“That’s How It Goes” — Pompous Cop Parks in Handicapped Spot Illegally, Ignoring Disabled People’s Rights


LAS VEGAS, NV — A raw video has just been uploaded by Nevada Cop Block showing the level of complete disregard and carelessness had by cops who parked in handicapped spots.

As the video explains, there were several other available parking spaces.

But for some reason, the officers felt it’d be a good idea to hog up the spaces reserved for disabled citizens.

A member of Cop Block approached the officers with a camera rolling.

When he asked one of the cops why he was in the handicapped spot, the response was totally condescending.

“When a handicapped person comes along and needs somewhere to park, where are they gonna park?” asked the person recording.

To which the cop seemed to respond, “That’s how it goes…”

The citizen, baffled, then asked the cop, “Do you really think that’s a good representation of your office and what you’re supposed to be doing?”

The cop offered a careless “Yeah.”

The cop then appeared to activate the camera on his own phone, and turned his phone to begin filming the member of Cop Block.

Evidently the rights and well being of disabled people don’t matter to these cops.

It might well be that multiple disabled people continued driving past the area once they saw that cops were in the handicapped space, losing out on something that was reserved for them due to their disabilities. We can only guess.

It goes to show the god-complex that some cops have.

The idea of security provision is supposed to be this: we voluntarily pay certain upstanding members of our society to protect us from violent crimes.

But instead we have this: we are forced to pay (via taxation) the lowest and laziest members of society to act like they own everything and abuse us.

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  • Kelly W. Patterson

    Contact info for the Las Vegas City Marshals and city government is included in this post: http://www.copblock.org/138783/las-vegas-marshals-block-handicap-space-make-it-very-clear-they-dont-care-about-disabled/

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  • Brian Smith

    So is the interlacing an ‘artistic expression’ or is it just because you’re too lazy to figure out what de-interlace does? Just your video would be easier to watch if you had used a better mic, and cleaned up the video quality – it doesn’t make what he did any less repulsive.

    • fuck off troll.

    • madman1879

      so waht your saying is that the video only matters if it is 1080P brian keep the trolling up makes you funny dont listen to any one never drink bleach love you brian *satire*

  • wmc barker

    handicapped people with heart conditions should not be allowed to drive they endanger the driving public, that includes all diabetics and other health conditions that can cause fainting while driving, I’ve known many diabetics who crashed because of low or high blood sugar level causing them to faint