This Brave Man Sees Cop Beating Woman, Tackles Cop to the Ground and Subdues Him



LOUISVILLE — Louis Mossey was minding his own business and enjoying the night of the super bowl.

He never expected to see a police officer begin attacking a woman.

Officer Jonathan Osborne is awaiting charges after beating a woman, according to reports.

Mossey recounts seeing a vehicle in a parking lot with a male and female. The male was Officer Osborne.

Officer Osborne was yelling at the female in the car, his wife.

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“The next thing I knew, he took two steps toward her and punched her in the jaw,” Mossey said.

Rather than standing around and filming the abuse on his phone, Mossey trusted his instincts and intervened to save the woman.

“I just did what I thought was right. I just couldn’t stand to see somebody get hurt,” said Mossey.

“I know normally somebody’s quick to grab your phones out and record it, but I just can’t bear to see somebody treated like that. I just couldn’t do it,” he added.

The woman was knocked to the ground by Officer Osborne. As she was trying to get up, he then kicked her face, according to reports.

“Before I knew it, she was trying to get up off her knees and he took two steps forward her and kicked her right in the head. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” Mossey said.

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Adding “I noticed he had her in a choke hold and he was standing behind her and her feet were barely touching the ground and I didn’t know if he was trying to kill her or what.”

That’s when Mossey charged at the Officer. He successfully did a take down on the Officer and then gained a full mount on top of the Officer.

He was able to keep Officer Osborne on the ground and controlled.

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“I sat there for about 10 minutes,” said Mossey. Mossey broke his wrist when he performed the take down, an injury for which he was treated afterwards, but he was able to dominate the cop without the cop escaping.

Officer Osborne was taken to jail after the 10 minutes.

He is now in court while official charges are determined.

Watch the video below:

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  • BrunoFehr

    I am amazed the other cops did not shoot this guy!

    • Rich Paul

      It sounds like the cop was off duty and engaging in recreational wife beating. Probably no others around.

    • kcdad

      They will, eventually

      • Ben Dover

        Probably right.

      • wwoof

        “They will, eventually”

        Never – their dutyto each other outweighs their duty to the ‘people they serve’ and the constitution

    • That is the first thing I thought, too.

    • trk387

      The police in general are the PRIVATE storm troopers of women… Not the innocent ones, the evil ones that use the police as their get back tool to men. ANY officer that sees a man touching a woman that is his ass literally. I would imagine if this officer was in uniform? THEN, the outcome may had been a lot different. BRO’S before HO’S trk387

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      it ain’t over yet. just as soon as the publicity dies down, he’ll have an “accident”. or he’ll be pulled over and they’ll “find” dope in the car, and he will resist and they will beat, or kill him because “they feared for their life”. either way, this guys problems have only just begun

      • Ben Dover

        YEP. People need to protect themselves and their neighbors from the police.

    • Jim Magdelania

      he’s white.

    • Ruairi Mullan

      same they normally stand up for each other no matter what,this was obviously a situatuion that they couldn’t cover as easily or i bet they would have his back

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Any body else would have been shot by a cop . And called it self defense . So this cop got off easy , His feet are still above the ground .

    • Phasung Baccam

      I would do the same no body is treat like that if a cop going off why not go for the bang i rather save life not like fucking pig if they wanted to psychopath i made sure of that

  • j3fk

    Where he’s going, he’ll be the pie!

    • Ellie_Light

      You must be new to this forum. The likelihood of this cop, or any cop, going down for his crime is close to zero. Heck, he probably will be back at work within 48 hours and patrolling the streets with a gun with 72.

      • j3fk

        Lol. You must be new to this forum if you can’t take it a very clear joke at face value for what it is (a joke/useless internet comment not based on much merit or real world happenings). Lighten up, Sweetness.

    • justin w

      amazing JSBSB line drop

      • j3fk

        Tatse it….taste the booga flavor

  • Judd Zimmermann

    I love seeing the cops wearing the county orange, and their stupid looks thinking they don’t belong there.

  • David Pierce

    To avoid further harm to the American public by law enforcement, law
    enforcement officers must be disarmed while on duty. As currently, law
    enforcement officers are essentially an extension of the Federal
    government, and thus fulfill the role of standing army, allowing the
    American government the ability to oppress American citizens.

    To avoid further harm to the American public by Washington DC Public
    servants, government officials, members of congress, and members of the
    house of representatives, must be rendered incapable of accepting
    monetary gain either during their terms, or anytime after for the
    purpose of changing, creating, removing, or in any way affecting
    governmental policies, laws, structure, or effect.

    No person, group, or organization, shall hold any personal banking accounts, funds,
    or investments, while operating within the American government, or
    anytime after. Every public servant shall receive a yearly wage equal to
    the National poverty level set by the government + 10%.

    • Mel Roberts

      LMAO..Say no to drugs man!…Really.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        I couldn’t agree more…….

    • Philosopher of Freedom

      The second paragraph is spot on – When you’re IN government, you should only be allowed to effect it according to your elected duty – and once you’re out —- YOU’RE OUT. No more influence than the common citizen, i.e. You get to vote in november and that’s it.

      I would also amend the constitution to expressly forbid lobbying GROUPS. The individual gets representation in this government – not ANY group or corporation. Certainly those groups should have “the ear” of congressmen as they walk in to cast their votes – nor have any part in writing legislation – which is commonplace.

      Your 3rd paragraph seems the most…unlikely and unnecessary. No person can have a bank account – AFTER they leave office ? what ? Once they leave, they won’t be public servants so…. the wage of Poverty +10% wouldn’t apply to them… that part is a little less well thought out.

      Disarming the police is interesting to. I’d like to see statistics for every department in the country – i bet guns for regular “patrol” cops are almost completely USELESS and maybe CAUSE more harm than they PREVENT.

      Yes – if anyone should be disarmed, it’s the police. NOT the citizen.

      Police should not be able to investigate themselves.
      And when a family member dies (at the hands of police/authorities) – the FAMILY gets to press charges – it doesn’t go to any STATUTORY “grand jury” where they refuse almost every prosecution involving Military/Police. We’re supposed to have a COMMON LAW Grand Jury anyway – the authority structure shouldn’t even play a ROLE in that. Common Law is where THE PEOPLE put the SYSTEM on trial – and then the people decide.

      The 4th CHECK on the constitution – the 4th branch of government – shouldn’t be “the media” – it should be the People via Common Law Grand Juries.

      Someone, somewhere has to put one of these together.
      The first one will create a wave of new ones.

  • draybrownz

    My question is was the officer in his uniform when this happened?

    • uniform-shroomiforn

      Why would that make any difference?

      • justin w

        Because if he’s in a uniform you can’t legally intervene without incurring obstructing justice or assaulting a police officer. You can’t claim situational ignorance if he has a uniform on.

        • Raymond O’Hearn

          It really doesn’t matter, the cop was committing a felony. It’s anyone’s right to intervene.

    • trk387

      hello no… if he was? the outcome for this good guy would have been very different. trk387

  • Federico Gialone

    Good for you sir, but you are lucky he didn’t shoot you. Mad props tho!!!

  • Walt Karma

    …good for him and for her because he was there. so now, citizens taking down cops…let’s keep it up….good trend

  • Padge Vounder

    He’s lucky to be alive.

  • thewiseman

    $30,000 bond? That’s nothing. If he was black it would have been double that.

  • Kevin Thomas

    Sounds like he was raging…I’ll bet if they test his ass for illegal steroids he’ll test positive…
    most cops take that shit like tums… Most go from scrawny little nothing’s in cadet training
    to NFL linemen in 18 weeks ??? Yeah OK ….Your taking steroids…A tell-tell sign of steroid use
    is what men refer to as raging ( the periods of complete violent rage for no reason real reason)
    If you look at this guy it appears as though he could have been a steroid abuser the description
    sure sounds as though that is exactly what was happening…

  • Stian Uchiha

    There is hope after all ! Great job Mister!

  • Kim Preston

    Imagine what this sadistic azz probably did to regular folks………..He supposedly loved this woman and beat the crap out of her. The sad thing is he will probably beat the case, retire and get a fat pension from the city.

  • m l

    Is it too hard to put a date on these stories?

    • patrick

      Not a great indicator, as someone who doesn’t watch sports i dont know why i caught this, but it says it was on superbowl night. Last sunday, if I’m not mistaken lol

  • Rose Bouyea


  • Phuck Ewe

    I am amazed that they didn’t beat him and charge him with assaulting an officer. Which is usually the case.

  • InalienableWrights

    What all of us should do when we witness evil….

  • trk387

    He punched her while she was driving… and he is a cop… (A) you know never to disrupt someone that is driving, (B) this dude must had been so pissed he couldn’t think straight, (C) My guess his wife was FLIRTING with another man, or (D) he caught her cheating on him, she did something to piss him off to the point of killing himself. Not condoning, just analyzing. trk387

    • Bobby Anderson

      Hahaahaaa that’s some funny shit.

  • guest who

    Maybe there will be appeals on DV cases this cop had anything to do with?

  • david

    Another well adjusted cop…NOT. This scumbag should be beaten and sent to jail.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    I’m sure the cop feared for his life… Good job to the man who stopped him!

  • Mel Roberts

    This article is being manipulative and exploitive..If The officer was off duty, and unarmed. Then the hero male then did not know he was engaging a cop. Cops attacking their spouses are routinely arrested and fired. The other officers had no problem locking up that guy either. Happened at least 3 times I know of where I work. But nobody is interested in hearing that. Just the conspiracy and cover ups.

  • steven

    When this cop did go to court his friends handcuffed him in the front and very loose. I was under the impression that ALL suspects get handcuffed with their hands behind their backs and the cuffs are tightened, Shows you what a dumbass I am.

  • Lizette Mullen

    Mossey! YOU are every battered woman’s here!

  • Margo

    Samaritan tackles and subdues this pos by himself. Cops arrive and it takes two of them to subdue the pos.. lol

  • David P Mayton

    10 years veteran…. I wonder how much damage he has caused to others in that time.

  • James Hartzog

    I have read many stories about cops who beat their wives. Its all about their personality and why they get in to law enforcement. They feel the need to control people. They attempt to do this through intimidation but will not hesitate to resort to violence to get what they want. Any woman who marries a police officer is asking for big trouble.

  • Scott

    If he were wearing a uniform, that woman would be dead, the good Samaritan would be dead, and their murderer would be on paid administrative leave.

  • Michael Cowan

    Notice that he used ALL the tactics taught to him by the fucking police state.

  • Monique Monique

    Wow ! This piece of shit Cop was LUCKY that this citizen didn’t have a GUN and shot his dumb ass. If it were me, and I had a gun and saw this. . . . . I would have shot him, because how am I to know, he wasn’t trying to kill her. I’m sure her injuries would have proved this. 😉 I would sure love to follow this case, just to see how fair the Justice System really is.

  • fred munter

    Another POS cop that America is famous for employing. The Chinese have the right idea.

  • Petra Sukić

    how do people like that get into police anyway?..i had a boyfriend who said he would hit me and he is a cop(of course i leaved his ass) but im just cant trust anyone

  • He Who Be Free

    Good man> Fxxk da popo!

  • Ruairi Mullan

    He will prob see no jail time nd even be reinstated knowing how it normally goes,i hope not,id give him 10 years nd fire him

  • Ruairi Mullan

    eah if i where this brave man i now be looking to leave the states for good as they prob will try get him bck for messing with their little boyscout gang