top of tht there were drug deals and murders taking place at the time they were hunting her down for getting ice cream at 10:05 pm. They so worried abt ascrawny ass teen girl who was getting ice cream they nearly broke her in half FUCK U

  • Jason Rule

    It’s the end of the month. They were running out of time to get that extra citation and arrest to meet their quotas.