This Brave Woman Just Confronted Cops Abusing a Citizen


October 22, 2015

SAN DIEGO, CA — We have received a video showing what can only be described as an act of courage.

Mae League says she was driving as usual this week when she suddenly observed police abusing a citizen on the side of the road.

Rather than continuing onward as if nothing happened, Mae did something many wouldn’t do.

She made a U-turn and decided to defend the citizen.

She pulled up, got her phone out to film the encounter, and immediately told the cops that what they were doing was wrong.

In the video cops can be seen twisting the citizen’s arms back even though the citizen was already in handcuffs.

They were doing this on purpose, it appears, to cause the citizen additional pain.

Mae sounded off:

I’m going to stand where I’m going to stand. You have no right to treat people this way. You’re not the final authority. And this is your problem: You guys are outta fucking control. You guys are outta control. You can’t just go apprehending people like this. You have to have a reason to be putting your hands on people.”

Judging by their body language, the police began getting nervous, as if they knew they had been caught doing something wrong.

What do you think our country would be like if more citizens got involved like Mae did? Do you think police would still be as quick to abuse people in broad daylight?

Let us know your thoughts after the video:

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  • Dominic G Accardi

    I live in San Diego, this kind of crap happens all the time.

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    • Gary Williams Jr.

      I grew up in modesto and same thing. i’ll NEVER return to that state, for ANY reason.

    • Tom Lowe

      And it is exactly why I left San Diego in 1998.


      this is not crap and NO it does not happen in this city “all the time” you have no proof that it does.

      • Dominic G Accardi

        Lance, you haven’t a clue as to what happens in San Diego. I ride the bus every day in SD (to school and to my job and get my groceries, going to visit friends) I don’t own a card and I can tell that from what I’ve seen this kind of stuff happens EVERYDAY…

      • Larry Capponi

        lance you are a badge licking loser

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    good for her!!!! people every where need to start getting involved. if the damn so called “justice system” won’t protect us. if the bastards in d.c. won’t protect us, then it’s up to US TO PROTECT US

  • Kim Palermo

    This is such a great thing… the racism in our country in unconscionable… so sad that it has come to this, but people have to step in and stand up for what is right… something’s gotta change…

    • Henriette Holder

      You automatically call this a racist issue? THAT is the problem. If it had been black cops doing to this a white person who you have called it racist? Abuse is abuse no matter what the color is. The point here is the cops were abusive, period. Not everything is racist.

      • Bernell BeeJay Hills

        White citizens are NEVER treated this badly by law enforcement, be they black OR WHITE(see Dylan Roof). Past that, I can walk with you…abuse, is abuse

        • Tom Lowe

          “White citizens are NEVER treated this badly by law enforcement” You obviously haven’t read much of this website yet. I would encourage you to do so. Still, I agree that Blacks get a rawer deal through the whole judicial system than Whites.

          The Dylan Roof case was a hoax carried out by crisis actors. It doesn’t count.

          • Delano Amant Fortis Page

            u people make me sick yes we see white people who are treated unjustly but they are still not as awful as how blacks are treated and when it does happen to white people actions are swiftly taken against the abuse the media backs you but a blackman (nigger nigga) is bash by both media an the police force saying o hes a criminal to begin with look where he comes from……an to make matters worst u ave all strayed from what the video is about it not just about police brutality its about the citizen of the country standing up to the ill treatment we all receive but we are so focus on the wrong stuff we miss the point n it leads to arguments like this were everyone trying to say who right from whos wrong take the message for fuck sake n try to understand it and not be n ass over the simple details that are fucking obvious

          • kliggins

            So, the people Roof killed were actors? You are sick. Take your meds in the morning. Please!

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          Oh look another whiny nigger.

          • Stjoe Filter

            Oh look another nigger identifier

          • Bignevermo

            OMG, i know some people who would call you a ‘sandn$gger” and you are a racist? I would LOL but this crap aint funny… what a douche bag you are!~

          • kliggins

            In the immortal gestures of Obama,

          • deborah phillips

            Why in Jesus name would you say the killing of 9 people in a church was staged.Dylan Roofe has always practiced hate, he took his hate in the church and did what he had planned to do. Why would people be acting as if the situation wasn’t real, no one in this world would fake something that was such a heinous act that it made world news. Wrong is wrong and we all need to stop upholding or making excuses for people’s actions.

    • Mohammed Bouyeri

      Niggers don’t qualify as humans. Police need to be brutal towards these animals to stop nigger on human crime

      • dylan wilcox™

        Go home you troll…

      • Mohammed de Terrorist

        Oh STFU terrorist. You’re far from being a human. How do you feel when I call you that?

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          I would rather be a terrorist than a filthy nigger. Even if all life had started in Africa the smartest people in humanity were not African. There are no great empires like the Persian, Arab, the Greek, the Chinese, the Mayans, in Apefrica. Hell Africans didn’t even have writing systems. There are no black Einsteins, or Nikola Teslas or Thomas Edison. Negros have lived in Africa 200,000 years and Australia 40,000 and invented nothing but a stick

          • Stjoe Filter

            Thanks for claiming your profession like we already
            knew; a terrorist.

          • Delano Amant Fortis Page

            loooooool its blacks who build america a black man invented the cell phone the pyramids blacks design tht whole culture that was ours until it ended we had a better cleaner n more stable social structure than whites in those days but it got fucked up cause of slavery

          • Mohammed Bouyeri

            Martin Cooper invented the cell phone and he was white. Dumb ass
            If niggers had built the pyramids they would be three feet high and made of chicken bones. Most niggers won’t even work an honest days living to feed their family and most don’t even graduate but we’re supposed to believe you built pyramids? The egyptians were brown not black

          • Bignevermo

            actually he developed the hand held wireless phone, wireless phones have been around for a lot longer than that…

          • Mohammed Bouyeri
      • Renard Johnson

        Hey you idiot if you were in America everybody would think you’re a light skinned black person.If I were you I would stop with all the racial slurs.You most likely have black blood in you and you may or may not know it.You probably claim to be a good and devout Muslim I bet.

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          I do not look anything like a nigger nice try and i would never live in a nation such as america that allows homos to get married

          • Renard Johnson

            You absolutely do look black.I know you have black blood in you and you know it too.

          • LANCE DALTON

            mohammed be nice. All nations have their problems. At lease in the USA they don’t burry people waist high then throw stones at them and kill them, or beat women. Who are these people that throw stones at other humans and kill them? Are they without sin? Who are these men that beat women? Those men deserve to be beat themselves first if they harm a female, A man that beats a women is a COWARD. So, no one is telling you to move to the USA, I wouldnt move to a muslim nation that lives under a theocratic law that is centuries and centuries old. If people like living in those countries and being stoned to death then god bless them for staying there and not leaving as a refugee.

          • Norman Lee

            And the Bible is not Theocratic law that is centuries old? Older than the Quran?

          • Stjoe Filter

            Look at it this way. Like it or not America
            is and will always remain the world’s superpower so where ever in the world you
            are hiding in your cave America will remain the envy of that place. Plus you’re
            not invited here anyway

          • Bignevermo

            If this is your actual picture… you are dead wrong, many would think you are not Caucasian but black… check yourself dude…

          • Mohammed Bouyeri

            Blacks would never think i was black though it doesn’t matter what dumb ass whites say. I am brown not white not black. Brown.

          • Bignevermo

            so how did you get brown??? YOU HAVE BLACK IN YOU… thtas how… seriuosly? You dont know that??? OMFG!

          • Michael

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          • Mohammed Bouyeri

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          • Bignevermo

            oh and one more thing, Homo sapiens came out of Africa…so yeah… you have AFRICAN DNA… somewhere down your ancestral line you have AFRICAN blood in you!! LMFAO! HAR DE HAR HAR!

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          You already contradicted yourself niggers are not people. There is no black “Persons” you are not the original man you are an ape that has not fully evolved. You can speak but only just barely. Most blacks can’t speak English well and it’s their first language me it is my third language and i speak better than you people This is why I do not refer to blacks as he or she but as IT. When a police officer kills a black person, he has potentially stopped it from chimping out and burning down an Arab owned store. That is not to say the cops are not racist because they profile Muslim Arabs often but we are innocent. By killing Mike Brown though Darren Wilson ensured it would not steal from a store again

          • Renard Johnson

            And your idiot prophet was a child molester.

          • Stjoe Filter

            You said “Most blacks can’t speak English well and it’s their first
            language me it is my third language and I speak better than you people”

            Now you are the one contradicting yourself. I
            thought you said blacks are not people.

            Then again I understand that this might not
            be your fault as we might be dealing with someone who has limited brain
            capacity. Poor thing

          • Georgia Johnson

            Mohammed, What A pity, Do some Research on your ANCESTORS, What would you know, About our Struggle In our Country? The name you call African American, Turn it AROUND in my Country Y’all are call Sand Nword and others names that are very NASTY, Stop with the Self Hater, Look at your own plight in your Country, Asians are not the majority population, The Majority of the World POPULATION Is People of COLOR,That A FACT, White, Only make up 14% of the World population,Calling Names, show how much Knowledge you have, Oh by the way, Your people set up their Markets In our Community, Because they can’t set up in the Majority population Community. You know why? The Majority population will NOT shop at their STORES. Think about that, The Birth of ManKind is AFRICA, We are the PEOPLE who were born in the LIGHT, Not Animals in CAVES.

          • deborah phillips

            Whatever you call yourself one thing for sure you are Stupid!

      • Michael Thornton

        I don’t know who this racist piece of shit is but he ain’t no Muslim may Allah add him to the hells fire!!!!!????????????????

      • kliggins

        Open wide…

    • Michael J

      Always about race … *sigh*

    • Dominic G Accardi

      Sorry, but in San Diego its NOT a race issue it a Cops issue… they are dicks to all races here.

  • Kenny Wilcox

    Where is the first 20 minutes of this video? I am completely against police brutality, But there needs a balance
    here. Who’s to say this female wasn’t kicking the police or acting up in a way she had to be immobilized like that? If you’re going to post videos like this, you need to post the WHOLE situation, or don’t post at all. You lose all credibility when you do. I live in Baltimore, police brutality is obviously terrible, and more so racist. We just need to fight for the right videos, not half-assed ones.

    • Black Dynamite

      The woman is immobilized. Self defense ends when threat is contained. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

      • Ramona Feitshans

        I think Kenny understands…he is just playing dumb!

        • Larry Capponi

          sad thing is i doubt he is ” playing dumb “

        • motorfingaz

          He’s not playing

        • ginger126

          Thank you! Because I can’t believe how simple and ridiculous his comment is. Stupidity is more common these days.

      • Frederik Laursen

        wow calm ur tits fucker

        • Black Dynamite

          Lick my balls fuck face.

      • Lillian

        If she was a threat she should be restrained until she’s in a cell.

        • deborah phillips

          Lord I pray this lady is during well because if/or when they take her to jail makes me sad. I hope she was not abused anymore or killed her like they did all the other black women. Praying for you sister!


        did the suspect have a warrant out for any violent felony? Maybe the suspect murdered some one an hour ago. YOU DONT know what happened from the begging. Was the suspect belligerent and did not obey a police order? The problem with people is they think they can argue with cops when they are to obey an order. Then if they feel they were wronged they can file a complaint with the police administration and the ACLU if they feel their rights were violated which in 99.99999% of the time no rights were violated.

        • Dominic G Accardi

          Lance is a cop apologist the what if and you dont know. BS These people must have issuse they must have been brained washed to believe they deserved the beating they got…

        • Fred Jack

          None of that matters she’s in handcuffs legs spread apart under control two cops where she going

        • Larry Capponi

          lance you are a dick ……. small dick from what your mama says

      • Haywood Jublowme

        Dolts, all of you, they aren’t “twisting” her arms.

        Crack a book, you want someone immobilized, that’s how you hold them. Let their arms drop any lower and they can begin to fight back.

        • Hans Mohawk Olsen

          Yeah, if that cop let go of her arm, she would fight back and would have killed em all!!! with her hands behind her back cuffed. highly dangerous to let go off her…. they just need to keep twisting her arm so she gets a lot of pain, the only way to immobilize her according to the genius Haywood Jublowme…. you are saying they aren’t twisting her arms but they are with those cuffs on creating a big discomfort in the shoulders.

          and god damnit, just why in the world isen’t one of the requirements of being a cop/officer is to do an EIQ test? Sure people could be practically good but so many cops aren’t emotionally good.

        • deborah phillips

          Haywood it amazes me how all you people think/act like cops. Question: Do you’ll go to training to learn how cops treat people of color? It appears you guys use the same language as cops. Where is the boot camp? We want too learn cops language and how they use tactics on people of color.

    • The woman who is reading the cops the riot act…that’s who.

    • Ryan Leduchowski

      What you said was retarded, first and foremost if you kick a cop you wouldn’t be just sitting there without blood pouring from your face, & secondly when in the public eye, representing authority it’s best not to look like the agressor and handle the situation with professionalism, just sayin

    • Asger Kofod Christiansen

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Amanda Ekker

      I think that police take it upon themselves to do whatever they feel like doing. Right or wrong and they feel they have a right just because they wear a badge. My step sons were accused by the chief of police of vandalism and a few other things in the town i used to live in and when it went to court the judge threw it all out. He said that there was absolutely no proof that my boys were involved and because the chief of police scared my boys and made them admit to something they didn’t even do. The chief of police harassed me every single day for 3 months and then i called the state attorney and eventually he was fired. Cops are very judgemental when they should listen and not jump to conclusions.


        no they dont. youre an idiot

    • Susan Donahue

      Once the cops have the person handcuffed/restrained, it should NOT MATTER what happen previously. The SOLE purpose of the police abusing her is either revenge or just that psycho police brutality that most of them seem to have. It must be a requirement to have a low IQ to become a cop.

  • Yolanda Fennell

    What was the outcome of this??

  • I’d like to buy her a beer and give her a medal.

  • Michael J

    Bunch of Monday morning quarterbacking morons … lol.

    Continue on with the amazingly stupid comments oN a partial video… They entertain me as much as the dumb lady that’s sticking her nose where it doesnt belong.

    • Bernell BeeJay Hills

      People have been turning the other cheek, turning a blind eye, turning the other way, whenever law enforcement has abused its citizens. The police did not arrest the lady that they had shackled, they just had her spread apart and lifting her arms…you saw that much of the video. I don’t see your picture, but I sure hope that you aren’t around when something bad happens to me, you will just turn a blind eye and keep stepping. You will only stop to criticize a person who is speaking up for me, or patching me after I got cut

      • Michael J

        Making statements and commenting on a partial video when you don’t know the whole story <- That's my point.

        You don't know the circumstances.

        I hope you all don't believe everything you see on TV as well because I have a solid gold house in Miami I'll sell you cheap ! I'll make a website for it because the Internet doesn't lie! Lol

    • Patricia

      MIchael J, she did the right thing, she kept her distance and spoke up. The police officers knew they were wrong and caught red handed, there is nothing wrong with stopping a driver and been civil, I was stopped once, had a smile on my face the officer asked, why are you “smiling” I told him “private joke”, I just had a pleasant look on my face.

      • Michael J

        There are sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Sheep don’t dance with wolves and are too weak to keep up up with sheepdogs.

        Still trying to figure out which one you are … :3

        • Dominique Brown-Spring

          Lol you’re being an ass dude

          • Michael J

            Glad to see you’ve noticed my work . 😉

            I’m trolling in a field of “very intelligent people with all of the facts” … try it sometime 🙂

        • Patricia

          Michael J, why so hostile, you’ve made your observation and so did I. Yes we all watched a partial video, oh by the way am neither, and I don’t take offence.

          • Michael J

            If you read my comments with a happy tone they won’t sound so hostile. I’ll put a Lil birdie emoji in there to make it friendly next time. 😉

          • Patricia

            I will do that next time thank you, have a good day.

          • Michael J

            Keep in mind for the next time -> logical conclusions are derived from ALL of the facts… not partial one sided videos.

            Hope we dance again soon !

            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

            Some smiley faces for good measure.

    • If it happens to you in the future just remember what you said here on this post….cause they are beginning to treat white people the same way. They do and will overstep their bounds. And I’m not anti-police either. I have family that are Law Enforcement….the real dangerous kind…drugs and FBI…

      • Michael J

        I snapshot my post and filed it in my memories folder just for you.

    • Georgia Johnson

      Michael J. If someone were attacking you and another person came to your aid, Would you tell that person to keep their nose where It belong? Don’t think this can’t happen to YOU,

      • Michael J

        There is naivety and stupidity… I’m gonna be nice and say there are a lot of naive people here.

        • Georgia Johnson

          You’re the kind, That call Names, No Discussion here,

          • Michael J

            I make observations and present my opinion.

            What name have I called you that wouldn’t lead you to such a conclusion?

            Or do my opinions bother you?


          • Georgia Johnson

            Your Opinions do not bother me, That what it all about my OPINION, And Your Opinion.Also others opinions, The person did a good THING .
            Why should citizens be afraid, Of people they pay to Protect them ? They do not VOLUNTEER for the JOB,

          • Michael J

            Tigers don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

  • Bernell BeeJay Hills

    This is all over the nation. I was interested in hearing the president candidates (BOTH SIDES) on how would they address this issue. I wish that Black Lives Matter didn’t lose their focus, this is the VERY THING that they were formed to protest

    • Tom Lowe

      BLM still has its focus, but like Occupy it is going nowhere due to a lack of power. And that is exactly what the perps behind this nationwide ‘race war’ divide-and conquer psyop had in mind–to build up and keep a socio-economically crippling high level of frustration going amongst the Black population, using murderous racist cops as their tools on the street for this.

      Note how the MSM media tends to choose one or another incident to focus on while ignoring many others. I believe this has to do with limitations on their resources–they have to focus on just a few cases in order to completely plaster the media with it over and over again as they do. In this psyop, they chose to focus on the Michael Brown case and continue to use it when there have been many much better candidates for their ‘MSM showcase’ case since then, such as Tamir Rice. But they had already chosen the Brown case to devote their resources to. And it could also be because there is a lot that racists can argue with in the Michael Brown case, and as such it muddies the discussion and heightens the racial antagonism, which is the primary goal of the psyop.

    • Mohammed Bouyeri

      black lives don’t matter. Why should give a shit if animals live or die? You monkeys are lucky you do not live in the middle east because we would not tolerate you the way your pussy white liberal nation does frankly the Chinese would have killed you all too if you chimped out in their country as much as you do the US of A. There are no nigger lives that matter. Even nigger babies should be drowned.,

      • Stjoe Filter

        Think of it this way. Here is some education for your
        idle waste of time life. All races originated from Africa. So if black people
        are monkeys then tell me, what does that make you? A bigger monkey because you
        failed to identify yourself. Bro you aren’t even cute, you look like a
        crossbreed between el Chupacabra and Sasquatch. I mean seriously, shave of the
        hair from Sasquatch face then place it next to yours and recognize the

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          No because if niggers evolved first that makes you closer to monkeys. Also i don’t believe in the out of apefrica theory but even if i did the Egyptians were brown like me and not niggers so they could have just as easily resembled me. Nigggers are the ancestors of niggers alone. A nigger family can make white babies but niggers cannot make Mexican looking babies on their own can’t make chink babies can’t make arab babies. OOA is just something white liberals made up out of white guilt.

          • Bignevermo

            No, OOA is a proven fact… AFRICAN BOY! LMFAO!

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          The musliminas love my face but then again why would you care if i am cute or not if you’re a man? Are you another gay nigger on the down low? i guess as much time as your kind spends in prison can turn you all into butt pirates. Well let me make it clear, homo. I’m straight. Quit trolling for mangina. Also I am not your bro. Humans are the only ones who can be my bro. When i see a nigger, i know that one day if I am not ready to kill it, it will kill me. That’s all you niggers do is commit crime

          • Bignevermo

            Hey, you must be a Bachi Boy lover!! LMFAO.. thats your culture! 🙂

        • Mohammed Bouyeri

          Your hair resembles pubic hair if you are a groid at least mine is straight.Your race is full of obese gorillas. For a nigger to say anybody else is unattractive is like Brittany Spears calling George W Bush dumb

          • Stjoe Filter

            I won’t tell you if I’m a man or not, so I will leave
            it up to you to wonder if I’m on the down low or not. The stuff that I wrote
            came from multiple people who were around me at the time of writing, both male
            and female were present; I will tell you this much. Anyway, like I said before, based on all that descriptive
            well put together animalistic gorilla like shit you keep pointlessly trying
            frame black people into just illustrates how stupid and idle you are, and your
            hatred towards blacks will never yield any results positive results. Since you’re
            so idle, go to YouTube where there are a lot of racist videos about black
            people, and in the comment area, show the world your craftsmanship by commenting
            and describing how all blacks are apes. Bro you sound like a troubled child
            with a troubled past whose father raped your mother

            Here’s an idea for you, since you’re so bitter about
            the existence of blacks, why don’t you along with some of your friends do what
            people from that part of the world are so infamous for? Strap some bombs to
            your asses and go to places where lots of black people reside and do some suicide
            bombing!!!!!!! Who knows, there might just be ten virgins waiting for you with their
            legs wide open in heaven or where ever you guys fuck off to. Nobody cares.

            So you claim you’re from the Middle
            East? I don’t know exactly what country you’re from so I won’t jump into any
            conclusions. All I can tell you is that the average human being wouldn’t want
            to go there. Too much unrest, people behave like they are out of civilization,
            government doing mass genocide, you guys wake up this morning and don’t know if
            you will make it to bed tonight. Some of you guys are hungry and you all might start
            eating each other soon. You guys believe that killing is cleansing and that it
            is god’s will, so why don’t you people cleanse your monkey asses away from the
            face of the earth? You call people monkeys but look at your people’s behavior,
            seems very identical to that of a monkey to me. Now let’s say you’re from a
            more fortunate and civilized place like United Arab Emirates/Dubai, I’ll
            admit it’s a beautiful place and all but recognize the monkey factor here,
            developers of Dubai said that when the city was being built that they used American
            cities like New York and Miami as benchmarks to model it after. Don’t you see
            my point here? Monkey see, monkey do. America is home to skyscrapers and places
            like Dubai was recently just mostly a pile of sand. And even today, although
            the city managed to make a name for itself, the culture there is lame that is
            why the wealthy people over there (your kind or similar to your kind by the
            way), payed millions to have people like Jay z, who is black, Kanye West, also
            black, Mariah Carey, who is half black, and many more to come and perform in
            shows and festivals for them. (Trying to import American culture). Well I guess
            that money can only buy so much but not every thing

            So tell me how does it feel that
            rich people from the Middle East (your type of people) are paying black people
            to come and sing at their children’s birthday parties? Those same so called

            Do you wear any dresses by the way like kind of people
            you swear allegiance to? I recommend you wear a bra and panties under there too
            to complete the costume. LOL

  • Marie Johnson


  • MegaGorgo

    Excessive force shows a lack of professionalism, plain and simple.

  • Ryan Penick

    I just see cops detaining someone while listening to some woman who doesn’t know whats going on complaining about how they are doing it. We only see a short period of whats going on, and they are holding her in a position in which she can’t do anything but sit there. Do we know why she was being detained, why they are holding her in that position? No we just have one person who sees something and assumes the worse of cops and rants at them. Is it possible that they were being excessive? It is possible, it is also possible the suspect was trying to kick or bite the cops and they decided to restrain her without hitting her. There is plenty of possibilities but this video and editorial of it only claim and allow the possibility of abusive cops.

  • Amanda Christine Evanicky

    I hate videos like this, they don’t give a reason why the lady is in handcuffs. They are trying to stop the officer from saying why she’s on the ground, why she’s been forced to a position of discomfort. Here you have a lady CLAIMING that the other lady didn’t do anything, but how would she know? The police DON’T have to tell you why they are apprehending a suspect, she could have WARRENTS out for her arrest. Bullshit videos like this give cops a bad name, make their jobs HARDER than they already are and now days cause panic and the LOSS of their lives because stupid people try to make a community OVERREACT. Fuck these bullshit videos. The police stop the corrupt police, idiots don’t have to chime in.

  • Billy

    This is the most poorly written article I have ever read. If you want your site to have credibility, learn how to write first. My God… this is truly embarrassing.

  • Police was the first gate to justice. Man who violated the orders of the police. He is someone who violates the law. And he must be punished. At that moment the police command is legal.


    first the person that filmed this was disturbing the scene. She could have been placed under arrest. She should SHUT HER YAP and FILM. It is NOT her position to tell the police department how to operate on the street as they have extensive training and operational policies. Those cops were not going to change because this screaming lady wanted them to. #! When a police offers wants you out of the car GET THE FK OUT OF YOUR CAR. DO NOT ARGUE. We have a complaint process and the police are not the people to argue with, you FILE A COMPLAINT the properly way, NOT RESIST. When you RESIST you will LOSE. So the gal under arrest is under arrest for a reason of which it is not the loud mouths position to interrupt and become a judge. She has no idea what happened prior. I agree the nations police procedures need to be changed but the police don’t go to work to wrestle with people that start arguments. Arguments happen in the court room. Thank god we have people that want to do this job.

    • deborah phillips

      Lance in your mind do you really think filing a compliant will get anything accomplished? If a cop is bad who trained him and who will defend him? POLICE!!!!!!

  • Carol Simmons

    Kenny Wilcox….regardless of what happened before hand…once she was handcuffed and on the ground in a half split position…I believe that would have rendered her defenseless and not a threat to ANYONE so the need to twist her arms back was nothing more than the police wanting to cause pain and discomfort to the person detained. Whites always want to holler that we claim that it’s racist treatment…well NEWS FLASH….IT IS. The manner in which blacks are handled opposed to how white are handled by law enforcement is VERY different. …just look at the recent video of the officer that was removing a non confrontational black student from a classroom and look at how they detained a white male that went into a church and shot up several innocent people!.

  • Haywood Jublowme

    Are you serious? Brave? Give me a fucking break.

    New rule: Unless you were there and witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion. Otherwise you’re just an uninformed douche.

  • motorfingaz


  • Lena Shenelle

    Of course racist people are going to say it’s okay for the cops to do this because they’re not doing it to many of their people…..

    And of course they’re going to sound ignorant trying to defend or come up with a reason to why the cops did what they did.

    Their minds are so short that they can’t even conceive what the real issues are.

    No I’m not saying all white folks are like that, because all are not.

    But I am saying those who have an issue with the fact the people are fed up with the brutality and the senseless murders that the police are committing on a daily basis have been wrongly raised , wrongly educated and denied full exposure to to the unbiased picture of how Society is manipulated by the system to cause many to segregate themselves from one another because of cultural differences.

    It keeps us at each others throat, and as long as we’re doing that, we will never be able to come together to stand against the corrupt system that is killing off our people and enslaving many…

  • Ragman69

    Any video of what happened before the person was cuffed? No. So the video is irrelevant. The woman videoing was assuming…..this video shows nothing.

  • Bluewarrior1975

    Perfect use of force

  • Bluewarrior1975

    Simple. Don’t break the law