The NYPD Has New “X-Ray Vans” to See Inside Your Home and Car


NEW YORK, NY — Reports from the Business Insider inter alia surfaced earlier this week that the NYPD has been using new “X-ray vans.”

These vans are specially equipped to allow police officers a visual of what’s happening inside your home or car.

The program detailing the use of the vans is supposed to be kept under wraps, and officials refuse to say much of anything about it.

The police are calling these vans “Z Backscatter Vans.”

Here is how it works.

They will take the vans out onto the streets near residential communities and other traffic.

As they travel, the Backscatter Van allows them to see the contents of nearby cars or homes.

Literally can see past the walls and find out if there are drugs or guns, or other activity that they may deem worthy of a raid and arrest.

It should come as no surprise that they are justifying the use of this invasive technology by calling it a “counter-terrorism measure.”

This is raising widespread concern about not only violations of privacy, but also health risks.

Bill Bratton, NYPD Commissioner, has so far refused to release any documentation about the vans when asked, according to reports.

“Those issues I’d prefer not to divulge to the public at this time,” he said, adding, “I will not talk about anything at all about this — it falls into the range of security and counter-terrorism activity that we engage in.”

For now, if you see any suspicious vans nearby, you might want to protect yourself accordingly.

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  • Antoniogamer432

    Yes I also have pants with which I can see ghosts . How can they see x-ray just out of vans ? do they have cameras or goggles ? Vans can’t provide x-ray by themselves and it seems unlikely already.

  • NDMA

    Cancer is not real, radiation is meaningless … but that’s why dentists wear lead vests 😐

    • Erik Shank

      Radiation comes and many different forms. Gamma Radiation being the most deadly form. So if you havent been playing in a graphite pile in chenobyl I think you will be ok.. And just a reminder since radiation is a type of radio wave its subject to the Inverse Square law.

      • GreenTriumph1

        Radiation is not a form of radio waves. It’s the other way around. Ionizing radiation is not to be fooled with.

        • kotoroshinoto

          inverse square law applies to all types of light, and he obviously meant EM radiation instead of “radio”

      • Shelley

        So…how MUCH ionizing radiation can we absorb safely? AND since we have no control over exposure, IF we are being exposed to too much radiation how can we protect ourselves?

  • Rick Lima

    Lead wall at home is the only way… imagine…rs rs crazy US world..way of life..

    • gijane

      Would remedy drive bys…..

  • Matthew Armstrong

    Whats totally hilarious ‘not’ is that if someone did actually shield their houses with lead theyd get raided straight away and searched on suspicion of terrorism… which begs the question as to why the US government would sign off on something that wont be well regulated and will be abused by trigger happy american police officers… assuming that this is actually a real story, if its not real then shame on the person who wrote it for scaremongering.

  • MeThePeople

    Backscat vans and body cams for all! What’s up. : )

  • John Mullis

    Bring them up on charges of using weapons of mass destruction against innocent civilians in the War on drugs.Bring them also up on war crim charges in the War Crimes court of the Hague.

  • Cindy

    how much radiation are we being exposed to? It is cumulative ya know.

    • Jon A. Niedzwiecki

      None, this is thermal imaging technology. It has nothing to do with xray except fpr the credulous paranoid.

  • Howard Landry

    The way I see it, let them keep using it, the amount of radiation used for penetration will only harm the users of that van because they couldn’t wear enough of lead to protect themselves from harm and eventually they get sick and die then word spreads about the ill effects and deaths due to prolonged exposure then nobody would want to do that job…problem solved

  • Erik Shank

    I guess the sale of Lead will go up LOL

  • eric

    once people start attacking cops homes, then they will stop their bullshit, believe it.. just asking and protesting never got people any where..since this country was built on violence it is the only thing they understand

  • April Walker

    If you see those vehicles destroy them. These people are idiots

  • OvidiuGOA

    Hahaha haha haha fuck you America

  • David Jay

    So the “Crazies” who put up aluminum foil on their walls and windows or maybe even their heads may not be so “crazy” after all.